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Wedding Photography Wollongong

Talent alone does not make a qualified photographer. There is much more to it. Patience, perseverance and dedication are the keys to becoming a successful photographer. At RISS, we never stop the quest for innovative photography styles.

Our several years of experience has taught us the alphabet as well as the calculus of photography. What you need is a confident photographer who has proven skills regarding the best photography locations that suit your personality. That is why we shall be giving away our favourite list of the top wedding photography Wollongong.

The Wollongong Beach

Well, of course! One cannot pack up without having a photo shoot at the pride of Wollongong city, the Wollongong beach. The beautiful pacific blue water is bound by lush hills and the town buildings. The transcendence to a distinctive universe is inevitable. Never there was a location, that was so perfect in its truest sense to host wedding photography. The beauty of this area is that you can shoot in any style of wedding photography, whether cinematic, vintage or drone. Or how about a mix of any two styles. We can do that too. On a scale of 1-10, we give this location a 9.5 as it gives the perfect lighting and atmosphere to unearth the virtue of your wedding photographs. 

Helensburgh Station

This is not just a mediocre train station. The Helensburgh Station has an old tunnel built several ages ago. To this day, the location has never succumbed its charm for the photographers. A perfect location for hosting your wedding or save the date shoot. The vintage style of the place rewinds you in time. After all, love is never a quick journey. It lasts for an eternity. It is about exploring the walk of life. Thus we believe it the perfect destination. Vintage photography gives us a sense of love not bound by time. Make sure to visit the station for your photoshoot. One can even do magic with editing skills, for example, the sky of the tunnel can be edited into a stargaze. If you consider a photographer who can bring out the best in your wedding photographers, we give this place a 9/10 as well. Photography is all about realizing your skills and talents and assuring beautiful pictures. 

Glow Lake Illawarra Tree

Talk about fantasies coming to life, the Glow Lake Illawarra Tree is one of the iconic trees that you can find in NSW. The scape of the tree over the landscape of the lush green grass and the ambient sun makes it one of the most cherishable wedding photography locations in the city of Wollongong. Perfect for a wide-angle or a cinematic photoshoot considering the vast beauty of the outspread leaves of the Illawarra Tree. We recommend the evening to be the perfect time to click photos when the sky is orange and the floras sway at the evening winds. Here’s a rating for your convenience. Our verdict is 9/10 flat!

Kelly’s Falls

If you are a true admirer of nature and wish for your wedding shoot to blend into it, then the only thing that we ask is “why not?” Unlike the other waterfalls, you really cannot get a fair view of the falls unless you are at the bottom. You know that we wouldn’t mention it here unless it is worthwhile. This would be an ideal spot for candid wedding photography and videography. And since the place is not huge, you can have your wedding shoot in privacy as well. The path can be subtly complex, so we recommend the aid of an accomplished photographer cum guide to take you along! Our verdict on this location? 8/10 straight! Oh but here is some heads up. The terrain is a bit rough and you might want to consider bringing a nice pair of shoes for the road. The whole route from the car park to the base of the falls is just 320m. (10 minutes when you know where you’re going!) 

Stanwell Tops Lookout

If you are a fan of involving some actions in your wedding photos, then this is the spot for you. How would you like your photographs in the vast landscape of the Stanwell Tops with hang gliders and parachutes floating in the background? It gives you one of those feelings when, on your birthday, we used to decorate the place with hydrogen balloons floating around. 

If you are an admirer of temples and architecture, we can even do a photoshoot in the presence of the deities. This Hindu temple is one of the most visited in the Southern Hemisphere. You will find the Sri Venkateswara Temple not far from Simbio Wildlife Park at 1 Temple Rd Helensburgh. Rating 9/10 of course!


We at RISS Photography aim at two things:

  • To click exceptional wedding photographs for our clients
  • Maintain a relationship with them.

We listen to your dream wedding fantasies and bring them to life. 

Which type of Photography is the best for Wollongong Wedding Photography?

Drone Wedding Photography – Drones can capture a vast area and reveal through the pictures the entire venue in an aerial shot. This describes the essence of the place in a single picture which cannot be covered in traditional photographs. 

Cinematic Wedding Photography – This is your best option to find magic in your wedding photography. With an exceptional pose and a background that will make you drop your jaw, you are guaranteed to receive a mesmerizing photograph that you could cherish your entire life. 

Candid Wedding PhotographyBeing the personal favourite type of photography, we love the true and transparent expressions of the candid ones. The emotions are raw and the portraits convey a higher meaning to the viewers. 

The pandemic has indeed restricted us from travelling. But thankfully we are now aware of keeping the virus at bay so that you can travel to your destination for some amazing Wollongong wedding photography. This is a great spot for pre-wedding shoots such as Save The Date Photoshoot. You only live once so let us make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives!

If you are looking for the best wedding photographer Wollongong, you have come to the right place. Our work speaks for itself. Feel free to visit our website and check out the plethora of photoshoots and artwork by our team of exceptionally skilled Event Managers. 

Contact RISS Photography for affordable wedding photography Wollongong packages and other details. 

We could not be happier with Riss Photography. Their photo’s and video work for our wedding is absolutely perfect. They not only listened to what we wanted but then also implemented it on our day. Their quality of work is definitely first class. We have had other friends marry recently who paid massive price tags for their photo and video and have commented that ours are much better at a fraction of the price. Thank you so much Saadat we are over the moon


Having our wedding photographed by RISS was a very enjoyable experience. Although I booked Saadat at very short notice, he took the time to look at pictures I sent him and even brought a second photographer. It was their first “bush-wedding” and they managed to capture some beautiful and magical shots. They worked professionally and were warm and cheerful and a pleasure to have around. The communication later was great too, he responded quickly to e-mails and did a beautiful job with the editing. Would definitely use him again


Such a beautiful day and so thankful to have Saadat there to capture the memories! We had a small private ceremony on the Friday night and reception on the Saturday night. Saadat both nights was incredible! He was climbing trees, jumping into bushes and balancing on chairs to get the perfect shot. He captured such beautiful moments we will cherish forever. His beautiful energy and vibrancy showed how much he loved what he did. We would 100% recommend him for small or large weddings he was wonderful! Thank you Saadat for the memories!


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