The joyful whirlwind of wedding preparations often overlooks the equally crucial attire that graces the groom — the wedding suit — despite the attention drawn by the magnificent bridal dresses.

Beyond its sartorial refinement, a suit reflects the groom’s noble character and embodies his distinctive personality. Standing next to the radiant bride, the groom’s wedding outfit delicately matches hers. The groom’s suit is a pivotal character holding on to its own in the narrative of matrimonial bliss.

Let us dig a little deeper into the intriguing thought that the groom’s wedding suit ideas stands shoulder to shoulder with the allure of bridal gowns, adding depth and dimension to the overall wedding outfit. Here are 35 trending wedding suit ideas that can be grabbed by the groom, groomsmen and guests.

35 Trending Suit Ideas to Ace the Best Wedding Looks

Styling the Best Wedding Suits for Grooms in 2024 

Groom Suit Colours

For some time now, when brainstorming options for men’s wedding suits, we’ve settled on a handful of hues. Indeed, they are tasteful; nonetheless, our purpose is only to spruce up the ageless classics with a plethora of possibilities that radiate a touch of contemporary grace and elegance.

1. The Elegant Navy Blue Wedding Suits

Navy Blue Wedding Suit

There are a myriad of hue options in blue to choose from for the wedding suits. If you manage to find the right blue hue for your wedding, then you can pull it off with flair. The lighter blues are more fun and suited for easy-breezy looks and are best worn by wedding guests and groomsmen.

The blue-hued suit is not often the choice of grooms-to-be as it exudes professionalism.

2. The Graceful All-White Wedding Suits

White Wedding Suit for Mens

Wearing pure white ensemble makes everyone, including men, look dapper. The bride most probably might be attired in a dazzling white bridal gown. If you’re opting for the mountains or beach for your real wedding pictures, white is undoubtedly going to be sizzling.

3. The Poised Cream and Off-White Wedding Suits

off white wedding suit for groom

One of the timeless classics, cream makes a great colour for wedding suits. To match the vibe of your suit you could adorn the space of the ceremony with beautiful neutral colours and plump for cream and white floral arrangements.

If your bride too chooses to go with a cream gown, it’s an additional delight. And in case you want to have the entire wedding episode recorded, this look would make an exquisite choice for your wedding cinematography.

4. The Classic Pale Grey Wedding Suits

pale grey wedding suit for mens

The grey wedding suit has been a staple for grooms for decades and shows no signs of going out of style any time soon. If you want the groom’s suit to be even more dapper and unparalleled, use a brighter hue of grey. 

This would be a great choice if you are choosing vintage wedding photography.

5. The Subdued Pastel Pink Wedding Suits

pink wedding suit for groom

Picture the groom, bathed in the gentle glow of the pastel pink ensemble, a vision of refined poise that transcends the ordinary. 

The pastel pink wedding suits emerge as a captivating and unconventional choice, outmatching boundaries with a subtle yet resounding charm. This ethereal hue, reminiscent of a delicate blush at dawn, gracefully adorns the groom with a touch of sophistication and modern allure.

6. The Ageless All-Black Wedding Suits

black wedding suit ideas for mens

In the eyes of most individuals, black accentuates their features. Therefore, they would love to pull off an all-black wedding suit. The choice is yours.  And if you feel the same way, go for it; you’re going to look terrific in the all-black tux.

7. The Refined Look of Tan and No-Tie Wedding Suits

No tie Wedding suit ideas

One colour that has been picking up steam in weddings is tan. The warm, earthy tones of tan cast a magnetic spell, exuding a refined poise that seamlessly harmonises with a spectrum of wedding settings. 

These suits, with their versatile hue, strike a perfect balance between traditional grace and contemporary style, making them an exquisite choice for the discerning groom. You can ace this look with a no-tie and it will still emerge as the epitome of understated elegance.

8. The Strikingly Stunning Black Suits

Stunning black wedding suit ideas

A black tuxedo, a white dress shirt, black formal pants, the right cufflinks, and a black bow or tie at the neck make up this timeless ensemble. This is one of the most popular men’s wedding suits and is also often referred to as a men’s wedding suit.

9. The Exquisite White Tie Suits

white tie wedding suit ideas

Wearing a white low-cut waistcoat, cufflinks, a tailcoat, and a white tie or bow around the neck is the perfect way to go all out on your wedding day. To complete the appearance, pair it with black leather shoes.

10. Ravishing Royal Blue Wedding Suits

Royal Blue Wedding Suit Ideas

We all like navy for its timeless elegance. With the current trend of embracing brighter colours for their vibrancy, why not choose royal and electric blues? The colour pop makes you feel younger, bold and more exuberant.

11. The Simplicity Radiating Slate Blue Wedding Suits 

slate Blue Wedding Suit Ideas

Adore the colour blue, but would prefer a more muted version? One option is to have a slate blue wedding suit tailored. The colour is toned up to a neutral tint, so it will instantly liven things up without being overpowering.

A patterned tie would be the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble, elevating it to the next level. The groomsmen will also look dapper in this.

12. The Awe-inspiring Teal Wedding Suits

This exquisite ensemble seamlessly combines contemporary style with timeless elegance, creating a look that is both modern and classic. The rich teal hue exudes confidence and individuality, offering a refreshing departure from traditional wedding attire.

The perfect meld of blue and green, teal is a splendid wedding shade and even more so for a groom’s wedding suit. 

13. The Breathtaking Emerald Green Wedding Suits

Teal Wedding Suit Ideas for groom

Draped in the regal allure of emerald green, this suit is a symphony of style and refinement. The vibrant hue is a captivating choice, symbolising prosperity and eternal love, making it an ideal reflection of your commitment to a lifetime of shared adventures. 

Perfect for a variety of wedding themes, from garden extravaganzas to urban soirées, the emerald green suit effortlessly captures attention and sets the stage for a truly unforgettable celebration. 

14. Palette-rich Mulberry Wedding Suits

Mulbbery wedding suit ideas for groom

The mulberry hue, a rich and luxurious blend of deep purples and subtle reds, evokes a sense of romance and refinement. It is a colour that symbolises creativity, passion, and the promise of a love story that transcends time.

15. Embrace the Minimalist Vibes with Dusty Rose Wedding Suits

Dusty wedding suit ideas for wedding

If you are planning a floral-themed wedding or wish to match the wedding suit to floral-patterned bridal attire, a dusty rose is an excellent choice for a suit. Tailored to perfection, the suit embraces the groom’s silhouette, creating a look that is both refined and on-trend.

Dusty Rose is an excellent choice for the groom who desires a blend of elegance and contemporary charm. 

16. Set a Mossy Tone with Olive Green Wedding Suits

Olive green wedding suit ideas for mens

The olive-green hue, reminiscent of lush landscapes and timeless sophistication, adds a dash of character and individuality to your wedding attire. Manifesting peace, growth, and prosperity, this colour choice sets the stage for a celebration that outshines the ordinary.

17. The Muted Beige Wedding Suits


This refined ensemble seamlessly balances tradition and modernity, creating a look that exudes charm and versatility.

The soft, neutral tones of beige evoke a sense of warmth and timelessness, making it an ideal choice for a variety of wedding themes. Tailored with precision, the suit ensures a sleek fit that enhances the groom’s contour, embodying a polished and distinguished style.

18. Styling up the Groom in Burgundy Wedding Suits

burgandy wedding photo suit ideas

The deep and luxurious burgundy hue exudes a sense of opulence, passion, and regality. Whether you’re exchanging vows in a grand ballroom or opting for a more intimate setting, the burgundy wedding suit effortlessly adapts to any ambiance.

Its versatility invites creative accessorising, allowing grooms to add a personal touch with complementary ties, pocket squares, or boutonnieres.

19. The Posh Maroon Suit 

maroon wedding suit ideas

Choose the posh Maroon wedding suit, and let your style speak volumes. Redefine tradition with a touch of lavish sophistication, and embark on your journey into marital bliss with unparalleled poise and grace.

The Posh Maroon hue, a luxurious blend of deep red and refined maroon, exudes an air of royal charm and timeless elegance. 

20. The Soothing Light Coloured Wedding Jackets

light wedding suit ideas for you dreamy day

Consider the more subdued wedding suits, which have been all the rage recently thanks to their striking good looks. It is an all-the-more stylish look to flaunt in summers. It would look exquisite on the groom’s squad and wedding guests as well.

The white or cream bridal attire will meld seamlessly with this look and she could have her exquisite bridal portrait pose while you don the handsome groom suit.

The Trend-Setting Wedding Suit Styles for Grooms-To-Be

Join us in redefining the groom’s wardrobe without losing out on the sophisticated and adding a tint of innovation, where your love story takes centre stage. It’s not just a suit; it’s a statement, and your journey down the aisle begins with the perfect blend of tradition and trendsetting style.

Let’s explore the trendsetters in groom’s wedding suits for the year 2024.

21. Patterned Wedding Suits

check wedding suit ideas for your big day

With changes in trends every now and then, grooms suits for weddings come in distinct designs, styles and patterns. You could consider printed suits. A floral-patterned printing suit would be an awesome pick for a spring wedding.

22. Chequered Wedding Suits

Check wedding suit ideas for grooms

Grooms-to-be are always on the hunt to wear something timeless with a contemporary touch and chequered suits at weddings have always proven to entice lingering glances. Go for hues of grey, cream and brown to add that touch of finesse to your outfit.

23. Contemporary Wedding Suits

Contemporary wedding suit ideas

All the sharp angles and creases of modern wedding suits work to make the man look even more dashing. And this way, even if your bride opts for a pop of colour in her wedding gown, that is only going to enhance the overall outfit of the couple with a fine contrast.

You can even choose this option to complement your pre-wedding photo shoot.

24. The Two-Pieced Wedding Suits

Two-Pieced Wedding Suits

A two-piece suit for a wedding covers a single-row lapel wedding jacket and pants. It’s an ideal pick for not-so-formal ceremonies, day weddings and beach-themed weddings as it exudes semi-formal opulence.

25. The Three-Pieced Wedding Suits

Two-Pieced Wedding Suits

A vest, pants, and a single-breasted jacket are all you need to get this style. This is an excellent option for winter weddings, outdoor ceremonies, and evening ceremonies if you’re seeking a more formal atmosphere.  

26.Dual-Lapel Wedding Suit

When it comes to wedding suits, a “double breasted” design signifies that the jacket features two sets of buttons. A “double breasted” design typically describes the kind of wedding dress that is lavish, sophisticated, and serene.

27. The Sleek N Traditional Tux

Sleek N Traditional Tux wedding suit ideas

This notch-lapel tuxedo with two buttons is a great choice if you’re going for a modern, minimalist look that’s also highly unique. Although fashions come and go, some grooms prefer time-tested styles; we see no reason why they shouldn’t be able to. And it’s still one of the most preferred and trending styles for 2024.

Groom Suit Ideas Sorted by Season

We often wonder what wedding suits for the groom could align best in accordance with the change in seasons. It is not necessary that what might be charming, convenient and stylish in the summer would be comfortable in the winter too.

From the crisp coolness of winter to the vibrant blooms of spring, and the sun-drenched hues of summer to the rustic warmth of fall, groom’s suits are tailored to complement every season. There’s a fine range of fabrics, colours, and styles that not only reflect the essence of the changing weather but also embody the unique charm of your wedding day. 

So be it a June wedding that you’re planning or a winter wedding, whatever season you choose to tie the knot in, you must be prepped up with a comfortable wardrobe for your special day. 

28. Summer-Friendly Wedding Suits

Summer-Friendly Wedding Suits

Comfy in the warm is the style to go with if you are buckling up for a summer wedding. The lightweight fabrics, breezy designs, and vibrant colours come together to create the perfect ensemble for your special day.

Our suits combine breathable linen and tailored cotton blends to provide both comfort and sophistication.

29. Go Sleek in Silk

beige color wedding suit ideas for your dream wedding

A sleek silk suit keeps you cool and poised in warmer temperatures, making it ideal for the lavish extravagance of a summer soirée.

Nurture your wedding day style with the luxurious touch of silk, a fabric renowned for its smooth texture and elegant sheen. Immerse yourself in the refined comfort of a suit that not only drapes flawlessly but also exudes a timeless allure.

30. Woollen Wedding Suits

There are no more practical wedding suit ideas than the woollen ones if you, too, are preparing for a winter ceremony. Plus, there are a variety of fashionable alternatives from which to pick.

31. Velvet Wedding Suits

velvet wedding suit ideas for wedding

In the enchanting embrace of winter’s frost-kissed lands and wedding chimes, the charm of velvet wedding suits unfolds as an aesthetic sight. They look sharp and radiant against the winter backdrops. It pops up, especially amongst the soft and light-lined decors. These are beyond perfect choices for the winter grooms, as they do have a warmth to them.

The rich, deep hues of velvet, reminiscent of a starlit night, create a striking contrast against the crisp, white canvas of snow-laden surroundings. So why think twice? Go for velvet for the groom’s suits.

Groom Outfits to Match the Wedding Vibes

Whether you imagine the rustic charm of a countryside event, the sleek sophistication of an urban gathering, or the dreamy ambiance of a beachside getaway, groom’s wedding suits effortlessly adjust to the changing themes, ensuring that the man of the hour embodies the desired aesthetic.

Explore a palette of fabrics, colours, and designs that mirror the unique vibes of your celebration—be it the intimate romance of a garden ceremony, the grandeur of a traditional union, or the avant-garde spirit of a themed extravaganza.

But still, if you wish to go the extra mile to fit seamlessly with your planned wedding themes, the below-mentioned options can prove to be a great choice to jazz up your wedding vibes.

32. Try a No Jacket Suit for The Big Day Celeb

33. The Sophisticated Pastel Wedding Suits

34. Go for Contrast Wedding Suits

35. Vintage Wedding Suits Never Go Off-Trend

A New Take on the Groom’s Wedding Suit Styles

wedding suit ideas for your big ceremony

As we conclude this style-packed exploration of 35 awe-inspiring wedding suit ideas, it’s clear that your big day deserves a look that not only captures attention but also voices your unique personality and taste. From timeless classics to contemporary statements, the possibilities are limitless.

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