So, you have finally fallen prey to cupid’s arrow, and said yes! Now it’s time to plan for the big day. Let’s face it, weddings are mainly focused on the bride and her choices! Usually, the grooms are not as bothered about the nitty-gritties. Obviously, you want everything to be perfect – a magical day. Costumes, guest lists, wedding cake, menu, makeup, jewellery, and of course – the venue and the stage décor. After all, that’s what weddings are all about: amazing food, glamour, and beautiful decorations. Comic photo booths, prolific buffet tables, awe-inspiring centerpieces, and jaw-dropping stage decorations, are the hallmarks of a big fat Indian wedding; and everybody loves to be part of one. The most important component of the decor is the wedding stage decoration, as that is where the couple wedding photographs with their friends and family, and of course with each other.

There has been a significant change in the way the venue and stage are decorated, as compared to the earlier days. The evolution has been brought about by innovative event planners who bring in creative artists to transform the stage to radiate elegance, class, glamour, and pizazz.

Most people think that jazzing up the stage will burn a hole in your pocket; and in most cases, they would be right too. But here we present 10 simple wedding stage decoration ideas that will not cost you an arm and a leg, and yet look beautiful.


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Floral Background

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. You can never go wrong with flowers to decorate the wedding stage. It is especially great if you have limited time to prepare. Freshly cut flowers also exude their fragrance, filling the place with pleasant scents. Your venue will have a natural, vibrant aura. Locally available flowers are ideal for low-budget wedding stage decoration – marigolds are reasonably priced and don’t wilt quickly either. You can place a few bunches of exotic blooms strategically, for a nouveau look. Strings of flowers can be artistically arranged for a backdrop, or wound round a hoop or conical frame to create a floral chandelier.


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You can also use foliage to make hoops, chandeliers or backdrops, or combine flowers and foliage – and this won’t cost you much. You can also create an arch of flowers and foliage by winding bunches or strings of flowers around the arch frame; an arch creates a focal point, and is a great photo op element.

Monochrome Stage

wedding first look photos by riss productions


This is a unique stage décor idea. From draperies to flowers, chair covers/sofas, arches – everything in the same colour. You could probably have different shades of the same colour, but make sure it contrasts with your wedding outfit so that you stand out, like you should. White and pastel shades work best for this look. If you are going for white, choose pale yellow or pink flowers to combine with the white ones.

Vintage Style

wedding stage decoration

This is an excellent idea if you have planned a destination wedding. Light up the stairs that lead to the stage or platform, hang old type lanterns, ornate carved sofas, urns – there is so much you can do. Of course, you can recreate the ambience of a fort or palace if your wedding venue has a big enough stage. Rich hues of red, purple, turquoise or maroon, with a little gold showing here and there can lend a regal look to your stage. Muted lighting will add to the old-world charm. Ask friends and family if they have any antique pieces of furniture, décor, or even clocks lying at home that you can borrow to render the perfect vintage look.


Classic White, Red and Gold Colour Theme’

This is a classic wedding stage decoration idea, and is perfect for Indian weddings – especially if they are happening in the winter season. Striking red and gold hues made softer with a dash of white is one look that never fails to impress. Red velvet runners, red and white flowers, golden lights, white and red drapes with gold trimming, all add up to a festive and traditional wedding décor.

Chandeliers with A Lush Green Backdrop


wedding stage decoration

Use foliage to create a lush green backdrop, and hang shiny golden drapes for a gorgeous yet low budget wedding stage decoration. Hang a couple of chandeliers, and voila! Elegance personified. Though this looks best without flowers, if you must add flowers, make sure they are rich colored blooms that can stand out and get noticed against the dazzling gold.


Candle light dinners are the epitome of romantic meals; so why not bring that charm into your wedding? We can assure you that candles spread about on shelves along with satin drapes and beautiful white flowers will make for a scintillating stage décor – soft, romantic, and absolutely heavenly. You can also use tea lights, as they can be arranged to make shapes whichever way you want. Tea light candles are not only lovely, but they are extremely budget friendly as well.

Use Lights Creatively

Today you get string lights at very affordable prices; fairy lights are available in numerous shapes and colours. Go wild with them! Wrap them around pillars, tress, and arches, let them flow down from the balcony or roof, use them like buntings inside the hall – you are only limited by your imagination. String lights are pretty flexible and durable in addition to being inexpensive.

Classic Indian-Theme


wedding stage decoration


Do you want to feel like a royal couple?  A king and queen holding court? You can get artisans to recreate your favourite palace façade with some cardboard or hardboard cutouts, velvet drapes, chandeliers, ornate sofas, and bouquets of roses. Of course, the trend now is to recreate a chariot, and it looks absolutely mind blowing. The shape of a chariot can be recreated by winding flowers around a chariot shaped frame to be used as a backdrop, with old wooden wheels randomly placed on the stage with flowers in them for dramatic effect.

Drape It

Drapes are extensively used in stage decoration, and especially when the occasion is a wedding. Satin drapes add elegance and romance to your stage décor, and gives it a glammed-up look. You can use a combination of pastels, or alternate with light and dark hues for a more vibrant look. Drapes can be used as the backdrop, to wrap arches, to create a chandelier, and even all around the hall. If you want to save money and like a rustic look, you can even use burlap to wrap the arches.

Personalized Stage Decoration Ideas 

Are you a film fan? A sports lover? Is music food for your soul? You can add elements of your hobbies or passion to the stage backdrop, and add your names to declare your commitment to your better half. You can have a theatrical backdrop, one that resembles a cricket/football field, or waves of music notes, depending on your passion. It’s economical, will be unique, and give your guests something to talk about. You can also have a photo booth with your names and your very own wedding hashtags on the stage.

You can also opt for an open-air venue like a garden, where the venue itself will be décor enough. You can just have a minimalist décor – a platform decorated with just a few drapes and flowers, and maybe a couple of cardboard pillars and arches. The garden with its blooms will provide all the glamour and elegance you need for your special day.

To Sum Up

Stage decorating is one of the highlights of a wedding as it will be seen in nearly every photograph taken on the day, and will help you remember your wedding. You have to take your time and plan it well so that it is memorable Wedding Photographs. You can spend as little or much as you want; either way, you can have a stunning stage.