Everything you’ve heard is right- Your big day will flash by so quickly. That’s why preparation beforehand is the key. After choosing a professional wedding photographer, it’s time to curate a wedding shot list. Even though the photographer whom you’ve nailed down can guide you through those moments that they plan to document, it’s essential that you have an idea of what you want too! You will want to keep your wedding memories intact with the perfect wedding album. So make your album picture-perfect with these wedding photos you might want to include:

Your Invitation Suite 

Certain wedding photographers capture the invitation suite on the big day, whereas others do so later on in their studio. Discuss with the photographer regarding what you need in that photo moment and also whether or not you want to include those extra details. Your photographer can clump some of the cards together and take a wonderful collage shot of it. 

Getting the Makeup Done

Ask your wedding photographer to show up in your bridal suite and snap those glamming up moments. Give your photographer a timeline prior to your big day and be sure to include the getting ready moments of your partner too!

wedding photos

The Accessories 

You’ve spent some time choosing the accessories for your big day and ensured that they are special. So let the photographer take a shot of that too! No matter if you are wearing something passed down from your mother, or something new, borrowed, capture everything together. 

Wedding Shoes 

Let the photographer capture the up close and personal details of not just your accessories, but also your wedding shoes and outfit. Even though they seem to be small details, all those lovely elements contribute to and complete your wedding look. So you will certainly want to take a shot of it as well. Request your photographer to snap some photographs of your shoes alone, or shoes beside your wedding attire so that you can always reminisce about those small details of what carried you down when you walked down the aisle. 

The Bridal Portrait 

Never miss out capturing some individual wedding snaps before the excitement of the special event. This is the time to truly flare in the spotlight and show off your attire. Never shy away from getting captured, and ensure your wedding photographer set aside some time to snap one of the must-have wedding photos- the bridal portrait. 

wedding photos

The Veil

Be sure to have the photographer capture the veil from various angles as well. Even though it’s a small detail, the veil needs photo evidence that it was too beautiful and so you can remember its elegance as well.

The Bouquet

With a floral bouquet much prepossessing, you may want to hold on tight and pose clutching them. Let the photographer capture your wedding photos holding it, or opt for shots in various locations for that perfect shot. The charm of a floral bouquet is fleeting. So don’t miss out on the photo-op and make sure that it’s captured in all its glory. 

Bridal Party 

Go for candid wedding photos with your squad, and while you are at it ensure that you get a few laughing ones too! You’ll hold dear those shots with your best friends for years to come. 

wedding photos

The Boutonniere 

Snaps of name tags stacked up are yet another must-have wedding photo. They give an idea about who gets which flower and makes for yet another photo-op. Make sure that you include this small detail that may otherwise go unnoticed, in your wedding photos shot list. 

The Groom 

Now it’s turn for the groom to shine in the spotlight. Make sure that you let him know how dapper he looks before he shows up in front of the camera.

The First Look 

Perhaps nothing beats the moment when you see each other in wedding attire. But some brides and grooms are 100% sure that they need to have a first look shot, while others need it only when they walk down the aisle- and it’s all up to you! If you’ve made up your mind to see your partner before the ceremony, then capture it! You will cherish his reaction when he sees you for sure!

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Candid Moments 

Capturing the looks of pure bliss is an absolute necessity. Spare some minutes with your love for some joyful wedding photos. Be yourself, when the photographer captures both of you. Just let him know beforehand that you need some candid photos so that you can totally get lost in the moment. 

Portraits of Bride and Groom

Once you and your partner say I do, Sneak away with your partner and wedding photographer for some snaps. This is a nice moment to spend some time with your partner and a perfect moment to capture some marvellous photos. 

Portraits With Little Ones 

Every bride wishes for a photo with her adorable junior bridesmaids or flower girl. Take some snaps of whatever pose comes naturally- looking down at the girls or bending down for some candid shots. 

The Wedding Ceremony Venue 

Request your photographer to take a few shots- probably landscape shots, of the place where you tie the knot. You will want to reminisce about the exact place where you uttered ‘I do’. 

wedding photos

Walking Down the Aisle 

Whether you are walking down the aisle, hand in hand with your father, mother or both of them, you will reminisce about that moment forever. 

The Ring Exchange 

Then comes one of the most important moments! Ensure your photographer captures the ceremony in action. 

Exchanging Vows 

This is yet another important moment of the day. When you commit yourself to a lifetime together. You will want your photographer to get photos from every angle for your wedding. 

The Exit 

No matter if you’re choosing sparklers, flower petals, confetti or any creative kind of exit, make sure that your photographer captures it all. You can also consider staging the moment if the reception extends late into the night so that before everyone gathers, your photographer gets some perfect shots. 

Ring Shot 

Show off the glamour and sparkle of your wedding rings. Some of them just love to see their sparkling wedding rings in wedding photos, along with the floral arrangements or similar trinkets connected to their wedding. 


Wedding photography is incomplete without photos of your gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception decor. After all, it’s worth it since you’ve put in a lot of effort and time to plan and actualise the decor, so be sure to snap a lot of photos of it. Decorations are obviously a great part of what makes your big day uniquely yours. It will also be fun to look back on the way you’ve adorned the venue since styles change from year to year. 

The Wedding Cake 

The dessert for which you have days and weeks picking out will disappear within a matter of a few minutes. So take a shot of the wedding cake in picture-perfect condition before everyone digs in. And when you do so, be sure to get some wedding photos of you and your partner holding the knife and slicing the dessert. 

These are some of the must-have wedding photos that you must absolutely have to include in your wedding photoshoot. This way, you can sit back, relax and reminisce about the magic of one of the best and indelible days of your life, along with your partner.