We’re all coping with a world that is still recovering from the pandemic that forced us to stay indoors for almost a year. We had to push the pause button on most of our wedding plans and deal with the pandemic that presented itself uninvited into our lives. As 2020 passes and 2021 enters with many hopes and fresh ideas, weddings are gradually coming back to the limelight. Let’s go through some wedding photography trends in 2021. Even if the crowd got smaller, the wedding photos demand to be time deceiving. We share some trends that will showcase the present and will stay in the trend even after 20 years. The trends that will never be obsolete but stay fresh that your kids want to be photographed the same way as you did once. 

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Photograph Your Proposal



Wanna recall the moment you proposed to your soul mate? Recently, hiring a photographer to capture your precious proposal moments is becoming a thing. Organise the proposal at a photography friendly place to get those sweet, beautiful moments photographed brilliantly. You can recall and relive the moments whenever you feel like and share them with your friends and family.

Stop Motion



Stop motion is a really sassy photography trend to be followed in 2021. It is one of the animation techniques that clubs multiple shots to a single video with background music of your choice. Using this technique will yield your videos a special place in your memory lane as this is different from what the crowd usually choose. In creating these stop motion videos, your video guys should be skilled and know what they are doing. The chances that the shot goes south is highly likely if you don’t choose your photographer wisely. Hope on this trend and get your best moments framed from a different angle.

Bridal Portrait



You spend all this time and effort on your bridal look, and don’t you think it deserves to be photographed from all the angles possible? Yes right? What are you waiting for? Hire your photographer and even videographer if you wish to and ask them to click some pretty pictures of you. Documenting your moments as a bride is important and can be emotional as well. So think about bridal portrait photography as it is becoming a big part of the wedding photography trends in 2021. 

Incorporating Social Media



The Instagram hashtags will go a long way these days. Instagram is influencing the whole millennials and hashtags are very popular. Set up a photo booth and ask your guests to add the hashtag with the bridegroom name. For example, #mrandmrsadam. The photo booth can be equipped with cute, interesting and pretty little props. Creating a high tech photo booth with wifi and touch screens that allows your guests to upload the photos instantly will also be an excellent and tech-savvy idea.

Backlit Photos




I know I know.. It’s your wedding and you don’t even want to try it? The backlit photos can transform your wedding photographs and bring in an ethereal touch and create magical frames if you choose the right photographer. Even if you are shooting against the sun, if your photographer knows how to capture the soft and warm sunlight, your wedding photography will definitely be a dreamy one. 

Overhead Shots




Overhead shots will never go out of trend and are one of the wedding photography trends of 2021. The aerial angle always brings in surprise elements that might not be visible through a normal frame. The overhead shots of the couple or everyone can be a real game-changer. And aren’t they cool? So talk with your photographer about this and ask him to visit the location and identify the spots where you can get a splendid overhead shot and get ready for your big day.

Walk Down the Memory Lane

professional wedding photographer


Another cheesy yet relevant idea is that setting up a memory corner where the pictures of the couple when they were younger is displayed. This can be a perfect spot for photographs that will give you and your family to reminisce the good old times and share them with your partner. Also, it helps to connect with good memories of your past and take those happy little moments to the future you are about to begin.

Go Candid



Who likes mechanical photos where you are forced to stand, smile and look a certain way. Go candid. Laugh, hug and dance. Ask your photographer to capture those happy, carefree moments and candid moments with your family and friends, and they are going to make it through time. The happy moments you spend together and wish were never over – the youth and the jubilant memories you had at your wedding. Informal photographs capture emotions better than formally planned photographs.

Pre-wedding Photoshoots



Want yourself some pre-wedding photos? Book your photographer and get it done. Choose your spot, dress cool and click some amazing pictures with your loved one before your wedding. Trust me, it will be unique, and you will get some time together to cherish the moments before your big day.

Post Wedding Photoshoot



Arrange a post-wedding photoshoot to cherish your honeymoon moments after your wedding. Arrange a romantic venue and set up some props to spice up things. These are moments you will need to draw strength and energy to move forward when you go further in your life. 

No hurry, you can take your time and arrange the photoshoot at your convenient time, after the wedding rush subsides and you get some free time all for yourself. 

First Looks With Parents



Document your first looks with your father or mother, or both. This moment will be a huge one for you in future and for your kids as well when they grow up. This trend is not going down anytime soon and still one of the best wedding photography trends in 2021. Choosing to photograph your first looks with your parents even on a busy day like your wedding can be a bit of a task, but go for it. You can thank me later.

Outdoor or Indoor Photography



This is your biggest choice to make for your wedding photoshoot. Discuss it with your significant other and decide what you both want. And remember, it’s your wedding and is a one-time affair. So make the most of it and if you both can’t agree on one, go for both. Make sure that you click some fantastic photographs of you both, as these are the moments you wish to have over and over again as time passes – the kind of love you want to have in your lives every single moment. 

Wedding Photography trends evolve. But some trends never go out of fashion as they are rooted deep in our minds and culture. Choose your favourite wedding photography trend or trends in 2021 and capture your big day in all its glory. Oh.. and don’t forget to have a banana as we don’t want you to freak out!

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