As a photographer, we understand the challenges you face on the quest to find the perfect photographer for your wedding. As silly as it seems, it may be unusually painstaking to get hold of a photographer who can get you the perfect stills yet suit well within your budget.

What makes a wedding photographer perfect? Having the best equipment? Well… At RISS Photography, we believe that the best wedding photographers are born when they can live in the moment of their client’s wedding. They view themselves from your perspective and click your wedding pictures accordingly. As soon as you begin to wish “if only someone would capture this very moment”, we have already taken 5 perfect shots! That’s what makes us unique. 

At RISS photography, we hold our pride in hosting a wide variety of photography styles through the various skill sets that we have acquired over the years. You name your style, we’ve got it all. Let me brief you up a little about the various styles available at RISS Photography.

1. Vintage Wedding Photography

vintage wedding photography

A great choice for the couples that love their wedding to be dressed in a good old fashioned style. In memory of their ancestors as well as respecting their wedding culture, customs and traditions, things couldn’t get any better. Vintage stories have an untold story. The depth in the emotions is much deeper than in any other photography style. We’re talking about clicking photos that make you smile as well as drop a few tears that can make you go “We have come a long way”. We blend into creativity with the sepia and the greyscale effects that could sink you back in time. 

2. Documentary Wedding Photography

Raw and unfiltered. That’s what documentaries are all about. No poses and No editing. We capture your wedding moments as they are. A great choice for those of us who love to keep things simple. Documentary photographs require less post-photography works and capture raw emotions as well. The bride and the groom are often asked to strike a pose (don’t worry we’ll help you out with that). These photographs are often retouched with light editing works to smoothen things up. They can be clubbed with vintage photography as well as we do have options to mix various styles upon your request.

3. Candid Wedding Photography

You know what they say. To capture the most stunning photographs, everything must be natural – the lighting, the styling, the smile and the pose you strike. The main focus of candid photography is the emotions of the subjects. 

4. Drone Wedding Photography

drone wedding photography

If you desire to paint your wedding as a fairy tale experience, then drone photography will take you to Disneyland. Capturing the scenic and ambient atmosphere in the wedding location as well as the entire guests in a single frame. Drone photography has a vast reach over the lands and tides. Aerial views and overhead shots are easily executed without having to disturb the view of the wedding guests.

5. Cinematic or Film Wedding Photography

An ideal category of wedding photography for those of you who like to add some spice to your wedding photographs. Sometimes regular photos are just so mainstream. Who would not want to add some special effects to their wedding scenes? And no we are not talking about the filters that you see on Instagram. It May consume time to process these photos but we can guarantee you that these are worth the wait!

6. Portrait Wedding Photography

If you are a fan of art and want to add some hidden meaning to your photos, portrait photos can give you that. With a few props in the background and some filters that add complexity to the scene, portrait wedding photographs can sweep you off your feet. A great deal of focus is given to the lighting, objects around you and the number of people in the photograph. Suits best for solo/couple photographs.

7. Illustrative Wedding Photography

This is perfect for the Save-the-Date shoots and your pre-wedding shoot. Perhaps a beautiful valley, or the near edge of a cliff, or even a waterfall. Choose the location of your preference and we shall have your wedding shoot there. With a few lovely dresses and props like a simple wooden table or even a bouquet, and a few candid poses, we would love to portray you as the only two souls drowned in the beauty of the world.

8. Black & White Wedding Photography

There is an unusual depth in black and white photographs. They transport us to a different world.     Monochrome pictures have a special essence that reminds you of past times. Like the moment you recited your wedding vows with a pinch of nervousness and a load of shyness that dawned on your face. Black and white wedding photography puts one lost in thoughts in a different dimension. 

9. Fashion Wedding Photography

If you are a big-time supermodel, you may get sponsored for wedding dresses for promotion purposes. With a few props and accessories, we are all geared up to photograph you. The poses struck in this type of photography are not candid. It is best if you already know to pose! But if you are unsure, leave it all to us. At RISS, we have assisted over a thousand clients to make their wedding photographs stand out. 

10. Film Art Wedding Photography

As the name suggests, this section of wedding photography is a blend of film and art. This means various compositions of light, focus and post-production work is required here. It may not be necessary to give a striking pose as the focus is not on the subject alone. Wedding props like the bouquet, rings or even just a beautiful white umbrella can do the trick.     He may have to miss out on several shots, though the work of art is from a different planet. This style of photography is often assisted by a team of photographers who can actually back up the rest of the ceremony as Film Art wedding photography can keep the photographer occupied.

11. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Speed, eye for detail and anticipating the next moments are the talents of a photojournalistic wedding photographer. This style of photography has a very subtle amount of post-production work. They focus on shooting the real thing rather than use filters or slow motion. It is more concerned about the wedding day and the celebrations rather than a storytelling approach. The day is described as it is, with some beautiful and natural shots of the wedding couple and guests. A lot of shots have to be clicked in this style of photography as the moments are unexpected and unscripted. Even then, their beauty is unparalleled. Nothing beats the good old unscripted photography.

12. Artistic Wedding Photography

Amazing Turkish couple

If you want to have some exotic and out of the blue wedding photographs with some great props and backgrounds, get ready! This style of photography host a different kind of attraction to the viewers. Unlike other photographs, artistic pictures portray a dream-like atmosphere and are incredibly appealing to the human eyes. With a minimum scale of poses post-production works, these photographs are sure to take your breath away. This is perfect for pre-wedding and save-the-date photoshoots.

13. Natural Wedding Photography

Making the best out of all the natural lighting and surroundings of mother earth, natural wedding photography speaks for itself. This iconic photography requires very few arrangements and post-production work. This is perfect for outdoor wedding photographs. Trust me, nothing looks better than getting photographed in natural lighting. With a few poses and a few retakes, natural wedding photography can seem immensely beautiful in wedding photographs. It can also be combined with other styles of wedding photography styles like the panorama. 

14. Dramatic Wedding Photography

It is all about making use of the weather conditions to boost the depth of your pictures. It can be the setting sun, where we ask the newlyweds to simply walk ahead of us, while we capture mesmerizing photographs behind your back. Or perhaps the rain where you can strike a few dramatic poses with an umbrella. Dramatic wedding photography travels you to another world. It can drown you into a world where one feels that they are the only people that exist. 

The creativity of the photographs lies within the talent of the cameraman. Experience alone cannot define a photographer. Openness to draw new ideas and experiment with several modes and colour scales, best knowledge of focus and lighting, there is more than that meets the eye. 

Why choose RISS Photography for your wedding?

  • You do not have to worry about missing out on any important shots
  • We have packages to suit every budget
  • We are licensed professional photographers across Sydney and Australia
  • We can travel anywhere to get your perfect wedding picture. 
  • We allow the combination of several photography types

RISS Photography takes pleasure in serving our clients, to give them nothing but the best. We focus on creating memorable moments rather than some plain photographs that do not add value. We aim to give you something that you could remember even after several years of your wedding. Every time you take a peek into your wedding photographs, we assure you that you would be transported back to the special day where you tied the know with your forever love. 

If you love our work and want to know further about our wedding photography packages, contact us and book your slots at the earliest. We wouldn’t dare miss out on an opportunity to create beautiful mementoes of your wedding.