Mesmerising Wedding Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

When it comes to the most treasured moments in your life, few occasions are as emotionally charged and profound as your wedding with wedding photography. This is the day two people become one and embark on a shared life together, a life where they make vows to each other and discover what it means to truly love and commit to another person.

Wedding photography is the art of storytelling. It weaves together a narrative of the couple’s journey throughout the different ceremonies of marriage, the coming together of two families and marks your brand new beginning.

Freezing Your Magical Moments

photography styles for your wedding

Just like weddings, wedding photography isn’t just about chasing smiles, flowers and wedding gowns; it’s about freezing the raw, unfiltered emotions that define the essence of the day. Emotive photography takes the real wedding album to the next level by immortalizing not only the visuals of your special day but also the feelings and memories that made them so.

Why do wedding photos differ from other photographs?

Wedding Photography styles for 2024

The purpose of all genres of photography is to immortalize fleeting moments in time. But speaking of wedding photography, it’s not just about snapshots; they are powerful vessels of love, emotions and unforgettable moments.

It is about preserving emotions, from tears of joy during the vows to candid moments to exuberant laughter during the toasts. Your wedding photographer should be excellently skilled at capturing those fleeting moments with unfettered authenticity.

Types of Wedding Photography

1. Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography

No wonder candid photography has emerged as the most popular wedding photography. These days, engaged couples seek out candid wedding photographers because they value relaxed photoshoots in which their most unplanned moments are captured rather than posed ones.

So if you too wish for unwinding, zero-fretty sessions during your wedding photography, look for a professional wedding photographer who excels at capturing candid shots.

2. Portrait Wedding Photography

Portrait Wedding Photography

Bridal portraiture or, say, photos in this style, essentially started in Europe. When it comes to wedding portraits, nothing beats the moment the bride puts on her gown, slips on her shoes, and gets her hair and makeup done for the first time.

This could be the most anticipated pre wedding moment or the one where the soon-to-be bride flaunts her happy bridal look.

3. Illustrative wedding photography

Illustrative wedding photography

It is an exquisite and beautiful way to jazz up your real wedding photos. There is a strong emphasis in illustrative wedding photography on capturing the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings, the scenery, and the wonderful elements of your location.

In this way, the natural splendour of your momentous occasions will be permanently etched into your memories.

4. Fine art Wedding Photography

Fine art Wedding Photography

The goal of this photographic technique is to creatively seize the spirit of your special day. Your wedding photographer needs to have an exquisite aesthetic sense to pull out fine art photographs. It is all about finding beautiful compositions, lighting, and, of course, settings to create works of visual art.

Each clap of the shutter should be worth every second. 

5. Film wedding photography

Film wedding photography

Those of you who are passionate about digital cameras but can not give up film photos will be happy to hear that it is a great choice for your big day. It has a timeless appeal because of its classic style. 

More and more couples have recently developed a fervour for film photography. The photographs always come across as softer, elegant and lovely.

6. Light and airy wedding photography

Light and airy wedding photography style

This is one of the four primary photographic styles for weddings. The emphasis is on light, airy colours that are often elevated by a romantic, soft, or pastel undertone. If you want to go with this style of wedding photography, you will need to look your golden hour during each wedding season in australia. 

Light and airy wedding photo ideas favour diffused light, wide apertures, and a middle ground distance between the subject and the backdrop.

7. Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional Wedding Photography

If you are someone who can’t just seem to get over the old-world charm, traditional wedding photography might just be the one for you. Traditional photography gives you timeless, classic pictures and is all about beautiful, posed pictures.

8. Black-and-white wedding photography

Black & White Wedding photography

It is one of the oldest photography techniques, never going out of style anytime soon. Black-and-white photography is raw, timeless and classy.

They sometimes give you the most powerful candid shots.

9. Photojournalistic wedding photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography

Let us capture the heart and soul of your wedding day story with photojournalistic wedding photography. It is an artful fusion of spontaneity and emotion. Each frame narrates a chapter of your big day with cinematic allure, weaving together the candid laughter, stolen glances, and the dance of raw, authentic love.

10. Contemporary Wedding photography

Contemporary Wedding photography

Unconventional angles, vibrant hues, and a touch of artistic flair redefine traditional moments, transforming your wedding day into a visual masterpiece. This is not just photography; it’s an exploration of elegance and innovation, a celebration of your love story told in the language of contemporary art.

11. Fashion wedding photography

fashion wedding photography

Fashion wedding photography is a sure bet if you are interested in a unique blend of love and luxury. It is upon you to elevate your wedding memories with a touch of glamour and an artful blend of modern elegance. 

12.Dark and moody photography

Dark and moody photography

The captivating allure of moody, dark photography is all too easy to succumb to. The photographer is stretching his or her creative muscles by using this technique, which often involves clicking into shadows and utilizing other novel lighting setups. Dark editing and dark shooting are parts of  the dark and moody photography styles.

13. Artificial light wedding photography

Artificial light wedding photography

Getting captivating shots, all in natural light, can be challenging. Therefore, photographers frequently choose artificial lighting at weddings. Enhance the sense of drama and sophistication by choosing to go with this photographic style. Each frame is a masterpiece, where every gleam, sparkle and tender glance is accentuated with grace.

Let our camera lenses paint your wedding with a palette of radiance, turning every moment into a captivating scene. Your love is our leading light, so let us get on with an extraordinary celebration in pixels. 

14.  Aerial Wedding photography


Aerial wedding photography

We know that you won’t need aerial photography throughout your wedding. Yet drone photography is an excellent way to elevate your wedding album with wider-angle photographs. It is an excellent choice for photo sessions, exits from the ceremony venue, and outdoor receptions.

15.  Landscape Wedding Photography 

Landscape Wedding Photography

It is a widely loved and appreciated style of photography. Most of us dream of saying our “I dos” in breathtaking natural settings like the mountains, beaches, forests, etc., and this photography style is perfect for adding that touch of something special to our wedding photos.

For their engagement photos, many couples are looking for a landscape photographer.

Wedding Photography Styles According to Natural Lighting 

Sydney Wedding Photographer

Natural lighting provides a magical backdrop for wedding photography. The soft, diffused light of early morning paints the couple in a gentle warmth, casting a romantic aura that mirrors the dawn of their new journey together.

During the golden hour, just before the sun dips below the horizon, nature’s spotlight bathes the vista in a warm, amber glow. Evening brings its own enchantment as the fading light paints the sky a canvas of pastel hues. The silhouettes, against the dusky backdrop, exude a vibe that is both intimate and cinematic. 

Find magic in the sunlight.

sunlight kissing Wedding Photography style

Discover the allure of sun-kissed memories, where every glance and every touch is bathed in the soft glow of eternal beauty. The warm glow of sun-kissed radiance makes for the most vibrant and interesting photographs, as any photographer will tell you. So why not bask in the warmth of love and sunlight? 

Our skilled wedding photographers capture the ethereal beauty that is illuminated by the sun’s golden embrace. Every moment is a dance of warmth and emotion as we paint your love story with the brushstrokes of natural light. 

Let the sun be the maestro, orchestrating a masterpiece filled with joy, laughter, and timeless elegance.

Find magic in the darkness.

darkness shade Wedding Photography

Don’t think about it twice. It’s an excellent idea. Plunge into the allure of twilight enchantment with RISS,  wedding photography, where every shot in the dark unveils a dazzling array of emotions. 

Illuminate your love story with the artistry of shadows and reflections, capturing the unseen beauty that only emerges when the world sleeps. Let the darkness be the canvas and our lens the storyteller, painting your wedding moments with an unparalleled mystique. Discover the beauty of emotions and expressions, brilliantly captured in the dark.

Epic Frames Telling Timeless Tales 

pre wedding photoshoot style

We just had a deep dive into the diverse range of wedding photography styles. Each frame tells a unique story, a visual poem capturing the essence of unforgettable moments. 

Whether your heart beats for classic elegance, modern chic, or timeless romance, our camera lenses are poised to immortalize your special day. For a magical visual narrative crafted with passion and precision, reach out to RISS Photography, the best wedding photographers in Sydney. Let the expertise and creativity that define us frame your love story like a magnificent work of art. 

Contact us today to turn your wedding dreams into eternal photographs that resonate with the sentiments of your unique journey. If you love our work and want to know further about our wedding photography packages, contact us and book your slots at the earliest. We wouldn’t dare miss out on an opportunity to create beautiful mementoes of your wedding.