A wedding is the most memorable day in one’s life where all the magic of love happens. Everyone will want to remember everything about their special day and cherish those extra-special moments from first look to post-wedding dancing. Wedding photography is undoubtedly the most significant part of your big day as it creates the perfect keepsake of all the priceless moments, wedding rituals, genuine emotions and incredible decorations. You don’t want to miss any of those once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments and be left disappointed. That is why making a wedding photography shot list should be at the top of the priority list when you start planning for your wedding day. Read more about Wedding Photography Shot List.

When it comes to creating a wedding photography shot list, it’s a good idea to follow a checklist of must-have wedding photos and ensure you and your photographer are on the same page.  Bear in mind your priorities or anything, in particular, that you’ve envisioned to be in your wedding album. Make the wedding photography shot list as simple and straightforward as possible so that you can keep stress at a minimum. Just make sure you communicate to your wedding photographer in advance about what you’re hoping to see in your wedding photographs. 

To make your life a heck of a lot easier, we bring together the list of must-have wedding photography shots from getting ready to first dance as newlyweds. So scroll down to discover the ultimate wedding photography shot list.

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Wedding Photography Shot List: Getting Ready


Everyone wants to encapsulate all the fun and excitement in their wedding day morning in getting ready photos that’ll last forever. So don’t miss to capture the following Wedding Photography shots:

•    A shot of the wedding invitation suite

•    Hanging wedding dress shots

•    Close-up of wedding dress details

•    Shots to showcase the day-of accessories, including wedding shoes, cufflinks, jewellery etc

•    The beautiful moments of bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done

•    Maid of honour or mother helping the bride into her dress 

•    Wedding ring shots

•    Putting on the veil with the help of mother or maid of honour

•    A detailed shot of bouquets and boutonnières/corsages

•    Full-length shot of the bride in wedding dress

•    Natural and candid shots of bridal party having fun

•    Close up of bride holding the gorgeous bouquet

•    Bride putting on wedding shoes and jewellery

•    Bride and father walking down the street/stairs

•    Shots of bride spending time alone, with parents, and with bridesmaids

•    Portrait of mother and bride

•    Snap of father and bride

•    Mother and father embracing daughter

•    Getting ready photos of groom and groomsmen

•    Father pinning boutonnière on the groom and vice versa

•    Wedding party putting the finishing touches on the outfit

•    Groom having fun with the groomsmen

•    Groom with his parents

•    Shots of groom spending time alone, with parents, and with groomsmen

Wedding Photography Shot List: Pre-Ceremony


The first look is a sweet, modern tradition in which a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. This is entirely optional. But if you are intended to see each other and spend some time together before the ceremony, document it. In addition, never miss capturing the moments of the trip to the ceremony venue. Read more about Wedding Photography Shot List.

•    Bride and groom leaving the house for the ceremony (separately)

•    Shots of the couple alone for the first look

•    Bride with flower girls

•    Groom with ring bearer/wedding attendants

•    Shot of the wedding car

Wedding Photography Shot List: Ceremony


You will never want to miss the shots of exchanging sacred promises to each other. Ensure all the treasured memories and emotions are documented well with the following list of wedding photography shots.

•    Exterior and interior shots of empty venue/church before the ceremony

•    Guests entering the ceremony venue

•    Shots of floral adornments and other décor details

•    Groom and groomsmen arriving at the wedding ceremony

•    Groom and groomsmen waiting inside the venue

•    Bride and bridal party arriving in wedding car

•    Bride stepping out of the car

•    Bride and father walking down the aisle

•    Shots of groom’s reaction as the bride walks down the aisle

•    Father/mother giving the bride away

•    Wide and close-up shots of bride and groom standing at the altar

•    Wide shot of guests during the ceremony, from couple’s point of view

•    Other ceremony participants such as readers, the officiant, flower girls/page boys, musicians etc.

•    Parents of bride and groom watching the ceremony

•    Exchanging of vows

•    Close-up shots of the couple’s hands as they exchange wedding rings

•    Signing of the register

•    Other ceremonial moments such as candle lighting, readings, etc.

•    The first kiss as a married couple (make sure the officiant step out of the shot)

•    The recessional (newlywed couple and wedding party walking back down the aisle)

•    Bride and groom as they greet, hug, cry or laugh with friends and family

•    Shots of confetti throwing

Wedding Photography Shot List: Post-Ceremony Shots

You are happily married! It is the time to get your wedding portrait and some exclusive shots with your friends & family from both sides. Some key post-wedding photography shots to consider include:

•    The bride and groom with the officiant

•    Newlyweds with close family members from each side

•    The couple with each set of parents

•    The couple with both sets of parents

•    The bride and groom with their grandparents

•    Newlyweds with their siblings

•    Bride with groomsmen

•    Groom with bridesmaids

•    The couple with the flower girl and ring bearer

•    Portraits of newlyweds together (different poses including both still poses and action poses)

•    Shots of bride/groom individually

•    The bride and groom with close family members from each side

•    The couple with bride’s wedding party

•    The couple with groom’s wedding party

•    The bride and groom with the entire wedding party

Wedding Photography Shot List: Reception


You will want to relive the beautiful moments of the celebratory gathering of friends and family for many years to come. Be sure your photographer captures the details of the reception party with these must-have shots:

•    Exterior and interior shots of the reception venue

•    Reception details shots, including table settings, place cards, floral arrangements, favours table, guest book, centrepieces, champagne glasses etc.

•    Detail shots of wedding cake

•    Grand entrance of newlyweds

•    Wedding party arriving at the reception

•    Couples at the head table

•    Candid shots of friends and family eating, drinking and chatting

•    Toasts and speeches

•    Cake cutting 

•    Couple feeding each other cake

•    The bouquet/garter toss 

•    Detail shot of plated meals

•    Newlyweds mingling with guests

•    The couple’s first dance

•    Bride dancing with her father 

•    Groom dancing with his mother

•    Guests dancing

•    Musician, DJ or any other entertainment performing

•    Grand exit of the couple

•    Newlyweds waving from vehicle

A wedding album is a treasure that lets you and your family cherish the memories created on your special day throughout your life. It is essential to choose the right wedding photographers to capture your precious moments and get the wedding photos of your dreams. Spend time to review potential photographers’ websites and blogs to go through the pictures of other weddings they’ve shot and check out whose style you adore the most. The best wedding photographers like RISS Photography understand your vision for your wedding day and bestow you with the most treasured wedding keepsake.