One of the most demanding wedding shots that perhaps you will make is the Wedding party photos. For a wedding, it’s not atypical to have 5 minutes to wrangle ten half-sober people into a semblance of order. And so does ensuring whether or not one and all have smiling faces, their eyes are open, watch out for the flower girls, bride’s train and more so you’ve scores of things to remember and you are left with 36 seconds to get the bridal party shot!

As the wedding party photos make for a vital part of the vast majority of wedding revelries, you’ll appreciate this guide to create stupendous bridal party shots. 

Here are a few of the bridal party planning tricks that go a long way to make certain stress free, fun wedding party portraits for you and the couple!

You Are Literally Capturing Strangers 

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It goes without saying that you have developed a relationship with the couple who are about to get hitched, but you’re literally just a stranger to their near and dear ones. This seems to be quite weird when you ponder over the significance of the big day. This is why you should be on your game face during the wedding party photo session. You have just a limited amount of time to make one and all warm, make them convinced to pay attention and click album-worthy shots of the entire wedding party. 

Get Your Plan Ahead


If you wish the session to unfold easily, then you need to plan your wedding party ahead. It’s wise to spark a conversation with the couple prior to the big day to let them know how long the images should take as well as which time will work best in their wedding timeline. This implies talking about:

  • The number of individuals in the wedding party.
  • What all wedding photography poses or groupings matter to the couple for the wedding party photographs?
  • The place where you capture the wedding photos
  • How long the bride and groom can expect these wedding shots to capture

Big Parties Call For Bigger Planning 

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To be genuine- your idyllic wedding party merely has two bridesmaids and groomsmen each, a ring bearer, a flower girl and no tiny tots, and perhaps a few llamas. Added to that, photographers don’t get to choose the wedding party. When you have a big wedding party to wrangle with, you need to invest extra planning your wedding party shots. While talking through wedding party photo ideas, know:

  • The people who will be the man/maid of honour and best man or woman. You are supposed to make them stand adjacent to the bride and groom on their wedding day. 
  • Within the wedding party, are there any siblings?
  • Within the wedding party, are there any couples?

Think about posing possibilities within the wedding crew well ahead of time.

Remember Everyone’s Names 


Learning names of everyone in the wedding party will make them feel important as well. It’s easy to make note of it while you plan the wedding crew photo ideas. And on the wedding day, call each of them by name as much as possible. But if you’re not able to remember names, then nicknames will do. And remember that while you handle them, show respect and have fun.

Take a Shot of the Kids First


Kids, particularly tiny tots, have zero attention span for bridal party shots. It’s challenging to get a half-sober groomsmen to pay attention to the camera than to contend with a kid at a wedding, but it’s not the point. For a wedding party photo session, it’s important to get a shot of the kids as quickly as possible so that they can take a much-needed nap or use the washroom. Find out for which all photos of the bridal party there’ll be kids, prioritise it and capture those photos first. 

Be Wary of Awkward Pairs


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Posing faux pas is possible while you are contending with a couple of strangers at a wedding. That lofty man can actually be the bride’s new stepfather. And those bustling hyenas may actually be the groom’s nephews. 

Prior to the big day, preemptively inquire whether there are any couples within the wedding party whom you can pose together. And also don’t forget to inquire:

  • Are there any individuals whom I’m not supposed to pose together?
  • Should I be sensitive regarding any divorces or deaths within the wedding party?
  • All of these questions go a long way to avoid any discomfort or embarrassment within the portrait groupings. 

Stay on Top of Smallest Details 


It will merely take a couple of seconds to ensure that the minutest details are perfect, but that effort from your part makes your photos stand out. Watch out for errant hairs, backwards necklaces, bent tie, drooping boutonnieres, Bouquets not in perfect balance and more. Imperfections as these will be left unmarked in the end image, but the bridal party will thank your effort.

Wedding Photography Poses – Wedding Photography List of Poses

Wedding Photography Poses Ideas

Mix and Match 


In lieu of posing all the suit wearers on one side and gown wearers on the other, to pull off a more intriguing look, mix and match your bridesmaid and groomsmen. Find out whether there are couples among them so that you can make them pose together.

Unique Wedding Photography Poses


Who says wedding party photos need to be stationary, formal or stiff? Make the wedding party stride, nestle closer, jump, hop until you get incredible shots of genuine connection and broad smiles.

Posing With Staircase


Ask anyone who is not photographing and they will retort: Oh these stairs seem to be ideal for getting a shot of the wedding crew! But not all stairs are great spots for wedding party photographs. Close quarters, spasmodic lighting and uneven sunlight can be the stumbling blocks. If you have no other choice but to capture them on the staircase, then get a small ladder to lessen the perspective issues and add some light to those towards the back of the wedding party.

Have a Seat


You have countless posing possibilities when you include seating. If you’re within the venue, you can snag a sofa or a bench. When outdoors, you can simply locate some folding chairs and find a low garden wall. Make sure that no one occupies over dirt or pollen- particularly not anyone donning white outfit. 

Understand Your Power Poses 

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Never hesitate to include various angles and movements into the wedding photography poses. Pose them in much powerful stances, from a low angle.

Getting a shot of the bridal party from low camera angles makes them seem looming and large. It makes for a strong pose ideal for any self-assured wedding party. 

Cheek to Cheek


Bring everyone cheek-to-cheek and emphasise more on their beaming faces for a simple yet cute photo. This pose will be perfect for bridesmaids, as they can cuddle cheek-to-cheek and show off their bouquets. The florist behind the florals will truly appreciate the photos that show off their effort. 

Try getting a shot from up above for a look which is more focused on the faces. To show off their outfit, take shots at a less dramatic angle and utilise a longer lens. 

Pretended Laughs Can be Real Fun


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You’ve probably seen those loveable laughing wedding photography poses in magazines. You don’t need to expect for it to occur naturally. On the wedding day, position the crew as required and then make them laugh. It can be louder, absurdly as required. They may seem goofy at the start, but those pretended laughs will give way to genuine laughs providing you with enough possibilities to capture some silly, yet funny moments. 

Go Atypical 


Why not give a creative spin to the wedding photography poses by showing off the bride’s train, lovely updos, intricate veils and stylish profiles with an over the shoulder pose? To enhance your photo, watch out for gorgeous landscape or architectural elements as well.

It’s all About the Backdrop

Artistic wedding photo


Make the landscape prominent when you’re photographing at a spot which is big on atmosphere. But make sure that the crew keeps the poses simple so that you can concentrate on documenting the scenic landscape. 

When capturing tiny individuals in a large incredible environment, look out for the horizon line and make sure you maintain the heads of your party in a clear spot. 

Casual Line-up


When there’s space, the most straightforward wedding photography pose is the casual line-up pose. On the wedding day, make the crew stand in a line, leaving space and then ask them to pay attention to the camera, then towards each other, then again at the camera and ask them to pretend to laugh. You will get countless styles and a variety of expressions. 

Throw in a handful of these creative, elegant and playful poses to add variety to the wedding photography poses! Trying some of these poses not just helps relax the wedding party but also gives way for some indelible photos too.