Wedding Makeup Ideas: How to Look Good in Wedding Pictures

A wedding, in a bride’s blissful heart, is not just a ceremony to be with her loved one. It is also a day to become the most beautiful and breathtaking person in the room. Click pretty and blissful pictures to always keep the lingering memories of your special day close to your heart.

Every bride is the princess of the day, so she should look ravishing from all angles. Wedding makeup depends on the preferences of the bride and the tone of the wedding. One basic tip to keep in mind is to always choose the makeup artist only after reviewing his or her makeup skills.

Not all makeup routines look good on everyone. Choose your makeup ideas after consulting an expert makeup artist and let them guide you through the journey of finding out which ones compliment your face and the tone of the wedding. Here are some wedding makeup ideas to help you look your best on your wedding day.

Iconic Smokey Eyes: With some pitch-black eyeliner and charcoal eyeshadow, you could pull off the iconic smokey eye in just thirty minutes.

Apply foundation as you wish and a light-coloured lipstick or lip gloss, preferably light blush or nude, to accentuate your smokey eye.

These eyes could give you a bold and stunning look on your wedding day. If your bouquet is made out of red or white roses, the clicked pictures will look fabulous with the contrast of colours. 

No Makeup, Makeup Look: This could be one of your go-to looks for a subtle party or a formal day, but this makeup application is not only restricted to casual day makeup.

If you are looking for a simple makeup routine to go with the tone of your simple wedding and a simple white gown, the “no-makeup” makeup look is perfect for you.

You could apply concealer to your uneven skin tone and blemishes. Then apply a light layer of your foundation, followed by mascara and a nude shade of lipstick. Meghan Markle pulled off this look well at the royal wedding. You can too.

Pretty Pink: Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a rose pink lehenga or a long train white gown where your makeup is also based on the pretty colour pink.

It is quite easy to get this stunning look. Start by doing your eyes first. Apply a rose-pink eyeshadow and black mascara.

Let’s leave out the eyeliner as we are going for a pretty pink look. Now apply your concealer and foundation, as that is a necessary part of all makeup routines, followed by a blush pink lip gloss. Finish it off by dusting some rose-pink blush on your cheeks. 

Golden Shimmer: Sparkly eyeshadows are perfect for a traditional wedding. When applied with a light nude lipstick, your sparkly eyes would always stand out at the ceremony.

The shimmering sparkle can be brought by different tones like golden, rose gold, and silver as well. Always make sure you apply your eye makeup before you apply the concealer and foundation. 

Bold Red: The trend of bold red lips with a white gown or a lehenga doesn’t get old as it always gives the bride an elegant look.

If you are planning on wearing a simple white gown, the red lips will accentuate your look, so you ought to leave your eyes simple with mascara and a light stripe of eyeliner.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to a traditional heavy lehenga with a distinctive cluster of vibrant colours and designs, then you could opt for smokey eyes or sparkly eyes to go with bright red lips.

Simple but Better: Some women find foundations and concealers to be too heavy to wear and prefer not to use them. Some are allergic to these chemicals, hence they could never apply them.

This simple but better makeup idea is for those brides. Moisturise your skin with a good moisturiser, then you could apply some BB or CC creams as they are not that heavy and provide a good texture for your skin.

Now opt for good eye makeup, preferably smokey eyes or a simple winged eyeliner, followed by your favourite lipstick or lipgloss, in any shade you want. Pump up the look by dusting some blush on your cheeks.

Long Lashes: No bride will ever regret having long eyelashes as it gives a ravishing look to your eyes in your wedding pictures.

You could try having long lashes with your smokey eyes along with a light pink lipgloss and a little bit of blush.

You could also accentuate the long eyelashes by going for a simple look with not much heavy eye makeup and applying just a nude lipstick.

Don’t forget to use concealer and foundation as it helps in reducing the appearance of uneven skin tones, dark circles, and hyperpigmented areas on your face.

Get a photoshoot done with just your eyes and these long lashes in your wedding gown. It would be perfect for your social media accounts.

Dramatic Entrance: Picture yourself dramatically entering the wedding venue with vibrant coloured makeup and a dress.

Doesn’t it look fabulous? To pull off this look, try stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new ideas, like getting a specially made lehenga with all the vibrant colours like red, blue, or gold.

Now pick a colour for your eyeshadow, preferably blue or yellow. Keep the lips simple with a red or orange shade of lip gloss. Don’t forget to apply blush to get the look going strong. 

Glowing Beauty: Give your wedding look a glowing beauty by adding more shimmering makeup to your face and body.

There are several highlighting serums and creams available on the market that give a glowing look to the face and body.

These serums and creams can be simply applied to your face and body as you desire to get the sun-kissed look of shimmer and glow.

You would look like a magical mermaid in the white long train gown and this shimmering face and body makeup. 

Old is Gold: Retro-inspired makeup is all the rage right now. In this era, everybody is walking backwards with the retro trend and style in every perspective.

Retro was the time of heavy makeup that emphasized the features of a woman’s face. You should walk down the aisle in your retro makeup look to mark your distinctive personality.

Some basic tips for pulling off the retro makeup look are to use bold red lipstick, distinctive eye makeup like winged eyeliner or a smokey eye, and make sure to apply a lot of blush.

You could also keep up the thick eyebrows. 

Earthy Natural: Earthy natural makeup is the perfect option for a cliff or beach wedding. It gives the bride a more natural and effortlessly beautiful look.

This look normally consists of colours like brown, grey, light golden etc. Find all the earthy coloured pigments from your makeup palette and use them appropriately to pull off this look.

Classic and Pretty: A classic wedding look has been used by most brides for a really long time. Normally, classic wedding makeup is done with nude lipstick, glossy blush, and simple winged eye makeup. Contouring would be perfectly done to create the illusion of a perfect jawline. This classic and pretty makeup routine would be perfect for a simple and small wedding. 

Glam Look: A glam look for weddings would always have a pink shade and a feminine touch. You could opt for dramatic eyes or dramatic lips.

You can have a dramatic eye with a touch of pink eyeshadow and long fake eyelashes, along with a light pink shade of lip gloss to complete the look.

For the dramatic lip look, keep the eye makeup simple with just mascara or winged eyeliner, and give your lips a touch of glossy, bright pink lip-gloss or lipstick, along with as much blush as you desire.

Some Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Makeup Look 

  • It is suggested that you should always use concealer before applying foundation.
  • Make sure to regularly exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick, as this gets rid of the dead cells and relatively reduces the appearance of dry and cracked lips.
  • Use a spoon or a tissue when applying mascara so that the mascara doesn’t stain your upper eyelid and ruin your makeup.
  • The right way to use concealer for your dark circles is the triangle method, where you draw an inverted triangle under your eye and then blend it into your skin.
  • Use a scotch tape or a spoon when applying eyeliner to give you the perfect winged eye.
  • Comb and shape your eyebrows before drawing with an eyebrow pencil, so you know exactly where you need extensions.
  • It’s always better to colour-coordinate your lipstick with blush as it gives an even and elegant look to your face.
  • Contouring correctly at the required places and angles can give your face the illusion of perfect cheekbones. This technique works with all face shapes and sizes.

What You Can and Cannot Do in the Week of Your Wedding

What You Can and Cannot Do in the Week of Your Wedding
  • The bride should not go for any cosmetic treatments like chemical peeling, laser treatments, etc. when there are just a few days left for the wedding. After these chemical treatments, the skin can take a while to completely heal, hence it would be difficult to apply makeup and look good on your wedding day.
  • The bride could go for a haircut and hair colouring within the week of the wedding as long as the bride is not allergic to the chemicals in hair dye.
  • You should not attempt or try applying any new brands of creams and cosmetic products to your skin as they can trigger reactions on your skin that could take days to heal.
  • You should not undergo any cosmetic surgery or injections in the week of your wedding, as they are highly reactive and could ruin your auspicious day.
  • The bride should go for manicures and pedicures during the week of the wedding.
  • You can go for salon and spa appointments for facials, waxing, and other treatments that do not trigger any bad reactions.
  • During the week of the wedding, the bride should not consume excessive amounts of alcohol or smoke. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol can have a negative effect on the health and moods of people.

How to Look Good in Wedding Pictures

How to Look Good in Wedding Pictures

Rehearse: Before the actual wedding shoot, you could try and find some good poses that spotlight your features. Find your and your partner’s best angles and also research some good places nearby for wedding photography.

Be Fun and Candid: Try to be less nervous about getting the perfect pictures and enjoy the process. Some of your goofy candid photography would look much prettier than the pre-planned ones.

Have fun with your family, friends, and loved ones during the photoshoot because it will bring genuine happiness to everyone. That would fill your day and your photo album with lingering memories and sincere happiness.

Smile Real: The genuine happiness of the bride and groom goes a long way. Don’t try to fake a perfect smile; let your happiness and fun bring an innocent smile to your face.

Even when you are posing for a picture, don’t fake out a smile just for the sake of it. Casually talking to your partner and the photographer ought to bring a genuine smile to your face.

Go Easy on Makeup: Always make sure you opt for a makeup idea that compliments your face and dress, hence you look good in your wedding pictures.

Don’t attempt a makeup idea just because you like it or because it looks good on someone else. Not every makeup idea looks good on everyone.

Find the Best Lighting: Find the appropriate lighting options and also use natural light to compliment your photos. A well-experienced and passionate photographer would know everything about lighting and guide you through the process.