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Gone are those days when people would spend a couple of hours watching long wedding videos. But at present, it’s all about presenting a video with a unique style. There comes the significance of wedding cinematography. It’s an art of documenting and presenting videos in a truly cinematic approach. And we at Riss productions have mastered the art of cinematography. 

We presume that every couple deserves a chance to get their once-in-a-lifetime event captured on film, not just for the sake of preserving tradition but also some of the happiest moments in their life. Our wedding cinematography Sydney team will seamlessly blend into the guests while not giving a miss every smallest detail that might otherwise be left unnoticed, besides every major part of your day. 

highlights from Wedding of Kerry & Gilbert 

 Ceremony and reception was at amazing Lauriston House Function Centre. 

Our wedding cinematography team have covered innumerable weddings in which at a time many things occur and there arises a situation when the couples are not able to witness all the timeless moments owing to the hustle and bustle of wedding day. But our wedding cinematography Sydney team never leaves anything to chance and holds the skill to make the setting look much better and strive to make a particular scene look its best. 

We make the most of different lenses, taking into account what type of shot will actually look great in various situations. From preferring the perfect sized lenses to getting the very best wide-angled and close angled photographs, to make your event an upscale celebration with candid wedding photography & cinematography, Riss productions staunchly work to offer quality results.

highlights from Wedding of Lauren & George 

Our wedding cinematography team will film your event in 4K ultra HD quality making the most of high-end audio standard, so that you can reminisce about the moments as though it’s occurring for the very first time. Our Indian wedding cinematography team comprises seasoned professionals having extensive experience in catering to diverse weddings and clientele. 

The cinematography services rendered by us is very flexible and it can be customised to your budget and wedding vision. Choose what you need, and skip what you don’t- It’s up to you!

highlights from Wedding of Mrinalini & Sukhant 

Let us document your d-day in absolute cinematic quality, including the very best audio, hollywood-style visual, and most importantly our unparalleled artistry. 

Making the most of state-of-the-art film and light devices, each shot is planned beforehand, to impart your video the look of a cinematic masterpiece. 

Resembling any feature film, the actual magic of wedding cinematography happens when it comes to post-production and we are experts in having delivered the most spectacular wedding films in Sydney. 

Our wedding cinematography Sydney team are experts when it comes to artfully combining separate footages into a single perfect narrative which describes the story of your big day, documenting the emotion and making you go back to that moment every time you watch it.

highlights from Wedding of Santina & Linton Gardens

highlights from Wedding of Nishta & Anirudh

Wedding Cinematography Sydney | Wedding Cinematography Packages

We endeavour to transform your each moment brimming with love, happiness and excitement shared on the big day into a long lasting memory. For that, our attempts are directed towards making such episodes which exhilarate the memories. We deliver the most fascinating, one-of-a-kind and top-notch wedding photography in Sydney

From the uplifting and light, to zestful and cheerful, to slow-paced and cinematic style our wedding cinematography Sydney team make certain that each video reflects your charm, style and zest. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how Riss productions can turn your big day indelible.

Wedding Cinematography Sydney

Wedding cinematography is all about documenting memories and moments to create a spellbinding, cinematic wedding film. At Riss Productions, we document your big day in an unobtrusive, artistic yet candid way. It’s not merely a wedding video but rather a wedding film. A riveting prelude to your life ahead as a couple united in wedlock, documented by our wedding cinematographer in film-quality, supreme high-resolution film. 

wedding cinematography sydney

Wedding photographs are paramount, but your wedding film is also just as important. When your wedding shot documents a single, immobile snapshot of an instant, a wedding film documents scores of instants as they unfold. For instance, a photograph may show bridal preparation, whereas a wedding film can benevolently show the tale around the shot. The smiles, joyful tears, secret glances, the whispers. The sound of the gush of wind and the birds chirping somewhere. A wedding film is beyond a visual feast- it is more of an experience. This implies that instead of watching a video, when you watch a wedding film by Riss Productions, you reminisce about the memories and be transported back to the day of your wedding. You listen to and watch the zest, emotions, anxiety in cinematic brilliance. 

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of activity and at same time nerve racking. Watching your wedding is just like getting hitched once again, but without that feeling of nervousness. It lets you reminisce about the day, from one moment to the next, from the comfort of your abode. You may take note of things you failed to notice on your day, and feel varying emotions too. 

The best thing with having a wedding film is that whenever you view it, you may take note of or experience something different, if you view it a couple of times after your marriage or even after many years of your married life

Why Choose Us?

We extend a completely bespoke and boutique service. We will come up with something absolutely inspiring that reflects who you are. Our results narrate your story in a natural yet phenomenal way.

Wedding cinematography for Amazing Turkish couple in Sydney

We have a wealth of experience in wedding cinematography Sydney, and employ the state-of-the-art equipment and second to none editing techniques. We prosper on the challenge of crafting spellbinding, natural and absolutely gleeful wedding films which you will treasure, be it a summer wedding or a beautiful beach wedding. Having an authentic passion for what we do, we make certain that you and your guests feel as comfortable as possible so we can create absolutely one-of-a-kind wedding films which complement your peculiar styles and personalities. 

We are expeditious, trustworthy and affordably priced. Added to that, we receive five-star reviews from the brides and grooms with whom we have worked with. 

Our wedding films themselves reflect our prowess and how we have covered weddings like yours. 

We are acquainted with most of the popular wedding venues in Sydney. 

We have a good grasp of how to film all the intimate moments of your day in an unobtrusive way whilst making your near and dear ones feel at ease and real. 

We love filming Bangladeshi weddings, Aussie weddings, Indian weddings, Lebanese weddings, Desi weddings, and more. We will turn the backdrop of your choice into something spectacular. 

Our customised package puts together every best element of your d-day and for the completed products. 

We want you to loosen up and enjoy the day to its fullest, keeping in mind that you will ultimately have a spellbinding wedding film to share with your loved ones and to reminisce about your big day for a lifetime. 

Best Wedding Cinematography Sydney

Professionally Filmed 

We use professional lenses, film quality cameras and have wedding cinematographers with extensive years of experience. Our wedding cinematographers ensure that every part is documented properly to edit into a Multicam film. 

Well Lit 

Cameras require lighting and when it comes to filming, mostly the lighting conditions are quite not ideal. We make sure that we do bring the emotion and colour out whenever we are filming. 


We provide the best quality wedding films possible. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment with an eye for quality. Riss Productions see to it that we are Onpoint. 


We are always available to reply to any queries you may have. We are available via phone, Facebook and text. 


We provide bespoke wedding cinematography packages for every wedding. The key takeaway is that we offer much affordable packages to film your wedding. Below you will find more information regarding our wedding packages.

wedding dance taken in cinematic style Sydney

Our Wedding Cinematography Sydney Package

To make it absolutely convenient for you to plan, we have made a wedding cinematography package which considers all your concerns and gives you a bang for the buck!

When you opt for our wedding cinematographic package, you will receive:

  • Cinematic highlights(up to 5 minutes)
  • Professional cinematographer
  • A second cinematographer(if required)
  • Film shot from multiple angles
  • HD quality video delivered in USB
  • Long edited version of the film
  • Professional audio recording
  • Drone footage(if required)

The aforementioned cinematography packages are a great start for your nuptials. You can even get in touch with us if you love to mix or change things over and we will provide you with a custom package.

marriage pic with friends

Contact us to Schedule Your Appointment

We understand that you have scores of things to do in planning your nuptials, so allow us to help you ease and check off wedding cinematographer from your wedding checklist. 

We can’t wait to capture the wedding of your dreams. Each wedding we capture is an absolute labour of love and we are happy to capture your love story. We like making timeless keepsakes of history to remain with the bride and groom during their entire lifetime and we are the most competent cinematographers to do so. Feel free to contact us and to know whether or not we are available.

Our dates are filling up so we don’t need you to risk losing out. Either buzz us on 0431 679 653 or fill our form to know more regarding our wedding cinematography packages Aussie couples cherish. We will reply to all your questions inquired via phone or in a one-to-one meeting and set your mind at ease. 

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