Vintage Wedding Photography

Good old times! We heard our grandparents often refer to the good old days while they fondly reminisce about their past. While they are nostalgic about their past, we also feel the enchanting power of that time and wish we could turn back the clock. Even though the times are changing, and the advancement in science and technology are gone beyond our thoughts, old times always have their exceptional beauty and soul.

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Everyone has sentimental longing or wistful affection for the glorious past days. The popular styles in the ’70s and ’80s have come back with changes and are dominating every trend. From fashion to photography, the iconic looks from the historical past are making a comeback. Even with all the evolution in the world of photography, people always love seeing the retro look in the photos. People embrace the unique charm of pictures from the previous centuries. You can recreate those good old styles to look timeless and glamorous at your wedding through vintage style wedding photography.

Here we will discuss the ageless vintage wedding photography that portrays a nostalgic, scenic, and classic dream-like look.

What is vintage wedding photography?

Wedding photography in vintage style is not just the sepia-tinted backgrounds and yellow vignettes; it’s about the complete retro, romantic and nostalgic wedding experience. Vintage style wedding photography is one of the most cherished and romantic wedding photography styles today. It focuses on creating images with a timeless look to evoke a nostalgic vibe in couples. Vintage wedding photography brings all the sophisticated elegance and glamour of the over the decades back to life. A perfect vintage-style wedding pulls the romanticism of the past and reminds the wedding celebration in the past decades. With vintage-style wedding photography, you can give your special day a vintage touch inspired by your favoured era.

Vintage wedding photography is a style of photography meant to refer to anything captured on an analogue camera, a photo processed to replicate the look and feel of old images through filters and editing, or images created by adopting old photography methods. Modern vintage wedding photography using modern equipment to emulate the ultimate look of vintage art by styling the photos shot. Within vintage wedding photography, there are so many options. If you choose to go with vintage wedding photography, you have to decide on the era, mood thoughtfully and feel you want to recreate. Based on your chosen era, you have to select the matching style of wedding dress, the music, hair and makeup etc.

Vintage wedding photography is a very popular option nowadays as it is the classic piece of art closest to the traditional wedding photography style.

With a good vintage wedding photographer, you can document your beautiful love story in a retro theme and can treasure them for generations to come. For vintage style wedding photography, you need to transform the whole wedding into the perfect vintage style. The entirety of the theme comprises the visual aesthetic elements like colours, contrast, brightness, texture etc., along with the content of the wedding photography like the concept, background, location, props, styling, etc.

How to achieve the perfect vintage experience in your wedding?

Planning wedding photography in vintage style needs more than just a good wedding photographer. For channelling the grace and elegance of a bygone era, you need to transform the whole wedding into a “retro” experience.

Vintage style wedding photography needs meticulous preparation and organisation. The following are requisites that can help you style your wedding in a vintage way.


For a great vintage feel, the prime requirement is an excellent location because it can be a crucial character in your wedding keepsake. A magnificent place is an integral part of getting a great shot, so you need to find a fantastic spot with a vintage look. A location with a little bit of history to it would be wonderful for the art of storytelling in the vintage themed wedding. 

Wedding couples tend to ignore the process of location selection and avoid taking time to consider where to have their portraits taken. But it is so important to choose the right place the suits your theme the best. You should think of a location that reflects your style, personality, relationship and wedding theme. Best wedding photographers do location scouting based on your theme and offer a few location settings to you. But, don’t entrust someone else to finalise your wedding venue because no one else knows how you ingrained your big day in your mind and what you exactly want.

Even though the proper selection of the location for your wedding can take up quite a bit of your time, it gets half of your job done. The perfect wedding venue will create the dreamlike backdrop for your cherished wedding pictures, and it will tell a beautiful story of your special day. 

If you choose pre-decorated venues in vintage style, you can effortlessly style full of old-world charm in your wedding without customising or making any change. You can either go for indoor or outdoor options to find the perfect location to complement the vintage theme. If you are embarking on your search for beautiful and vast great outdoors, plenty of vintage wedding venues in Australia radiate elegance and allure. Gardens, scenic parks, farming properties, vineyards, estates, etc., will be the perfect setting for vintage style wedding photography unless these places are too modern. With the beautiful nature as the backdrop, you can customise the dreamy, airy ambience for your vintage wedding using vintage elements like old lanterns, hurricanes, lamps, frames containing old family photos, calligraphy signage, etc. Each delicate detail will add beauty and class to your precious wedding images.

Indoor event spaces are also great for vintage style wedding photography. If you want more control over your environment, an indoor wedding venue is perfect. Because with an indoor wedding venue, you don’t need to worry about rain or any other extreme weather condition that will ruin your ideal vintage themed wedding. There is no shortage of indoor options that is rich in lively history, beauty and elegance. You can choose some event centres or restaurants, which combines country charm with vintage glamour, located in old buildings with some historic architecture.

Adelaide’s Ayers House, a grand mansion with magnificently restored modern vintage style rooms, located on Adelaide’s vibrant main boulevard, is a beautiful location that exudes vintage character, Victorian luxury and old-world charm.

The Gardens on Forest is another great spot for vintage style wedding photography that highlights the beauty and character of the late Victorian era.

Sergeants’ Mess, Doltone House, Gunners’ Barracks, Curzon Hall, Gledswood Homestead, the Tea Room QVB, Athol Hall, etc., are some of the locations that will epitomise your dream wedding venue and best-suited for your modern vintage wedding photography.


A classic vintage model vehicle is a great option to arrive at your wedding in vintage style. It would be a magnificent element addition to bring and add classiness to your special day. Your romantic journey to the wedding on these classic vintage wheels will be a wedding highlight that will make the event truly memorable. You can choose a vehicle that combines old-age elegance with modernity spurs for your wedding ride. Vintage vehicles express a part of history and culture and seizes the essence of days gone by.

The Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimlers, Lincoln, Jaguar Sedans, Mercedes, Minerva, Auburn, Maybach, Bugatti are some of the few great vintage cars that can add attention and glamour to your special occasion. The beauty, rarity and engineering of these classic models are timeless. Its elegance is never bound by time; they are beyond time. Hop on to one of these vintage cars that add charm and luxury for the grand entry. The old-age charm of these vintage cars can create outstanding photographic moments, and the classy entrance will leave people in awe of you. Choose the appropriate colour and model of the vintage car that goes with the wedding theme and compliment the bride and groom’s outfit.

Add a unique class and royal touch to your whole wedding with the vintage car entry. The vintage cars are effortlessly stylish and work best with your vintage or retro-themed wedding. 


The importance of choosing the best photography for a wedding is indescribable. Your photographer will capture the beauty of your big day as it happens, all special memories, looks and moments. Through incredible photos, you can relive all the precious moments of genuine emotions, love and happiness. Photography is not just about taking beautiful images but a timeless piece of art. Find a good photographer whose style compliments your vintage wedding theme. Versatile photographers will always seek creativity; they will be able to realise your dream about your wedding and capture all the priceless moments of your big day so that you can treasure them forever.

From the creative bunch of photographers, find the best wedding photographer for your vintage wedding to capture the natural retro feel of the day. They should be able to evoke feelings of nostalgia through the images.


For the vintage-loving bride and groom, hundreds of different vintage wedding dresses are available in the market. Also, you can customise your vintage style clothing based on your creative ideas. The worst part about looking for a dress as per your imagination is that – finding a dress that fits your thought can sometimes be impossible, and customising it may be too expensive.

You can shop wedding vintage outfits based on your favoured era. For the bride, the lace wedding dress is always a timeless yet modern option for a vintage wedding. Also, so many vintage-inspired gowns are available in the market.


Vintage wedding decor focuses profoundly on romantic and dainty details, such as crystal elements, lace accents, antique look frames, pastel floral prints, chinoiserie, teapots and cups, strands of pearls, decorative bird cages, old chairs, clocks and candles.

Jewellery, Hair and Makeup

A wedding is one of the most cherishable and memorable events in one’s lifetime. Wedding photographs are important because they resonate with our memories of the unforgettable moments in time. The vintage style has embarked on wedding photography to lend an air of sophistication and classiness to the wedding ceremony. With professional vintage wedding photography like Riss photography, you don’t need to expect dull retro photos. You can relive the retro experience of the wedding ceremony through unique vintage wedding photography. 

As the saying goes, old is gold; vintage wedding photography is always a to-go option for couples to pull off incredibly classic wedding photos to look back on those glorious moments of the wedding event.