What Makes Vintage Wedding Photography So Special?

Traditional photography records contemporary images and elements, whereas vintage photography encapsulates the nostalgic elements of the historic era with immense finesse. Vintage wedding photography and themes have picked up quite a bit of steam in the past few years. People have come to see it as the perfect blend of elegance and eternity for their wedding albums.

The trend of vintage photography, or old-fashioned photography, invites your senses to explore the delicate yet striking the wedding photography style. This does not just depict aestheticism but also makes your wedding album stand out from the lot. Like wine, the taste for vintage photography has grown more cherished with age.

Passionate retro-lovers believe that a vintage photography theme is the most exquisite one to choose for your wedding ceremony. It was partly lost in our pursuit of modernity, but it never ceased gaining traction. Vintage photography has always made heads turn with its indelible impressions.

What Are Vintage Photoshoots All About?

What Are Vintage Photoshoots All About?

While vintage photoshoots encompass the whole essence of nostalgia, the lurching secret behind vintage photography is the high resolution of the photographs. Lenses are way ahead of cameras in terms of technology. The lenses used in the cameras had wide-open apertures and turned out images with a bit of distinction.

Even though you might need to do a lot of setting up for your vintage-style wedding photography, remember that the camera and lenses are the real heroes. And once the photos are taken, how you work on the monochrome effects to get that classic vintage touch for the album matters a great deal.

Best Places for Vintage Wedding Photoshoots

While there are a lot of things that you might need to carry out a vintage photoshoot successfully, a charming location could cut down on half the hard labour. So let us check out where we can do a vintage wedding photoshoot.

1. Farmhouse

Farm House

If you happen to own a farmhouse, or even if your friend does, check it out right away. They often have elements that speak volumes for the classic shoot; it might be a vintage portrait, the house theme, the vinyl wall colours, or the old-fashioned lighting. You are sure to find something that aligns with your photoshoot ideas.

2. Old-church front


The elaborate architecture within the old churches makes them a perfect fit for your vintage wedding photography. It isn’t just about inside the church building but also around it. The old churches have a strange, alluring vibe that, in itself, makes a great background for your vintage photoshoot.

3. Forts


Forts hold historical significance. They have a lot of intricate detailing you could utilise for the shoot. Forts might not always be accessible for a photoshoot, but if you can, well, that’s good. Make the best use of its imperial gardens, gatehouses, walls, and retro backdrop.

4. Old-fashion homes

old building

Exquisite homes that are built in an old-fashioned manner are an epic pick for your vintage photoshoot. Antique furnishings and old-school decor are sure to give you inspiration for your vintage backdrop and themes. The simplest of antiques, retro furniture, and classic decor make a signature statement for your photoshoot.

5. Estates


This is a pick you might not have given much thought to, but it could do a great deal for your vintage shoot. You might have to deal with a lot of background and prop setup, but once you do, the age-old estate could prove an exemplary location for your vintage wedding photoshoot.

6. Palaces


These make an excellent choice for your vintage wedding photography, with all that you might need in and around a single place. These are truly luxurious and magnificent spots to carry out a perfectly executed vintage photoshoot. And in case you can’t seem to get a hold of them, try the vicinity of the palace.

7. Retro-bungalows


Old-fangled mansions yet again have a peculiar and bewitching quotient of glamour. So it is an undeniably great choice to do your vintage and pre-wedding photo shoot. And if you are thinking of wedding cinematography, what is better than a vintage shoot in a retro bungalow?

While all these add a charismatic touch to your vintage wedding photoshoot, adding monochrome effects could be an add-on benefit. You could always add a vintage effect with the help of a professional wedding  videographer.

Elements of Retro Wedding Photography

1. Location


Choosing an impeccable place to host the perfect vintage wedding photoshoot can be a real treat. An attractive and old-fangled location with vintage elements or retro artefacts is something that is unnegotiable for an old-school photoshoot.

2. Antiques


For starters, antiques grow in value over time and delineate the very soul of a vintage effect. These antiques could be old-style furniture, finely embellished artwork, or trinkets that hold sentimental value. It can be really small, but it’s crucial to capture these on your camera without skipping out on the tiniest detailing.

3. Decor


You might not find this ready-made, but it can definitely be achieved. Draw inspiration from influencers and videos online to decorate your vintage photography sets. Hang on to someone who has unquestionable taste in interiors. Decors hold the calibre to breathe life into your vintage photoshoot like no other.

4. Attires


Take your cue from the elegant, stylish wardrobes and accessories worn by aristocrats in different centuries. The finely embellished, flowy gowns with intricate lace and threadwork were quite the statement back in the day. Look for what works best for you.

5. Cars


The past era was known for classy, vintage cars, which spoke volumes about the high standards of the event taking place. Hence, it is a great option to elevate your vintage wedding photoshoot to a whole new level. The vintage car era spanned the period from 1919 to 1930.

6. Hairstyles


Among the various elements that contribute to creating the vintage effect, this one stands inevitable. The sleek feminine curls, deep waves, rolls, and clean updos used to be iconic, retro hairstyles. These effortlessly give you vintage vibes.

7. Jewellery


The Victorian era was totally the era of pearls, beads, and stones, for each piece of jewellery had a graceful share of them. So include these sophisticated pieces of jewellery in your attire to give you a seamless look for your vintage wedding photoshoot. It adds a royal aura to your wedding photography.

8. Themes and Ideas

Themes and Ideas

For the retro-energies, your themes and ideas must align with the era. For the perfect vintage wedding photoshoot, make the best use of lace, pastel colours, floral prints, old-fashioned tea cups, fancy lighting, strands of pearls, etc. 

Why Choose Retro Weddings?

People lately have been quite indulging in vintage photography for their wedding shoots. We have begun acknowledging that retro weddings and photography will never go out of style. There’s always room for art, elegance, romanticism, energy, music, class, and unlimited entertainment in vintage-themed weddings.

Why Choose Retro Weddings

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