Weddings are a special moment for everyone. A day you will brim with soul-stirring moments, intense emotions, and hearty giggles. To make your wedding a perfect memoir to cherish forever, the keen eye of photography is inevitable. Wedding photographers can put forth your love-tale into breathtaking photos with the right amount of realness in it. Moreover, choosing a picturesque location is imperative to add a unique charm to those cheerful wedding photographs. A perfect photography location will transform the pictures from ordinary to utterly spectacular. We know the task of locating a suitable wedding photography place can be daunting. It would be poignant if you failed to find a picturesque location for your wedding. So, we scouted throughout Sydney for picture-perfect photography locations. Here are some of the best urban photography locations we saw in Sydney.


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Luna Park


luna park sydney


A magical location for your heart-warming photographs. With magnificent views of Sydney Harbour, Luna Park Sydney is one of the top destinations for wedding photography. It is a vibrant and eye-catching place with colourful rides and structures. 

The Grounds of Alexandria


The Grounds of Alexandria


The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney is a perfect urban oasis to host a spectacular wedding.  With the canopy of fairy lights and vine plants, bubbling fountain, and lush greenery, the whimsical garden-cum-café style venue is the best place for creating a rustic or natural themed wedding. For some great unique shots, choose this stunning location.

Sydney Opera House


Muslim bride at Milson Pint


The classic Sydney Opera House is one of Sydney’s best urban photography locations with iconic features. The sheer beauty of incredible architecture and fantastic views across the harbour catching the Sydney skyline will be a spectacular backdrop to your wedding photos.

One Central Park Sydney



One Central Park in Sydney is a fabulous location to turn your wedding tale into utterly breathtaking photographs. The vertical hanging gardens and cantilevered heliostat makes this shopping mall a popular spot for wedding photoshoots.

Hornby Lighthouse



Hornby Lighthouse at South Head is one of the highly recommended urban photography locations in Sydney. With the iconic red and white striped tower in the background, you will get a unique wedding portrait that you will love for years. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge



The spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks of Sydney, is a truly unique location to preserve the timeless memories of your special day. The visual design of the bridge is undeniably fabulous and will steal your heart. Climb to the top of this majestic beauty for stunning wedding photos

Queen Victoria Building

With the stunning stained-glass panels, winding staircases, splendid domes, pillars and arches, the Queen Victoria Building is a magnificent urban photography location in Sydney. This glorious shopping plaza is perfect for some truly stunning wedding photos.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair



An ideal spot to capture your special moments. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is a sandstone that has been carved to resemble a bench, which perches over the top of some of the city’s best-loved highlights. From this breathtaking vantage point, you will get a panoramic view of Sydney’s picturesque harbour to incorporate in the photos.

Hyde Park



Hyde Park is the oldest public parkland in Australia and is one of Sydney’s best-loved landmarks. With beautiful overhanging trees, alleyways, historical monuments, iconic Archibald Fountain, and many theme gardens, it has all the peculiarities of a great location. It renders a stunning background to turn out your photos splendid.

Observatory Hill Park


Observatory Hill Park


An iconic location at the heart of the Sydney central business district with a sweeping backdrop of the Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge. This popular spot bestows a charming blend of the city skyline and lovely nature. The vast Moreton Bay fig trees, the grassy hilltop, the gated paths, and extensive sandstone brickwork give your wedding photos various backgrounds.

Martin place

Another great urban photography location in Sydney that offers some versatile backdrop options. The beautiful sandstone arch walkways, heritage buildings with majestic architecture, giant columns, fancy doorways, and other beautifying features add more elegance and charm to your wedding photos. It is also an excellent option for wet weather owing to the shiny and reflective footpath.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney



The Royal Botanic Garden is one of Sydney’s beautiful urban photography locations with spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The beautifully landscaped gardens filled with lush lawns, fountains, shaded areas, Moreton Bay fig trees, and many different types and colours of flora make this place perfect for a stunning backdrop.

The University of Sydney

A unique and spectacular picturesque location for timeless and classic wedding photography. The University of Sydney is one of the most beautiful universities in the world. This place with stunning architecture and landscaping has a lot of popular photo-worthy spots, including the Quadrangle.

The Rocks



The Rocks will be your perfect urban photography location to shoot memorable and unique photos for your wedding. If you would love some old concrete background with a European ambience and some greenery, you will love this place. With the minimal crowd and easy parking, you will get more time for photographing your big day in all its glory. There is a possibility for a car shot under the Harbour Bridge as well. 

Cockatoo Island



The UNESCO world heritage site is a vast vintage point. If you are someone who has always wanted to make your wedding photos aesthetic, make sure that you book your spot on this fantastic island beforehand. The remains of the old harbour will add to the serenity of your wedding photos. Never think twice to choose this stunning island as your wedding photography location in Sydney. 

New South Wales Art Gallery



The art gallery established in 1871 serves as a unique wedding photography venue in Sydney. With its exclusive and unique grandeur and elegance, the art gallery renders an amazing backdrop for some memorable moments that would go down memory lane. The gallery depicts the past, present and future generations and is the perfect spot to host your wedding photography.

Centennial Park and Reservoir Fields



Centennial Park is a great spot that offers abundant scenery and landscapes to take your wedding photos to the next level. You don’t need a photography permit at the park if you book the ceremony there. The reservoir fields will fill your pictures with a lot of splendid greens and striking landscapes. 

Riss Photography offers extensive wedding photography services in Sydney, and we’ve suggested these locations based on our research and previous works. We are always ready to go that extra mile when it involves creating unforgettable and unique wedding pictures.