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Planning a traditional Turkish wedding? Prepare to set off on a visual journey that celebrates the beauty of Turkish Weddings through the lens of our skilled photographers at Riss Photography, the best wedding photographers in Sydney. With our keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, rest assured that no memory of your momentous occasion will go undocumented.

At Riss, we firmly believe that understanding the cultural nuances and traditions is an essential element of capturing the wedding’s emotional depth. To this end, we have curated nine time-honoured customs that will make your wedding a celebration of love and heritage.

Capturing the Beauty and Essence of Turkish Wedding Traditions

Capturing the Beauty and Essence of Turkish Wedding Traditions

Much like any other culture, Turkish weddings are steeped in traditions that make them truly special. From Kina Gecesi to Gelin Alama, Turkish wedding traditions are truly unique and amusing.

At Riss Photography, we don’t just capture images; we craft memories that last a lifetime. Our wedding photography packages are designed to encapsulate the entire wedding experience, from the pre-wedding events on, ensuring every precious moment is etched in the pages of your love story.

Embark on your forever journey, and let Riss Wedding Photography write the narrative of your special day with an artistic flair. 

Let’s take a glimpse into some of the most cherished Turkish wedding customs.

Turkish wedding entrance

Commencing a love story infused with traditions

Turkish weddings start with “Kız isteme,” the custom of asking for the bride’s hand from her father. 

As a symbol of commitment, the exchange of rings, bound together by a vibrant red ribbon, takes place, accompanied by heartfelt promises. This cherished moment is referred to as “söz kesmek,” the Promise ceremony, marking the inception of a beautiful union.

Record this beautiful moment that symbolises the commencement of your love story through our event photography services.

Turkish wedding traditions with love

Photographing the soul of your ecstatic moments

Turkish weddings are a sensory extravaganza where vibrant colours, lively music, and delectables merge into a delightful spectacle. 

Prior to the wedding, is the engagement ceremony, called Nişan. Usually, the bride’s family hosts engagement parties. “Nişan Bohcasi”, the engagement gifts, are given to show appreciation to both families. Preserve this precious moment with our engagement photography, Sydney.

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Elegance in Focus: Henna Night and Pre-wedding Customs through the Lens

Our Turkish wedding photographer will skillfully absorb the colourful ceremony into the perfect shots.

Amidst a symphony of melodies, the radiant bride sits on a chair, her countenance veiled beneath a vibrant red veil. In this cherished tradition, popularly known as “kına gecesi” or Henna Nights, the stage is set for an enchanting evening.

With the backdrop of music, the future mother-in-law puts a gold coin in the bride’s hand, signalling the commencement of the rite. Freeze the magic of the blissful moments of Henna nights with our pre-wedding photography services.

As the night unfolds, the air fills with laughter and joy, a testament to the celebration of love and unity. These cherished, timeless rituals are not just a tradition; they are an exuberant venture into Turkish culture.

Capturing the grandeur of Traditional Turkish Weddings

In the enchanting world of Turkish weddings, we believe that your love story deserves to be narrated with artistic precision. Our wedding photography packages are tailored to meet your unique needs. From the bachelorette party to the henna nights and beyond, we are your storytellers.

Turkish wedding Arrangements

Season of Love

In Turkey, the months of August and September have always sung the sweetest ballads of love. The traditions vary across regions, but you can find some common Turkish wedding rituals.

A golden shower of love

After the legal marriage, held in the registry office, a grand reception unflurs, painted with customs that span generations. Among these, the “gold adorning” ceremony gleams. Friends and family shower the newlyweds with gold jewelry, a symbol of prosperity. 

Turkish Wedding Photographer in sydney

Eternalising the Beauty of Turkish Weddings

Our artistry goes beyond the ordinary. With our drone photography, we capture the grandeur and emotions of your day from breathtaking angles. We immortalise not just moments but the legacy of love and tradition through wide-angle photography.

Couples playfully step on each other’s feet, a lighthearted gesture proving their dominance. Turkish weddings are fun-filled and whimsical. At the same time, some superstitions are associated with Turkish weddings. One among them is the names of unmarried women etched onto the bride’s shoe, and the name that fades first most probably will get married in the same year.

A dish of love and unity: Keşkek

Turkish cuisine, a delight for the tastebuds, also finds its way into the wedding rites. “Keşkek”, is a dish prepared from split wheat and meat. The dish is prepared carefully by the groom and his friends grind the wheat and barley.

Turkish Wedding Photography & Videography Services in Sydney

Commencing the venture of Love

The groom is involved in the ceremonial planting of a flag that marks the beginning of wedding festivities. At Riss Photography, we capture not just the moments but a whirlwind of emotions and traditions, crafting them into a visual story with our wedding cinematography in Sydney.

Farewell to the Bride

As the wedding day draws to a close, there is the poignant “Glein Alma”, the farewell to the bride. Traditionally, a horse-drawn convoy bids adieu to the newlyweds, which has turned into a car convoy over time. 

At Riss Wedding Photography, we don’t capture images; we craft memories that last a lifetime. Our wedding photography packages are designed to encapsulate the entire pre-wedding journey, ensuring every precious moment is etched in the canvas of your love story.

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Seize the moment:  Book your Turkish wedding Photographer in Sydney

At Riss Photography, our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that your photographs go beyond mere documentation. They become a vivid reflection of the emotions you lived through and the memories you cherish. 

Infuse the charm of Sydney’s picturesque nature into your wedding photos through our location-based photography.

Let us be the storytellers of your enchanting love story, capturing the essence of your traditional Turkish Wedding through our photographic finesse. 

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