Turkish Puzzle Ring : Exploring Traditions and Symbolism for Your Wedding Journey

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Turkish wedding ring

A puzzle ring is made of several bands that are interconnected – like a mechanical puzzle. Legend has it that the husbands would give the ring to their wives as wedding gifts. If the wife removed the ring (to be adulterous) the bands would separate, and she wouldn’t be able to reassemble it in time! Puzzle rings are also called harem rings or Turkish Puzzle Rings or Turkish wedding rings. While intriguing, these rings can be frustrating if you’re unable to put them back together.

Importance of Ring Exchange Ceremony

Exchanging wedding rings is a way for two individuals to announce their commitment and love for each other, and serves as a bond between them. It reminds them of their vows to each other. In many cultures, the finger next to the little finger is associated with the heart, which is why it is chosen as the ring finger. Wedding rings are worn on those fingers always.

Wedding ring

Wedding rings are available in many different styles and materials to match varied preferences. Let’s have a look at some of the popular traditional types of wedding rings:

Turkish Wedding Puzzle ring

  •       Solitaires – these are rings with a single large diamond or other precious gemstone in the middle of the band, and are a classic.
  •       Eternity rings – these have gemstones or diamonds that are placed all around the band, as a symbol of eternal love.
  •       Halo rings – a central stone is surrounded by a circle of smaller stones to give it a more dazzling look.
  •       Gold is the traditional metal used for rings, and it comes in white, yellow, and rose shades.
  •       Platinum is more expensive, durable, and strong, though not as attractive as gold.
  •       Titanium is lightweight and durable, and suitable for those with sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic.

Here are some contemporary styles:

Turkish Puzzle Ring for your big day

  •       Gemstone rings of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc.
  •       Bands with engraving of names, dates, etc. inside or outside the ring
  •       Custom made rings which reflect the couple’s personalities or interests


Turkish Wedding

What does a Turkish wedding look like? We know that there are innumerable photo ops at Turkish weddings! Well, let’s have a look at the different interesting customs and rituals associated with Turkish weddings.

El İsteme (Asking for the Bride’s Hand)

 Bride's Hand request for ring

The groom, his parents, and some elders of the family go with gifts to the bride’s home, where the oldest male relative of the groom asks the bride’s father for the daughter’s hand in marriage to the boy. The bride’s father can agree immediately or ask for some time, and this is repeated on another day, and the marriage is fixed.

Söz Kesmek (Promise Ceremony )

Wedding Promise for turkish wedding with couple poses

If the bride’s father agrees, the söz kesmek ceremony is performed, where simple rings are tied together with a red ribbon and handed to the couple on a platter. After exchanging the rings, the ribbon is cut. This is the perfect time to capture the tender expressions of the bride and groom with  candid photography services from Riss Photography.

Salt & Pepper Coffee

turkish wedding foods

During the el isteme ceremony, the prospective bride offers coffee to the guests, and adds salt to the groom’s cup – sometimes even pepper. If the groom drinks without a fuss, its considered positive!

Nişan Bohcası (Engagement Gifts)

Turkish Engagement Photography

Practical guests that can be used on most occasions are exchanged by the families to show their mutual appreciation like perfumes, toiletries, clothes, etc. They are usually gift-wrapped in baskets or scarves.

Nişan (Engagement)

Tukish Engagement Photography ideas

The bride’s family traditionally pays for this party, and it’s held in her house or a small hall. Depending on their status, guests may be a handful or even up to 500. Ask about drone wedding photography services from Riss Photography for the engagement party! With so many guests involved, a drone will be able to capture everyone present, their smiles, their laughter, the merriment, and camaraderie.

Kına Gecesi (Henna Night)

Henna party for turkish wedding

This ritual is held at the bridal home or an outside location, and everyone is dressed to the nines. The bride wears a long red transparent veil to completely cover her face and head. Initially, sad songs are played as it’s the bride’s farewell to her parental home, and the bride sheds a few tears. Certain rituals are conducted, more upbeat music is played, and the groom’s mother gives the bride a gold coin. The henna painting begins, and the bride cheers up. All the guests then dance to happy music with the bride. These are some of the most beautiful moments that take place prior to the wedding. Riss Photography will help you treasure them forever with our outstanding pre wedding photography services.

Nikah (Legal Wedding)

Turkish wedding photography

The legal wedding happens in the registry office or the registrar is brought to the venue. Once the Turkish wedding vows are exchanged and the ceremony is over, the couple accepts gifts from their family and friends, usually gold or cash. An interesting ceremony follows next, with both trying to step on each other’s foot – the one who succeeds will be the dominant partner, so the belief goes.

The wedding itself is usually paid for by the groom’s family, renting a wedding hall, hotel banquet room, ship, etc. It depends on their budget and status. The Turkish wedding dress for the bride is bought by the groom’s family, while the groom’s Turkish wedding outfit is paid for by the bridal party

  An interesting tradition is that the couple goes to the salon with family and friends. The bride gets her hair and make-up done. The bride returns to her parental home for the last time to wear her Turkish traditional wedding dress which is usually red in colour, and the groom picks her up; they both go to the registrar’s office in a procession, often accompanied by musicians. They are called Davul Zurna, and they play on the street.

The bride’s father ties a red ribbon on her wrist to bring good fortune and prosperity and symbolize her purity.

Turkish wedding photography with cute couple poses

The car in which the wedding party goes to the wedding is decked out in flowers, honking loudly. All the cars accompanying them have white ribbons tied on their wing mirrors to bring good fortune to the couple. If someone blocks the car, they need to pay off the person to proceed.

 Another interesting tradition is for the bride to write the names of her unmarried friends on a paper which she sticks to her shoe sole. At the end of the ceremony, she checks whose name is nearly rubbed off and illegible. It is said that this girl will be the one to get married next!

 Every moment in every ceremony is precious and something to treasure all your life. At Riss Photography, we offer superlative wedding videography so that you can relive the beautiful rituals and moments whenever you want. We will help you ensure that even if you had missed attending any of the ceremonies, you will still be able to enjoy them with the wedding videos from Riss Photography.

 Turkish Wedding Night and Reception Traditions

turkish wedding photography services

At the wedding hall, the bride and groom sit separately at a lone table that can be seen from anywhere in the hall. They then go table hopping, welcoming guests and accepting gifts which are collected in a basket or bag. Both bride and groom wear wide red ribbons to which guests can pin cash.

The Turkish wedding dance is started by the bride and groom, who begin to dance to Turkish music. The guests follow suit.

Turkish wedding star war dance

A multi-story cake is then cut by the couple together; after they share a slice, the cake is served to the guests. The revelries usually last till midnight, following which the couple takes off in a car to begin their new life together.

Puzzle Ring

turkish cute couple poses shows ring

Puzzle rings can be worn with anything – often couples like to use them as engagement or wedding rings, so they can be used as everyday wear.

Turkish puzzle rings are often intricate in design, but as wedding rings, they match well with most outfits.

If you want to have a puzzle ring but are not looking forward to solving it repeatedly, have a post-style ring holder. This way, once you slip it off, you can simply slide it onto the post, and you can wear it again whenever you want without the bands coming apart so that you have to solve the puzzle. Of course, you can just skip this step if you love puzzles!

Buying Puzzle Rings

If you’re interested in buying a Turkish puzzle ring, keep in mind that you will find rings of all qualities. You can find rings of precious metals, and also of brass and copper. There are also puzzle rings made of contrasting metals like white and yellow gold, yellow and rose gold, gold and silver, gold and platinum, and so on. Check out the different varieties and make your decision. Remember that brass, copper, oxidized silver, and other cheaper metals may irritate your skin, so you may want to avoid those if your skin is sensitive.

You can find cheaper puzzle rings in department stores, and higher-end ones in jewellery stores, and even online.

Puzzle Perfect

Whether you want to purchase a Turkish puzzle ring for your engagement or wedding, or simply because you fancy it, it is definitely a unique piece of jewellery that will make you stand out. Remember to take care of it so that it does not bend or lose shape – solving the puzzle may become really difficult if so! A puzzle ring can continue to challenge and delight you for years on end if you take good care of it.

To Sum Up

Turkish wedding Couple Poses

Do you have the wedding of a loved one coming up? Are you planning to tie the knot shortly? Whatever the case, you are going to need a wedding photographer who is affordable and who will help you document your wedding to have unforgettable memories for the rest of your life. Riss Photography has years of experience in creating the most stunning wedding albums, whether indoor or outdoor and regardless of what culture you follow.

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