Every bride and groom always wishes to appreciate their wedding as a momentous occasion and should remember it throughout their lives. They have a unique vision for the ideal wedding, from the location, colour scheme, and attire to the wedding rituals and plans. However, the constant part is wedding photos. It’s important to choose a  wedding photographer who can capture your distinctive aesthetic and make it an everlasting memory.

Wedding Photography  Trends  in  2023

Wedding photography has come a long way and continues to evolve with the times. As we land in 2023, new trends and styles in wedding photography are emerging, offering couples a wide range of options to capture the memories of their special day. From the use of drones to candid shots, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for wedding photography. Here, we will take a look at some of the latest trends in wedding photography and how they can add an extra touch of magic to your special day.

Here are some 2023 photography trends to know 

1. Drone Shot Photography

Drone Shot Photography

Every aspect of life is impacted by technological advancement, and the integration of drones into society is the best illustration of this. Apart from supermarket delivery and the replacement of fireworks, drones are used for long-distance wedding photography and give your big day a unique perspective and beautiful backdrop. If you want to capture these effects, then employ a professional and experienced drone photographer. They will provide limitless possibilities for the setups and settings for photographs, such as circling the wedding tables, creative suggestions for a romantic wedding scene with your partner, etc. Your wedding photos will undoubtedly be “wowed” by drone photography

2. Aerial Wedding Photography

Aerial Wedding Photography

Aerial wedding photography always produces unique visual effects because the photos are taken from high elevations. An experienced photographer will adjust the level in order to take such elevated pictures with the help of some exterior objects. 

This kind of wedding photography offers a distinctive viewpoint and highlights the splendour and beauty of the wedding ceremony, reception, and venue. The memories of the wedding day can be enhanced with additional drama and excitement by using aerial wedding photographs.

3. Flash Photography in Weddings

Flash Photography in Weddings

Do you want to stand out in your wedding photos like a movie star? Afterwards, decide on flash photography for your ceremony. Direct flash will fall on you when using flash photography, which gives a contemporary effect. For such photography, specialised cameras and other flash-reflecting equipment are required. Flash photography provides a vivid and nostalgic feeling in novel ways. Flash photography is the ideal technique to capture everything that happens after the sun sets. Once the party or event  begins, the ambience quickly turns to showiness, dancing, and rock ‘n’ roll, so experts prefer to capture the events by event photography without losing the spirit of the ceremony.

4. Backdrops Wedding Photography

Backdrops Wedding Photography

Wedding portrait backdrop photography is a type of photography that is done in a studio or, with proper preparations, anywhere at the wedding location. This type of classic photography is currently becoming popular in contemporary culture. The background of the wedding photography is bright, plain, or patterned, giving the subject a portrait appearance. This will be the finest option if you require some wedding images that are nicely designed and put up like portraits.

5. Dual Exposure Photography 

Dual Exposure Photography 

Dual-exposure photos can be produced by editing two photos overlaid on top of one another. This is the best option if you want to include some memories in your wedding story. This picture will always draw a lot of attention because it has a vintage feel to it and definitely indicates the backstory. In order to blend the type of photo with your wedding photo, it is preferable to communicate with a skilled photographer.

6. 360-degree Photography 

360-degree Photography 

One of the most recent and useful trends in wedding photography is 360 photo booths. This will be the finest choice for those who don’t want to spend a long night dancing. The photographer will benefit from this and won’t need to photograph every visitor because they will take pictures of their own. The guests will receive each photo via mail or another method without having to wait for a printed one.

7. Night photography

Night photography

The lack of natural light will be a problem since the wedding receptions and dancing events are always planned as night parties. Night photography or Event Photography  is a terrific way to experiment and create something unique when the source of illumination is limited. Neon night photography will give your photos a cinematic effect, and it’s also ideal for indoor and candid street photography.

8. Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography

Traditional black-and-white photography is making a comeback as the newest trend in photography. Since it draws attention to the tone and texture of the photographs, couples prefer it as the essential one in their wedding photographs. Black &White photography is a popular choice for capturing real emotion and feeling since the absence of colour draws attention to shape, shadow, and light while also giving the pictures a classic look. 

9. Vintage Photography  

Vintage Photography  

Romantic vintage and retro photography incorporate warm or dreamy tones, grains, light flashes, and other film photographic effects. The atmosphere is more important than the image’s resolution. It provides a retro aesthetic impact and feels like images that were taken in the mid-20th century. This can be achieved by printing on textured paper and applying coloured filters. Only expert wedding photographers can recreate this scenic effect. 

10. Innovative Experimental photography 

Innovative Experimental photography 

Innovative experimental photography is a special type of photography that produces pictures that don’t exactly resemble real-world scenes. For instance, a skilled photographer can reproduce the romantic scene of a couple in the sky, which is already in the photo. Double-exposure photography and an imaginary photo with real effects are two examples of this.

11. Documentary Effect Photography

Documentary Effect Photography

Documentary-style photography is a type of photography that tries to record actual situations and events as they happen without losing real emotions and feelings. Instead of attempting to produce posed or stylised shots, the goal is to capture reality and communicate a story through pictures. Instead of attempting to produce a polished, flawless image, documentary photography will capture the real spirit of the scene.

12. Blurry motion photography

Blurry motion photography

The purpose of blurred picture photography is to intentionally make the subject or other aspects of the image out of focus or fuzzy in order to produce a particular visual impression. This method can be applied to highlight a certain area of the image, give a sense of motion, or evoke a particular feeling. Selective focus or a slower shutter speed is frequently needed in blurred image photography to produce the desired outcome. When the background is in a windy area, rushing water, or other movement, couples are the subject of this long exposure photograph. 

Wrapping Up

wedding trends in 2023 - new

2023 promises to bring a new era of creativity and innovative ideas to wedding photography. As technology continues to evolve, photographers are exploring new ways to capture the essence of the big day and preserve the memories for generations to come. From drone photography to aerial photography and the bold use of colours, the trends of 2023 are all about adding a personal touch to each wedding story.

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