A lot of questions can run through your mind when it comes to wedding photography. Right from greeting the guests to the vote of thanks, a wedding videographer captures it all. But the question is, how good is your videographer? Does he capture videos out of the box? Can he create magic out of your wedding moments?

In the end, whether you own a good camera or not, it’s the videographer’s eye for detail and out of the box creativity that wins the heart of the viewers!

A wedding comes just once but is cherished for a lifetime. It is thus necessary to plan your wedding videographer properly because this moment is never coming back. Plan your outfit accordingly or take the help of your videographer. He would know what style would be perfect for shots pertaining to the wedding environment and place. 

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Here are five stylish yet amazing videography ideas for your wedding that could help in picking your videographer.

Modern Cinematic Wedding Videography



If you are a person enchanted by some great cinematography, we’d prefer to choose this style. A cinematic wedding videography involves slow motions, Close up gear shots, motion cameras and scenic locations. Videos are recorded mostly at 60 FPS at 4K resolution so that they can be cropped, slowed down or sped up according to your need. The videos can be received in two formats – processed and raw. Processed videos are the ones that have been edited, while the raw ones are simple unedited sequences of the wedding shoot. Drones allow hassle free videography irrespective of the angles. High resolution cameras capture your videos in the desired quality. 

Time Lapse Wedding Videography



If the wedding turns out to be unusually long, especially in cases where a lot of guests are invited, one can use the time-lapse style to reduce the video duration. A stable camera can be fixed in single or multiple places, which can reduce an hour’s duration down to 5 minutes. The videographer can also add his editing skills to enhance the beauty of the shoot. 

The Storyteller Oriented Videography



Some people prefer to reveal the history of the wedding couple and this style is perfect for them. The storyteller style takes you back to the times of how you met each other and enjoyed each other’s company and the things you did together. This style is a mix of cinematic and time lapse along with many other enhancements. Voice overs are also given to give a cinematic feel to the video, taking the viewers to a new dimension. Gentle music is generally used as the background music for such videos but if you have a choice of music, you can always let your videographer know.

The Live Telecast Videography



This was a style used on very few occasions as people preferred other styles of videography, but after that pandemic hit the world, the Live Telecast scaled up to become the most used wedding videography style. There is no out-of-the-box style for this category. It shows only the live event of the wedding day. Live telecast can be facilitated through various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It covers footage from receiving the guests to the after party or lunch. Don’t worry. If you still need a really nice video shoot, you can combine the Live and Cinematic style packages.

Vintage Videography




There are vintage lovers amongst us who still love to do things the old fashioned way. Old fashion wedding themes are great as it speaks a lot about the family history and the generations evolved through it. Couples planning a vintage themed wedding can opt for this style of videography. Nothing beats that aestheticity of a good old vintage wedding environment. In a vintage themed wedding, couples are mostly seen in vintage wedding suits and gowns. The entire guests are also expected to be dressed accordingly if possible. The entire video is either shot with a filter or processed after the video is shot. So if you are looking for something a little less cinematic, but still magical and natural, this is the style that you should go for!

There are tons of other wedding videography styles and everyday, there is a new trend showing up. They can even be combined with one another to bring about a different approach – something unique. Even though the latest style of videography is the cinematic style, you can blend it in with another style like Vintage. Now you have a cinematic vintage style video! Let your videographer know how you’d like to create your wedding shoot and you would actually get surprised with the results!