Choosing a wedding photographer

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

It’s important when searching for a photographer to ask the right questions which is why I have collated 10 questions to ask your photographer. It’s especially important so you find the perfect person to capture your vision. Whether you are searching for a photographer to capture your wedding day, pregnancy, birthday, or any other special moment, you will want to find someone you connect with. Someone that gets you and can capture your occasion and moments as naturally as possible. Make sure however that you love their work before reaching out to them. Their recent work should definitely speak to you, so you know what to expect when they deliver your gallery!

Finding the right photographer can be a daunting task, especially with the many options available today. So to help you out, here’s a list of questions you can ask a photographer before you hire them. 

 1. Are you available on my date? 

This is probably the most important question. If you like their work but they are not available on your date then you will need to keep searching. If they aren’t available, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations either. A lot of the time us photographers have a great network of like-minded photographer pals that we can recommend, probably with a similar style!

 2. How much do you charge?

Many photographers have different packages that hold a different value and price. Make sure you are aware of their pricing up front so you can determine if they are within your budget. And if their packages don’t cover everything you need, don’t be afraid to ask if they are flexible or willing to custom quote you. Most of the time, photographers understand that everyone’s needs will be different and are happy to quote you on exactly what you are after.

3. How many hours of coverage will I get and overtime charges?

When booking a photographer for an event, ask how many hours of coverage is included in the price so you can plan the photographer’s time accordingly and also find out how much overtime would cost. At a wedding for example, it is especially important in case your schedule runs over time. If it’s coming up to the time you booked your photographer for and you still haven’t cut the cake, you may want them to stick around for another hour to capture those last final moments. Knowing what they charge for extra time up front will mean there are no surprises on the day.


Knowing the full inclusions and costs can also help you decide whether to just get a longer coverage package when you initially book or deal with a huge hourly rate later.

4. How long have you been doing this?

Experience is a key factor in choosing your photographer. For big events such as your wedding, corporate, or any event that requires a quick response from a photographer, a special moment can pass by in just a second. This can be very overwhelming for an inexperienced photographer and this can result in missed opportunities. Additionally, experience means your photographer knows the ins and outs of your event, having captured them previously. This means they will be reliable in capturing all the important moments. If you are hiring a portrait photographer, experience with photographing families, babies, expecting mums, or couples is a must for capturing the essence of your family. And if they have lots of experience, with that will come recommendations from others. Most photographers who have been in the industry for a long time have a reputation to uphold. So you can expect high-quality work and results. Be sure to check out their website, google and socials to see if they have reviews and recommendations from past clients!


5. What is your working style and process?

This is an important question to ask as it will help you find someone you are comfortable with and someone who can work around what you are looking for in your photos. If you have never booked a photographer before or had professional photos taken, you may feel awkward and uneasy posing in front of the camera. Therefore, you will need to find someone who can feed off your energy, put you at ease and direct you for the best possible photos. Whoever you decide to book, they should be able to tell you how they like to work and shoot plus the process for delivering your images.

6. What is included in your package?

It’s important to know what you are paying for. This will make it easier for you to compare prices and inclusions later on when deciding on which photographer to book. Make sure to ask about prints or albums, add-ons, and other inclusions. For instance, Renee Joanne Photography offers free use of beautiful dresses and accessories for her maternity photoshoots. And with Riss Photography, you receive all of your images on a USB drive. Most photographers will also have a tonne of extras you can add on to your package when booking or even after you receive your photos. Ask to see a list of these too so you can decide what you want to purchase.

7. Do you charge a travel fee?

For most photographers, they will only charge a travel fee when an event or shoot falls outside a certain area or drive time. For example, if you love a particular Sydney Wedding Photographer but your wedding is being held on the Central Coast, they may charge a travel fee. You may even need to pay for their accommodation, if necessary. So make sure to ask what distance they start charging and how much their travel fee is.

8. Do you have a backup plan when you can’t make it to my event?

It can be a nightmare if a photographer gets sick or suddenly finds themself unable to attend your event. This has happened a lot recently due to the pains of COVID and borders closing, so being prepared and ensuring your photographer has a solid back up plan for this is important. Ask the photographer if they have an alternate photographer or can source a backup in the event that something like this happens. Be sure to check they can provide the same quality and style as well.

9. How long will it take until I get my images?

After an event or photo session, it’s understandable that you’d want to see your amazing photos right away. However, a photographer does have to sort through and edit your pictures. So to know what to expect, ask how long it takes your photographer to deliver your images and exactly how they do that. Some photographers only offer a USB, some provide you with an online gallery, others both. So it pays to ask an approximate timeline and how you receive them so you are fully informed and aren;t chasing them after a week.

It’s important to know that most photographers have copyright over their images so you should ask what rights you have when they deliver your images. Do you have full rights or just printing rights, for example.

10. Do you bring backup equipment?

At events and photoshoots, there’s always potential that something that can go wrong – and one of those instances is the camera getting damaged or malfunctioning. So you want to hire a photographer who always has backup equipment on-hand and can keep shooting even when a mishap occurs. This sets the professionals apart from the new, less experienced photographers. 

Now, there you have it! A comprehensive list of questions you can take along to meet your photographer and hopefully help you find the perfect person to capture your next event or milestone.