Top 10 Australian Wedding Traditions That You Must Know

The true allure of a wedding lies in the sentimental value it carries. Celebrations of a marriage are often rich in customs and date back to the history of many different cultures. And just like every other awesome country out there, Aussie wedding traditions are incredibly awe-inspiring too.

Why not take full advantage of the chance to tie the knot in such a visually stunning location? It’s beyond amazing how Australia holds and nurtures a multi-cultural population. There is no doubt that the variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds found in this nation contributes substantially to the thrill of getting hitched to the one you love.

Some of the most endearing Australian wedding traditions.

1. Walk down the aisle


There’s this age-old tradition followed across western culture where the father walks his precious daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. In contemporary times, the narrative of this custom has been slightly altered.

Saluting the part her mother plays in her life, the daughter walks down the aisle with both her parents. In other wedding ceremonies, a new tradition of the groom walking down the aisle with his parents has been observed.

2. The classic white dress


THE CLASSIC WHITE DRESS for Australian wedding

People across nations are opting for different colours in their wedding dresses—all undeniably beautiful shades indeed. Yet whenever we imagine an Australian wedding, we visualise the bride in a classic white,well-fitted, and embellished gown. The charm of a white wedding dress remains unvanquished.

The traditional white wedding dress gives the bride an ethereal quality, adding to the widespread belief that she looks most stunning on her wedding day. This is one of the most loved Aussie wedding traditions. The colour symbolises tranquilly, happiness, and prosperity in the married couple’s life together.

3. Rock of luck

This is a very interesting tradition that seems to stir up our thoughts. The newlyweds are to each cast a rock into a large body of water as a way to seal their wedlock. This stands as a symbol of their unification throughout the smooth and rough patches of life.

It seeks them both to stand strong by each other’s sides as life flows and oscillates up and down. Apparently, this tradition was set up centuries ago when the duo could not afford wedding rings. Isn’t that amazeballs? So if you are running short on budget, there are still fun things you can do for your wedding. 

4. What’s your take on the cake?

We know that for a really long time, we have been cutting multi-layered cakes for weddings. Whereas Australians have brought about a tiny alteration in that too. They serve their guests lamingtons in place of the gigantic cakes.This tradition has come across as very pleasing and sweet.

Guests relish lamingtons, which are basically vanilla sponge cakes or butter cakes dipped in chocolate with coconut flake toppings. These are the perfect combination of everything we love in a dessert. So what say you? Let’s ditch the cake and switch it to lamingtons too!

5. Tune-in to Clarinet

Tune-in to Clarinet - Musical instrument for Australian wedding

Since the dawn of Australian history, instrument have been an inseparable part of the country’s culture. It is an aboriginal wind instrument carved out of hollow wood in the form of a straight wooden trumpet and has a slightly drone-like sound. This is frequently paired with the circular breathing method.

Aboriginal couples in Australia are delighted by the skilled performances of any instruments at their weddings.

6. Smoke show

This is a ritual that hasn’t been gaining popularity among the average population yet is strongly observed and believed to be auspicious by others. The aboriginal practise of smoking ceremonies is the one where the newlywed duo is fanned with the smoke of burning herbs and plants.

Burnt herbs include fertility herbs and remedial plants with healing properties. The properties of the smoke are believed to ward off evil energies, and the marriage is said to be blessed. It might come across as a bit superstitious, but who can say no to traditions?

7. Unity Bowl

In this Aussie tradition, guests hold different coloured stones, which are later placed in an embellished bowl. Sometimes these stones also have the name of the person they are from. The bowl is handed over to the newlywed couple as their ceremony is about to draw to a close.

This sweet, touching ceremony stands as a symbol of the support and presence of their loved ones in their marriage. Stones in the bowl mean that their friends and family stand strong by them in the new phase of their lives.   

8. Land acknowledgement


Saluting the nation you’re in is a great way to commence any event or ceremony. This is a popular practise, and Australians have quite seriously taken to it. It is a statement to show awareness and honour the caretakers of the land you are on.

There are no specifications for the same, but of course, proper research might do it justice.

9. Unveiling the bride


This tradition is observed in different ways across different cultures. The Aussies have a sweet yet simple way around this one. The groom does not get to see his bride on their wedding day, not until she walks down the aisle. He is only allowed to see her as he unveils her.

The bride and groom are beside themselves with joy as they see each other for the first time during the wedding. Although it may sound quaint, modern couples still feel an overwhelming surge of emotions in the moment. This custom’s warmth is surprisingly understated.

10. The engagement ceremony

first kiss

The three main tenets of Australian engagement traditions are the proposal itself, the exchange of rings, and a party with family and friends. The couple makes commitments and vows, which bind them together for the rest of their lives.

The culture also offers the freedom to write down their own vows if they wish to do so. Furthermore, as is the case in most cultures, the left hand’s fourth finger is the preferred location for a wedding ring because it is thought that a vein leading to the heart runs through this area.

Once vows are taken, next comes the ring ceremony, where the couple exchange rings, signifying their eternal commitment, love, and respect for their partners.

The Undeniable Charm of Traditions


Though most of the above-mentioned traditions and customs might seem a bit historic and old-fangled, they speak volumes about the multicultural population and their cultures. And traditions are not just about having been passed down the ancestral line; they are the blessings of elders in disguise.

The allure of the rituals and customs will never fade, no matter how many generations pass. All of us are certain to be drawn to some or other traditions of the Australian wedding culture. So which Aussie tradition has set your heart on fire?

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