Tips for Choosing a Drone Wedding Photographer


Weddings are special. There is no debate about it. Wedding albums are even more special as we all are capturing the whole event in photographs. And nowadays, it’s not just a wedding album. The whole event is specially covered and edited as a beautifully curated memory. Along with little snap videos for your public feed too. All this won’t turn out exceptional if you won’t choose the right packages and photographers.


Drone wedding photography and videography can provide you with a fresh perspective for your D day as it is an important and special event in your life. The day can be made into a fairy tale album if it’s done properly by professional photographers and high-quality equipment. Many folks are getting into the trends of aerial wedding photography and spending a fortune on drone wedding photography packages. This is most fruitful for outdoor weddings, which includes a lot of eye-catching vistas. But before you hurriedly hire a drone photographer, let’s look into some facts you should consider while choosing the right fit for your wedding. 


Weather Forecast


We never know how and when the weather decides to give us a checkmate on the wedding day. So we always need to be prepared for the unexpected. It doesn’t matter if the weather is sunny or cold. A drone can withstand that and still be able to do aerial photography. But what you don’t know is the weather conditions on your wedding day. If it’s a day when there is extreme wind, rainfall, or heavy snowfall, then under no circumstances you should choose drone wedding photography. You don’t want to risk it because, after all, it’s your wedding day. And you don’t want to look drenched in the aerial shots.


Safety Comes First


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Drone wedding photography is a really tricky job. A beginner can easily comprehend the working of a camera and can pull off a photoshoot. But drone operation is complex. So you need to make sure that the person you are hiring for your drone wedding photography is highly professional and has extensive experience in handling drones. If not, there is a high chance that it could end up disastrous. The photographer should have a good rapport with the couple and the whole event management team to make a proper plan and predict all the risks involved on an event photography, so he can make up a backup plan too. It is better to prevent the issues before it happens. 




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License And Insurance Policy


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For all commercial work professionals, the authority will provide a particular license from that department. This is applicable in the case of drones for wedding photography too. Before you hire the person, enquire if they have a proper license for operating the drone. Cross-check if they have all adequate documents to prove it. And also, having proper insurance for the equipment they possess is important. Because your wedding venue would be filled with guests and in case of any unfortunate accident occurs, the insurance will cover the damage. The drone operator team should coordinate with the wedding planners and the venue authorities in advance for their consent to shoot on their property.


Ask The Right Questions


Since using a drone in your wedding is a very new idea, you might not be aware of things related to it compared to the normal wedding photography packages. So for the drone wedding photography needs, ask the right questions to the photographer in order to be aware of all the technicalities and risks involved.


The first question you should ask is about the service charges they work on and find out if they charge hourly or daily basis. This will give you a rough estimate of the drone wedding photography services. Another important question to ask your wedding photographer is whether they have any backup drone if the main drone has any technical glitches. Also, ask for their backup plans if the weather doesn’t come in favour. Most of the professional photographers will be having a DJI flagship drone but might not be having a high-quality backup drone. So do verify that they possess a good enough second drone too. 


Definitely ask for their previous works for reference because their work speaks for themselves more than their words. Only hire them if you are completely satisfied with their drone wedding photography skills. Confirm their availability on your wedding day specifically to avoid any future hassles.


Creativity Speaks Volumes


drone wedding photographer at Riss Productions


A drone wedding photography gives a wide range of creative freedom. Even though the main task of photographers is just taking photographs and videos, they can do much more. Hire a photographer who always thinks out of the box. If your wedding photographer is that creative, you can have a unique wedding day album and videos specially designed for you. That is guaranteed. By referring to the previous works, you can always confirm if he could make complete use of the location and the resources available and come up with some beautiful ideas. Like shooting your wedding vows from afar if the venue is near a valley. Know that you are not only paying for the drone services but also spending money on the creativity and efforts the operator gives in on the drone wedding photography.


Say No to Close-ups 


As aerial photography is only about top angle and high angle shots, it’s not wise to use that for close-up shots. For that, you can exclusively hire normal wedding photographers. So after hiring a drone wedding photographer, instruct them to take only long shots and far away snaps so that the drone doesn’t interfere with any of the ceremonies or cause irritation to the guests. As there is no audio function in drones, it’s useless to use it for close-up shots of your wedding vows. 


Riss photography offers you the best wedding photography experience in Sydney. We are dedicated to giving you the result you want to have on your wedding day. Let us know about your dream wedding ideas, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that your dream comes true.