The Pros and Cons of First-Look Photos

In the huge spectrum of wedding shenanigans, first-look photos are very trending but also raise a lot of questions. A first-look event is all about the bride and groom seeing each other in their mesmerising wedding attire and taking a moment to savour it. 

Almost all of these moments are emotional and overwhelming because of how the couple would be mesmerised to see each other for the first time on their big day, as they are going to exchange vows to be with each other for the rest of their lives. 

This counts as a page right from their fairytale love story, and the couples do not want to miss this precious moment for anything. 

It is now a wedding tradition to see the bride for the first time when they are walking down the aisle, holding their father’s hand. 

So there are two categories of folks: one who wants to do it the old-school traditional way, and the other who wants to have something uniquely unconventional for their wedding photography and to share that first look moment only with their partners. 

It is completely normal to be visibly confused about which choice you should make. Do not worry; we have got your back. We will walk you through the pros and cons of first-look photos and help you decide which one would be ideal for you. 

After going through this quick guide, it will be easy for you to decide if you want to have the first-look photos or not. Let’s skip to it, shall we?

What Is a Wedding First-Look Moment?

For those who need a quick brief on what a wedding first look is, it is a time when the couple who are about to get married reveal their wedding look to each other before the wedding ceremony takes place.

Most couples now want this to be a very private moment between the. So, for this beautiful session to be exclusive, the wedding location chosen for the first look photos will be a secluded space, that is a little far away from the wedding party and the guest haste.

As the session starts, the groom is supposed to turn his back and wait for his bride to walk towards him, and when she is ready for him to see her, he turns towards the camera as he sees his partner in her beautiful wedding outfit. 

All of the raw and candid emotions are captured through the lens for the bride and groom to look through, in their beautiful future together.

The reason why this is so special for the both of them is that they have been prophesying that exact moment for so long that it gives them the sense of realisation that it is happening in real-time.

This is a golden moment for wedding photographers in a lot of ways. First-look photoshoots provide them with the creative freedom to make the most of these moments.

It is also beneficial that only the couple is present for the session, so they will have enough time to take extra wedding portraits before the wedding ceremony happens. 

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Pros of Wedding First-Look

Pros of Wedding First-Look Photography

Calms the Nerves

Weddings can be quite intimidating and also stress-generating. And it will be very stressful for the couple themselves.

While constantly planning the wedding arrangements and guestlist, they would not have had the chance to properly communicate with their partner or even have a nice conversation with them while the wedding planning is going on.

A first look session helps the couple to calm their nerves and have some relieved moments with their partner before they get to the wedding altar.

They will get a chance to get comfortable with each other and also get to know the photographer and their photography methods.

This will help in getting relaxed, candid wedding photography of the couple rather than getting uncomfortable poses from them.

Better Time Management

From a photographer’s point of view, a wedding first look will save a significant amount of time for photoshoots and setting up the frame because they can take a lot of good portraits and pictures of the couples in the first look session itself.

Most of the time, couples are always seen in a rush to make it into all of the ceremonies and functions while also finding it hard to give time for wedding photos.

This way, it will be a huge relief for the bride and groom, and they can make it to their dance floor and have their first dance sooner than they anticipated.

Sharing a Private Moment

Believe it or not, the one thing a wedding couple does not have is privacy. Even when it is their big day, it is not nearly possible for them to have a private moment with their partner as they completely soak in the fact that they are getting married to each other.

A first-look photo session can be of great help in this case. Wedding first looks are typically held in secluded areas near the wedding venue where no other people are present.

The bride and groom can completely be themselves and share a very special time, and the chemistry this creates is off-the-roof magic. 

Unique and Fun

For folks who always lean towards unconventional yet standout ideas for their wedding, a first-look photo session is a unique idea.

This space allows them to get creative on how they want to do it, which adds to the excitement. Some couples come up with ideas like meeting each other with unique gifts that hold value for them and getting to see their partner’s reaction to them.

The space for creativity is infinite, and the more creative, the greater the fun!

The Cons of a Wedding First-Look

The Cons of a Wedding First-Look Photography

Breaking Traditions

For those who believe in wedding traditions and the spirituality, it might not be the right fit to choose first-look photos of their wedding.

While you have one thing, you might lose another, which is the big reveal as the bride walks down the aisle. It is beautiful to have a first look moment with your partner, but watching them for the first time at the altar is a tear-jerker.

Need to Be Way Ahead of Schedule

Since the biggest factor in the first look session are the pictures, they should have proper lighting and setup.

For this, you might have to get ahead of your schedule and start your day a little earlier than you had planned.

You also need to be fully dressed up and ready for the event too. As a result, your hair, makeup, and other pre wedding photography preparations must be completed earlier than planned.

If anything runs delayed or a little bit late, then you might not get enough time to do the first look properly, and all your efforts would be in vain. 

Your Family and Friends Might Not Be a Part

Your Family and Friends Might Not Be a Part

At a wedding, other than the bride and groom, the most important factor is their family and friends. The event is being witnessed by every single person the couple adores and loves, and that’s the most precious thing that adds beauty to the tradition, the wedding.

If you are opting for a first look, then your family and friends might not get to be a part of it. If you are someone who wants their family to be present in all their special moments, then first looking at wedding photos might not be the thing for you. 

Builds Pressure for Later Events

While you have had your emotional moment with your partner in the first look session, some might find it pressurising and a bit  challenging to react in a certain way while the wedding ceremony is taking place.

When they see the bride walk towards the altar, the groom might feel forced to react in a certain way, which leads to some tension. 

First Look Alternatives

As you have gone through all the advantages and disadvantages of first-look photos, you might have decided on whether to do it or not.

However, the decision is, it won’t hurt to look at a few alternatives for wedding first looks now, will it? If you don’t want to do a first look, you can do something halfway.

What about a first-touch moment? This semi-private moment is where you and your partner are separated by a wall but can hold each other’s hand for the first time on your wedding day.

It might not be equivalent to a first look moment, but it is very much so. 

Another first-look alternative you can have is the first read. This is where you read a portion of your wedding vow or something else you have exclusively prepared for your first read.

This will stir up some emotions in each other, and you can still have a big reveal while walking down the aisle for the first time. It is like having the best of both worlds.