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Top 5 Locations in the Southern Highlands for Wedding Photography

Top 5 Locations in the Southern Highlands for Wedding Photography

A day that holds tons of precious moments, lots of fun, a whirlwind of emotions, and excitement. A day imbued with love, trust, and beauty. Yes, it’s the wedding day, that once-in-a-lifetime experience. The significance of a wedding day in a couple’s life can’t be explained in mere words. All those priceless memories of your love story and the joy of your guests on your special day are going to go incredibly fast. In the blink of an eye, the months of preparation will come to an end. Your memories of the day might be a little hazy once it’s over. That’s why wedding photography should be a top priority on your big day planning list. Through a perfectly curated wedding album, you can relive your wedding day, feel the emotions, and enjoy the beauty of your jaw-dropping wedding dress, and reminisce about the laughter of your loved ones and the tears of joy your parents shed.

When it comes to wedding photography, the importance of choosing the ideal location can’t be understated. Photographing a wedding in a picturesque venue is essential because the location ultimately dictates how good the photos turn out. If you are looking to tie the knot in beautiful and welcoming Australia, then you are well and truly spoiled for choice! Speaking of scenic places in Australia, you can’t overlook the wondrous locations in the Southern Highlands, with their spectacular landscapes and charming, laid-back atmosphere. Situated midway between Sydney and Canberra and just over an hour from the South Coast, this picturesque part of New South Wales has a profusion of stunning wedding venues, cool-climate wineries, lush green backdrops, rolling hills, and luxury estates that would be ideal for your Southern Highlands wedding photography.

But truth be told, the sheer volume of incredible venue choices makes the process of finding a unique wedding spot for your Southern Highlands wedding photography quite a daunting task. We are here to help you with this task. We have compiled some of the most spectacular places to say “I do” in the Southern Highlands. Here are the five best Southern Highlands locations for wedding photography!

1. Centennial Vineyards

The Grounds of Alexandria

Want to get a wedding snap amidst a sun-soaked vineyard while relishing fine wine made from grapes grown on-site? If you are interested in such a click, the Centennial Vineyards, situated in the outskirts of the historic town of Bowral in the Southern Highlands, is the perfect location for beautiful countryside wedding photography. The vines at Centennial Vineyards roll up the hill past the state-of-the-art winery, inviting you to explore a myriad of spectacular Southern Highlands wedding photography opportunities. The best photographer with a keen eye for creativity can make the most out of the breathtaking vista of natural beauty that spans over 80 acres. The copious natural light, rolling hills, and lush greenery make for a stunning collection of wedding pictures.

This magical wedding venue is self-contained, and a spacious courtyard overlooking the vines is ready to host your wedding ceremony. You can celebrate your wedding reception and after-party in their grand dining hall with glass doors, offering astonishing views of epic vineyards. The large courtyard and the dining hall both have open fireplaces that provide a great ambience for mingling.

In addition to the gorgeous backdrop for your wedding album, this venue also provides great service, sumptuous food made of high-quality ingredients, and an iconic experience for your guests. This lovely wedding venue offers brides and grooms the chance to tie the knot in a truly unique setting. Book this location right away to get a picture-perfect wedding day.

2. Somerley House

Have you ever dreamt of tying the knot in an enchanting country house wedding venue? Then we have the perfect place for you. Nothing says “country house wedding” like a wedding at Somerley House. This grand Victorian house provides an impressive and magical wedding setting with spectacular views of the surrounding established old-world gardens.

About two hours’ drive from Sydney, this house is perched upon a hill between Sutton Forest and Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands. Built in 1875, Somerley House has been the setting for hundreds of exclusive garden parties, wedding ceremonies, banquets, and amazing dances over the years. This incredible wedding venue is an ideal location to get great Southern Highlands wedding photography. With well-manicured gardens, rolling green fields, dense greenery, old sheds, ancient trees, and long grass, backdrops don’t come much better than this gorgeous wedding venue.

Dripping with elegance and rustic country charm, the grand ballroom will be a great option for your luxurious, fairy tale wedding. You can have your wedding reception in the garden room after exchanging vows on the beautiful circular lawn in front of the country house or amid the lush foliage of the forest on-premise. The exquisite details both inside and outside of this glorious house itself manifest great photographic opportunities for your special day.

If you are planning to get married in the jaw-droppingly beautiful Somerley House, it is assured that there won’t be a shortage of backdrops for your wedding photos!

3. The Robertson Hotel

The Robertson Hotel Wedding Photography

Another picturesque location in the Southern Highlands with countless opportunities for capturing stunning wedding photographs. The captivating boutique hotel, dating back to 1924, is an exquisite wedding venue steeped in history and full of beautiful rustic style and plenty of open space. Located in the charming town of Roberston in the Southern Highlands of NSW, less than 2 hours’ drive from Sydney, the Robertson Hotel is an all-in-one wedding venue where you can hold your wedding ceremony, reception, and wedding photoshoot. Also, you can arrange an overnight stay for your guests in the fully furnished, 40 luxurious hotel rooms.

If you are a nature-loving couple and are looking for dazzling scenery to serve as your big day’s backdrop, this is an excellent go-to option for hosting your special day. A wedding at the Robertson Hotel could be just what you’ve been dreaming of. The 14 acres of magnificent gardens and lush natural forest are guaranteed to provide jaw-dropping wedding photographs. This unique historic property offers truly spectacular scenery and an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. The enchanting gardens, barn, a beautiful iron fountain surrounded by trees, and the heritage rainforest landscape showcase the beauty of this gorgeous location, and each of them serves as a fantastic backdrop for unforgettable photos.

The Robertson Hotel redefines luxury and has a variety of outdoor and indoor locations for a wedding ceremony and reception. Whether you host your ceremony on the magical lawn, in the ballroom, or the sunroom, it’s sure to be a memorable experience. The dining room, ballroom, or an incredible outdoor setting can be perfect for the reception party. The astonishing heart-shaped pond that has a large fig tree at its banks and the spectacular escarpment that provides a panoramic view of the ocean and east are amazing photo spots.

The best thing about this is that you can have breathtaking wedding photos while exploring nature and enjoying the serenity. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book the venue right now for a wonderful Southern Highlands wedding photography session.


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4. Hopewood House

Are you in search of a historical wedding venue that offers an elegant and refined atmosphere for your nuptials and eye-catching backdrops for your wedding photos? Then, Hopewood House, a privately owned grand estate set on 11 acres of truly enchanting gardens, is a perfect wedding venue that possesses the charm of days gone by. Nestled in the beautiful town of Bowral in the Southern Highlands, approximately a 90-minute drive from Sydney, Hopewood House is a unique setting with unrivalled scenery that oozes elegance and charm from every corner! 

The venue boasts masterful architecture, beautifully furnished antiques, timeless chandeliers, well-manicured lush lawns, gorgeous gardens, precision-shaped hedges, and historic interiors. All of these features add plenty of character and charm to this grand historic house, making it an idyllic setting for a fascinating wedding album.

Exchange vows on The Wedding Lawn among Hopewood’s mesmerising gardens or in the Pavilion Terrace Lounge — either way, you’ll have a lovely backdrop.

5. Bendooley Estate

Bendooley Estate wedding photography

If you are on the hunt for the most photogenic estate for your wedding, then look no further than this. Set within the beautifully preserved 200-acre property, just a short 90-minute picturesque drive from Sydney, Bendooley Estate is a majestic wedding venue in the Southern Highlands exuding charming character and understated elegance. 

Your guests will be spellbound by the tranquil beauty of this enchanting estate, which is a spectacular location of history, natural beauty, and artisan quality, and a paradise for bibliophiles. A mesmerising wedding album is guaranteed if Bendooley Estate is your preferred wedding venue to host your wedding. With romantic gardens, the book barn, the rolling landscape of the Highlands, the homestead, the lake pavilion, the vineyard, the stables, expansive lawns, a stunning circular rose garden, and woodland shrubs, this venue is overflowing with a manifold of photographic opportunities. Featuring mesmerising walls of books, cathedral ceilings, and glorious chandeliers, the iconic Berkelouw book barn itself holds a plethora of magnificent backdrops for your special day.

Are you excited about exchanging vows in the picturesque lakeside pavilion set amidst manicured rose gardens, stately European trees, and rolling hills? Then, book the venue without any further delay.

How to Make Your Photographer Comfortable on Your Big Day

How to Make Your Photographer Comfortable on Your Big Day

We understand that your wedding is a long-awaited event for you, and you deserve to have someone capture every detail of your special day the way you imagined. However, you can’t just stroll into a photographer’s studio and expect them to produce a masterpiece for you. You’ll have to put some effort into creating your ideal wedding album.

Just as you should spend enough time getting to know your partner before marriage, you should do the same with a wedding photographer for your wedding day.

Talk About Their Style 

You may have seen some of their work on the internet, but this is always a great conversation to have. By letting them know what you enjoy, what your style is, and what you want the end outcome to be is crucial. Everything counts, whether you want your photos to be romantic, moody, dark, or light. So, talk to your photographer about it.

Also, inquire about your photographer’s assistants if they are bringing them in, as this will help you make the day go more smoothly.

Reference Poses 

wedding photography poses riss productions

While deciding on your style, you can pick some photos and send them to your photographer or show them during your meeting so that you both know where you stand. Also, if you or your spouse has a shy personality, let them know ahead of time. So that they arrive well-prepared and allow you to go on with those postures with which you are comfortable.

You can also practise a few poses because it’s all about the angle; you can choose poses that reflect your ideal self and lead your wedding photographer accordingly.

 Ask About The Travel Charge and Extra Hour Charges.

There’s a chance you might want your photographer to stay a little longer for some additional interesting shots. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for their time, so find out how much that is before the wedding so you can budget for it if you want them to remain a little longer.

When you first contact your photographer, ask about the additional hourly rate and travel fees, as well as whether they have the dates you want available.

Do an Engagement Shoot.

engagement photography riss productions

After you’ve decided on a wedding photographer for your big day, an engagement shoot is a terrific way to get to know them. This is usually included in the package and is easy to set up. The main reason we recommend this for a couple is that it allows them to become comfortable in front of the camera, learn how things work, and get to know each other in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

A session with your wedding photographer for an engagement shoot would be a game-changer. This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to take some engagement shots.

The Contract 

Along with their quote, all wedding photographers will present you with a contract; make sure you read it carefully. This will explain what the photographer is accountable for and what they expect from you on your wedding day; some things such as how long you can wait for your photos will require your confirmation. These points will be covered in this contract.

Make sure you sign it, as well as your wedding photographer. At the end of the day, it protects both of you.

Creating a Timeline With Your Photographer 

Out of everything we’ve discussed so far, this is the most crucial task to complete before a wedding. Almost every wedding photographer will set up a meeting with the couple to discuss the details of the wedding day. If your wedding photographer hasn’t contacted you already, call them and confirm their availability. A pre-planned timeline lets you and the photographer relax by giving you a clear image of how your day will unfold.

This also tells you how much time they’ve allotted for each task. Include the travel time as well if you’re going to other sites to capture some photographs.

 Meet Your Photographer


Wedding Cinematography Sydney

To get the best shots, the photographer must first know who he is photographing and vice versa. The individuals being photographed must understand who is behind the lens.

The best way to get to know your wedding photographer is to meet them in person. Since this isn’t always possible, a phone or Skype meeting are better alternatives as well. You will not only discover a little about their personality through discussion, but you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before hiring their services. Now is the time to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your timeline, how to prepare an engagement session, or what happens after the wedding.

Trust Your Photographer

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, trust your wedding photographer. Have faith in their abilities and in their commitment to providing you with wedding photos that you will treasure for a lifetime. To avoid any uncertainties, the best thing to do is select a  photographer who is compatible with your needs.

Regular phone conversations, coffee meet-ups, and chats about your wedding ideas can all help you and your photographer get on the same page and clear up any confusion.

Book Them For Another Event 

wedding photography Sydney riss productions

Hire them for other family functions if you have enough time and opportunity before the wedding. As a result, you’ll be able to connect with them in a less stressful setting, observe them, and get to know them better in advance. This will help you build trust in them as you witness them working in the field.

 Be Patient 

Since you and the photographer may need time to adjust to the settings, lighting, and other factors, the first few photos may not be flawless. Trust us when we say that things will improve after a couple more shots.
Your wedding photographer may offer advice on how to position yourself. So have trust in them, relax, and have fun so that everyone can have a nice time.

The Best Time of Year to Photograph a Wedding

Best Time of Year to Photograph a Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important events in our life. It’s a day of union of two souls — a day of prosperity, joy, and love. And no one wants to ruin preserving that memory for a lifetime by making the wrong decision in the case of wedding photography. When it comes to capturing your wedding moments, there are many facts that should be taken under consideration. The quality and good work of the photographer, the amount of time they are investing in, keeping the whole wedding album sophisticated and candid. But all of this would end up being a failed attempt if you didn’t choose the right time of the year to conduct your wedding.

Choosing the right time is a very crucial part if you are someone who gives prominence to a perfect wedding without any flaws and wants to capture it all in the frame. Even a small lighting difference can make a huge difference in the photograph. Let it be good or bad. So let’s see some relevant ideas that could help you with the decision of choosing the best possible time of year to photograph your wedding.

The Ideal Season

A wedding proposal or the decision to get married might be swung up on people unexpectedly. But deciding when to get married is always a well-thought-out choice, so make no mistake in fixing the date for your D day. In this, which season you are choosing to get married can greatly influence your wedding photographs. In the case of a winter wedding, you might face a lot of difficulties getting a proper space with enough lighting or looking crisp and sharp in the pictures. Because the sun is always in the shades, you might not obtain enough sunlight, and the photographs may look extremely dull. In summer, since the temperature is too high, the risk of being exposed to heavy sunlight and getting exhausted is high, as well as the photos may turn out to be overexposed. The springtime that comes after winter is a beautiful season, but the atmosphere would be wet and humid. Managing your wedding as well as managing your outfit dry and neat for the pictures could really be a tedious task. So if it’s a possible choice for you to decide when your wedding should be, choose the autumn season because that’s the perfect balance of all the rest of the seasons. It’s not too cold or too hot. There won’t be a presence of humidity, and the lighting would be perfect for photoshoots that will compliment your whole wedding outfit too. So start planning for your beautiful wedding and expect an amazingly curated autumn wedding photo album right away.

The Golden Hour

When it comes to choosing the best time of day for photography, it is no surprise that the first one on the list will be the golden hour because of its inevitable role in the photographer’s regime. The ‘golden hour’, also referred to as magic hour, is the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. The sky will be adorned with golden colours or even a cotton candy shade, which gives the photographs much warm lighting compared to the lighting we get under heavy sunlight. The golden hour has long been the photographer’s favourite time to shoot because of the exposure balance in this time period compared to the rest of the day. So if you want a dreamy outlook to your wedding album pictures and the much-needed drama in your wedding photography, always do a golden hour photo session. You will not regret it.


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The Natural Light 

Most of your candid wedding photos would be clicked while the ceremony is taking place, and an hour or two after the ceremonies and functions, with family or friends. Even though choosing a nightscape wedding is very fairy tale kind and aesthetically pleasing, always go for the daylight photoshoots. Because at the end of the day, the pictures with the natural lights would be the best clicks. The clarity and raw beauty of anything can only be fully captured in natural sunlight.

If you pick a nightscape wedding, the choices and ideas for the wedding photographs can be drastically limited to a few since the lack of light or other factors. You won’t face it when you go for a warm daylight wedding in the outskirts. And the energy differences between these two time ranges can be really distinct. You will be much more refreshed and energized in the daytime, which will be clearly reflected in the images. But at night, as the guests and you would be feeling tired and fatigued dealing with the entire day, it will risk the happiness and candid quotient in the pictures.

The Destination

If you made all the right arrangements and lighting, but the location of the shoot doesn’t match any of the aesthetics or the theme, then all the efforts go in vain. Imagine you have decided to go for the golden hour wedding photography. The wisest choice of destination to make is an outdoor area where the whole golden hour pictures come out all in their glory. For example, a mountain top or a stunning beach area completely elevates the mood of the golden hour photographs. Instead, if you go for an indoor setup, it’s just going to contrast your whole wedding theme. So, in conclusion, all of your decisions regarding the wedding photography and the timings should be in perfect sync with the location you are choosing for the event. 

Riss Photography offers extensive wedding photography services in Sydney. We are glad that we could give a memorable experience for the customers who believe in us to capture their special moments. We are always ready to go that extra mile when it involves creating unforgettable and unique wedding pictures.

Important Aspects to Keep in Mind While Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding is a celebration of love. A celebration of unity. Every single person would have a different dream or idea of how their wedding should be. Deciding on facts like where should it happen and who should be there on your big day demands time and energy. Planning all of this can make you feel that you don’t have enough time to do it. It might make you overwhelmed or, in a funny way, turn you into a bridezilla. All jokes apart, if you plan it right, you will have all the time in the world to craft your perfect day with your partner. 

One of the biggest decisions you would have to make is choosing your wedding photographer on your wedding day. Make no mistake in choosing this because it is worth a whole bunch of timeless memories photographed into a memoir. So choosing your perfect wedding photographer is crucial. You can find all the tips and tricks on how to hire your wedding photographer on the internet. But it can cost you a lot of time and effort to find the right methods. So for your ease, we have done some research and gathered up some basic aspects you should look into while planning to hire a photographer on your D day.

The Budget Planning

Let’s agree to the fact that wedding photography is extremely expensive, and hiring the wrong photographer after investing that much money could end up costing your money and having a disastrous wedding album. Keep in mind that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment yearning to be captured. So first and foremost, set up your budget for the corresponding and plan accordingly months before the wedding. Because finding a photographer inside your budget can be a tiresome process and also could take you a while. If it’s possible, book them 1 or 2 years in advance so that you don’t have to worry about that cost, cutting in on your further wedding plans. Having a finite budget doesn’t have to affect your preferences on how you want the photographs. If you do thorough research and portfolio hunt, finding a perfect one can be a piece of cake. Last but not least, always have a backup plan. If, by any chance, your photographer couldn’t make it or any other hurdles in the wedding planning process happen, always have a plan B to balance the mishap. You wouldn’t want anyone or anything to affect your wedding.

The Comfort Zone

Hiring a photographer and being comfortable with his presence are two different things. Communication is the key to everything. Get to know your photographer up front and see if you could be comfortable around posing for the pictures. Ask him if he will be taking the pictures or his associates; if others are involved, try to go through their work pattern too. You don’t want to look nervous in your wedding pictures, neither do your partner. You might have spontaneous ideas to click, but if you aren’t comfortable with them, you might not be able to convey them. Talk about how you want to have the shoot, minimal or extravagant. Which all locations you want to cover etc. If you feel in your gut that he is easy to talk to and has the right attitude you expect from your photographer, then that’s the person for making your fairytale dream come true in pictures. Waste no time hiring them.

Checking Every Minute Details

Wedding photographer hiring being the hardest part in planning the wedding, it also has the most chances to be easily scammed. As we know, all of the photographers provide you with packages scheming from the lowest cost to the highest differing in the services they provide. Make sure that you go through all the packages carefully and choose only the one you think would perfectly fit your needs. Make sure you ask enough questions to clear all the inhibitions and doubts you have in your mind. Ask them the time frame in which they will give you the final copies. Ask if they will provide the negative of the photos. Most importantly, you never know whether you will need more pictures than the package limit because it’s a wedding and it can be unpredictable. So make sure you know the price of how much an extra picture costs so that there is no chance of scamming money in that area. Ask about their cancellation and refund policy because you never know what the future holds for you, and if you find someone else fitting your profile, you need to be sure you will receive a full refund.


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Look into the Quality

In a hurry-burry of finalizing your wedding photographer, you should not miss out on looking into the quality of their work and the pictures. Always ask for their sample albums and do not just confirm the hire by looking into one or two pictures in their social feed. Social media will only show the best part of their work. It’s important to see one of his previous works as a whole to know if he matches your vibe or not. They might offer you a blinding number of pictures in the package, but you need good heartwarming clicks, and numbers don’t define it. Quality does. You can deduce from the previous works how much effort they take and how much time they spend to get that perfect picture for you.


A Single Photographer

We might have the tendency to hire different people for the different functions taking place. Ignore this tendency and hunt for a photographer who can do it all. It is not guaranteed that you will be getting the same results as the other photographers, good or bad. So it’s easier to avoid the risk other than dealing with the consequences. Also, it’s not likely for you to feel comfortable with each of the photographers and pose accordingly for your pictures. The whole process will be complicated and rather tiring. So the best advice you can take is to stick to one photographer at a time. Trust the process.

Riss Photography offers extensive wedding photography services in Sydney. We are glad that we could give a memorable experience for the customers who believe in us to capture their special moments. We are always ready to go that extra mile when it involves creating unforgettable and unique wedding pictures.


When it comes to wedding photography, all the pressure is on you. From not missing important occasions to your camera running out of charge, a good photographer is always prepared to face the worst situations.

Here are 5 quick situations you can anticipate during a wedding shoot.

The Family Photo Instructor

No matter how long you have been in the industry as a photographer, there are always people from the family asking you to click the pictures in a particular way. This is a big bother and an offense for a wedding photographer. 

How to deal with it? If you don’t wish to ruin your reputation as a photographer, your best option is to remain silent about it. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing methods. One wrong approach can impact your career. You can smile and let them know that it’s a great idea. Or if you have already clicked the picture, smile and let them know that they have covered the area. This will give them a sense of confidence and reliability over your photography. You can even ask the family prior to the event if they are looking for any particular photography style. 

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No Clarity on the Event Agenda

There may be occasions where the photographer may have backed out at the last moment. You wouldn’t know the time of the wedding. When you are planning to pack up, there could be an after party.

How to deal with it? During such mishaps, the photographer must get in touch either with the wedding couple or with the best man. They can guide you or brief you through the entire event plan for the day. 

Missing out on Important People

There are always cases where you miss out on clicking photos of important people in the wedding. These issues could either be because you don’t know the guests or you got engaged in setting up the equipment or changing the batteries. 

How to deal with it? Talk to the wedding coordinator who will help you in finding the important guests. Have a backup camera. Don’t waste time switching batteries. Let your assistant do that job.

Running out of Charge/Memory

If you have had sufficient experience as a photographer, you would know how long the charge and memory of your device would last. But there may be unprecedented occasions when your battery’s charge may run out sooner than anticipated due to prolonged use. 

How to deal with it? Do not wait to swap batteries or memory cards for space. Do not waste time on deleting irrelevant pictures. Everything should have been done prior to the wedding. Your best option is to carry an extra pair of batteries and memory cards, no matter the duration of the event.

Poses for the Bride & Groom

It is the responsibility of the photographer to instruct poses for the bride and the groom. More than 43% of the wedding couples are unsure of their wedding poses and thus seek the help of an experienced person. 

How to deal with it? Stay updated on pinterest and other photography+social media pages. You will be surprised how many new poses are struck everyday! You can always follow RISS Productions for the latest innovations in wedding photography. Get in touch with us for wedding shoots and collaborations. 

22 Must-have Wedding Photos To Include in Your Shortlist

Everything you’ve heard is right- Your big day will flash by so quickly. That’s why preparation beforehand is the key. After choosing a professional wedding photographer, it’s time to curate a wedding shot list. Even though the photographer whom you’ve nailed down can guide you through those moments that they plan to document, it’s essential that you have an idea of what you want too! You will want to keep your wedding memories intact with the perfect wedding album. So make your album picture-perfect with these wedding photos you might want to include:

Your Invitation Suite 

Certain wedding photographers capture the invitation suite on the big day, whereas others do so later on in their studio. Discuss with the photographer regarding what you need in that photo moment and also whether or not you want to include those extra details. Your photographer can clump some of the cards together and take a wonderful collage shot of it. 

Getting the Makeup Done

Ask your wedding photographer to show up in your bridal suite and snap those glamming up moments. Give your photographer a timeline prior to your big day and be sure to include the getting ready moments of your partner too!

wedding photos

The Accessories 

You’ve spent some time choosing the accessories for your big day and ensured that they are special. So let the photographer take a shot of that too! No matter if you are wearing something passed down from your mother, or something new, borrowed, capture everything together. 

Wedding Shoes 

Let the photographer capture the up close and personal details of not just your accessories, but also your wedding shoes and outfit. Even though they seem to be small details, all those lovely elements contribute to and complete your wedding look. So you will certainly want to take a shot of it as well. Request your photographer to snap some photographs of your shoes alone, or shoes beside your wedding attire so that you can always reminisce about those small details of what carried you down when you walked down the aisle. 

The Bridal Portrait 

Never miss out capturing some individual wedding snaps before the excitement of the special event. This is the time to truly flare in the spotlight and show off your attire. Never shy away from getting captured, and ensure your wedding photographer set aside some time to snap one of the must-have wedding photos- the bridal portrait. 

wedding photos

The Veil

Be sure to have the photographer capture the veil from various angles as well. Even though it’s a small detail, the veil needs photo evidence that it was too beautiful and so you can remember its elegance as well.

The Bouquet

With a floral bouquet much prepossessing, you may want to hold on tight and pose clutching them. Let the photographer capture your wedding photos holding it, or opt for shots in various locations for that perfect shot. The charm of a floral bouquet is fleeting. So don’t miss out on the photo-op and make sure that it’s captured in all its glory. 

Bridal Party 

Go for candid wedding photos with your squad, and while you are at it ensure that you get a few laughing ones too! You’ll hold dear those shots with your best friends for years to come. 

wedding photos

The Boutonniere 

Snaps of name tags stacked up are yet another must-have wedding photo. They give an idea about who gets which flower and makes for yet another photo-op. Make sure that you include this small detail that may otherwise go unnoticed, in your wedding photos shot list. 

The Groom 

Now it’s turn for the groom to shine in the spotlight. Make sure that you let him know how dapper he looks before he shows up in front of the camera.

The First Look 

Perhaps nothing beats the moment when you see each other in wedding attire. But some brides and grooms are 100% sure that they need to have a first look shot, while others need it only when they walk down the aisle- and it’s all up to you! If you’ve made up your mind to see your partner before the ceremony, then capture it! You will cherish his reaction when he sees you for sure!

wedding album

Candid Moments 

Capturing the looks of pure bliss is an absolute necessity. Spare some minutes with your love for some joyful wedding photos. Be yourself, when the photographer captures both of you. Just let him know beforehand that you need some candid photos so that you can totally get lost in the moment. 

Portraits of Bride and Groom

Once you and your partner say I do, Sneak away with your partner and wedding photographer for some snaps. This is a nice moment to spend some time with your partner and a perfect moment to capture some marvellous photos. 

Portraits With Little Ones 

Every bride wishes for a photo with her adorable junior bridesmaids or flower girl. Take some snaps of whatever pose comes naturally- looking down at the girls or bending down for some candid shots. 

The Wedding Ceremony Venue 

Request your photographer to take a few shots- probably landscape shots, of the place where you tie the knot. You will want to reminisce about the exact place where you uttered ‘I do’. 

wedding photos

Walking Down the Aisle 

Whether you are walking down the aisle, hand in hand with your father, mother or both of them, you will reminisce about that moment forever. 

The Ring Exchange 

Then comes one of the most important moments! Ensure your photographer captures the ceremony in action. 

Exchanging Vows 

This is yet another important moment of the day. When you commit yourself to a lifetime together. You will want your photographer to get photos from every angle for your wedding. 

The Exit 

No matter if you’re choosing sparklers, flower petals, confetti or any creative kind of exit, make sure that your photographer captures it all. You can also consider staging the moment if the reception extends late into the night so that before everyone gathers, your photographer gets some perfect shots. 

Ring Shot 

Show off the glamour and sparkle of your wedding rings. Some of them just love to see their sparkling wedding rings in wedding photos, along with the floral arrangements or similar trinkets connected to their wedding. 


Wedding photography is incomplete without photos of your gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception decor. After all, it’s worth it since you’ve put in a lot of effort and time to plan and actualise the decor, so be sure to snap a lot of photos of it. Decorations are obviously a great part of what makes your big day uniquely yours. It will also be fun to look back on the way you’ve adorned the venue since styles change from year to year. 

The Wedding Cake 

The dessert for which you have days and weeks picking out will disappear within a matter of a few minutes. So take a shot of the wedding cake in picture-perfect condition before everyone digs in. And when you do so, be sure to get some wedding photos of you and your partner holding the knife and slicing the dessert. 

These are some of the must-have wedding photos that you must absolutely have to include in your wedding photoshoot. This way, you can sit back, relax and reminisce about the magic of one of the best and indelible days of your life, along with your partner.