If one of the biggest days in your life is meant to be the day you’re getting married, then undoubtedly your engagement comes in at a close second to the wedding. That momentous occasion is where a lifelong commitment to each other begins. Although the nuptials will leave you with plenty of spectacular photos, a lot of couples these days prefer engagement photoshoot once the life-changing question has been popped. 

Engagement photoshoot will leave you with some precious photos that can be made the most of for your save the dates, social media or even for your wedding invites. You can choose to have them framed and displayed in your home, or also gift it to your loved ones to cherish. 

If you’ve been thinking about planning an engagement photoshoot with your partner, then you might feel quite overwhelmed with where you should begin. If so, then fret not. Here is a rundown on how to plan an engagement photoshoot and how to get the best results. 

Discuss Your Ideas 

The first and foremost thing towards planning your engagement photoshoot is to sit down with your partner and talk over photoshoot ideas. Be it anything that takes your fancy, jot it down on a piece of paper. It can be certain emotions or a specific theme that you want to convey in your snaps. 

Find out what makes you both unique. The place where you have met for the first time, Or what interests you both? All these things act as the stepping stone to ascertain what you wish to attain with the photoshoot. 

Engagement Photoshoot

Get Inspiration 

Now that you’ve jotted down the ideas, move on to get some inspiration to convert your thought patterns to visual imagery which you both, and your photographer can often refer back to. A great place to gather inspiration is Pinterest, and a quick search of engagement photography or engagement candid photoshoot will take you to a plethora of different shots. Save some images you really loved on a folder dedicated exclusively for your engagement photoshoot and see if there are any common themes. 

Next, consider the colours that work great with your engagement photos. Do you prefer photos flaring-up with colours, or black and white photography to convey a story or mood? Which setting do you prefer for your engagement photoshoot- a city location, a mountain, or a woodland? Besides Pinterest, gather inspiration from other sources as well, like books or magazines too!

Hire a Professional Photographer 

Here comes the most daunting step, which is choosing a professional photographer, given only if you want to. Speaking of magic, it really does actualise, when you and your partner spend time with a professional photographer. Even though you can also get the job done by seeking the help of a friend or by using a sturdy tripod, a lot of couples also prefer professional photographers for astonishing results. A perfect place to begin is social media. Either go for searching words related to your location, or similar terms also works. After you have narrowed down the photographers, then reach out to each one of them to know more about availability and price. You can also schedule a meeting, and meet the photographer to make sure that he is precisely the one you’re looking for with respect to professionalism and personality. 

There are a lot of wedding photographers who offer wedding photography packages inclusive of complimentary or discounted engagement photoshoots. This is the best way to determine whether your wedding shoot is likely to be successful and also to determine whether or not you wish to work with that photographer for your wedding. 

 Engagement Photoshoot

Choose a Location 

Once you’re done with hiring a photographer, move on with narrowing down the locations for your engagement photoshoot. Like mentioned before, choose a location based on the ideas you’ve discussed with your partner and also the inspirations you have gathered before. 

No matter if you’re hiring a professional or styling your photos all by yourselves, you need to choose a meaningful location for the shoot. The right photoshoot location can help your photos truly shine. 

If you don’t have any favourite locations as such in your mind, then just browsing google maps will leave you with plenty of suitable locations. 

Plan the Time

You have most likely heard of the right time of the day a million times before, and you can’t just beat what’s called the golden hour when it comes to portrait photography. Since this celebrated period of time occurs shortly an hour before the sunset, you need to get the timing right. 

Download and check a tried and true weather app to get an idea of the precise time of sunset in your area, and plan for your pre wedding photoshoot around that time accordingly. 

Have a Clear Idea of Poses 

Even though you can be led by your photographer or make your own suggestions, it will be helpful if you have a better idea of how your photographs should look. Do you want a collection of candid photos or stick to traditional photographs? Knowing what you and your partner love will help the professional direct the poses. 

A few popular poses for engagement photoshoot are: 

  • Candid laughs and smiles
  • Wide-angle photographs with more scenery
  • Walking away hand-in-hand
  • Couple portrait 
  • Closeup of engagement rings
  • Bride-to-be being lifted in the air
Engagement Photoshoot

Select Your Outfits 

Choosing outfits for the photoshoot is something that most couples tend to overlook. You can often be led by the setting for your shoot, so a casual outfit on a mountain makes a lot of sense. But it’s important that you both plan your engagement shoot outfits to ensure that you don’t wear outfits with patterns which can capture poorly. Also, it’s best to steer clear of outfits that are too attention-seeking or reflective since it can detract from the results of your engagement photoshoot. 

You can prefer clothing that reflects your personality or determine whether you need a casual or formal feel for your photos. No matter if you’re wearing casual or formal outfits, wearing solid coloured outfits are a must. But it’s also better to avoid florals, plaids, black or white head-to-toe attire. Instead, you can also choose a neutral and some matching colour tones that you and your partner love, then stick to those colours. 

Enjoy the Moment 

Lastly, it is important that you enjoy those moments when you are getting photographed. Even though it can be easier said, than getting it done, be assured that your engagement photoshoot will be done, within the blink of an eye, so you definitely don’t want to spend those moments stressing. Your stress will be much evident on all your snaps, and you really don’t want to ponder over those moments with regret. After all, that occasion is something which is supposed to be one of the best times of your life with your partner.

Your engagement photos will capture those moments for you to reminisce for years to come. Whether you showcase them at your home, share them on your social media, or on your wedding website, they depict the celebration of your love. Besides those snaps of your big day, they will ultimately turn out to be the favourite in your album, and gazing at them will make you smile.