Southern highlands wedding photography

In a marriage, you don’t fall in love just once. You feel the magic many times, but with the same beautiful soul. The perfect couple deserves only the perfect wedding destinations. After all, there isn’t any rulebook that reads that the wedding should be celebrated in a hall or the church. A true wedding destination is the one that your heart longs for. With our expertise in conducting various styles of wedding shoots across Sydney, we have gathered for you the most beautiful and scenic places across Sydney to get your wedding ceremony photographed. In our previous blog, we had taken a dive into the Blue Mountain Wedding Sydney. But now,  here is a sneak peek into why we highly recommend the Southern Highlands for your wedding photography.

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The Highlands also known as the ‘wine region’ are a 60-mile drive from the heart of Sydney. You can prepare yourselves for a quick road trip into the gorgeous plateau as we excite ourselves awaiting an amazing photoshoot. The Highlands sits centrally on the road to the Alps and the Blue Mountains.

The Kangaroo Valley in the Highlands

If you Googled up more pictures of this place, it would leave you speechless. The valley that is located in the vicinity of the Kangaroo River, this place is an exquisite spot for a lovely wedding shoot. This versatile spot has a small collection of arts and crafts shops, restaurants and cafes that you would love to hang out at. The Hampden Bridge a suspension bridge at the Kangaroo Valley is the main attraction for a themed wedding shoot in the cinematic style. This is also a great choice for Save-the-Date shoots and prewedding photoshoots. It is a gently sloping valley with the ambient surroundings of the Southern Highlands. You can even find the Fitzroy Falls as you move further North. It provides a wide 250-degree view of the Morton National Park.

southern highlands

The Bowral’s Tulips

Talk about the liveliest spot in all of the Southern Highlands, this place is the root of lush greenery and gardens. The perfect time to be there would be during the month of September when the residents of the town plant over 100,000 tulips as a part of their annual tulip festival held every year.

The Berrima Township

How about some striking photographs under the lavender shades of the trees or a vintage photoshoot aligned with the sandstone buildings of the Southern Highlands, this is the perfect spot for a themed wedding photography session. Even the Harper’s Mansion is a fantastic spot lush with gardens that sweep you off your feet.

The Colo Vale Train Station

An untold village locked away in the heart of the Northern ends of the Highlands, the well-maintained but abandoned train station is an ideal spot to host a cinematically styled wedding shoot. Perhaps we could host for you a nice vintage wedding shoot as well as train stations are the place where you express your love the most when you arrive or depart your loved ones as you bid farewell.


The Lake Alexandra Reserve is another mystical world, especially in the mornings. As the fog of the dawn gathers in, you see nothing but the magic around the place. As you enjoy the lush green backdrops of the Lake, we click exceptional photographs even before you realize it.

The Fitzroy Waterfalls

Regarded as the most spectacular waterfalls in all of Australia, you cannot rule out this breathtaking destination from your checklist. You can explore the place, thanks to the accessible boardwalk that lets you walk past the falls. You can even pay a visit to the wildlife that flourishes in the vicinity of the falls. A true place to click some candid photography as well as striking a few marvellous poses.

southern highlands

The Moss Vale Golfing

Playing a game of golf is just fine, but how about a photoshoot on a golf lawn in the beautiful weather of the Southern Highlands? The Moss Vale Golf Land was established in the year 1930, which itself has a million stories to reveal. There are some really lovely benches where you can strike a few poses as well. The place is well known for its elegance, regardless of being a golf course.

The Wombeyan Caves

The maze of the underground passages with a historic story of thousands of years, the place was discovered by the Europeans as they stumbled across a world below, so scary yet so mesmerizing. They are adorned with striking but delicate formations that have taken shape over the centuries of life and time. An ideal spot to have a vintage themed shoot for your wedding.

Is it Safe to Travel to Southern Highlands?

We all know the pandemic has hit us hard. Even for weddings, we are forced to invite a few close relatives and keep the occasion as simple as it can be. And the answer to your question is yes. It is completely safe to travel to the Southern Highlands, provided you are vaccinated against the virus or taking precautionary measures like wearing masks or keeping your social distance. Our team has the most experienced Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers in all of Australia and we are fully aware of the perils to stay away from.

The Best type of Photography for Southern Highlands Wedding Shoot.

Drone Wedding Photography Southern Highlands: As the place is a vast collection of lush green flora and fauna with some beautiful waterfalls and valleys, going for a wedding shoot here would be a great loss. At RISS photography, we have licensed drone pilots that can safely and beautifully shoot your wedding photos.

Vintage Wedding Photography Southern Highlands: As natural as the place can be, it is also home to a lot of vintage places that are still adorned with the natural ornaments of nature. Time speaks a lot about love. Vintage photographs have a unique essence when it comes to beauty. We can take you back in time and make you cherish every second not just while we click your photographs, but also several years from now as you look at them, it drives you right back to the special day of your wedding.

Cinematic Wedding Photography Southern Highlands: You can even have a contemporary wedding shoot as the place has infinite exotics of nature that makes you forget time. With the help of our highly skilled photographers and drone pilots, you can have a unique cinematic style of wedding photography to show to your loved ones, the story of your lives. We even do wedding cinematography so that you can marvel at the movie of your life to describe your beautiful love story.

southern highlands

Where can I find the best Wedding Photography Southern Highlands?

If you are looking for the best wedding photographer Southern Highlands, you have come to the right place. Our work speaks for itself. Feel free to visit our website and check out the plethora of photoshoots and artwork by our team of exceptionally skilled team of Event Managers.

Contact RISS Photography for your wedding photography or cinematography packages and other details.

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