Every story is worth sharing and as a group of dedicated film and photo artists, Riss Photography wants to take a part in making your most memorable love stories truly life changing. The unit is proud of their collective passion in film making and photography which exclusively serves as a guidance principle.

Wedding Photography

No wedding or couple is the same and here we consider your images must reflect that. We take a personal approach to acknowledging who you are together, and what’s appealing to you and your family. When our professionals arrive on your big day we know exactly what you desire and how to shoot it so we never need to control what’s happening. With our professionals by your side you can simply relax and enjoy your day with all the love, anticipation, and magic.

Wedding Cinematography

If you desire to re-live your wedding day forever more, then consider hiring our wedding Cinematography specialist to film your day from start to finish. Add our wedding videographer to your compact wedding budget and then browse through local suppliers that match your package and financial requirements.


Stunning studio photography

Pre-Wedding Photography

We now provide Pre Wedding Photos which is the highest standard possible and in combination with our post production skin smoothing filters appears exceptional whether watching on your large screen television or mobile. We are unobtrusive and discreet and specialise in capturing you naturally, filming with prime lenses for that beautiful shallow depth of field look.

Desi Wedding Photography & Videography

We are a team of friendly and compassionate wedding photographers and Videographers are happy to shoot anywhere in Sydney and the Surrounds. We have extensive experience in wedding shoots with all cultural and ethnic backgrounds which includes Christian wedding, Hindu (Desi) Weddings, Muslim (Pakistani, Bangladeshi) Weddings and even Samoan Weddings.


Indian Wedding Photography

We have a wealth of experience in capturing and documenting countless vibrant Indian weddings of couples belonging to various religions and states, from Hindu to Muslim and from Punjabi to South Indian and more, till date. We are well-aware of the nuances of Indian wedding ceremonies and the various things to watch for.


indian wedding photography


we are well- aware of the nuances of Fiji-Indian Wedding – Telwan ceremony, Tilak ceremony, Bhatwaan ceremony Parchan ceremony, Kava ceremony Kanyadaan and Saptapadi and we make sure that nothing is left to chance


fiji wedding

bangladeshi wedding photography

With all its traditions and vibrance, covering a Bangladeshi wedding whether it is a Muslim or Hindu wedding is a delight in itself. With more than ten years of experience in capturing Bangladeshi weddings across Sydney and its surroundings, RISS Productions is a perfect option to capture your nuptials through our Bangladeshi wedding photography and Bangladeshi wedding videography services.

wedding photos

pakistani wedding photography

Pakistani weddings are filled with celebrations, merriment, much fun, and entails remarkable customs and rituals. Even though a vast majority of Pakistani weddings strictly follow certain Islamic traditions, there are tons of exciting and enthralling customs followed during the occasion.


Amazing Pakistani Bride Pose

christian wedding photographer

Documenting a Christian wedding is invariably a feeling of happiness and enjoyment. Be it your engagement, bridal shower, bachelor party, wedding, or even the post-wedding reception party, allow us to capture all the emotions with warmth, from Duchenne smiles, trembling lips to teary eyes.

wedding photographer in sydney

muslim wedding photography

Muslim weddings are one of the vibrant, sacred and heartfelt occasions that we have ever come across. We strive to encapsulate each of these aspects through our photographs and videos, utilising diverse traditional and modern techniques to bring forth a wedding album rich with emotions and colour, that you’ll reminisce and be proud of.


Amazing Turkish couple

candid wedding photography

Candid wedding photography is a catchword within the wedding photography domain. One and all needs candid, natural shots which portray the actual big day. Over the past years, couples don’t have a choice as there was just a single kind of wedding photographer, specialised in traditional posed photography.


ella jesse wedding pic

Engagement photography

Engagement photography is the best way to get comfortable with the wedding photographer of your choice and most importantly, before the camera, ahead of your big day. You and your partner will get a taste of how it will be, right before the lens and how to loosen up and reveal it- the best thing to get the hang of prior to your d-day shots!


The Best Destinations For a Weekday Wedding

Wedding videography

Looking for the best Wedding Videography Sydney? Contact us now. We are regarded as one of Sydney’s best wedding videography company.


Tie the Knot in Sydney - Perfect Wedding Locations 

Indian Wedding videography

Indian weddings have incredible tales to narrate with their affectionate family moments, customary elements and vibrance. Replete with all of the emotions, traditions, joy, action and colours, Indian weddings are perfect occasions to evince our attention to detail and great storytelling.

pre wedding shoots

Drone wedding photography

If you want something unique from traditional wedding photography, then drone wedding photography can be your best bet. Making the most of advanced technology, Riss productions can document all the zest and exhilaration of your wedding with spectacular shots captured from aspects and angles rather impossible from the ground.


aerial wedding photography shoot

Event Photography

We understand that a lot of work goes into planning your event. So it is essential to capture all those efforts in spectacular event shots. Our sophisticated yet facile services imply that we offer you the appropriate event photographer to cover your event- local, erudite and backed by our adept crew.  

event photography


In a marriage, you don’t fall in love just once. A true wedding destination is the one that your heart longs for. With our expertise in conducting various styles of wedding shoots across Sydney, we have gathered for you the most beautiful and scenic places across Sydney to get your wedding ceremony photographed. here is a sneak peek into why we highly recommend the Southern Highlands for your wedding photography.

southern highlands


One cannot pack up without having a photo shoot at the pride of Wollongong city, the Wollongong beach. The beautiful pacific blue water is bound by lush hills and the town buildings. The beauty of this area is that you can shoot in any style of wedding photography, whether cinematic, vintage or drone. Have a look at our few works.

Overseas Destination Wedding


The Blue Mountains, surely we have all heard about this exotic place. So what makes it so special? The blue mountains form a gateway towards heaven on Earth. They have been named after the blue haze that is naturally induced by the eucalypt trees. You cannot help yourselves but marvel at the breathtaking beauty of this place. An escape from reality. You feel like the only people in the world – a true destination of solitude and peace.


wedding smile


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Turkish wedding traditions through our lens at RISS Photography. With a deep appreciation for cultural richness, we artfully capture the vibrancy and timeless elegance of these celebrations. Discover the beauty and essence of Turkish weddings showcased in our photography, embracing cherished moments with authenticity and passion.


Turkish Wedding Photography


Experience the essence of Lebanese wedding traditions through our lens at RISS Photography. We specialize in capturing the vibrant culture, rich traditions, and timeless moments of Lebanese weddings. From joyous celebrations to cultural intricacies, our photography beautifully encapsulates the love, elegance, and unique customs that define these cherished occasions. Let us preserve your Lebanese wedding story with artistry and passion, creating a visual narrative that reflects the beauty and authenticity of this cultural heritage.

Lebanese Wedding photography


Explore the enchantment of Arabic wedding traditions through our lens at RISS Photography. We specialize in capturing the grace, cultural richness, and cherished moments of Arabic weddings. From intricate ceremonies to heartfelt celebrations, our photography artfully encapsulates the beauty, traditions, and emotional depth of these occasions. Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals that showcase the love, elegance, and timeless customs that define Arabic weddings. Let us preserve your unique wedding story, preserving the essence and authenticity of this cherished cultural heritage through our passionate and skilled photography.

Arabic wedding photography


At RISS Photography, our lens captures the essence of Central Coast weddings. Specializing in preserving moments of love, joy, and beauty, we epitomize the artistry of a Central Coast wedding photographer. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we craft visual narratives that reflect your unique love story. Our goal is to immortalize the emotions, the scenery, and the magic of your special day, ensuring every image encapsulates the cherished memories. Trust us to frame your wedding moments beautifully against the backdrop of the stunning Central Coast, creating timeless photographs that narrate your love for generations to come. Experience the art of storytelling through our lens – contact us to capture your Central Coast wedding memories.

Central Coast Wedding Photographer