Choose the Ideal Season for Your Sydney Wedding

Your big day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, a tapestry of emotions and memories eagerly awaiting to be woven. Just like every other beautiful choice you make for your wedding, choose the ideal  season can fill your day with vibrant hues and stunning tones.

Sydney has an enormous collection of stunning landscapes and celebrated landmarks, which make an excellent backdrop for adorable wedding photographs. Let’s take a look at the ideal time of year to tie the knot in Sydney.

Sydney’s Changing Seasons

Sydney wedding season to get married

Sydney, like the rest of the world, experiences all four seasons. The summer season extends from December to February and is considered one of the least preferred ones for weddings here. Autumn starts in March and draws to a close by May. Then comes the winter, from June to August, and finally the spring, considered one of the most ideal seasons to get married.

If you wish to know why Spring is the best season to get married and summer isn’t, keep reading.

Autumn Weddings

Venues for The Autumn Season sydney

Autumns in Sydney are loved by wedding photography enthusiasts. As the leaves start to turn colour, the season captures a perfect blend of nostalgia and rustic elegance. The city gardens become a canvas of warm hues, creating an ambiance of intimacy and tranquility.

A premium photographer is sure to make the most of this opportunity and capture all these soulful moments in the natural tone of the weather. Now that we know this season is beautiful for weddings, let us sneak a peek at why:


  • The temperatures are usually mild; your guests won’t be jittery, cold, or sweaty.
  • Stunning lighting—the autumn light so sweetly and perfectly complements your attire and wedding charms.
  • Predictable weather patterns are so convenient, and they make it such an effortless task to plan for good weather.
  • Makeup and hair last longer.
  • Your guests can wear the attire of their choosing and be completely pacified.
  • Venues of your choice are available more often owing to weather convenience.
  • Early sunsets shed that perfect glimmer of eyes needed to accentuate your evening clicks.


  • We are prone to getting unlucky with rain, as it occurs a bit frequently.
  • Owing to the weather’s convenience, venues always seem to be busy, and it’s hard to get hold of a vendor too.

Winter weddings


copes - Venues for A Winter Wedding

The three coldest months of the year are June, July, and August. It’s hard to manage outdoor weddings during the winter months.


  • High availability of wedding venues due to extreme cold weather
  • Heavy wardrobe and jewellery wear can be comfortable, and you don’t have to fret over being sweaty.
  • True weather hues might seem a bit duller, but with good lighting, photography can do wonders.

So pick out the heavy attire you’ve been eyeing to wear to your wedding, as winter is going to make that super easy and comfy.


  • Sunsets are very short and lack warmth.
  • You need to layer your attire with jackets and warm clothes.
  • Lack of blooms, so you don’t get to have very many floral options.

Spring Weddings: The Bloom of Romance

watson bay - Venues for Spring Wedding in sydney

Yet again, this is a popular season and month for Australian weddings. In Sydney, this is the season of hues, romance, blooms, and, of course, fragrance. Spring in Sydney extends from September to November. Spring days are warmer and less humid than summer days. Average temperatures range from 11 to 23 degrees Celsius.


  • Mild and comfortable temperatures
  • You can totally relish outdoor ceremonies; they are a huge hit for the weather.
  • There are lots of open venues to choose from due to comfortable weather conditions.
  • Beautiful wedding dresses can be worn with great ease.
  • Exquisite, freshly bloomed florals set the tone for your celebrations and provide a backdrop for your wedding photography.

Let your premium wedding videographer in Sydney immortalise those moments of promise and hope.


  • During peak season, it is hard to get hold of venues. So it’s paramount that you plan your venues and bookings well in advance. The same goes for vendors and suppliers too.
  • Pre wedding photography shoots might seem like a herculean task due to the low availability of locations for the wedding shoot.
  • Outstanding wedding venues are always busy or overbooked, and there are no discounts.

Summer Wedding

beach wedding photography sydney

Now let’s check out why summer isn’t considered the ideal season for getting married. Summers usually exude a sun-kissed elegance, and for those who have ever dreamed of having a sun-soaked jubilation, this might be for you as you get to choose a beach wedding. Summers can be extremely warm and sultry in Australia, but of course, each has its own merits.


  • The perfect backdrop for beach weddings and outdoor ones
  • Highest availability of wedding venues.
  • Days last longer, so you can make the most of daylight for your wedding videography and photography.


  • The temperatures rise at an unpredictable pace.
  • The scorching heat can make it unbearable to carry your jewellery, makeup, and wardrobe.
  • Bright sunlight can be really uncomfortable for photographers trying to get good clicks.
  • The lighting doesn’t seem to fit your photography.
  • It is very uncomfortable to carry attire if the wedding wardrobe isn’t made of breathable material, which it usually isn’t.
  • Flowers die faster, and so does the charm of floral decor.
  • Hair and makeup get all sticky and lose their bridal brightness.
  • Everyone is low on energy due to the extremely hot weather, so it is usually quiet and not much of a parting mood.

Venues you’re sure to love

Venues you’re sure to love in sydney

Some of us may have an idea of the best Australian wedding venues, but we still have to wonder if they will be available during the months we have in mind. So let’s also check out the best places to get married in Australia and their seasonal availability. The peak season and off-season for the venues should be keenly considered too.

Admirable Venues for  The Autumn Season

Southern highland wedding photography

Soulful Venues for A Spring Wedding

best wedding photoshoot location

  • Camp David Farm
  • Three Blue Ducks, Byron Bay
  • Mayfield, NSW
  • The Australian Botanic Garden, NSW
  • Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, NSW
  • Little Church, VIC
  • Old Broadwater Farm
  • Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens, QLD
  • The Barn on Melrose, NSW
  • Stonebarn, WA
  • Royston House, QLD

Lush Venues for A Winter Wedding

There are an endless number of beautiful venues for winter weddings. Yet the Kangaroo Valley always tops the chart as the most desired wedding venue for the season.

These are the urban wedding locations in Australia where you would love to hold your wedding ceremonies in your desired season. So no more anxiety over where to get married in Sydney.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour to get married in sydney

Speaking of wedding photography, it’s hard to miss this one. It’s an inspirational hour for wedding photographers. The last hour before sunset and the first after sunrise are known as the magical hours or golden hours. Perfect lighting provides beautiful and outstanding photographs for your real wedding album.

The natural lighting during the hour adds exceptional charm and quality to the photographs. It lasts for around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your location and the weather. The warmth and soft lighting of the moment are perfect bliss to take your wedding photoshoots to a whole new level.

Make Your Memories Last a Lifetime with Riss

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We hope we have walked you through the best time to get married in Sydney. The best months to get married are March and November. Your choice of season sets the stage for your day, but the art of attractive photography is what adds life to your wedding albums. An excellent photographer in Sydney will understand the interplay between lights, emotions, and picturesque landscapes.

At Riss, the premium wedding photographers in Sydney, we ensure that each frame is a work of art. From the delicate details of your attire to the unguarded smiles exchanged at your ceremony, we capture the essence of your big day, making it an ageless memory.

Check us out for pre-wedding photography, candid photography, vintage photography, drone photography, engagement photography, and so much more. Have a look at the wedding photography packages mentioned on our website to get a detailed idea.