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We now provide Pre Wedding Photos which is the highest standard possible and in combination with our post production skin smoothing filters appears exceptional whether watching on your large screen television or mobile. We are unobtrusive and discreet and specialise in capturing you naturally, filming with prime lenses for that beautiful shallow depth of field look.

A pre wedding photoshoot session is a perfect opportunity for photographers to get to know their subjects prior to their d-day. It also proves to be an occasion where you can get rid of any camera anxiety. It’s typically a perfect way for you to get to know the person who will capture you, better. Upon building a rapport with your photographer, you and your partner can relax and try new things. So it implies you’ll end up with more swoon-worthy shots of your real wedding shoot. Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

A pre wedding photoshoot session lets you celebrate your affection for each other, and at the same time document moments you will reminisce over the years.

pre wedding photography

Make Abiding Memories With Riss Productions 

Have you formally become affianced and are in the lookout to document the start of the rest of your lifetime together? Then you’ve ended up at the right place! Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

At Riss Productions, we aim to document the most unfeigned moments of your pre wedding photoshoot session and to shape those memories into a photographic record you’ll treasure over the years. 

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We surmise that every shutter-click not just offers a paramount record, but do showcase something of the heart and soul of your revelries and your growing affection for each other. 

Our photographers with a wealth of experience employ the state-of-the-art equipment to narrate your tale, frame by frame, in a montage of memories besides top of the line editing software and you’ll be delighted to hand down those memories in photos to your offsprings. With our bespoke services, you’ll get the results that you’ve expected and we will do work with you to provide you with exactly what you need. And couples who have counted on us in the past agree! Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

Have a peek into some of our previous works and ponder over what Riss Productions can do for you. We will arrange a pre wedding session for you at a location in Australia you favour.

We Can Shoot Anywhere in Australia

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Whether you wish to go for the spectacular natural landscape or at the iconic Sydney cityscape, the choice completely rests on you. Your pre wedding photoshoot session can be actualised anywhere throughout Australia. Riss productions are here to document your unique dynamic bond and strive to be as accommodating as possible. Whatever ideas you have, lingering on your mind or requirements you have, we’ll strive to actualise it all and paint the picture of your big day, which is drawing near. Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

Something which can also be a part of your wedding album or can be incorporated into your wedding cards, exquisitely stylised pre wedding shots will offer a perennial record of your flourishing affection for each other as you move towards nuptial bliss. 

What Happens During a Pre wedding Photoshoot Session?

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A pre wedding photoshoot session gives you a chance to begin building the theme that will be incorporated into your big day. Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney. 


During the shoot, a great pre wedding photographer will make the most of a number of situations and locations to create one-of-a-kind shots which can be used during your wedding ceremony or be a part of your wedding album. 

Great Time 

It’s a chance to indulge your distinctive personalities and affection for each other, whilst your photographer brings to the fore your sense of gaiety and commitment to each other. Essentially, you’ll have a great time and leave the shoot with some absolutely fascinating shots. Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

Why Riss Productions?

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With a wealth of experience in the industry, we have a novel approach to document the magic. We employ innovative and creative techniques and assure that you’re comfortable throughout the pre wedding photoshoot session. We constantly evolve to create swoon-worthy photographs. To make sure that the shots document those unique moments, we effectively combine our second to none photography skills with our state of the art equipment. When you count on us, you’ll get an edge of our HD photos and affordable  wedding photography packages in Sydney. We regard your requirements and provide a completely bespoke service to suit your budget. 

We possess a relaxed, off-beat style and we emphasize on narrating your pre wedding story by keeping everything fun and natural throughout the session. We prefer natural light over artificial lighting and exquisite moments over weird poses and unnatural expressions and love incorporating breathtaking landmarks and cities into our session. However we may provide you with a few artistic directions for the outcomes we are looking forward to achieving. Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

Tailored Pre wedding Photoshoot Session to Suit Any Couple

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From our primary meeting, we will assure that time and care are taken to listen to your love story and what will be the result of your pre wedding photoshoot session. If you would prefer a destination or a Sydney locale to actualise your pre wedding photoshoot session, we are ready to shoot anyplace you favour in Australia. Our pre wedding package accommodates any budget and benefits any couple. Our individualised approach is certain to express you and depict you and your significant other, in effect producing something which reflects your personalities. Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

Our Pre wedding Photography Sydney Package Inclusions

The pre wedding session lasts up to 3 hours, at a location you favour-it can be a place which reflects you or your lifestyle. You’ll receive 50 edited HD digital images in USB without watermark. 
Completely edited photographs will be ready within a short span and provided through an online gallery(password protected). With that it will be easier for you to share your photo gallery with your loved ones, add them to your wedding cards or employ unique wall art. 

What Happens After the Pre wedding Photoshoot Session?

pre wedding photoshoot in sydney

Once the session is over, you’ll get the chance to finally see your shots. With that, you’ll get an idea of those shots that worked well and those which aren’t so. In conjunction with your partner, you can then talk through this with your photographer and let them know which photos you loved and the reason why. It offers them an insight into helping them capture the best photos for you on your big day. Contact us for the best Pre Wedding Photography Sydney.

Feel free to contact us, and our amicable team will be elated to accommodate your requirements. Enquire about our pre wedding photography Sydney services at Riss productions and we would love to hearken to your love story.

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