Engagement photoshoots are fairly popular and in-demand nowadays. Couples love taking engagement photos as they themselves and the photographer can be as innovative and creative as they wish to be. There are no traditions to follow for the engagement shoots, no customs, or a formal dress code. Find out what makes your and your partner’s life unique and include those features in your engagement shoot. Engagement photoshoots are done mainly with the aim of celebrating the couple’s love for each other and also treasuring these memories close to their hearts. Engagement photos are also used as “save the date” reminder cards and wedding notices. Some of the best engagement photography ideas are:

Re-create your engagement day: Mostly, an engagement day is always a private event photography that takes place only between the couple and some close friends and family. You would always want to keep that ecstatic and enticing moment close to your heart. In that case, you should try recreating your engagement day for your photoshoot at a beautiful and meaningful location. For this, you would obviously be wearing a genuine and natural smile out of joy.

Activities you love: Couples often love doing fun activities together throughout their dating life, like horseback riding, trekking, rafting, surfing, etc. If you and your partner have a favourite hobby or activity of that sort, then arrange a photoshoot of you and your partner engaging in a fun activity you love, and just have fun and enjoy the whole day while clicking pictures. This obviously could result in a ton of exquisite candid photos that you could treasure your whole life. 

Favourite cafes and restaurants: You could organise to have a photoshoot in your favourite cafes and restaurants that you and your partner usually visit. The themes of your engagement photoshoot could be like sipping an evening tea with your loved one, having a brunch date, etc. Cafes and restaurants would lend you their places maximum for a few hours only for the shoot, so you will have to take all the necessary resources with you at once and speed up the process.

Aesthetic location: Everyone would know some exquisite and picturesque places nearby, which could be perfect for the engagement photoshoot. Schedule your engagement photoshoot in an aesthetically pleasing location and give the photos an enchanted look. Some places, like beautiful beaches, old monuments, or flower gardens, would be perfect for the most romantic photoshoots.

A day with you: You could portray your engagement photoshoot as a glimpse through a day of you and your partner. Your day-to-day life events or unique experiences you and your partner have can sum up to a wedding album of very memorable photos that you can keep close to your heart. Try to take aesthetically pleasing pictures of simple and little things that you do at home with your partner, starting right from waking up, cooking together, having breakfast, working out together, going on a road trip and so on. 

Ring shots: An engagement is always done right with a huge diamond ring that has been presented to the partner. Among all the pictures you have clicked with your partner, make sure you have at least one photo that accentuates your ring. You can also take multiple photos that emphasise your ring from different angles and poses.

Playful and fun: If you wish to break the cliches of engagement photography by making it more fun and playful, you should choose a ravishing and exciting location for the photoshoot. Some places, like an amusement park, a kids’ park, or a carnival, would be the perfect location for all the fun-filled photoshoots.

Show your affection: Sometimes, you don’t need any expensive locations, clothes, or decorations to make a cute and affectionate engagement photo that reflects your love for one another. Let your engagement photos be filled with the love and affection you have for each other. Hug and kiss each other and let the photographer take the lovely and genuine candids. 

Themed photoshoots: It would be magnificent if you set a theme for your engagement photoshoot. The theme could be anything, maybe related to the location, your life events, or any magical world, or superhero. You can find many themed engagement photoshoot ideas all around the internet, like Egyptian themed, Japanese themed with kimono clothes, French, Chinese, etc. You can choose your own theme by brainstorming with your partner and thus enjoy a fun engagement photoshoot.

What to Wear for Your Engagement Photoshoot

The clothes you wear for your engagement photoshoot solely depend on your ideas and preferences. There are no traditional clothes for engagement, like the wedding gown for the wedding, so you and your partner can always take it to the next level with more innovation and creativity to make your engagement photoshoot a memorable one. Here are some ideas for what to wear for your engagement photos. You can choose all of these ideas and take multiple themed photos or pick your favourite one.

Be fancy: You could pick a very fancy outfit and location for your engagement photoshoot if that’s what you have pictured yourself in. You could wear outfits like a beautiful aline gown or an exquisite suit and embrace and kiss your partner on a beachside or a clifftop at the golden hour of a sunset or sunrise. A combination of all these factors, paired with a talented photographer, will give your engagement photo a mystic and enchanting look.

Simple and comfy: If you are looking for a simple photoshoot that reflects on the reality of your blissful life, then you could try recreating your normal daily life by wearing a simple outfit like a t-shirt and shorts, a miniskirt, a jumpsuit, or casual loungewear. If you and your partner are planning to shoot them indoors in your house, try taking pictures in your night clothes and loungewear as that is a simple reality. 

Dress as per location: Couples who like to have their engagement photoshoot look like a professional photo session, along with an affinity for visuals, should consider wearing clothes that can coordinate with the location they have selected. For example, if your location is the beach shore, then you should choose clothes that are a blend of blue and white colours. If your location is more like an old building or monument, then you should wear clothes that match the old building or monument to give the photo a rustic and vintage look. 

Coordinate efficiently: There are various ways you can coordinate with your partner for your engagement photoshoot. You ought to choose a colour or design that you both love and then coordinate your clothes in the same colour or design for the engagement photoshoot. Couple t-shirts and sets are widely available on the market. You can buy or custom order some of them according to your wish as well, for your photoshoot. You and your partner can also go for contrasting, peppy colours and designs to give an exciting life to the photos.

Plan B: you should always remember to have a plan B for all your outfits. Make sure to take multiple clothes with you, just in case something goes wrong. You and your partner ought to try out the dress on a day before the engagement photoshoot to ensure that the outfit is comfortable and right for you and your partner.


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How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Engagement Photography

What to Wear for Your Engagement Photoshoot

You might have come across hundreds of photographers and wedding photography production companies that are established in your area. You could have also met some of them through social media like Instagram and Facebook. Rather than choosing the photographer ignorantly, make sure that you have done enough research before paying the advance money for the engagement photoshoots. It could be highly beneficial for you if you did some research about them via their website or other social media handles to learn about their photography styles and the types of clients they work with. Check to see if their photography styles match the ones in your vision. If not, it would be a huge disaster if you hired them. If you are happy with your research, the next step is to openly communicate with the photographer about your engagement photoshoot needs, like when and where you want it to be shot, the price range, and so on. Professional wedding photographers can give you helpful tips and suggestions to bring out better results. Remember that you and your partner will have to spend more than a day with the photographer and the rest of the crew, hence make sure that they are compatible with you and your partner so that you can both possibly enjoy the whole day of the photoshoot.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Engagement Photos

  • Do remember to practise some of the poses and angles before the photoshoot day. This will make the photoshoot much easier.
  • Choose the right day and time for the shoot. If it’s likely to rain or snow, it is better not to schedule the photoshoot that day. The golden hours, like sunset and sunrise, are the perfect time for you to have a photoshoot.
  • Always remember to make sure that there is enough flattering light available.
  • It is ideal to get the right amount of makeup and professional hairdos before the photoshoot, as that could make you look good in your pictures.
  • Never hesitate to take multiple photos in the same poses and angles in different clothes and locations so, at the end of the day, you can choose the best one out of it.
  • Don’t buy an outfit just because it looks good on the mannequin or someone else. Not all outfits look good on everyone, hence always choose the right outfit for you.
  • Always remember to smile genuinely. If you fake a smile just for the sake of a photoshoot, the resulting photos might not look very good.
  • Engagement photoshoots are all about celebrating the love between the couple, so don’t shy away from showing your affection towards each other. Candid’s of that sort could be great to add to a frame.
  • Make sure you both want to do the engagement photoshoot. If you or your partner is hesitant about it, the photoshoot won’t be fun, and also, the photos would look hideous.