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The beginning of your baby’s life is something to cherish, so ensure that you choose the right photographer to document the first moments of your little bundle of joy. Whether you fancy a minimalist shoot, whimsical dress-up, glam setup or rather a nuanced shoot, Riss Productions has something to suit what you want. 

Professional newborn photography is the best way to welcome your baby into this world, and we make certain that it is carried out with panache and style. Based in Sydney, our esteemed newborn photographers with extensive years of experience under their belt are able to work out the perfect set and deal to befit you. Contact us for the Affordable Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography  Sydney.

Our expertise, persistence and laid back nature make certain elated clients and a wonderful experience for all! We provide a variety of newborn photography services from our company located in Sydney and possess all the required studio equipment to document your child’s vulnerability and true essence. While you unwind, you will observe that our caring and gentle nature will make certain that your newborn is posed and captured securely to curate a spectacular gallery of shots for you. Contact us for Newborn Photography and Baby Photography Sydney.

Owing to the delicate nature of newborn photography, photoshoots are supposed to be booked much ahead in your pregnancy to evade missing out. Capturing your baby within the first two weeks after birth will make certain that we will get those sleepy, curling up into those womb-like positions that one and all adore! Contact us for the Affordable Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography  Sydney.


Newborn Photography Ideas

Appropriate Props

If you fancy newborn photographs, then you can’t do without props, such as newborn photography wraps. You can find them on websites or at a newborn store. We at Riss Productions often utilise a lot of things while posing tiny tots for photography. Contact us for Newborn Photography and Baby Photography Sydney.

Get in the Photo

If you’re ready to get in the photo with your little one, the better it is. After all, you won’t have this time again in your life, with your little one. But make sure that you do match with your baby, in terms of clothing.

Womb Pose

Don’t have the slightest idea on how to capture newborns? Then begin with comfortable and natural poses, like a womb pose. It’s alternatively known as the Taco pose and is truly beneficial since you can show the face, hands and feet of your child. 

On a Side

This makes for a classic baby photography idea, even if at times, it is regarded as quite trivial. However, it is too popular among photographers since they can adjust the composition with ease. Contact us for the Affordable Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography  Sydney.

newborn photography

On the Back

This is certainly one of the most simple newborn photo ideas. Place the baby on their back and let the hands rest on their tummy. Babies love this pose and tend to grin and giggle. So you can document genuine emotions. Contact us for the Affordable Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography  Sydney.

Frog Pose

A frog pose is one of the traditional poses that parents are fond of. The foremost thing is the comfort and safety of your little one. Generally, you should position your baby’s legs by the sides and the baby’s hands should hold the head carefully.

Let Each Twin be Unique

When it comes to twin shots, there is more pressure, as you have to document two babies and not just one. Obviously, this also implies that the shot can be extra cute, particularly when you lay the babies together and make each one peculiar.


One doesn’t require anything specific to pull off this idea. Wrap the baby cautiously- let the hands by within or outside. Begin with the standard angles and try to experiment with the angles. Be mindful that your main task is to create comfortable and safe conditions. 

Full-Length Photo

Hold the baby’s legs for a couple of seconds so that you will have sufficient time to click such a shot. Pick the best lighting to see the child’s pacified face clearly. Contact us for Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography Sydney.

Tushy Up

This makes for a natural yet adorable pose, still, some parents won’t favour this, particularly if they have to capture a girl child. Never be much insistent- merely show some sample shots and elucidate what you will achieve.

Affordable Newborn Photography Sydney

Over the past years, we have developed a reputation of being one of the affordable and best Newborn photographers in Sydney. We endeavour to document one-of-a-kind yet affordable photos. They are exquisite and intimate photoshoots held either at the hospital or at home. Affordable, timeless, simple and adorable newborn photo sessions are the best keepsake to reminisce the precious first days of your newborn. Contact us for Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography Sydney.

Shoot more and fret less. Most newborn photoshoots last for about 90 minutes. Our Newborn photography services are absolutely affordable and transparent. We have kept our pricing affordable so that stunning shots aren’t out of reach for parents on tighter budgets. The Newborn photography packages are inclusive of edited and original shots in high-res, which implies you can keep every shot file from the session. All our services also include photos without watermarks- neither any tiered pricing nor any nasty surprises. We will deliver all the usable shots from each shoot, edited professionally.



Our affordable newborn photography package provides shots that you will cherish for years to come/ So when you’re after affordable newborn photography Sydney, you can trust that you are in safe hands with Riss Productions. Being a Sydney based photography company specialised in Newborn photography, we are a no-fuss newborn photography service. Contact us for Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography Sydney.

We accent on the contemporary newborn portrait that exudes a personal, laid-back and natural feel. Newborns don’t stay small for so long, and even before you know it, your baby has grown into a toddler who will playfully run around your home. We put love and care into everything we capture, creating printed art and digital shots that you will be happy to treasure to reminisce about those early memories ensuring the birth of your little one.

Twin Newborn Photography

The newborn stage is a transient and precious time in your life and your babies lives. To be a small part of it is absolutely a privilege to us. Those smallest details will merely remain small for a while. This is why twin newborn photography calls for a unique kind of heart, which can appreciate how unique this time is and know the significance of cherishing them. Contact us for Newborn Photography and Baby Photography Sydney.

Making portraits for twins is more than merely capturing shots of two babies in lieu of one. It’s all about revealing the fantastic connection which exists between two babies who have been together since conception. Who have shared a womb together, even their hearts began beating together, and even after birth, they share this unique bond. Contact us for the Affordable Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography  Sydney.

Being a professional newborn photographer in Sydney, we got to meet a lot of newborns and document them for beautiful keepsakes for their families, but not a lot of twin babies. We absolutely love it when we get a chance for a twin newborn photograph, though! It’s splendid to be able to capture that beautiful connection between those tiny tots. Contact us for Newborn Photography and Baby Photography Sydney.


newborn photography

Our twin newborn photography sessions are very laid-back and calm. The little ones are posed and shot gently and the backdrops and colours are themed so as to go well with your tastes or homes. We can also include siblings to the twin newborn photo session and the parents as well only if you wish. Contact us for Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography Sydney.

We also see to it that we capture minute details, like their tiny hands or feet, which are absolutely adorable. We also love to capture the tiny tots holding their hands when they have fallen asleep so that it will be easier to do so. Another wonderful photo op is when the parents hold their tiny hands and feet, a memory of how tiny your child used to be.

So far, the twin newborn photo shoots are one of the most precious sessions we ever have had the boon to document. We were able to document scores of pictures, angles of cute baby girls and baby boys. We were able to capture all those sleeps, snugglings, those tiny eyes, and of course, holding the hands together. Contact us for Newborn Photography and Baby Photography Sydney.

Newborn Photography Wraps

We provide props such as newborn photography wraps, blankets and accessories to document few artistic-posed shots. We utilise lengths of fabric to cover babies for posed portrait photoshoots. Wraps don’t just can be used to comfort and secure your baby, but we also use it to style the photo decoratively. Our adept photographer will cautiously wrap and comfort your newborn into exquisitely set props. Some properties of wraps, like their texture or stretch, will decide their best usage.

We are ready to cater to your exhilarating photography experience with an array of beautiful wraps and other accessories sourced from both international and local suppliers. We invest in gorgeous, premium quality props, which are available to wrap in our photoshoots. We will make the most of the wraps to make your baby’s shots look their best. All you need to give is yourself and your lovable bundle of joy! Contact us for Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography Sydney.

Best Newborn Photography Sydney

A lot of people might question the expense of a baby photo session. However, there are a lot of components of great significance that should go into one of our shoots. Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer Riss for Newborn photography. Contact us for Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography Sydney.


We go above and beyond to satisfy and understand all of our clients as individuals. We like to harken to your ideas, regard your inspirations with warm approval and embrace the uniqueness and individuality of your little bundle of joy.


Our professional photographers own some of the best equipment, inclusive of cameras, lighting equipment and lenses, as well as outstanding and latest editing software to refine your shots to utmost perfection. 

  • We prioritise your little one’s safety more.
  • Expertise in handling and posing babies.
  • Specialise in fresh and absolute shots which showcase the sweetness of your baby.
  • We utilise only professional equipment and lenses.
  • Extensive years of experience in Newborn photography
For more details on how to book the shoot, please get in touch with us here. We truly can’t wait to see you and your baby and make some stunning keepsakes for you to cherish forever! Contact us for Newborn Photography Sydney and Baby Photography Sydney.


newborn photography

We could not be happier with Riss Photography. Their photo’s and video work for our wedding is absolutely perfect. They not only listened to what we wanted but then also implemented it on our day. Their quality of work is definitely first class. We have had other friends marry recently who paid massive price tags for their photo and video and have commented that ours are much better at a fraction of the price. Thank you so much Saadat we are over the moon


Having our wedding photographed by RISS was a very enjoyable experience. Although I booked Saadat at very short notice, he took the time to look at pictures I sent him and even brought a second photographer. It was their first “bush-wedding” and they managed to capture some beautiful and magical shots. They worked professionally and were warm and cheerful and a pleasure to have around. The communication later was great too, he responded quickly to e-mails and did a beautiful job with the editing. Would definitely use him again


Such a beautiful day and so thankful to have Saadat there to capture the memories! We had a small private ceremony on the Friday night and reception on the Saturday night. Saadat both nights was incredible! He was climbing trees, jumping into bushes and balancing on chairs to get the perfect shot. He captured such beautiful moments we will cherish forever. His beautiful energy and vibrancy showed how much he loved what he did. We would 100% recommend him for small or large weddings he was wonderful! Thank you Saadat for the memories!


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