Thinking about a Punjabi wedding brings to mind brightly coloured attire, exhilarating dances, patila peg, and mouthwatering cuisine. You can feel the energy charging through you as you listen to the rhythm of dhol and take in the enticing aroma of spicy delicacies.

With so much going on all the time, it can be challenging to stay on top of things and make sure you capture every single moment. The beautiful brides and grooms are sure to be overwhelmed with emotion on their wedding day, but the Punjabi wedding photographer must be on the ball to catch every fleeting moment.

Punjabi wedding

The Art of Capturing Punjabi Wedding Photographs

Photography serves as a guardian of cultural traditions, immortalising the essence of Punjabi weddings for generations to come. The precision and care of photography preserve these moments, preserving the legacy of tradition in vivid detail.

With high-definition cameras, advanced lighting, and creative elements, photographers skillfully employ quite a number of modern techniques to capture every detail and emotion of the ceremony. Each photograph is perfected to reflect the beauty and grandeur of Punjabi weddings while honouring the culture and traditions of the day.

The Art of Capturing Punjabi Wedding Photographs

Heartwarming Punjabi Wedding Moments Filled With Love and Tradition

It should come as no surprise that Punjabi weddings are bursting at the seams with colour and energy and are so full of life, as we mentioned before. The culture is well celebrated for its rich and colourful traditions, and we are about to revisit them at a glance.

Heartwarming Punjabi Wedding Moments Filled With Love and Tradition

1. Roka and Thaka

The Roka is the first colourful ceremony that we witness before a Punjabi wedding. The roka precedes the engagement, marking the official end of the bride and groom’s search for a partner. The families exchange presents to show their appreciation and acceptance of the proposal.

Roka and Thaka

2. Sagai/ Kudmai the Engagement

The Kudmayi Ceremony is popularly known as the Sagai. It is the official engagement ceremony where the bride is gifted an embellished dupatta, which is traditionally an heirloom handed over from the groom’s family. The bride is blessed with gifts and jewellery, which the mother and sister-in-law help her wear.

3. Vatna

Maiyaan is a Punjabi pre-wedding ceremony that takes place a few days prior to the festivities of the big day. The Maiyaan rituals are rich in colourful traditions, including the Vatna (Haldi), Mehendi, Sangeet, and Chura celebrations. 

The Vatna, also known as Haldi, is popular. The bride and groom, respectively, apply haldi ubtan paste, which enhances their beauty and gives them a healthy glow for the wedding. 

Make the most of Maiyaan by having your unposed pictures taken with candid Punjabi wedding photography. 


4. Mehndi

Punjabis are huge fans of the Mehndi ceremony, where henna artists are invited to the bride’s place. The bride’s hands and feet are beautifully adorned with mehndi.  The bride arrives all dolled up in the ensemble gifted by her mother in law. The bride’s female relatives are actively involved in the ceremony and mehendi application.

It is one of the most colourful and vibrant ceremonies to have amazing pictures clicked by your best Punjabi wedding photographers.


5. Dholki

Dholki is popularly known as the Sangeet ceremony. It is separately held at the bride’s and groom’s homes. The closest family members typically dance to the beats of the dhol during the Dholki ceremony, providing you with incredible opportunities to strike picture-perfect Punjabi wedding poses.


6. Chuda and Kalire Ceremony

On the morning of the big day, the Chuda ceremony takes place. The bride’s maternal uncle or other close relatives put on a set of red and white bangles, called Chuda. Traditionally, people make chudas, which were formerly made of  ivory and tend now to be made from plastic. Small decorative ornaments, known as kalire, are also tied to the chudas.

This is an important tradition for Punjabi brides and is believed to bring good luck.

Chuda and Kalire Ceremony

7. Ghodi and Baraat

When it comes to wedding festivities, few can match the energy of the ghodi and baarat. The groom is headed to the wedding venue on a well-adorned white horse (Ghodi), accompanied by his friends and family and the entire procession is called the Baraat. The baraat sings and dances to the beats of the dhol, creating a grand celebratory vibe.

The groom and his procession are adorably greeted by the bride’s parents and relatives; this is the milni ceremony.

Ghodi and Baraat

8. Anand Karaj 

The Sikh wedding tradition, Anand Karaj, usually takes place in a Gurudwara. The Granthi, or priest, officiates the ceremony, mandating the couple sit before the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture. The couple recite hymns and exchange wedding vows, known as Laavan.

Anand Karaj 

The couple takes four pheras around the Guru Granth Sahib, indicating their commitment to each other.

couple takes four pheras

9. Varmala and Pheras

The couple exchanges floral garlands, known as varmala, as a sign of having accepted each other. It is during the four pheras that the couple exchanges their wedding vows, or laavan, in front of the sacred fire, Agni. This is the Sikh view of marriage, which consists of four distinct phases.

Varmala and Pheras

10. Joota Chupai

The bride’s sisters are still in love with this tradition. The bride’s sisters take the groom’s shoes and put them away as the pair is busy with wedding ceremonies at the mandap. Just as he prepares to leave the mandap, the groom finds his shoes hidden away, leading to an entertaining round of haggling.

To get his shoes back, the groom must pay a handsome sum of money or pay heed to the gifts demanded by the sister-in-law.

Joota Chupai

11. Doli and Vidai

Doli and Vidaai ceremonies mark the bride’s departure from her parents’ house. Vidaii is an intensely emotional moment of the wedding when the bride bids farewell to her parents in Vidaai and sets off to her husband’s home in the doli. While leaving their home, she throws two hands full of rice over her shoulder as a sign of gratitude towards them and wishes them prosperity.

She then gracefully sits in a beautifully adorned traditional palanquin (doli), nowadays, it is the car and she is usually accompanied by family and friends.

Doli and Vidai

12. Reception

Afterwards, the wedding ceremony is followed by a glamorous  reception, welcoming the newlyweds into the family with a celebratory event filled with intoxicating music, energetic dancing, and a luxuriant feast, during which the guests express their affection and love with blessings, gifts, and well wishes.


Preserving the Soul of Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Punjabi weddings include various vibrant hues, rich traditions and exhilarating festivities. They are a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. In order for these culturally rich ceremonies to have that eternal charm, you must capture their heart and soul through beautiful photographs and safely tuck them away in your albums.

Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Photographers often capture the solemnity and serenity of the Anand Karaj, focusing on the couple’s expressions as they take their wedding vows and seek blessings. Your Indian wedding photographers are most likely to creatively capture the vibrant colours of Mehendi, the intricate henna designs, and the playful interactions between friends and family at Mehendi.

Punjabi haldi

During Sangeet, photographers focus on snapping the energy and excitement, from the choreographed dances to the heartfelt toast-raising  speeches.

At Riss Photography, we specialise in capturing these moments with a creative flair. Our team of professional wedding photographers from Sydney understands the cultural significance of each ritual and works tirelessly to preserve its authenticity. We pride ourselves on our ability to blend traditional photography techniques with modern aesthetics, resulting in stunning and timeless images.

Preserving the Soul of Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Translating Your Moments into Memories with the Wedding Album

Transform the priceless moments of the big day into timeless treasures with bespoke wedding albums. The wedding album beautifully encapsulates the essence of your love story, taking note of every smile, tear and tender glance exchanged on your special day.

Translating Your Moments into Memories with the Wedding Album

Our  creative approach to designing and personalising your wedding album ensures that it becomes a true reflection of your unique journey together. From elegant layouts to custom covers adorned with your initials or favourite quotes, we, at Riss Photography, tailor every aspect to resonate with your individual style and preferences.

Punjabi wedding photos

Discovering the Pulse of Punjab with Riss Photography

Punjabi weddings remind us of the timeless beauty and joy these celebrations bring. From the soul-stirring melodies of the Anand Karaj to the spirited dances of the Sangeet, each moment is a testament to love, culture, and tradition. Capturing these moments isn’t just about preserving memories; it’s about honouring the richness of Punjabi heritage and the moments that bring families and communities closer. 

Punjab wedding

With all we know about Punjabi weddings under our belts, it’s time to book the services of Sydney’s most acclaimed Indian wedding photographer to capture all of your magical moments. Stop searching now that you have found the perfect wedding photographer to capture every minute of your Indian nuptials. 

Discovering the Pulse of Punjab with Riss Photography

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