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Congratulations on your new coming bundle of joy. It’s such a special feel to watch the new wonderful world growing inside you, and as the magical journey begins, maternity photos are a vital part of documenting and will be treasured for years to come. 


Outdoor maternity photo sessions are best done between 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Outdoor maternity photography is done outdoors in Sydney and lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour in which unlimited photos are taken. You will receive all the edited high-resolution digital shots with no hidden surprises! Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.


We know that there is lots of stress during this most unique time in your lifetime and so we try to make everything easy and comfortable for you and your partner. We would like you to reveal a stress-free and artistic outdoor maternity photography session. We will guide you through the photoshoot, even if you haven’t ever posed before- we are there to guide you.


There are numerous picturesque places in Sydney. Most of them make for the most sought photography spots and if you have a destination with a special emotional meaning, then it is a wonderful place to pick, for your outdoor photo session. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.
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Couples Maternity Photography


How would you like to show your child the love you and your partner had for them before their birth? How can you revel and esteem this special time the way it deserves? Simple- with couples maternity photography!


We also specialise in couples maternity photography of wonderful couples awaiting the arrival of their little bundle of joy in a matter of weeks time. It’s beautiful when the partner as well wishes to be a part of their couples maternity photo session- it’s a great revelry of being together as a couple, towards being new parents(or again). Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.


 Why Choose Riss Productions For Couples Maternity Photography?


We keep it real 

Every gestation is unique. We document your genuine connection. Nothing artificial. Merely that true affection between your baby, your partner and most importantly-YOU.


We photograph your true personalities

Your child will grow to understand what you and your partner were like and experience the love you had even before he/she was born.


You will have much fun

This is something significant right? Every time you glance at your maternity photos, you will relive the joy again.


Whether it’s your first child (or not) or you need a maternity photo session with your partner, there are no better means to document the happiness of a lifetime than with our couples maternity photography. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.

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Beach Maternity Photography


 Sydney houses scores of spectacular beaches in the world and we love making the most of this with beach maternity photography. For absolutely artistic and natural shots, we can capture you at the beach, a serene setting. Our maternity photoshoots are much natural and casual and can be held at any time of the day, be it a magnificent sunrise or sunset to document that special light that pervades the beach of your choice. Particularly gorgeous for expectant mothers lured by and love their time at the beach. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.


For beach maternity photography, our process for booking is extremely easy, just as our photo sessions. We are completely set up online, having all the details you require and will talk through with you in real or via email, the place where you like for the session, and the ambience you are looking for.


Once the shooting is done, your shots will be edited to perfection. We put in immense care to edit each shot. The hours we spend editing, will result in a series of splendid shots that will work well together as a series or you can frame or print discreetly. 


Envisage being confident, empowered and feeling happy throughout your photo session, safe in the hands of a professional photographer who has been into documenting the charm of pregnancy worthy of attention for more than eight years. The shots will be naturally remarkable maternity portraits, which seem like the real you, exuding pure love and charm. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.

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Maternity Photography Poses


Capture the Mom Alone

If you are capturing the partner as well, don’t forget to photograph just the mom. Getting great maternity portraits of the mother touching her baby bump makes for meaningful and tender shots. 


Posing in peculiar ways, such as making her stand at a 45-degree angle from the photographer, will add extra warmth and depth to the shots. When so, more accent can be put on the silhouette of the bump. This pose works well when the bump is small. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.


Capture Dad With the Belly

Just because maternity photoshoots are all about the baby bump doesn’t imply that the father can’t have his time before the camera. Let the father kneel and grab the belly with hands on each side. Have him talk to the baby and reveal the closeness. 


Direct Walking Pose

A walking pose can bring dynamics to your shot. It also helps you feel much more comfortable and relaxed. And even for walking poses, there are various walking poses to try: The mother leading the father, or the couple walking gradually towards the camera, or even talking about their child, which makes them naturally look at the baby bump. This makes the shot look natural. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.

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Outdoor Maternity Photography Poses


Switch Between Natural Posing and Posed

Do you know what natural posing is? It’s when the photographer gives the mom and dad an activity to do and let them revel the moment. For instance, asking the mom and dad to walk along the beach and look at each other and revel the beach views. 


Or else, it can be having the dad kneel down and talking to the belly. The photographer can document these moments from a distance, so that the couple feels that they can revel those special moments. 


Use Limbs to Highlight the Belly

The maternity photo session is all about the baby bump. To make certain that the focus remains on the bump and the couple, limbs are wonderful tools. You can either place the hands above and below your bump or else simply place the hands below. Or just let the mom rub the belly just like she would naturally do when she’s alone.


Posing With Siblings

How about an expectant mom posing with her children? It’s all about beginning with the entire family and then slowly moving on to capturing with the mother and siblings, then some creative photos of all. Then after everything is done with, let the children go and play.


Getting shots of the siblings beforehand can make the entire photoshoot go smoother. Then, start by posing the mother first. Next, place the father and then move on to place the siblings close to the parents. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.

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Studio Maternity Photography Ideas

Black and White Shots 

We are all about natural settings for pregnancy photo sessions, but be mindful that professional maternity shots clicked in a studio can be absolute show-stoppers. Think high-contrast black and white photos which can amp up the elegance. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.


Go Low Key or High Key

Capturing the mom in high-key lighting can give your shots an ethereal feel. There will a dearth of light in your shot. High-key lighting isn’t just ideal for a studio, but also at a location as well. Within a studio, two types of lights can be utilised to light the subject- a big soft light to flood the shot with light and another light, which can be placed at the front to light the subject uniformly. The key is to have plenty of light, to evoke that dreamy effect. 


Utilise Maternity Wraps and Textiles For Photography

There are wraps exclusively made for maternity photography sessions. The key is to buy a minimum of two meters of fabric which is easily available at any fabric store. Let the mom pick the patterns or colours. Use 1 meter for the top and bottom each. For the top, turn the fabric in the middle and secure the extra fabric at the back. For the bottom, wrap the client beneath the bump. Secure the excess at the back so that the excess cascade at the back.

Maternity Wraps For Photography


Maternity Photography is to document the remarkable and peculiar time of your lifetime called pregnancy. At Riss Productions, we have an impressive range of maternity wraps for photography for you to choose from. Wraps are extremely versatile maternity dress, as with wraps, it is possible to create various looks. We stock wraps in various attractive colours, and can deck you with the wrap to make an outfit. Or else warp down to achieve a boudoir appearance, throw to make a butterfly effect and make a number of looks. Each wrapping is peculiar, but still you can expect something remarkable when you prefer wrap as your outfit. Contact us for Maternity Photography Sydney.


Would you like us to document your pregnancy in a stunning outfit, at a location of your choice? Then just get in touch with us to document gorgeous you in pregnancy. And at the end, you will also relive the affection you felt when your bundle of joy is growing inside you through your maternity photos.

We could not be happier with Riss Photography. Their photo’s and video work for our wedding is absolutely perfect. They not only listened to what we wanted but then also implemented it on our day. Their quality of work is definitely first class. We have had other friends marry recently who paid massive price tags for their photo and video and have commented that ours are much better at a fraction of the price. Thank you so much Saadat we are over the moon


Having our wedding photographed by RISS was a very enjoyable experience. Although I booked Saadat at very short notice, he took the time to look at pictures I sent him and even brought a second photographer. It was their first “bush-wedding” and they managed to capture some beautiful and magical shots. They worked professionally and were warm and cheerful and a pleasure to have around. The communication later was great too, he responded quickly to e-mails and did a beautiful job with the editing. Would definitely use him again


Such a beautiful day and so thankful to have Saadat there to capture the memories! We had a small private ceremony on the Friday night and reception on the Saturday night. Saadat both nights was incredible! He was climbing trees, jumping into bushes and balancing on chairs to get the perfect shot. He captured such beautiful moments we will cherish forever. His beautiful energy and vibrancy showed how much he loved what he did. We would 100% recommend him for small or large weddings he was wonderful! Thank you Saadat for the memories!


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