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Experts In Lebanese Wedding Photography

On the verge of planning an opulent Lebanese wedding? A few quick thoughts might come to your immediate rescue to ensure the event is a vibrant success. We’ve listed the seven must-have customs to make your Lebanese wedding magical.

Lebanon’s Weddings and Its Rich Cultural Heritage

The Lebanese wedding holds an undeniable charm owing to its culturally lush celebrations and lavish ceremony. Each tradition they observe is reflective of their country’s deep-rooted heritage.

It brings us endless joy to be able to document the spirit of these incredibly varied traditions.

pre wedding poses for Lebanese bride

Capturing the Essence of Your Timeless and Ecstatic Moments: Ceremony and Celebrations

The Lebanese have a myriad of amusing pre-wedding customs, which include henna night, bachelorette parties, kidnapping of the groom, and so many other fun traditions they celebrate uniquely.

Lebanese weddings are a riot of vibrant colours, art, and culture, with guests feasting, dancing, and drumming, and everyone relishing live music and entertainment.

Riss goes around capturing all these once-in-a-lifetime affairs and magnificent moments to create your priceless wedding albums. The wedding photography packages at Riss Wedding Photography include capturing the bachelorette, henna party, etc.

Grand Entrance of the Lebanese Couple in wedding

Decor, Dance, and Dress

Of course, there are absolutely no Lebanese weddings without awe-inspiring and affluent decor. The Victorian and elegant decorations make your backdrop come alive in ways that make it look like a scene from a fairytale.

Drums and dance breathe life into the truly vibrant festivities. Lebanese traditions include the Dabke dance, which is an excellent way to entertain your beloved guests and get them grooving on the dance floor.

The attire of the bride and groom is yet another highlight of the wedding day. Guests are fervently waiting to have a look at the handsome groom, the gorgeous bride, and, undoubtedly, the breathtaking wedding dress.

Apart from these, the Zalghoutta, a Lebanese cake cut with a sword, the Zaffe, i.e., the entrance of the bride and groom, and tremendous fireworks are some of the other prominent traditions observed in Lebanese weddings.

If you wish to take a detailed look at Lebanese wedding traditions, check them out here. 

Lebanese wedding dance photography sydney

The Perfect Location for Your Wedding Photography

Just like any other aspect of wedding planning, people struggle to get hold of a venue that can provide a majestic backdrop for their ceremonies.

Speaking of venues to hold your mesmerising wedding ceremonies and receptions, there are endless possibilities. Make your wedding cinematography worth it by choosing a location that seamlessly captures the essence of your culturally rich customs.

Check out some of the most-loved Lebanese wedding venues in and around Sydney for your wedding photography:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Doltone House
  • The Grounds of Alexandria
  • Le Montage
  • Paradiso
  • The Highline Venue
  • Renaissance Weddings and Events
  • The Langham
  • Zest Waterfront Venues
  • Oatlands House
  • Seargent’s Mess

These are some of the locations you can choose from, and it’s surely going to be an experience like none other. If you’re interested in outdoor wedding shoots such as those in the Southern Highlands, Blue Mountain, Wollongong, and other Urban photography locations in Sydney, we do have our most eminent photographers there.

Lebanese wedding cake cutting photos

Lebanese Wedding Photography in Sydney

Photography is an inevitable aspect of wedding and budget planning. These moments are so rare and beautiful and need to be treasured for eternity.

At Riss Photography, we acknowledge the significance of these age-old Lebanese wedding traditions that have been passed down through generations and the emotional value they hold.

Our passionate team of Lebanese wedding photographers in Sydney is proficient at capturing the gist of culturally important wedding moments. They entwine your moments with modern aesthetics in photography to create a spectacular wedding album. We are always thrilled to narrate the story of your love, culture, and connection with posed and candid photographs.

Lebanese wedding tradition photography

Drone Wedding Photography for lebanese 

To indulge in wide-angle coverage for customs such as your regal laylieh, henna party, or pre-wedding functions, you can go for drone photography. The notion of drone wedding photography works exceptionally well if you’ve chosen a panoramic and picturesque location for your Lebanese pre-wedding photoshoot.

Lebanese Wedding Videography in sydney

If you’re interested in adding that extra mile to your wedding photography, you should definitely go and check out Wedding Videography. The most meaningful moments of your wedding are captured in real-time with wedding videography. Riss Photography, known to render wedding videography services in Sydney, takes a step forward in the visual narration of your wedding love story.  

Go through our wedding videography packages for further details.

Lebanese wedding couple photoshoot sydney

Celebrate Your Lebanese Wedding Photography with RISS Productions

Your most euphoric moments, which mark the beginning of your fabled forever, must be captured exquisitely. Who better than the best to do that? The title of “best wedding photographer and videographer in Sydney” is an honour that Riss Photography is proud to hold. 

 Our camera lens will capture all your wonderous moments—the tears, the smiles, the gazes—and orchestrate them into a fascinating harmony of emotions.

And if our wedding couples belong to two different cultures, you can still rest assured that we will carry out an alluring photoshoot, including either one. We are well-versed in twin-cultured wedding photography too.

Lebanese wedding candid photography sydney

Book Your Dates

Riss Photography’s unwavering dedication to quality guarantees you will get pictures that do more than just document the day; they will make you feel everything you experienced. We’re sure to leave a lasting impression, and you’re sure to relive your memories every time you sneak a look.

Secure your dates with Riss for your Lebanese wedding photography. Allow us to narrate your enchanting love story through our captivating photography skills.

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Our special multiple day wedding offers (Gaye holud, Nikkah, Reception)

Multiple day wedding offers

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