One of the most treasured and cherished moments in everyone’s life is getting married to their soul mate. Weddings involve not just the joining of two couples but also the union of two families. The big day celebration through dancing, partying, and creating fun events with your friends and families adds even more colour to the occasion.

Since friends plan and organize wedding festivities exclusively these days, family involvement only appears in a few events and photographs. As we know, family relationships may have evolved over time, but our relatives continue to have an impact on our lives. Continue reading to learn more about some thoughtful ways to bring your family together

A Novel Approach to Celebrating Your Wedding Ceremony with Family


When loved ones and families come together to celebrate, everyone experiences an extra level of happiness. Thus, involving your family in the wedding planning process is a fairly fun way to break the ice if you haven’t spent a lot of time together. Are you unsure about the best way to include your family in your wedding? Here are a few useful, easy, and enjoyable methods to accomplish that!


Let’s explore some creative and innovative ideas together!

         1. Share Your Feeling Towards Them



Family is regarded as the most incredible gift one could ever receive. The majority of them do not show affection or gratitude to their parents. So why can’t you show your love to them by sending some amazing letters or cards on the wedding day? The heartwarming quotes for parents and other special people will create unforgettable memories in their lives.

            2. Incorporate Family Traditions into the Ceremony



Marriage is the union of two families with various traditions and cultures. However, including each and every tradition in a single ceremony can be overwhelming. But with some smart ideas, we can make it delightful. We should seek advice from the parents about the important aspects of traditions, and then an official can accomplish it perfectly.

Being interested in your partner’s past and culture shows that you are excited to start a new life with them and are willing to support the things that are important to their family.

            3. Incorporate Symbols to Portray Your Family

There are numerous ways to represent families using symbols such as candies, lollipops, fingerprint diamonds, and more.

  • Favourite  Dishes and Lollies



    Each family member’s favourite dishes or other sweet is kept in a little jar with their name on it to symbolize their unique aspirations, skills, and desires. Everyone in the family is asked to move to the front of the ceremony area, where they are then told to put their favorite candies in the family candy jar.

  • Fingerprint Jewellery

    The fingerprints of every family member have to be fixed on a specific piece of jewellery. This makes all members feel connected and united every day. This will be a great moment in your life and that moment turns to memories through the photographs 

             4. Bring Creative Ideas to Your Ceremony

By including some innovative ideas, the wedding ceremony can be made to stand out in the minds of your family and guests. Let’s go through some creative ideas to include:



  • Give your guests a few tiny flowers in the form of hair clips or miniature bouquets.
  • Make fun with the ring bearer or little flower girl.

flower girls

  • Thank your guests with a hug and a note of thanks.
  • Keep a big screen in the ceremony hall so that people who can’t be there in person can interact with it and feel like they’re there.

         5. Express Your Love with the Unity Puzzle Board

Each family member has a distinct character, set of skills, and personality. A unity puzzle board is the best option for demonstrating their unbreakable family connection. If one component is missing, the remaining pieces cannot fit together properly, much like the importance of each family member. Typically, at the end of a wedding ceremony, each family member brings their puzzle piece forward and assembles it.

          6. Make Some Fun Photos with Them


Capture some candid family photos on special occasions for your wedding. These images will remind you about all the lovely moments that occurred during the event. During a wedding, couples generally engage in several rituals and traditions, which can lend the occasion an air of solemnity.

However, you may make things more enjoyable by giving your wedding moments a humorous touch. Allow your quirky personalities to be captured in your wedding photographs such as sharing the same sense of humour and making funny expressions at each other.  

            7. Showcase Your Family’s Talents in the Wedding Playlist



Each individual has unique talents, and your wedding celebration can be the perfect event for them to showcase the same. There will be writers, musicians, craftspeople, stylists, and possibly even cake makers. It will be an honour for them if you give them a chance to showcase their hidden talents at your wedding. We can ask our loved ones to play the guitar, sing a benediction, or even make our dessert right after lunch.

           8. Organize a Special Family Dance

The most heartwarming moments of any wedding reception are when parents dance with their daughter or son. Have you ever considered inviting the father and mother of the bride to share in those special moments? This will undoubtedly be a lovely event that strengthens their relationship.

Make a special dance for your close family members as well! You could even hold off on revealing it until the very last second. When you unexpectedly invite guests who are closely related to you to the dance floor, they will be surprised.

           9. Set Out Candid Wedding Family Portraits


Without a family portrait of the bride’s family and the groom’s family, no wedding album is complete. Regardless of how they may appear, your family has probably had a significant impact on who you are. So, make sure to set aside enough time for family photos to show your family how much you appreciate them and to show respect for them.


The candid photographs you capture of your family will live on in everyone’s memories for a lifetime.

           10. Plan Your Wedding with Your Pets



No matter how you want to celebrate your wedding, you must verify that the venue is pet-friendly. Pet parents place a great deal of attention on providing their pets with unique outfits and costumes. 

There are countless ways to prepare your pet for the wedding. Your relationship with your pet can serve as inspiration for your wedding stationery, decorations, favours, cake, and more.

  • Include them in family portraits.
  • Put on some nice attire for them.
  • Escorting them with the bride
  • Draw them in signage.

          11. Play the Spinning Wheel Game

Play some entertaining games and spin the wheel to amuse your loved ones. If you place a wheel of fun anywhere in your wedding reception, your guests will be entertained for many hours. By capturing the crazy moments throughout the enjoyable activities as photographs, the memories will be preserved forever. Even better, you can include unique activities that go with the theme of your wedding

           12. Similar Tattoos Together

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and symbolizing it with a permanent tattoo would be an extraordinary idea. Storytelling tattoos might seem a little strange on your big day, but if you and your partner decide to do it, you may count these as something new on a special day.

          13. Encourage Them to Speak Up in Public


The elders in the family consider the wedding ceremony of the children or grandchildren to be a treasured occasion. It is one of the unique emotions that grandparents, parents, and kids experience when celebrating the event. So it will make them feel proud if you urge them to publicly express their love and care for the bride and groom.


When two people get married, it’s not only about them, but their relationship, and their future. It is also about bringing two different families together. The guests, the people you care about, and your family will have high expectations for the event. So you must meet the expectations to make it memorable for a long time. 

The few things that make them happy and excited during the ceremony are the dance party, gifts, candid wedding photos, and much more. Everyone is creative in their own way, so you can also share your own creativity and fun ideas with Riss Photography to make your wedding day a memory that will last forever.

There are many instances during the wedding day when a little extra entertainment can make the day even more special and memorable. We always welcome to capture unique ideas and moments that will be cherished for a long time. Check out our awesome wedding photos and get in touch with us to capture your special day.