India being a vibrant country, is inhabited by people from different backgrounds and religious values. The diversity of Indian culture, rooted in rich tradition, is reflected in Indian weddings. Big-fat, extravagant weddings are a part of Indian culture. And Indians truly enjoy every aspect of their wedding. And when it comes to Indian wedding photography, it’s all about exhaustively documenting the entire ceremony. Every Indian wedding photographer strives to document the wedding revelry’s charm, but the key to nailing the wedding shots lies in the proper preparation for shooting & cinematography. Take a look at 13 Indian wedding photography poses that are a must-try for your Indian wedding photoshoot:

Tug of War Pose

A sport often played in the Indian cultures during diverse festivities with great interest, why not consider incorporating the tug of war pose into your photoshoot? The key is to bring the same idea to the shoot in which the groom’s and bride’s party in conjunction with the bride and groom at either end of the rope gleefully pulling the rope will be a much treasured yet fun Indian wedding photography pose.

Make an Eye Contact Pose

Even though it’s usual to capture an Indian wedding pose with the couple making eye contact, it can be much bespoke if shot in the backdrop of a traditional ceremony whereby guests toss flowers at the couple.

The Wedding Prep Pose

The brother of the groom setting the hair of his sibling or the sister of the bride tugging her sibling’s attire makes for nostalgic moments.

Romantic Embrace

Your wedding album would be incomplete without this pose. There are various poses to try out- groom embracing his better half from the back, which can add a touch of romance or the couple facing each other. Either way, the shot exudes romance.

In the Hands of Groom

romantic dark and moody wedding photography

This pose belongs to the iconic Indian wedding photography poses. In the groom’s hands is definitely popular and a photographer gets a chance to document their sincere feelings. While the groom holds the bride, they can either stare into each other or look at the camera. No matter what that shot will be truly spectacular.

The Royal Standing Pose


The royal standing pose makes for one of the simplest among all the Indian wedding poses. Even if it’s a classy pose, it would still exude elegance. The key here is to stand in front of the groom, with the hands of the groom at your waist or shoulder. The royal attire acts as the perfect framing for the pose.

Lifestyle Walk


It’s not incumbent to adopt the stationary Indian wedding photography pose, you can even try to get a shot while walking. The result? Shots which are more dynamic and natural! You can spark up a conversation while having a smile in your face all the while. You can pick any surrounding as you favour, but the lighting conditions need to be controlled. 

Twirling Bride

Bride twirling with glee is typical for Indian wedding photography and especially for the culture. The bride’s attire lets her pose and dance from diverse angles. Such shots are mostly captured without the groom, but you can experiment a bit and make the groom holding her hand or watching her grace as a part of the frame. 

The Veil Pose

An Indian bride’s attire will be as stunning as her jewellery, so why not spotlight some parts of her attire for some timeless shots? Indeed there exists countless Indian wedding photography poses on how to make the most of a bride’s attire. For instance, a bride facing the groom and lifting the veil. But make sure that your photographer is able to see you through your veil. 

That Happy Glance

There are scores of poses whereby the bride and groom glance at the camera, but why not go for something atypical? Stand in such a way that your wedding photographer merely see just your profiles. While you do so, gently hold your partner’s shoulder. 

Vidaai in his Arms

Vidaai is one of the most emotionally heart-rending moment for any Indian bride. But think of being shot right at that moment when your better half lifts you up and wipe away those tears. 

Eternal Dancing Shadows

Let your silhouette take centre stage while you swirl in your partner’s arms. An indelible silhouette photo is one of the most non-cliche Indian wedding Photography poses. But don’t miss out to highlight the photo backdrop with bright-lit ambience or fireworks.

Showing off Rings

The rings you exchange is one of the most conventional attributes of your wedding. Let your rings take centre stage here. You can either place them in the palm of your hands or hold them together. When it comes to showing off rings, it’s not much important to pose since the backdrop is usually blurred so as to focus on the rings. 

The Classic Sitting Pose

The iconic sitting pose is a truly popular Indian wedding photography pose. The couple can sit adjacent to each other and pick the position they favour. They can either adoringly stare into each other’s eyes or face the camera. The bride can either merely hold his hands or choose to bend her head on his knees. They can pose on a sofa, an armchair or even on a carpet, which makes for some intriguing shots.

Black and White Shots

Mount Tomah Botanical Garden Wedding

If you’re chalking out some detail-oriented, remarkable wedding shots then you certainly need to try black and white wedding shots. 

These are some of the best Indian wedding photography poses which you should certainly try for your Wedding photoshoot. Plus if you’re after photo inspiration besides poses, then simply visit Riss productions website.