Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding is a celebration of love. A celebration of unity. Every single person would have a different dream or idea of how their wedding should be. Deciding on facts like where should it happen and who should be there on your big day demands time and energy. Planning all of this can make you feel that you don’t have enough time to do it. It might make you overwhelmed or, in a funny way, turn you into a bridezilla. All jokes apart, if you plan it right, you will have all the time in the world to craft your perfect day with your partner. 

One of the biggest decisions you would have to make is choosing your wedding photographer on your wedding day. Make no mistake in choosing this because it is worth a whole bunch of timeless memories photographed into a memoir. So choosing your perfect wedding photographer is crucial. You can find all the tips and tricks on how to hire your wedding photographer on the internet. But it can cost you a lot of time and effort to find the right methods. So for your ease, we have done some research and gathered up some basic aspects you should look into while planning to hire a photographer on your D day.


The Budget Planning


Let’s agree to the fact that wedding photography is extremely expensive, and hiring the wrong photographer after investing that much money could end up costing your money and having a disastrous wedding album. Keep in mind that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment yearning to be captured. So first and foremost, set up your budget for the corresponding and plan accordingly months before the wedding. Because finding a photographer inside your budget can be a tiresome process and also could take you a while. If it’s possible, book them 1 or 2 years in advance so that you don’t have to worry about that cost, cutting in on your further wedding plans. Having a finite budget doesn’t have to affect your preferences on how you want the photographs. If you do thorough research and portfolio hunt, finding a perfect one can be a piece of cake. Last but not least, always have a backup plan. If, by any chance, your photographer couldn’t make it or any other hurdles in the wedding planning process happen, always have a plan B to balance the mishap. You wouldn’t want anyone or anything to affect your wedding.


The Comfort Zone

Hiring a photographer and being comfortable with his presence are two different things. Communication is the key to everything. Get to know your photographer up front and see if you could be comfortable around posing for the pictures. Ask him if he will be taking the pictures or his associates; if others are involved, try to go through their work pattern too. You don’t want to look nervous in your wedding pictures, neither do your partner. You might have spontaneous ideas to click, but if you aren’t comfortable with them, you might not be able to convey them. Talk about how you want to have the shoot, minimal or extravagant. Which all locations you want to cover etc. If you feel in your gut that he is easy to talk to and has the right attitude you expect from your photographer, then that’s the person for making your fairytale dream come true in pictures. Waste no time hiring them.


Checking Every Minute Details


Wedding photographer hiring being the hardest part in planning the wedding, it also has the most chances to be easily scammed. As we know, all of the photographers provide you with packages scheming from the lowest cost to the highest differing in the services they provide. Make sure that you go through all the packages carefully and choose only the one you think would perfectly fit your needs. Make sure you ask enough questions to clear all the inhibitions and doubts you have in your mind. Ask them the time frame in which they will give you the final copies. Ask if they will provide the negative of the photos. Most importantly, you never know whether you will need more pictures than the package limit because it’s a wedding and it can be unpredictable. So make sure you know the price of how much an extra picture costs so that there is no chance of scamming money in that area. Ask about their cancellation and refund policy because you never know what the future holds for you, and if you find someone else fitting your profile, you need to be sure you will receive a full refund.



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Look into the Quality


In a hurry-burry of finalizing your wedding photographer, you should not miss out on looking into the quality of their work and the pictures. Always ask for their sample albums and do not just confirm the hire by looking into one or two pictures in their social feed. Social media will only show the best part of their work. It’s important to see one of his previous works as a whole to know if he matches your vibe or not. They might offer you a blinding number of pictures in the package, but you need good heartwarming clicks, and numbers don’t define it. Quality does. You can deduce from the previous works how much effort they take and how much time they spend to get that perfect picture for you.


A Single Photographer

We might have the tendency to hire different people for the different functions taking place. Ignore this tendency and hunt for a photographer who can do it all. It is not guaranteed that you will be getting the same results as the other photographers, good or bad. So it’s easier to avoid the risk other than dealing with the consequences. Also, it’s not likely for you to feel comfortable with each of the photographers and pose accordingly for your pictures. The whole process will be complicated and rather tiring. So the best advice you can take is to stick to one photographer at a time. Trust the process.


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