Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing a Photographer

Your wedding is a happy memory in your life. So you should have nothing but the best of everything on your special day. One of the biggest checkboxes to tick off in your wedding to-do list is choosing the photographer. He will be the person responsible for capturing all your best and heartfelt memories and composing them into a memory book for your future. So it’s crucial that you make the right choice. There’s a lot of tips and tricks out there to help you in your research for the perfect wedding photographer. But still, a few things can go unnoticed. So here, let’s know the most common mistakes not to make while choosing your wedding photographer, to help you plan your wedding like a pro.


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Choosing Quantity Over Quality


Yes, it is common to look over the number of pictures and the hours the photographers cover in their package. But this is a usual mistake most people make while choosing a wedding package. You don’t prefer having a wedding album with a bundle of pictures taken on your lawn and just that. So pick quality over quantity when making a choice. This will make sure you get the value for money and also the best collection of your wedding pictures in your album. It’s about more good ones than how many when it comes to your special day.


Falling for the Exceptional Feed 


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Mostly everyone will go through the photographer’s social media feed to find how good his clicks are and how much reach he has in the online platform. That’s a big NO-NO when it comes to wedding photography. You are planning to pay them and expect them to cover your entire wedding event. Not just one or two exceptional captures. By looking into their feed, you can only find that. They would obviously curate their online presence just like how you plan your feed with only the best ones. So their best shots shouldn’t be the reason you hire them. Analyze their work in detail. Ask them to show one or two of the complete wedding series they have done to assess their work quality. Make a wise choice rather than a vague one.


Hiring Multiple Photographers for Different Events


Most of the brides’ dream of a grand wedding that lasts for days includes a lot of events and is mostly fun. This comes with a lot of pre and post-wedding functions and numerous locations correspondingly. Because of this, there can arise a tendency to book multiple photographers for each and every event. This is a major mistake you should not make. Hiring different wedding photographers can be a tiring process because of many reasons. For you to look happy and natural in your pictures, you need to be comfortable with the person who is capturing you. If the photographers keep changing, then your comfort level also keeps varying, which might end up having dull and uneasy pictures at your wedding. And also, keeping up with that many photographers can be extremely stressful. So always book a single photographer who is good enough to cover your entire wedding and avoid the risk of receiving unsatisfactory images of your wedding.



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Not Considering Your Budget


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Wedding photography can be expensive, and if you don’t plan accordingly, it can eat up your entire wedding allowance. So until and unless you want to cut out on the other preparations for your wedding just for the sake of hiring the best photographer, always keep your budget in mind. Do not make the mistake of paying them the advance and thinking that you will figure it out along the way because that’s just going to cause you more stress piled upon on the other wedding shenanigans. Do proper research to find an affordable photographer, and try not to spend too much time looking at the portfolios of photographers who are way out of your wedding photography budget


Not Having a Backup Plan


You can never predict what the future has in store for you. Good or bad. You only have a single shot making it right because it’s your wedding. So always be prepared for the unexpected. What if your photographer has an inconvenience right on your wedding day, or what if your wedding venue has any malfunction and there is no way to get good pictures of the auspicious occasion? What if the weather gives you a red signal? Have answers for all of these questions and more of these unexpected questions so that you can be better prepared for your wedding. Always have a plan B with your wedding photography. It’s good if you don’t have to use it. But it is even better if something unfortunate happens and you are stress-free knowing that you have a backup plan in the hood.


Choosing the Extravagant Wedding Package


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You do your research on the photographer, his portfolio, and his work quality. But not the wedding photography packages he offers. Everyone chooses the best and the expensive package they provide, hoping that would cover all our needs. What goes unnoticed is it might have things that we don’t want also. So why waste money on things that you don’t want to be included in? Do thorough research on the wedding packages available and the itinerary. And choose only the one you think is needed. There will be tempting tags on expensive packages like “ we provide negatives”, or we give original prints. Do not fall for the extra spent. Curate your package and pay for only what is needed. Remember, it’s a photography package for your wedding, not a value meal in a restaurant. 


Riss Photography offers extensive wedding photography services in Sydney. We are glad that we could give a memorable experience for the customers who believe in us to capture their special moments. We are always ready to go that extra mile when it involves creating unforgettable and unique wedding pictures.