20 Funny Wedding Photo Poses for Your Wedding

Hurray!  After the rush of engagements, wedding planning, styling, and makeovers, the big day finally arrives. It’s time to have excitement, super joy, and fun. As we know, a wedding is the most memorable day in everyone’s life, so capturing those moments is an unavoidable part too. 

Now it’s trending in wedding photography to capture the fun moments of laughter, romance, dancing, etc. No wedding is complete without professional wedding videography. Some shots are captured preplanned, and some other poses are taken unexpectedly. The unexpected shots are original, reveal the story behind them, and will be the evergreen pose. 

In either case, your wedding photographers will capture beautiful images of your big day. Why don’t you attempt taking amusing images of your wedding that will remind you of the real moments?

Here are some funny wedding photo poses for your wedding. 

Funny Wedding Photos: Capturing Magical Moments That’ll Make You Smile

The wedding day is filled with some awesome moments, not only the romantic ones but also the fun ones too. Going through such fun moments will give you a fresh memory of your special day when you look back later. Here are some of the funny wedding shots that put a smile on your face.

1.  The Winking Eye

The funny winking eyes in wedding

Just for fun! bride shows that she is not at all serious about the tale she said.


2.  The Fun of Eating Together

 Fun of eating together in wedding

Who says eating together must be serious?  Following the party, the bride makes fun of the groom for turning away while eating snacks.

3.  Archery on Groom

funny photo - Archery on Groom

As we know, every time both squads play tricks on the bride and groom, this time the team uses archery to shoot red roses at the groom.


4.  The Little Siblings


funny Little Siblings in wedding

The little ones are always pretty at the function, the mainstay of the ceremony. Here is the little Sibling chewing the popsicle.


5.  The Beauty Queen Grandma

Beauty Queen Grandma's funny pose

For couples, grandparents are one of the most loving persons in their family. Here is the beauty queen grandma giving a fabulous hug as bride’s squad.


6.  The Centerpiece of the Ceremony

Centerpiece funny poses in Ceremony

Sometimes, grooms need to play more games with squads before seeing the bride. Here the squads are playing a  game of the person who acts as the groom with his photo.

7.  The Royal Prince

Royal Prince with funny wedding pose

Its the Indian ritual to get the bride after winning a war; only the brave warrior can get the princess. Here is the groom following the tradition with a sword. 

8.  The Balloon Popping Game

Balloon Popping Game - funny act in wedding reception


Every time, the couple has to perform some games to show their affection and way of thinking. Here, the couples showing the red and blue balloons agree and disagree on the questions raised by the guests.


9.  The One and Only Brother Groom

One and Only Brother Groom - funny pose


The sister-brother relationship is always special beyond the limits. Here the one and only brother groom shows his support to the three sisters. 


10.  The Romantic Kiss

Romantic Kiss with funny pose


Yes, squads, it’s high time to leave the couples for their special moments. The stunning candid moments shows the romance of the couple.


11.  The Pet Love

Pet Love - funny wedding photo

Here is the pet complaining to the parent to forget him from the photo shoot. The photographs reveal the affection of the pet, which will be an everlasting memory even after so many years.

12.  The Jump of Joy

Jump of Joy with funny pose

The funny pre wedding photos outbound the real happiness of the coming days. 


13.  Everytime Together

Every time Together with funny wedding pose

This is currently one of the funny wedding photo ideas. When the bride is carrying the bouquet, the groom chooses a smokey cigarette along with him.


14.  Gaming Together

funny Game in wedding


Enjoying the game together with the groom squad will be a memorable moment for the friendship.


15.  The Adventurous Tasks from the Squads

Adventurous Tasks from the Squads - funny poses

The arrival of the groom is on the drum; this will be an adventurous task given to the groom with their full support. 

16.  Funny Poses Each Other

Funny wedding Poses Each Other


Making silly faces at each other will show the childishness of the couple. This will be an everlasting funny wedding photo when you look back after years.


17.  The Screaming Romance

screaming romance with funny pose

The bride and groom radiate their happiness to each other. She is yelling her love to the world.


18.  The Bouquet Toss

funny Bouquet Toss in wedding


This funny photograph binds the joy of fun and happiness together. 

19.  The Food Thieves

Food Thieves funny wedding poses

It’s fun to steal the food from the pantry and share each other. When you look back over the years, this will be a magnificent shot.


20.  The Funny Bridal Pose


Posing the comedic flair to the shots will help to release the stress and add extra fun to the occasion. Here the bride chooses her pose naturally.

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