A wedding, the celebration of a momentous promise to unconditional love and faith, is one of the most beautiful and magical days of everyone’s life. It is the dream of every couple to make those moments as memorable as possible. People want to look back to their wedding day for years to come. Wedding photographers are tasked with capturing that once in a lifetime event and turning those moments into the most precious wedding treasure.

Wedding photography beautifully encapsulates the priceless memories of your big day along with its genuine emotions and fantastic tales attached to each moment. Wedding photographers provide a lasting record with exquisite photos that you’ll all cherish for many years to come.

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Wedding photography is a fusion of many photography genres. It is important to sort through the myriad photography styles and find the ideal style that harmonises with you. Everyone desires their wedding photography to be as unique as their wedding. These days, there is a trend of fine art photography that is catching up fast. The term “fine art photography” is all over the internet used by photographers to describe their style. But what exactly does fine art wedding photography really mean? Fine art photography is more than just documenting your wedding day; it steps further into the realm of art. It is a style in which the photographer incorporates the work of art to reveal his vision. Let’s explore this photography style that showcases images as visual art and brings the wedding story to life.



What is fine art wedding photography?

Fine art wedding photography is a style of wedding photography in which the photographer crafts a story through their lens from an artist’s perspective. In this photography, photographers are the artists who capture photos that are worth a thousand words from entirely their own unique point of view. They intend to immortalise all the beauty of your big day into images that can be appreciated as a major art piece. To create an artistic story of your marital bliss, fine art wedding photographers express the soulful emotions and feelings behind every moment through their clicks. Usually, fine art images are defined as natural, soft shots that encapsulate the beauty of every single moment on your wedding day, emphasising real, raw emotions. Shallow depth of field, pastel-toned colour palette and ethereal beauty are usually linked with fine art photography. Fine art wedding photography is all about wedding pictures that clearly show that they were created by an artist and not by just the camera. Fine art wedding photographers are great storytellers dedicated to their art, making their photographs stand out from the rest. The sheer beauty of fine art wedding photos makes this style more and more popular nowadays.

Tips to master the fine art wedding photography style

Fine art wedding photography hinges entirely on the personal artistic vision or idea of a photographer. No one can teach you how to guide your vision and artistry. However, here are some tips to help creatively prompt you to turn the wedding tale of your next couple into long-lasting memories.



Detail shots are the key

The utmost love for details is the speciality of fine art wedding photography. It is imperative to capture every little detail with magnificence to depict the unique story of a wedding. Detailed shots embrace the essence of fine art wedding photography, and it is the glue that holds the story together. Apart from people, weddings always tend to be crammed with lots of beautiful visual details in decor, attire, etc.

The use of macro lenses renders even the tiniest objects with incredible detail and allows photographers to take sharp, detailed and close-up shots of things. Don’t ever miss to capture getting ready details, ceremony details, rings, spontaneous intimate moments, wedding party detail shots, and reception details. There are always lots of other miniature details worth capturing throughout the day. So, always keep an eye out for the intricate details. Furthermore, as a fine art wedding photographer, you need to be well-planned to consider each element of the scene carefully.

Encapsulating the wedding day as it unfolds, the groom’s nervousness, the laughter of bridesmaids, parent’s tears of joy, and first dance moves will help keep the memories of the wedding day alive for years to come. To craft more compelling photos and drive the story behind the image, concentrate on excelling composition and framing. Composition is the art of arranging objects in a frame; even a few bad elements can ruin the balance of an image. Moreover, move around and find the best angles to take unique photos, as your use of camera angles makes all the difference.


Think creatively to shoot outside the box

Nowadays, nobody really wants a wedding album with the same old bride and groom pose as they have seen for ages. A wedding album is not just a collection of photos; it is the keepsake of the most incredible event in one’s life. Every couple desires wedding photography that captures out-of-the-world picture series for their wedding album. To craft the most beautiful visual representation of a wedding, fine art wedding photographers have to think unconventionally. What really sets you apart as a fine art photographer is the ability to break out of the shell and explore different artistic perspectives to encapsulate the whimsically romantic moments, intense emotions and other tiniest details.

Stay creative in every click to add a beautiful story to the images. Do not end your out-of-the-box thinking just at the shutter click, do expand your imagination and creativity to the editing room as well. The divergent thinking of fine art wedding photographers will undoubtedly amaze the couples and leave them intrigued. Wedding photography is a creative art; don’t hesitate to enhance your photographs by adding effects or altering colours in editing. Try out new things, like new ways to edit or new techniques to draw out the beauty of the precious moments into photographs.



Capture the personality of your subjects

Personality is the one thing that makes a person unique. Even though the personality of the fine art photographer matters, it solely doesn’t make the artistic images. Bringing out the personality of your bride, groom, and their wedding party is also imperative.

With natural and timeless aesthetics, fine art wedding photography weaves every cherished moment from the couples’ big day in a highly creative manner that gives a narrative touch. Fine art wedding photography is not just wedding documentation; it is a story crafted through the lenses in a little more surreal way than anyone ever imagined. 

While you are shooting, guide your clients and recommend prompts that bring out their real personalities. Talk to your couple. Tell them the emotion you want them to portray by creating a scene for them. Eternise all the feelings of the wedding day with its warmth through your camera lens; after all, it is the one thing that persists when the day has long passed. Think of what you can do to make them laugh or loosen up. Laugh with them. Entertain them. Capture the sassiness and quirkiness of bridesmaids with an added dash of creativity. Make them comfortable around you to bring to light the best facets of their personality with your camera lens. Let the personality of the couples shine through in all of the wedding images you capture. The broad smiles, hearty giggles, soul-stirring moments, quivering lips, teary eyes, all of these picture-perfect moments of the big day make the most precious memories.



Focus on creating a hassle-free vibe during the shoot to ensure your couples are at their natural best. Captivate the personality of your subjects into the wedding photos in the most flattering way possible so that they completely love what they see in their wedding album. In addition, this also enables you to make sure that your photography experience gives the client nothing but cordial feelings and blissful thoughts.

Connect with the couple and create their romantic tale

Every couple desires that their wedding photos evoke the artistry of their love story. The heart of fine art wedding photography is its flair for storytelling, which sets this photography style apart.

It is imperative to connect with your couple to get real expressions and emotions out of them. Since every wedding speaks a story, you have to depict it through your fine art wedding photography with the help of aesthetical compositions and gorgeous imagery. Genuine emotions captured in photographs will help to narrate the story of their love. A habit of connecting with people is a prerequisite for fine art wedding photography. Communicate with the subjects and get to know them for resonating with the vibes of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. Bring the wedding story of your couple to life with a cohesive set of stunning images, which portray the feelings and emotions behind a moment.



While you capture the wedding photos, keep the story foremost in your thoughts. If you can’t find a story, create one. Use your imagination to translate your couple’s special day into a work of photographic art. Capture the atmosphere as well as the details with utmost perfection and use these series of beautiful images to create the most spectacular romantic tale. To make the series of images more enthralling, you can apply an assortment of photographic techniques. The excellent arrangement of photo order is vital to let your couple experience every emotion leading up to the mesmerising moment of sentimental vows while turning each page of the wedding album.

Every day challenge yourself, keep experimenting

Fine art wedding photographers stand out for their creativity, unique shooting style and photo editing style in crafting a visual masterpiece within their images. To continue as an effective creator, it’s necessary to put your creativity to practice. Get out of your comfort zone and always experiment with different techniques, settings, lights, angles, etc., that you may not have tried before. Keep improving your creative eye as an artist and find novel ways to take your fine art wedding photography skills to the next level.

Adopt the mindset of a beginner because there is always something new to learn. Always experiment and push yourself as an artist to go farther than you think you can go. Keep the freshness of mind because it can give you that creative boost you are looking for. Fine art photography invariably encourages more experimentation and more profound endeavours. Make use of this opportunity and take your shots beyond the norm to create unique pieces of art.



The typical features of today’s fine art wedding photography are:

  • Fine art wedding photography is referred to as bright, light and airy
  • A soft, pastel color palette is used instead of the harsh hues and strong contrasts
  • The images have a timeless quality, like a piece of art.
  • It is often shot with natural light. 
  • Typically render an “editorial” feel to images
  • Focus on romantic posing and moments
  • Natural, emotive photos that pay attention to every little detail 
  • Shallow depth of field (subject stays on focus and allows everything else in the frame to be out of focus)
  • True-to-color editing that stands the test of time

Every wedding has the potential for magnificent images, but it all depends on the photographer’s exceptional vision and a keen eye for details. Fine art wedding images are beautiful pieces of art created under the photographer’s vision as an artist. It is more stylised and graphic than conventional wedding photography. The best fine art wedding photographers like Riss Photography provide you with stylised magazine-worthy imagery of your wedding day. It is important to note that your choice of venue significantly impacts achieving elegant fine art wedding images. Fine art wedding photography is known for its precision depiction. From the exotic scenery of your location to scintillating bridal portraits to the tiniest of details, photographers will capture every moment to tell your wedding story. Fine art wedding photographers capture all emotions, whether laughter or tears, present at a wedding in its most genuine essence. If you want to relive your wedding day memories for a lifetime and treasure them like a valuable piece of art, fine art wedding photography is undoubtedly the right choice for you.