Let’s Face It: Your Family is Hilariously Chaotic (and That’s Awesome!)

Ever scrolled through your phone and noted that you have a zillion pictures of your pet hamster, your buddies, and exactly zero decent photos of your entire family? Yeah, we all do have that moment.

But here’s the thing: that messy, laugh-out-loud, “Can-you-believe-we-survived-this?” Kind of chaotic moments, these special moments make your family a family. And those tiny yet beautiful moments deserve to be documented, because trust us, ten years down the line, you’ll be ecstatic that you have those photos to relive the good, the bad, and the gloriously awkward nanoseconds.

So ditch the stress of scripted perfection and cradle the sublime, hilarious mess that is your family. This blog is all about the perfect clothing ideas for family photoshoots: fun, relaxed, and all too comfortable. We’ll show you how to capture those candid smiles, those epic eye rolls, and all the in-between moments in the most fun clothing. 

Stylish Clothing Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Family Photoshoot

Clothing Ideas for a Perfect Family Photoshoot
We just talked about clicking on the authentic, heartwarming moments of your family. But let’s be honest, a little bit of panache never hurts anyone. The clothes you choose for your family photoshoot can instantly brighten up those candid moments and create a more put-together look that complements your frames, individual personalities, and the overall vibe you’re going for.

Expert photographers from Riss have come up with some really useful tips on how to choose flattering outfits and colour combinations that look fab on all ages. The concept is to avoid excessive matching while maintaining a stylish and well-coordinated look. We’ve got some quirky yet super smart family photoshoot outfit ideas to get you started.

So buckle up, ditch the fashion faux pas, and look your stylish best for the next family photoshoot.

Understanding the Basics: Get All Set for the Best Clicks

Family photography basics
So, you’re ready to drop the mismatched wardrobe and capture your family’s flair? Here are the key ingredients for a photoshoot wardrobe that’s both coordinated and bursting with personality.

Coordination is Key, But Ditch the Mini-Mes.

Forget the days of everyone in identical denim shirts. Coordination is about creating a cohesive look, not cookie-cutter outfits. Think of complementary colours, similar textures, or patterns that play off each other. This creates a visually appealing photograph without sacrificing your family’s individuality. 

The Magnetic Allure of Hues

Choosing a colour palette is like picking the paint colours for your family portrait masterpiece. Select a few colours that complement each other’s skin tones and consider the overall mood you want to put forth. Earthy hues like browns and greens work well for nature-inspired shoots, while a brighter palette with pops of colour can add a fun quotient to indoor shoots.
family photo ideas outfits

Let Us Not Skip Out on How a Beautiful Location Makes the Frame  

Where and when you’re taking your photographs play a humongous role in outfit planning. A breezy beach photoshoot calls for lighter fabrics and cooler tones, while a cosy cabin session might involve chunky sweaters and warmer hues.  Keeping the location and season in mind ensures your family looks and feels comfortable while rocking their best looks.

Stay tuned! As we are about to delve deeper into creating a colour palette that looks fabulous on everyone and explore some outfit ideas for different ages and styles. With all the above mentioned tips, you’re sure to rock the outfit ideas for the family photoshoot.

Choose a Clothing Colour Palette

We all know the power of colour. It has the ability to evoke emotions, set a mood or vibe, and even make us look our best selves. So when it comes to clothes colour palette of clothing ideas for family photoshoot, we must plump for a cordial colour palette.

family photoshoot outfit colour palette ideas

Tips for a Winning Colour Scheme

  • Think like a painter

Imagine your family photography as an artful portrait. For added depth, stick to a minimal number of colours with slight variations in hues and tones.

  • Consider skin tones

Colours flatter each skin tone differently. Warmer colours such as yellows, oranges, and reds tend to work well with olive and golden complexion tones, whereas cooler tones such as blues, greens, and purples complement cooler or pinkish skin tones.

  • Do not ever skip out on the charm of the neutrals

Neutral shades like beige, cream, navy, and grey are your wardrobe workhorses. They serve as a fantastic base for bolder colours and add a touch of effortless sophistication. By opting for more neutral shades, you are more likely to have access to a whole lot of family photoshoot outfit ideas.

Colour Palette Inspiration

Here are a few examples of a colour palette that has a sure shot at getting your creative juices flowing:

  • Classic chic

Just the thought of navy blue, white, and khaki lures us. It is a timeless combination, perfect for a beach photoshoot. It is versatile, flattering, and never goes out of style.

 beach family photoshoot outfit ideas

  • Earthy elegance

Cream, olive green, and terracotta beautifully embrace nature’s comeliness in this palette that evokes a sense of warmth and serenity. If you are thinking of rustic or bohemian vibes for family photoshoot outfit ideas, this is beyond perfect for you.

family photoshoot outfit ideas in nature

  • Sunshines and smiles

Light blue, yellow, and white. This tranquil yet playful palette is perfect for capturing the joy of summer. Think breezy sundresses, linen shirts, and pops of sunshine yellow!

Family outfit ideas in summer

Remember: These are just tiny hints to get you started! Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a colour palette that manifests the unique family style of your family.

Seasonal Considerations – Dressing Weather Appropriately

Now that you’ve got a hold over the clothes colour palette, let us make sure that your family is comfortable and stylish, no matter the season!

Spring – All About Fresh Starts and Blooming Colours 

Soft pastels like baby blues, pinks, and yellows work well, or snuggle the vibrant energy of spring with bolder fuchsias and greens. Lighter fabrics like cotton and linen will keep your family cool and all too comfy. Florals and lighter patterns add a dash of spring cheer to your family photoshoot dress ideas.


Summer – Sunshine, Fun, and Breezy Style

Bright and cheerful colours like yellows, oranges, and blues are perfect for capturing the summer vibe. Navy and white is another classic summer combination. Plump for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Flowy dresses and shorts are fabulous for keeping your family cool  and at the same time nail the family photoshoot outfit ideas.

Fall – Calls for Warm Hues and Cosy Textures

Family clothing ideas in spring
Earthy tones like browns, oranges, and deep greens reflect the changing leaves. Rich jewel tones like burgundy and emerald add a touch of sophistication. Thicker fabrics like corduroy and flannel will keep your family warm during fall photoshoots. So take hints from this one for
clothing ideas for family photoshoots.

Layering allows for adjusting to temperature changes.

Winter – All About Warmth and Elegance

Family clothing ideas during winter
Rich jewel tones like burgundy, emerald, and navy add a touch of luxury. Winter whites and creams create a timeless, polished look. Layer up those cosy knits, sweaters, and warm jackets. Plaids and tartans add a celebratory touch to your winter
 family photoshoot outfit ideas.

Different Style Choices of Clothing Ideas for Family Photshoot

Now just in case you are feeling inspired by a particular era, we’ve got you back with that too. Here are some outfit ideas for the family photoshoot to channel your inner fashion historian!

  • 70s Theme Outfits

Think bell bottoms, floral prints, and wide-collar shirts. For adults, go for flared jeans, platform shoes, and paisley prints.  Kids can rock mini dresses, jumpsuits, and headbands.
70s family photoshoot outfit ideas

  • 80s Theme Outfits

Neon lights, leg warmers, and big hair are the hallmark styles of the 80s. Adults can pick outfits with bold neon colours, leggings, and off-the-shoulder tops. Kids can don bright leggings, graphic tees, and neon accessories too.
70s family photoshoot outfit ideas

  • 90s Theme Outfits

Flannel shirts, scrunchies, and combat boots defined the 90s. Adults can channel this era with ripped jeans, oversized flannel shirts, and chokers. Kids can wear overalls, graphic tees, and chunky sneakers.

90s outfit ideas for family photoshoot

Again, these are just jumping-off points! You can even get creative and mix and match eras to create a unique look with your family photoshoot outfit ideas. It is after all your day; style it as you want!

The Most Trending Clothing Ideas for Your Family Shoot

We have curated a list of some of the most desirable your family photoshoot outfit ideas which will help you dress to the vibe that you’re looking for. 

      1. Casual Chic

On the hunt for the perfect inspiration for the relaxed outdoor photoshoots or capturing those candid moments at home? Think of those classic denims paired with flowy blouses or crisp button-up shirts. Dress in solid colours or simple patterns that work harmoniously. Let’s dress your tiny tots in comfy jeans, cute skirts, or playful overalls.

      2. Elegant and Formal

Now if you guys have chosen a formal photoshoot session for your family, the outfits can be perfected to look dapper too. Dresses and suits are the most eye-catching outfits for this occasion. Ladies can pick a flattering dress in a bold colour or even in a classic silhouette.

formal family photoshoot ideas

Men can look sharp in a well-tailored suit with a crisp tie. Coordinating your colour scheme for a cohesive look will make your family photoshoot outfit ideas even more sophisticated.

           3. Bohemian Vibes

Bohemian style is all about relaxed vibes and our connection to nature. Flowy maxi dresses and peasant tops with natural fabrics like linen or cotton are perfect for this look. Men can pick up those patterned shirts and linen pants.

Let your little ones twirl in flowy dresses or comfy shorts and shirts with nature-inspired prints. Don’t forget playful accessories like headbands or feather boas which effortlessly flaunts the charming bits of boho vibes for your family photoshoot dress ideas.

         4. Vintage Inspired Look for a Touch of Nostalgia

Channel your inner fashionista with vintage-inspired outfits ideas for your family photoshoot. Recreate a bygone era with retro dresses, high-waisted pants, or suspenders for men. Patterns like polka dots and stripes add a tint of vintage charm. Dress your little ones in adorable sailor suits, pinafore dresses, or bow ties for a touch of old-fashioned cuteness.

           5. Modern and Trendy

For those of you who like to go with the current trends, you need to check out some fun clothing ideas for the family photoshoot. Stylish blazers, statement pants and trendy dresses can make a bold statement. And you will also have a lot of options to experiment with, be it colour or patterns.

Modern family photoshoot outfit ideas

Dress your tiny kiddos in cool graphic tees, trendy sneakers, and a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Some Practical Tips for Nailing Your Next Family Photoshoot

Now that you’ve got your wardrobe all figured out, let’s talk about some practical tips to ensure that dressing up for your family photoshoot is a fun and fabulous experience.

  • Comfort Above All

Looking stylish is undoubtedly important but so is feeling comfy. All of you need to pick outfits that allow easy movement, especially for your tiny ones. Before putting them in itchy fabrics or stiff, snug clothing, think twice.

Comfy outfit ideas for family photo shoot

Your choice of fabric should be weather and skin-friendly. Pick breathable fabrics like cotton and linen for warmer weather, and cosy knits for cooler temperatures. This makes your family photoshoot outfit ideas stylish as well as comfortable.

  • Accessorise Wisely

Accessories can definitely help put your look together but try not to go overboard with them. Let your outfits be the popstars and choose accessories that subtly complement them without being too distracting. So accessorise all you want, but make sure it seamlessly melds with your family photoshoot dress ideas.

A statement Mumma-neckpiece, a cool belt for dad, and a playful headband for your little toddler can add personality without overpowering your photos.

  • Be All Prepped-Up for the Day

A little planning goes a long way. Make sure to do a final check of all the outfits before the shoot, so that everything fits well and that there’s no scope for a wardrobe malfunction.

Things to Avoid while selecting outfits for Family Photoshoot

While a dash of pattern can add visual interest to the picture, avoid outfits with overwhelming patterns or large logos. These can be distracting in photos and take away from the focus on your family.

Here are some additional things to avoid while choosing clothing ideas for your family photoshoot:

Matchy Much:

As we discussed earlier, coordination is the key, but ditch the perfectly matched outfits. A little variety is what adds visual interest and depth to your frame.

Unrealistic Expectations

Don’t strive for perfection. Hold on to the candid moments and the little quirks that make your family unique.

Forgetting to Relax

Take a deep breath and have fun as a family! The more relaxed you are, the more natural and joyful your family photographs will be.

Should You Book Hair and Makeup?

Now, this is again totally up to you! Professional hair and makeup can definitely make you look a bit more lovelier and boost your confidence. However, if you feel like doing it all by yourself, go for it! The most important thing is to feel relaxed and beautiful in your own skin.

Immortalise Your Family Moments With Riss Photography

Now that you’ve nailed your wardrobe with our fun and super easy-to-achieve family photoshoot outfit ideas, we’re wrapping up our style guide. Just keep in mind that this is all about celebrating your unique family dynamics and moments. Feel free to mix and match styles, and inject personalities into your outfits. 

Family clothing ideas for photoshoot

There you go! With a little planning and these pro tips, you’re well on your way to an awesome and stylish family photoshoot. Now get out there, freeze those priceless moments that are to serve as memories for years to come! Pick a photographer, who is skilled, popular and makes you feel comfortable and confident on camera.


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