An engagement shoot is something which helps you prepare for your full day wedding photography. Both the engagement shoot and pre-wedding shoot are essentially the same. They typically last for about forty-five minutes to an hour. An engagement shoot is all about practicing and couples can actually get to know their photographer beforehand- that’s the whole idea behind the engagement shoot. So when you have an engagement shoot, you will be much more relaxed during your wedding shoot than ones who don’t. This is because you really don’t have to be anxious about your photographer. Added to that, you will also get some beautiful photographs, which will capture you and your partner as future Mr and Mrs. 

Engagement shoots not just benefit you but also your professional wedding photographer as well- those predictable, controlled photoshoots gives them an opportunity to try, experiment and practice innovative photography techniques without being bound by the time constraints or pressure of a wedding day.

Of course, you don’t require an engagement shoot obligatorily and it’s alright without it. But there is a likelihood that you may look tensed on your wedding photos. Whereas it won’t be so when you commit an engagement shoot. It’s all about having and not having prior experience. Engagement shoots are both useful and much fun! Here are a few engagement shoot tips and tricks for the best session ever. 

engagement shoot

Set the Scene For Your Engagement Shoot 

Before heading to that local park for the shoot, ponder what truly inspires both of you and find out a place which reflects that. A home session may be right for you if you just love making coffee together, and curl around on the couch for watching movies. If you’re an adventurous duo, who would rather love to spend your weekends hiking, then mountains or forests is what you’re looking for. Never be apprehensive of including your favourite activities such as canoeing down a lake or riding bikes. If exploring new cafes in town is more of your thing, then simply book two tables and let the photographer capture you both. 

When it comes to location scouting, choose a location which has a profound meaning to you both, as a couple. It can be a familiar neighborhood which you regard home or a spot which marked a relationship milestone- your first date, your proposal, meeting parents etc. Or you can go the other way around and choose a place with spectacular views which better reflects your identity as a couple in one or the other way. It can be a serene beachfront, a twinkling city skyline or an intrepid mountain. Whatever be it, just ensure that you prefer a location where you know you’ll be comfortable cuddling or laughing and mostly chatting easily in the space. 

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Put on Something That You Are Comfortable in 

Most likely you’ve read some form of this engagement shoot tip before, but it’s something of great importance. If you wear an outfit which is too clingy or tight, then you’ll likely spend your entire session adjusting them or covering yourself all the time. If you prefer something that you’ve never worn before, then you’ll be fretting on your appearance while you’re wearing it, or may realise that it’s very badly uncomfortable, which can reflect in your photos. 

Suppose if you do buy something new, then try them out for a day out, with plenty of time to launder it prior to your shoot in case there’s any spill or mishap. See to it whether it’s comfortable or not, when worn with your new shoes. If you’re confident and comfortable in your dress, then it will in all likelihood, reflect in your photos. 

Choose Complimentary Outfits 

It’s always a great touch, if your engagement photoshoot attire complements with each other, be it in terms of pattern, color or texture. But make sure that you keep in mind the end results while coordinating your wardrobe. Do you want your pre-wedding photos to look dreamy, airy and bright? Then choose a nice pair of a dress shirt and dress pants for him and a lengthy silky gown for her goes a long way in achieving it. While your choice of outfit is going to stun on its own, they should look equally good with your fiancé’s outfit.

Engagement Photoshoot

Come up With an Activity 

It’s easier to take no notice of the camera around when you’re engaged in some activity. Stroll around the neighborhood or go for picking apples or engage yourself in your favorite table games with your fiancé. Nothing’s better than pre-wedding photos with genuine emotions, spontaneous laughter or natural movement. In fact, when you engage in some sort of activity, it’s much easier to bring about that kind of candidness. This also goes a long way to bring out the best in you- your heartfelt laughter, ardent gazes or merriment- everything you do which exemplify your connection with your partner. 

Hire a Professional Photographer 

It goes without saying that you get great snaps by hiring a professional photographer. Your pre-wedding shoot is such a special yet momentary chapter in your life, so you deserve to memorialise that time with marvellous photos together. 

It’s recommended to go for the same photographer for both the engagement and wedding shoot. This gives you a chance to become more comfortable and connect with that photographer better, before your wedding day, which makes for even great photos of your wedding. 

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Schedule the Shoot Around the Sun 

You might be aware of the golden hour- that ravishing time of the day prior to the sunset. If you wish to incorporate that beautiful golden light into your pre-wedding photos, then this is when you want to shoot. It’s important to be familiar with the time when the sun finally sets. You can download a weather app to know it, so your photographer gets enough time to shoot before all the light is gone. 

Whereas when it comes to early afternoon shoot, it sounds like a great time to click schedule-wise, but you need to bear in mind that during afternoons, light is very harsh since the sun is straight over your head. Early morning light can be exceptional, so you can think of a sunrise engagement shoot, just when the sun begins to rise, in case you are more of a morning person. 

Consider Professional Hair and Makeup Artists 

You can skip this tip if you feel like you’re good enough in makeup and hairdo. But if you’re someone, who is doubted with what to do with your hair or have never done makeup before, then you want a professional hair, and makeup artist who can do it for you before your engagement shoot. Photos need a bit more saturated makeup when compared to your everyday makeup. 

It can be a wise move to show up at the salon the morning before your engagement shoot so that both of you can get the makeup done. 
Your engagement shoot is so much more than merely an add-on to your wedding package. It’s not just a great chance to get to know your photographer beforehand, but it’s also an opportunity to discover your very best angles and spend time with your fiancé to take stunning photos for your wedding album.