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Have you recently got engaged and are seeking to document the beginning of your lifelong journey together? Are you looking to document this cheerful and exhilarating occasion in your lifetime and reveal your engagement in style? 

Engagement photography is the best way to get comfortable with the wedding photographer of your choice and most importantly, before the camera, ahead of your big day. You and your partner will get a taste of how it will be, right before the lens and how to loosen up and reveal it- the best thing to get the hang of prior to your d-day shots! However not merely that, your engagement shots make for a beautiful souvenir and a cue of the pre-wedding moments. You can even utilise the record of shots for your save the date, wedding website(if applicable) and even for your wedding invites! Contact us for the Engagement Photography Sydney and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

A vast majority of couples we capture have never had their photo taken professionally ahead of time. And owing to that, they feel awkward before the camera. This is exactly why we suggest having an engagement photo session. 

Our pre-wedding photo sessions happen well ahead of the hype of your big day and in the most laid-back, organic, unobtrusive manner possible to let authentic and impromptu emotions to be frozen-in-time. Contact us for the Engagement Photography Sydney and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

Our Engagement Photography

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Our engagement photoshoots reflect our wedding photography- gorgeous, chic, fun and a reflection of the duo that we are capturing. We document the authentic, heartfelt moments and get your personality shining through. Contact us for the Engagement Photography Sydney and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

We’ve been into capturing exquisite weddings over the years and our crew of wedding photographers Sydney have extensive experience travelling Sydney capturing beautiful weddings. We often begin associating with duos on their engagement photo session until the reception. 

One of the greatest perks of having an engagement photo session with us is being able to slacken and take your own time- something that we typically don’t have for nuptials. There is no wedding event space eager to get you accommodated, no attendees keen to have your back or that hectic vibe which is typical for a big day. Contact us for the Engagement Photography Sydney and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

Consistently called as one of the best pre-wedding photographers in Sydney and surrounds, we possess extensive experience, an enormous amount of prowess, creativity and knack when it comes to engagement photography. When you count on us, rest assured that you’re in utterly safe hands.

Our forte lies in making iconic shots of couples, which you’ll have in frames for decades ahead and will be passed down to your offsprings and their children. Contact us for the Engagement Photography Sydney and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

Why RISS PRODUCTIONS is Your Ideal Choice for Engagement Photography in Sydney?

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We never let the duo leave standing there not having the slightest idea of what they should do. We give facile directions to aid you feel at ease while still documenting you in a natural manner. Our approach to capturing duos is to accept each duo as special, have their personalities and means of connecting with each other. We surmise the engagement photography session experience is one of collaboration between us and the couple and all we request them is to be spontaneous, happy and believe us. Contact us for the Engagement Photography Sydney and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

We are seeking to document a genuine bond between the duo. Love and affection are shown in various ways and it’s your bond together that we are looking to document. So we persuade our couples to get their hurdle down and only reveal that once in a lifetime moment. Via facile directions, we aid to translate your love story into exquisite shots!

As it’s evident from our pre-wedding photos below, the duos look much at ease before the lens and absolutely in affection, owing to the extensive experience specialising in capturing couples from different walks of life.

Whether you fancy shooting amidst a classic Sydney landscape, or a breathtaking natural vista the choice is completely up to you. Our engagement photo session can be done anywhere throughout Sydney and beyond. Riss Productions is there to document the novel dynamic of your bond and strive to be as accommodating as possible. Whatever ideas you’ve been imagining of, or needs you have, we help you actualise it and paint the picture of your impending big day. Contact us for the Engagement Photography Sydney and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

Our Engagement Photography Session Inclusions

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An engagement photo shoot is typically up to 3 hours, at a destination which means a lot to you or a place that reflects you or your lifestyle. The shoot is structured in a much relaxed, casual manner utilising our natural style of photography, so it feels as though we’re catching up like friends and taking some shots along the way. Plus much fun!

From our shoot, you will receive around 50 edited high-res digital files in USB, without any watermark. The engagement photos are ideal for printing, sharing on social media and more. Contact us for the Engagement Photography and Engagement Photographer Sydney.

Whilst the shoot, our photographer will make the most of a range of settings and situations to bring forth photos which will leave you spellbound, which you can showcase in your wedding album or use for your wedding.

Create Timeless Memories With Riss Photography

At Riss Productions, our aim is to document the most unfeigned moments of your engagement photo session and to turn those memories into a photographic record you will treasure over the years. 

We know that each shutter click not just offers a momentous record, but do reveal something of the heart and soul of the revelry and your growing love for each other. That’s exactly why we are fervent on what we undertake. With extensive experience under our belt, we employ the latest equipment to narrate your love tale, frame by frame, in a chronicle of memories you’ll be honoured to hand down to your coming generations. We’ll collaborate with you and deliver absolutely what you need. And your past happy duos agree!

Have a glance at our photography portfolio and think about what we could do for you. We will schedule an engagement photo session for you at a place you favour. We love catching up with duos and getting to know them via an engagement photo session. Get in touch with us to discuss.

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