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If you want something unique from traditional wedding photography, then drone wedding photography can be your best bet. Making the most of advanced technology, Riss productions can document all the zest and exhilaration of your wedding with spectacular shots captured from aspects and angles rather impossible from the ground. Our drone operators have a wealth of experience and we make the most of the advanced, supreme quality drones making certain that everything will run facilely on your big day. Added to that, aerial photography is one of the best ways to add another dimension to your wedding photo album and turn the occasion more indelible. 

Being leading drone wedding photo service providers in Sydney, Riss Productions are well placed to document your nuptials in one-of-a-kind, cinematic shots. We are ardent about drone photography and pride ourselves for our prominence for trustworthiness, safety and professionalism. 

Why You Should Consider Drone Wedding Photography?

If you’re still wondering whether or not you require drone photography to complement your normal wedding photography, there are a couple of benefits and cons which will help you make the right choice. 

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Drone wedding photography provides a bird’s eye vista of the whole wedding ceremony, the wedding venue and its surrounds. It’s ideal for both destination and outdoor weddings. Aerial photography offers you a unique, novel perspective. You’ll get a broader and greater picture of how your day unfolded.

Aerial photography is ideal for picturesque wedding venues. Just ponder over your wedding on a cliff or within the serenity of a chapel and being able to document the whole vista in a sweeping drone shot. This is something which a camera on the ground can’t capture- the ocean below, the cliff and the chapel.

Drones can document an unobtrusive vista. You don’t have to worry about a guest stepping before the camera or a selfie stick as a photobomb. 

A dramatic wedding venue indoor to outdoor photos- An adept drone operator can sneak behind the newlywed couple making their way to the venue entrance door to the lawn outside is merely one shot. 

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How Drone Wedding Photography Works For You?

Drone wedding photography will help you capture your wedding in ways you’ve never imagined before. The abilities to capture your every move as you leave your home, document your lovey-dovey stroll along the most spectacular destination in Sydney. 

Group Shots: Get your loved ones together and capture a group photo with a drone.


Cinematographic Shot: Bring cinematic shots to live on your big day.

Holroyds Garden Drone Photography

Drone wedding shots are unique. Drone wedding shots are epic. They add an impressive vista to the body of photos, be it for a group photo session or for a wedding session.Contact us for the Drone Wedding Photography.  

Why Choose Riss Productions?

Added Value 

By making the most of our drones, we will be able to document illustrative and vibrant shots which will reflect the vista and scope of your wedding. With our drones, you will be left with one-of-a-kind perspectives of the spectacular place where you will tie the knot. Even if you wish to capture within a spectacular valley, village, park or mountainside our quality equipment will be able to do that. When shot in nature, drone photography is on another level and leaves you with some perfect shots to wrap up the day. 


Another reason why you should count on us for Drone wedding photography is that we avoid any accidents while we cover your wedding. Our drone operators have a grasp of all the requirements of civil aviation and will stick to it. Owing to that you don’t have to worry about a thing and be at ease all the while during your event. Contact us for the Drone Wedding Photography.

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To achieve a perfect drone shot before 20 years, you would need to book a helicopter for which you need to spend a fortune- a thousand dollars and even more than that. But it’s not so nowadays, you can have the exact privileges just at a couple of thousand dollars. Drone wedding photography is much more affordable than before, with its popularity manifesting it. Contact us for the Drone Wedding Photography.

When you hire us to cover your wedding, you will incur fewer costs and the ability to document amazing perspectives of your wedding, even within small areas and low fuel consumption. We offer a completely affordable drone wedding photography package to all our clients. The package is inclusive of edited photos, all photos on USB and most importantly a drone operator


When you count on us for Drone wedding photography, you will have that peace of mind and be confident that you’ll get some splendid photos. So you don’t have to instruct us on your big day as we have adept drone operators who will be in complete control of the aerial equipment as they capture shots up above. Contact us for the Drone Wedding Photography.

Outstanding Skills 

Booking our drone wedding videography services means you neither need a power back-up nor risk losing your timeless moments. Whether you favour capturing at the outdoors or in a room featuring high ceiling we do have drone operators who are adept and proficient in properly handling drones so they can capture it all without any impediments. 

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Best Drone Wedding Photography in Sydney

Let poor wedding shots be a thing of the past. We make certain the quality of each shot captured on your day. Riss Productions offers peace of mind for all prospective couples. We aid you to take control of your photo coverage. Why not take a look at some of our content couples captured by drones to gauge the pedigree of our drones. Spellbinding images that reflect the look and feel of your wedding day! An artistic portrayal of your one-of-a-kind revelry which enunciates to the heart and soul. Contact us for the Drone Wedding Photography.

If you favour epic, stunning, artistic and creative shots, then our drone wedding photo services will be ideal for you. We can provide exotic landscape shots without skimping on quality. When you count on us, rest assured that you’ll get the best-of-class services plus utmost satisfaction. We offer quality drone wedding photography services at the most affordable rates. Our service covers all over Australia. Feel free to contact us today. 

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