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The drone photography and videography services have gained immense popularity and audience recently for the splendid scenic wonders. By clubbing creativity with the efficiency the drone view can offer, Riss Photography never failed to amaze our customers. By giving your weddings a whole new perspective through aerial photography and videography, we have set forth a whole new drone photography concept. 


Drone photography has gained the globe’s attention over the last few years. Our talented professionals integrate creativity with high-resolution drone sensors to capture surreal moments in an aesthetic way. Our celebrated drone pilots deliver breathtaking drone photography and videography experience to our customers. Our skilled video editors work in unison to create stunning and unique videos from aerial videography to craft the perfect wedding videos which our clients very much deserve. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

What is Drone Photography


The world is evolving, and so is photography. The rotor-driven quadcopter is giving a whole new perspective to videography as well as photography services. Aerial photography is revolutionising the photography and videography industry with the benefit of height and aerial view. 


There are specific legal regulations and rules to be followed while flying the drones. Our pilots are well aware of the laws to be followed and stick to them professionally to create stunning and powerful images and videos. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

Before the drone era, to get an aerial view, a photographer has to hire an aircraft. With the arrival of drones, aerial photography has become much more affordable and attractive. Picturing landscapes and structures from a different and excellent angle gives them a whole new ambience. Integrating this angle in your wedding videos and photos will provide the entire package with a fabulous makeover. 


By understanding the lights and analysing the landscapes nearby, our pilots will figure out the perfect frames before shooting. Our photographers and videographers will create stunning images and videos with that ‘wow’ factor engraved through innovative and thoughtful composition. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

With the height by your side, drone photography will capture the event’s soul from a different perspective, telling a wedding tale from a different stance.


aerial wedding photography

Drone Photography Services in Sydney


Riss Photography offers the best drone photography and videography services in Sydney. We make weddings breathtaking through aerial photography and the unique creativity of our drone pilots and our video editors. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

Our couples adorned in their stunning wedding attires deserve the perfect videos and photos of their best moments. We capture those moments to the fullest through our experienced and creative eyes and enjoy seeing them smile when we deliver them the masterpiece of a wedding video. 


To make our customers more aware of drone photography and how including the drone photography services in your wedding photography package will benefit them in the long run, we conduct one-to-one meetings with every client before working with them. We understand their requirements and ensure that their needs are met without fail. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

Be it a morning function or a night reception, our veteran drone pilots will ensure that those precious moments are absorbed with their sensors and aerial cameras to recreate the event in the perfect way possible. 


By indulging in excellent quality videography, we continuously delight our clients through creative wedding videos. Our devices are safe, and our pilots are experienced. While you choose us to handle your drone photography and videography for your wedding, you are giving yourselves the gift of a fantastic wedding video that you can cherish forever and longer. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

Aerial photography

At Riss Photography, we have efficient drone pilots with experience and creativity to capture astounding aerial photographs. Our professional drone cinematographers use high-resolution lenses and sensors to capture breathtaking images of the events. We aim to fulfil our client requirements and expectations to the best of our expertise and creativity. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

Aerial Videography

Riss Photography offers amazing 4k videos to add to the charm of the wedding events. Our premium drones can deliver high-quality videos appealing to our customers with their video quality and resolution.

Why Drone Photography


Drone Photography and videography are trending these days and allow a platform to explore weddings and events’ unexplored angles. By adding drone photography to the wedding videography and photography package, our clients will get whole new and premium video outputs and superior quality and innovation. Also, drone photography allows harnessing nature’s picturesque landscapes, which would be invisible if not for the drone sight. To portray intimacy and warmth, our veteran photographers always look for creative frames and moods. We create wonders through aerial photos and videos for each wedding, and we work to see the smile on our client’s faces when we deliver them the output. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.


By understanding the client’s requirements, we plan the location and visit the spot before to understand the lighting and to identify the natural wonders hidden. After a thorough inspection, we fix the frames and suggest them to the clients. By taking in the references and client suggestions, we will finalise the location way before the wedding. This preparation gives our team to create an even more astonishing output on the big day. We cover the whole event, the venue, the guests and the functions. We give the limelight to the couple – about whom the entire day is about. We capture the laughs, the stolen looks, the crossed fingers, and those heartfelt joyful moments. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

Wedding and Engagement Drone Photography Services


Riss Photography offers the best wedding drone photography services as well as engagement drone photography services. We have delighted many of our customers over the years with magnificent videos and photos captured by our skilled artist and the wonders made by our veteran editors. We never fail to give our client a complete picture of our services and how drone photography services will elevate their wedding video experience. Client satisfaction is our primary objective. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.


We try to capture the wedding traditions and those mandatory acts during the wedding from a different perspective to give our customers a fresh delight. Without limiting our creativity, we find frames that were never considered before and make them into stunning photos and videos for our customers. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

You can count on Riss photography and trust us when choosing us to be your wedding photography and videography partners in Sydney. We know how important your big day is to you, and we know that you want to collect memories to cherish for more than a lifetime. Moments that can bring that tear of joy while turning those album sheets of scrolling through those photos or watching that video once again. We freeze your moments, and we make sure that those moments bring a smile to your face when you reminisce. 


We fly our drones to capture moments that you will cherish forever and wish to hold them close. Our team will work tirelessly until they get the perfect frames, shots, smiles and joy of the big day. We never cease to amaze our clients with our creativity and innovative photography as well as videography. Choose Riss Photography to capture your big day! We will make it the best. Contact us for Best Drone Photography Sydney and Aerial Photography Drone.

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We could not be happier with Riss Photography. Their photo’s and video work for our wedding is absolutely perfect. They not only listened to what we wanted but then also implemented it on our day. Their quality of work is definitely first class. We have had other friends marry recently who paid massive price tags for their photo and video and have commented that ours are much better at a fraction of the price. Thank you so much Saadat we are over the moon


Having our wedding photographed by RISS was a very enjoyable experience. Although I booked Saadat at very short notice, he took the time to look at pictures I sent him and even brought a second photographer. It was their first “bush-wedding” and they managed to capture some beautiful and magical shots. They worked professionally and were warm and cheerful and a pleasure to have around. The communication later was great too, he responded quickly to e-mails and did a beautiful job with the editing. Would definitely use him again


Such a beautiful day and so thankful to have Saadat there to capture the memories! We had a small private ceremony on the Friday night and reception on the Saturday night. Saadat both nights was incredible! He was climbing trees, jumping into bushes and balancing on chairs to get the perfect shot. He captured such beautiful moments we will cherish forever. His beautiful energy and vibrancy showed how much he loved what he did. We would 100% recommend him for small or large weddings he was wonderful! Thank you Saadat for the memories!


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