Different Ways To Put The Fun In Your Wedding Photography

A wedding is the most-awaited and celebrated event in our whole life. It’s all about starting a new phase, and it’s celebrated to its most. We all want our wedding to be an unforgettable memory for us and our loved ones. And the photographs will make you cherish them forever. No one wants the images to be bland and boring. In order to make the wedding book and the events exquisite, we might put on a facade and make it all artificial. But the candidness of your reactions and raw emotions are the highlights of a perfect wedding album. So choose to be your natural self. It’s your perfect opportunity to exploit the picturesque scenarios at your wedding. So we have some insights to make your wedding photoshoots a bar high in the interesting meter. This will help your wedding album look alive and add a touch of fun. Let’s tell a story behind every picture. 


Getting Ready Moments


 Before all the “I do “ moments and the mandatory rituals and ceremonies, the bride and groom would contemplate their life before the wedding and how it’s going to change forever. The feeling would be raw. It’s a creative idea to shoot the bride’s and groom’s reactions before the function. Make sure you are on your natural self and try goofy poses to make a happy snap. You can take a series of getting-ready shots and candid’s from their conversation together. 


The Quirky Factor


Children are the life of every party. Let it be a birthday party or a wedding. They bring  innocence and fun to the event. Click pictures with the kid gang at the wedding. Make sure you make a funny face matching up to their quirkiness. Color co-ordinate outfits them to fit into the gang. Bring out the child in you and let the photographers click the kid in you.


The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Party

The bridesmaids and groomsmen gang are the troublemakers in the wedding party. Capturing all the fun and shenanigans could be the craziest addition to your wedding album. Each picture with them would remind you of the jokes and the laughter you had. Plan a photoshoot with them being your candid self. Make pre-wedding bridal shower photoshoots and bachelor parties, and do not forget to click those memories. 


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The Toast

Have a champagne toast with your girl gang. Raising the glass for you being the beautiful bride to be and for your future life with your partner. Talk to your girls and let them know how you feel about it. Make it a crazy hurrah to your bachelor’s life. Most importantly, make sure that this memory of a lifetime is captured in the lens so that you can always remember the feeling.  


Comfort Food Clicks


In between the chaos and the busy schedule, the bride needs to take a chill pill and let her stress out by gorging on some comfort food. Make it an exclusive photo session to add your favorite hobby to your wedding memoir. Take a random yet fun shot of you and food and add the extra spice. 


The Wedding Couture 

As you are getting ready, why not have some fun in getting dolled up? Click some pictures. Choosing your wedding outfit, wearing pajamas, and chilling with your bridal makeup on, and having fun with your friends while dressing up. Capturing these shots and seeing them in the future will make you laugh out loud.


The Romcom Saga


Are you a Rom-Com fanatic? Then you can set a perfect scenario for your wedding and post-wedding shoot. Recreate your favorite on-screen couple’s wedding and have the big screen wedding experience on your big day. Ask your wedding photographer to make sure the pictures come out as dramatic as possible. After all, who doesn’t dream of a movie-like wedding?


The Friends Swap

A wedding is no fun without your loved one messing around. It will be incomplete without our goofy groomsmen and bridesmaids. What if you could give a sweet twist involving them? Swap both gangs with the bride and groom and let the madness unravel. Groomsmen goofing around the bride and bridesmaids having fun with the groom will be the craziest memory to capture in the camera. Make sure your photographer clicks the most candid conversation so that its essence doesn’t get lost.


Top Angle Shots


There is nothing as majestic as a top-angle shot of the bride and groom holding each other. 

The angle itself is very royal and would make you feel like a king and queen on your perfect day. So make sure the photography service or the wedding photographer you choose provides drone photography for this mind-catching click.


The Masquerade Ball

How about a mysterious element in your wedding album? Add a hit formula to the wedding by including masks for people who are present at your wedding. Arrange a unique wedding shoot by wearing a mask which will add that extra drama to your pictures. A masquerade ball on your wedding night can be a perfect theme for you.


Your wedding photographs are the lookbacks in the future of your wedding where you have shared happy memories with your loved ones and your partner. And it should be different from every other, just like your love life. Exhibit your simple and elegant wedding in an artistic way into your wedding book. Make the right choice on choosing your wedding photographer and destination


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