Even though just about every wedding includes the conventional array of wedding photos, some of them absolutely go above and beyond with wedding videos. This dynamic yet fun art does the trick to a significant extent just like wedding photos, but it documents the true essence of timeless memories a whole lot better. Instead of relying merely on your wedding snaps, watch your memories unfold, in action for the years ahead. Exactly like how your wedding photos are unique and special, videos are at the same time personal. And a broad range of styles and types exist- if you feel overwhelmed or confused by the options, then here are 10 wedding video ideas to consider which can make your wedding a much remarkable experience.

Wedding Documentary Video 

A wedding documentary is the best option if you truly wish to memorialise every aspect of your wedding, or create scenes and cinematography as in movies. For this kind of wedding video, a trained wedding videographer can be the best bet. Discuss which particular scenes and aspects you want to include in your wedding documentary video in advance. Often couples wish to include all those moments prior to the actual ceremony, such as choosing their wedding cake, the bride modelling her wedding attire after a fitting, or venue decoration, and more in the video. Whereas others emphasise more on the day of the wedding and include moments such as the wedding party priming themselves with the wedding and reception as extra highlights. 

wedding video

Save the Date Video

Instead of depending on the conventional save the date invitations, go the other way around and astonish your guests with a personal video announcing your big day. You can give this idea a creative spin and make it in a filmy style, having original characters and an appealing plot. Some couples prefer a vintage style instead and go for a brief save the date video, using artistic wedding video techniques like stop-motion photography. Despite the style you prefer, your guests can never forget your unique wedding invitation when they can watch the video again and again. 

Wedding Proposal Video 

A wedding proposal video can be a great tribute to the families of the couple. Such videos work best when arranged by the groom-to-be. Through planning in advance and with some staging, the groom can surprise the bride with a complete video of the proposal scene and her reaction. Whereas if the couple wants to plan the wedding proposal video together, then they can make a one-of-a-kind announcement of their wedding to share with their respective families. Both these types of wedding proposal videos are special keepsakes ideal for an anniversary celebration in the future. 

Wedding Trailer 

Certain wedding videos are long-drawn-out for guests to watch at a wedding reception, which can be disappointing for the newlyweds. But luckily there exists a perfect solution. Through creating a wedding trailer, you and your guests can still savour the video experience. A trained videographer shoots and edits a wedding trailer, which highlights all the special wedding scenes as well as memories. Even though it won’t include all aspects of your wedding, a wedding trailer centres around the cherished moments that you and your guests will certainly enjoy. 

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Wedding Music Video 

This kind of wedding video is extremely amusing and ideal for those who wish to highlight a creative, fun atmosphere at their nuptials. Pick the most-played or stirring songs having a lively beat. Approach your videographer for wedding music video ideas and then browse the internet to get an idea of how wedded couples nailed their video. Plan for you and your significant other, and rest of the wedding party members and pre-chosen guests. Prior to the wedding, practice certain scenes to make certain that those who are involved know what they are doing. Based on the scenes you want to include in this wedding music video, the video can either be filmed in advance or on your big day. With the song of your choice, make your cast lip-sync to the song lyrics and step for your fun video scenes. The ultimate result is an extremely amusing and indelible wedding video of your big day. 

Slide Show 

Give your ceremony an old drama look, with a modern touch with a slide show wedding video. This video style has become quite popular among modern and young couples. In a slideshow video, the wedding videographers will capture still photographs of the wedding and then add special effects and matching music to the captured snaps. This is to highlight the ceremonial events, and they also accentuate the couples in a conspicuous and astonishing way. 

Mixed Media Wedding Video 

Mixed media wedding videos seem to be quite filmy, but it is certainly a wonderful yet remarkably unique blend of the wedding documentary and save the date techniques. It is nothing but a splendid mix of documentary and cinema-style, to capture an absolutely unique feeling which can reflect the way through which you wish to reminisce your big day. For instance, if your wedding video goal is to highlight some close family members, then you can choose to combine their getting-ready footage with interviews of them, and then including a voice-over of loving messages, for a heart-rending moment. 

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Wedding Ceremony Highlights Video

When you prefer to focus your wedding video on the main ceremony, then you will want to set up a minimum of three camera angles- the bride cam, the groom cam and also the down the aisle cam. Editing all these points of view in conjunction help you capture each moment. A professional wedding videographer can help you to set up as well as run all the three angles, and document more uncontrived moments on a handheld camera, such as your favourite aunt turning around in her chair at the moment when you walk down the aisle. 

Stop-motion Wedding Video 

It is a whimsical wedding video style, in which a wedding videographer stops filming in the midst of shoot and then moves the subject(a bride or groom, or an object) within the shot and then starts filming once again. A videographer can also choose to use stop-motion on objects like glassware, the shoes worn by the bridal party or even the couple cutting a cake together. A stop motion wedding video is a perfect combination of vintage and modern styles. Talk to your wedding photographer whether they offer this service or not or else turn to a videographer. 

Wedding Party Introduction Video 

Your guests probably won’t know who the important players of your wedding day are, and a wedding party introduction video can help! Get all the members involved by asking them to introduce who they are, their role in the wedding party and how they know the groom/ bride. They can conclude with some well-wishes for the couple and some advice on marriage. This is yet another wedding video idea that you can have completed before the wedding day. It’s a much better idea than asking each of the wedding party members for a written bio. 

Even though there are innumerable other wedding video ideas, these ten wedding video ideas show how creative and unique these are, to be part of your wedding plan.