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15 Must-Capture Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Thinking about a Punjabi wedding brings to mind brightly coloured attire, exhilarating dances, patila peg, and mouthwatering cuisine. You can feel the energy charging through you as you listen to the rhythm of dhol and take in the enticing aroma of spicy delicacies.

With so much going on all the time, it can be challenging to stay on top of things and make sure you capture every single moment. The beautiful brides and grooms are sure to be overwhelmed with emotion on their wedding day, but the Punjabi wedding photographer must be on the ball to catch every fleeting moment.

Punjabi wedding

The Art of Capturing Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Photography serves as a guardian of cultural traditions, immortalising the essence of Punjabi wedding traditions

for generations to come. The precision and care of photography preserve these moments, preserving the legacy of tradition in vivid detail.

With high-definition cameras, advanced lighting, and creative elements, photographers skillfully employ quite a number of modern techniques to capture every detail and emotion of the ceremony. Each photograph is perfected to reflect the beauty and grandeur of Punjabi weddings while honouring the culture and traditions of the day.

The Art of Capturing Punjabi Wedding Photographs

Heartwarming Punjabi Wedding Traditions Filled With Love

It should come as no surprise that Punjabi weddings are bursting at the seams with colour and energy and are so full of life, as we mentioned before. The culture is well celebrated for its rich and colourful traditions, and we are about to revisit them at a glance.

Heartwarming Punjabi Wedding Moments Filled With Love and Tradition

1. Roka and Thaka

The Roka is the first colourful punjabi wedding traditional ceremony that we witness before a Punjabi wedding. The roka precedes the engagement, marking the official end of the bride and groom’s search for a partner. The families exchange presents to show their appreciation and acceptance of the proposal.

Roka and Thaka

2. Sagai/ Kudmai the Engagement

The Kudmayi Ceremony is popularly known as the Sagai. It is the official engagement ceremony where the bride is gifted an embellished dupatta, which is traditionally an heirloom handed over from the groom’s family. The bride is blessed with gifts and jewellery, which the mother and sister-in-law help her wear.

3. Vatna

Maiyaan is a Punjabi pre-wedding ceremony that takes place a few days prior to the festivities of the big day. The Maiyaan rituals are rich in colourful traditions, including the Vatna (Haldi), Mehendi, Sangeet, and Chura celebrations. 

The Vatna, also known as Haldi, is popular. The bride and groom, respectively, apply haldi ubtan paste, which enhances their beauty and gives them a healthy glow for the wedding. 

Make the most of Maiyaan by having your unposed pictures taken with candid Punjabi wedding photography. 


4. Mehndi

Punjabis are huge fans of the Mehndi ceremony, where henna artists are invited to the bride’s place. The bride’s hands and feet are beautifully adorned with mehndi.  The bride arrives all dolled up in the ensemble gifted by her mother in law. The bride’s female relatives are actively involved in the ceremony and mehendi application.

It is one of the most colourful and vibrant ceremonies to have amazing pictures clicked by your best Punjabi wedding photographers.


5. Dholki

Dholki is popularly known as the Sangeet ceremony. It is separately held at the bride’s and groom’s homes. The closest family members typically dance to the beats of the dhol during the Dholki ceremony, providing you with incredible opportunities to strike picture-perfect Punjabi wedding poses.


6. Chuda and Kalire Ceremony

On the morning of the big day, the Chuda ceremony takes place. The bride’s maternal uncle or other close relatives put on a set of red and white bangles, called Chuda. Traditionally, people make chudas, which were formerly made of  ivory and tend now to be made from plastic. Small decorative ornaments, known as kalire, are also tied to the chudas.

This is an important tradition for Punjabi brides and is believed to bring good luck.

Chuda and Kalire Ceremony

7. Ghodi and Baraat

When it comes to wedding festivities, few can match the energy of the ghodi and baarat. The groom is headed to the wedding venue on a well-adorned white horse (Ghodi), accompanied by his friends and family and the entire procession is called the Baraat. The baraat sings and dances to the beats of the dhol, creating a grand celebratory vibe.

The groom and his procession are adorably greeted by the bride’s parents and relatives; this is the milni ceremony.

Ghodi and Baraat

8. Anand Karaj 

The Sikh wedding tradition, Anand Karaj, usually takes place in a Gurudwara. The Granthi, or priest, officiates the ceremony, mandating the couple sit before the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture. The couple recite hymns and exchange wedding vows, known as Laavan.

Anand Karaj 

The couple takes four pheras around the Guru Granth Sahib, indicating their commitment to each other.

couple takes four pheras

9. Varmala and Pheras

The couple exchanges floral garlands, known as varmala, as a sign of having accepted each other. It is during the four pheras that the couple exchanges their wedding vows, or laavan, in front of the sacred fire, Agni. This is the Sikh view of marriage, which consists of four distinct phases.

Varmala and Pheras

10. Joota Chupai

The bride’s sisters are still in love with this tradition. The bride’s sisters take the groom’s shoes and put them away as the pair is busy with wedding ceremonies at the mandap. Just as he prepares to leave the mandap, the groom finds his shoes hidden away, leading to an entertaining round of haggling.

To get his shoes back, the groom must pay a handsome sum of money or pay heed to the gifts demanded by the sister-in-law.

Joota Chupai

11. Doli and Vidai

Doli and Vidaai ceremonies mark the bride’s departure from her parents’ house. Vidaii is an intensely emotional moment of the wedding when the bride bids farewell to her parents in Vidaai and sets off to her husband’s home in the doli. While leaving their home, she throws two hands full of rice over her shoulder as a sign of gratitude towards them and wishes them prosperity.

She then gracefully sits in a beautifully adorned traditional palanquin (doli), nowadays, it is the car and she is usually accompanied by family and friends.

Doli and Vidai

12. Reception

Afterwards, the wedding ceremony is followed by a glamorous  reception, welcoming the newlyweds into the family with a celebratory event filled with intoxicating music, energetic dancing, and a luxuriant feast, during which the guests express their affection and love with blessings, gifts, and well wishes.


Preserving the Soul of Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Punjabi weddings include various vibrant hues, rich traditions and exhilarating festivities. They are a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. In order for these culturally rich ceremonies to have that eternal charm, you must capture their heart and soul through beautiful photographs and safely tuck them away in your albums.

Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Photographers often capture the solemnity and serenity of the Anand Karaj, focusing on the couple’s expressions as they take their wedding vows and seek blessings. Your Indian wedding photographers are most likely to creatively capture the vibrant colours of Mehendi, the intricate henna designs, and the playful interactions between friends and family at Mehendi.

Punjabi haldi

During Sangeet, photographers focus on snapping the energy and excitement, from the choreographed dances to the heartfelt toast-raising  speeches.

At Riss Photography, we specialise in capturing these moments with a creative flair. Our team of professional wedding photographers from Sydney understands the cultural significance of each ritual and works tirelessly to preserve its authenticity. We pride ourselves on our ability to blend traditional photography techniques with modern aesthetics, resulting in stunning and timeless images.

Preserving the Soul of Punjabi Wedding Traditions

Translating Your Moments into Memories with the Wedding Album

Transform the priceless moments of the big day into timeless treasures with bespoke wedding albums. The wedding album beautifully encapsulates the essence of your love story, taking note of every smile, tear and tender glance exchanged on your special day.

Translating Your Moments into Memories with the Wedding Album

Our  creative approach to designing and personalising your wedding album ensures that it becomes a true reflection of your unique journey together. From elegant layouts to custom covers adorned with your initials or favourite quotes, we, at Riss Photography, tailor every aspect to resonate with your individual style and preferences.

Punjabi wedding photos

Discovering the Pulse of Punjab with Riss Photography

Punjabi weddings remind us of the timeless beauty and joy these celebrations bring. From the soul-stirring melodies of the Anand Karaj to the spirited dances of the Sangeet, each moment is a testament to love, culture, and tradition. Capturing these moments isn’t just about preserving memories; it’s about honouring the richness of Punjabi heritage and the moments that bring families and communities closer. 

Punjab wedding

With all we know about Punjabi weddings under our belts, it’s time to book the services of Sydney’s most acclaimed Indian wedding photographer to capture all of your magical moments. Stop searching now that you have found the perfect wedding photographer to capture every minute of your Indian nuptials. 

Discovering the Pulse of Punjab with Riss Photography

Professionalism, innovation, and advanced tech usage are the hallmarks of Riss Photography. Join us in capturing the charm of your Punjabi wedding with the most affordable Wedding Photography Services in Sydney.

Get in touch with us right away to schedule your dates.

Moments of Pure Bliss: First Dance Wedding Photography


The first dance is a treasured moment that every couple anticipates on their wedding day. Being surrounded by their loved ones is the ideal setting to celebrate their adoration and affection for one another. The dance floor turns into a mystical setting where the pair loses themselves in each other’s gaze and the outside world dissipates. These lovely events are captured by the photographers and frozen in time, so the pair can relive them for years to come.

The first dance wedding photos perfectly catch the majesty of the moment and the couple’s love. Every image tells a tale of love, passion, and happiness, from the couple’s intimate glances to the twirls and dips on the dance floor. These images are more than just lovely depictions; they also serve as a constant reflection of the affection that two people have for one another.

Essential Elements for Capturing the Perfect First Dance Shot


As a photographer, you have to be sure about some details to produce the most breathtaking photographs. Here are some pointers for getting the photos that will definitely be treasured.   

From Lighting to Composition: Essential Elements for Capturing the Perfect First Dance Shot

One of the critical moments that a  wedding photographer has to show his real talent is the photos that are being taken at the time when the couples are having their first dance. Those are the moments the couples are going to cherish forever in their hearts, and it is essential to make them right. For capturing the mind-blowing shots, there are a few key factors to consider, and they are as follows:

    1. Importance of venue and lighting:

The first and foremost thing to consider when shooting First Dance is, of course, the venue and lighting. It is always the basis of every photo shoot. The lighting has to be chosen based on whether the wedding is planned indoors or outdoors. It’s important to scout the venue beforehand to determine the best vantage points and lighting conditions.

Importance of venue and lighting

The lighting has the capacity to make or break the shots. So it is always important to consider the source of your light for the best results. You should consider the natural light available at the venue, the position of the lights, and whether or not you need to bring additional lighting equipment. It’s important to be prepared for all types of lighting situations.

   2. Camera equipment and settings:      

Camera Equipment and Settings: Another important element to consider when recording the first dance is your camera equipment and settings. To be in charge of your settings, you ought to use a camera with manual controls. In low light, you can take clear pictures by using a fast lens with a wide aperture (f/1.8, f/1.4, etc.).

Camera equipment and settings


To minimize the amount of noise in your shots, you should lower the ISO level on your camera. As long as you use a tripod to avoid camera movement, you can also use a slow shutter speed to catch the dance’s action. When editing your pictures afterwards, shooting in RAW format will offer you more options.

    3. Communication with the couple beforehand:

Before the ceremony, it’s critical to discuss the couple’s expectations for the first dance. You can talk about the venue, the timeframe, and any particular requirements they may have. This will assist you in planning ahead of time and preparing for the shoot.

Communication with the couple beforehand

To put the duo at ease during the shoot, it’s critical to converse with them. You can instruct them on how to posture and act. Be sure to take both close-up and wide-angle photos to provide a variety of images for them to choose from.

Behind the Lens: Insights on Capturing the Perfect First Dance Moment

While getting pictures of the bride and groom, the first dance is one of the ones from the ceremony that will give the couple a handful of beautiful shots. For these breathtaking photographs, the photographer should possess the ideas as well as the skills for capturing wonderful shots. Here are some tips for capturing the perfect first dance wedding shot

     1. Positioning and angles to consider

When snapping pictures of the first dance at a wedding, positioning and angle are the first things to think about. Position yourself correctly so that you can watch the couple’s motions without hindering the visitors. Look for a viewpoint that captures the couple’s connection and emotions while also capturing them in their entirety.


Positioning and angles to consider

If you want to get a good shot of the dance floor and the couple’s feet, film from above or from a low position. If the venue has a balcony or an elevated platform, use it to your advantage to get a unique and stunning shot.

     2. Capturing emotions and expressions

The beauty of capturing the first dance is not just about capturing the couple’s physical movement; it should also capture the mix of emotions that the duo is going through. Watch for unguarded times when the pair are gazing into each other’s eyes, smiling, or crying. 

Capturing emotions and expressions

These inconspicuous events have the potential to produce stunning photographs. Capture these feelings by remaining in the background and being inconspicuous. This will give them the space to be themselves, and you will be able to capture a recollection of sincere and organic emotions.

     3. Incorporating the wedding décor and theme

Finally, when snapping photos, you have to be conscious that they incorporate the theme and decor of the wedding. Use the venue and decoration to your advantage and capture a collection of unique and visually appealing shots. 

If possible, try to include the wedding’s photos specific theme and colour scheme in the snaps. For example, if the wedding has a vintage theme, use a filter or editing technique to give the photo a vintage feel.

Capturing the Magic: How to Edit Your First Dance Shots to Perfection

The first dance as a married couple is a priceless memory that should be perfectly recorded. As a wedding photographer, it is your duty to  capture photos  that are brimming with emotions, and after that, the photos have to go through post-capture processes, such as editing, to give the couple a wonderful collection of photos. Review the following points to understand their significance and to identify and avoid some common editing mistakes.

     1. Importance of Editing

Your first dance wedding photos can go from excellent to outstanding with the help of editing, which is a vital portion of the photography process. You can improve the colors, change the lighting, and add a little enchantment to your snaps with the proper editing methods. If the shot contains any distracting elements, like a cluttered background or a guest’s cellphone in the frame, editing can help you get rid of them.

     2. Tips for Editing

Editing first dance wedding photographs  can be tricky, but with these suggestions, you’ll be able to create stunning pictures:


  • Commence with the fundamentals:

 Before diving into more complex areas of editing, always make sure to start with the basics, such as brightness, contrast, and white balance. The appearance of the picture will significantly change with even the simplest modifications.


  • Improve the colors:

The colors in a photograph set the scene and evoke feelings. You can observe the significant change that can be produced by changing the colours. Try increasing the saturation or tweaking the hues to make your photo pop.


  • Add some magic:

By using a little imagination, you can make your first dance wedding pictures stand out. To evoke an amorous, dreamlike ambience, try adding special effects like a soft glow or bokeh.


  • Don’t forget about the backdrop:

Removing distracting elements from the background can help keep the focus on the pair. If there are any undesirable components in the backdrop, you can eliminate them using the healing brush or the clone stamp tool.

       3. Common Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure to avoid these common mistakes when editing your first dance wedding photographs:


  • Overediting:

It’s easy to go overboard with editing and give your photographs an artificial appearance. When editing your photographs, be careful not to overdo them.


  • Ignoring the details:

Minor details, such as errant hair or creases in clothing, can take away from the photo’s aesthetic appeal. Don’t neglect to enlarge and look for any minute imperfections.


  • Using too many filters:

While filters can be a great way to enhance your photographs, using too many can result in overprocessed images. Stick to one or two filters at most.

In the Arms of Love: Preserving the First Dance Forever


In the Arms of Love: Preserving the First Dance Forever

In conclusion, capturing romantic moments while the partners are having a great time together is almost like a measure of the photographers’ skills, potential, and creative vision. It’s a special moment that the couple will remember for years to come. The aforementioned tips and suggestions will unquestionably aid photographers in taking the best pictures possible.

Riss Photography offers the best Pre-photography and videography services all over Australia. They are a crew of skilled photographers who are ready to provide a personal approach to all the weddings. Contact Riss Photography to make your wedding a success, no matter what theme you choose, whether it’s an Indian, Fijian, or Desi wedding.  


Wedding Photography Trends in 2023

Every bride and groom always wishes to appreciate their wedding as a momentous occasion and should remember it throughout their lives. They have a unique vision for the ideal wedding, from the location, colour scheme, and attire to the wedding rituals and plans. However, the constant part is wedding photos. It’s important to choose a  wedding photographer who can capture your distinctive aesthetic and make it an everlasting memory.

Wedding Photography  Trends  in  2023

Wedding photography has come a long way and continues to evolve with the times. As we land in 2023, new trends and styles in wedding photography are emerging, offering couples a wide range of options to capture the memories of their special day. From the use of drones to candid shots, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for wedding photography. Here, we will take a look at some of the latest trends in wedding photography and how they can add an extra touch of magic to your special day.

Here are some 2023 photography trends to know 

1. Drone Shot Photography

Drone Shot Photography

Every aspect of life is impacted by technological advancement, and the integration of drones into society is the best illustration of this. Apart from supermarket delivery and the replacement of fireworks, drones are used for long-distance wedding photography and give your big day a unique perspective and beautiful backdrop. If you want to capture these effects, then employ a professional and experienced drone photographer. They will provide limitless possibilities for the setups and settings for photographs, such as circling the wedding tables, creative suggestions for a romantic wedding scene with your partner, etc. Your wedding photos will undoubtedly be “wowed” by drone photography

2. Aerial Wedding Photography

Aerial Wedding Photography

Aerial wedding photography always produces unique visual effects because the photos are taken from high elevations. An experienced photographer will adjust the level in order to take such elevated pictures with the help of some exterior objects. 

This kind of wedding photography offers a distinctive viewpoint and highlights the splendour and beauty of the wedding ceremony, reception, and venue. The memories of the wedding day can be enhanced with additional drama and excitement by using aerial wedding photographs.

3. Flash Photography in Weddings

Flash Photography in Weddings

Do you want to stand out in your wedding photos like a movie star? Afterwards, decide on flash photography for your ceremony. Direct flash will fall on you when using flash photography, which gives a contemporary effect. For such photography, specialised cameras and other flash-reflecting equipment are required. Flash photography provides a vivid and nostalgic feeling in novel ways. Flash photography is the ideal technique to capture everything that happens after the sun sets. Once the party or event  begins, the ambience quickly turns to showiness, dancing, and rock ‘n’ roll, so experts prefer to capture the events by event photography without losing the spirit of the ceremony.

4. Backdrops Wedding Photography

Backdrops Wedding Photography

Wedding portrait backdrop photography is a type of photography that is done in a studio or, with proper preparations, anywhere at the wedding location. This type of classic photography is currently becoming popular in contemporary culture. The background of the wedding photography is bright, plain, or patterned, giving the subject a portrait appearance. This will be the finest option if you require some wedding images that are nicely designed and put up like portraits.

5. Dual Exposure Photography 

Dual Exposure Photography 

Dual-exposure photos can be produced by editing two photos overlaid on top of one another. This is the best option if you want to include some memories in your wedding story. This picture will always draw a lot of attention because it has a vintage feel to it and definitely indicates the backstory. In order to blend the type of photo with your wedding photo, it is preferable to communicate with a skilled photographer.

6. 360-degree Photography 

360-degree Photography 

One of the most recent and useful trends in wedding photography is 360 photo booths. This will be the finest choice for those who don’t want to spend a long night dancing. The photographer will benefit from this and won’t need to photograph every visitor because they will take pictures of their own. The guests will receive each photo via mail or another method without having to wait for a printed one.

7. Night photography

Night photography

The lack of natural light will be a problem since the wedding receptions and dancing events are always planned as night parties. Night photography or Event Photography  is a terrific way to experiment and create something unique when the source of illumination is limited. Neon night photography will give your photos a cinematic effect, and it’s also ideal for indoor and candid street photography.

8. Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography

Traditional black-and-white photography is making a comeback as the newest trend in photography. Since it draws attention to the tone and texture of the photographs, couples prefer it as the essential one in their wedding photographs. Black &White photography is a popular choice for capturing real emotion and feeling since the absence of colour draws attention to shape, shadow, and light while also giving the pictures a classic look. 

9. Vintage Photography  

Vintage Photography  

Romantic vintage and retro photography incorporate warm or dreamy tones, grains, light flashes, and other film photographic effects. The atmosphere is more important than the image’s resolution. It provides a retro aesthetic impact and feels like images that were taken in the mid-20th century. This can be achieved by printing on textured paper and applying coloured filters. Only expert wedding photographers can recreate this scenic effect. 

10. Innovative Experimental photography 

Innovative Experimental photography 

Innovative experimental photography is a special type of photography that produces pictures that don’t exactly resemble real-world scenes. For instance, a skilled photographer can reproduce the romantic scene of a couple in the sky, which is already in the photo. Double-exposure photography and an imaginary photo with real effects are two examples of this.

11. Documentary Effect Photography

Documentary Effect Photography

Documentary-style photography is a type of photography that tries to record actual situations and events as they happen without losing real emotions and feelings. Instead of attempting to produce posed or stylised shots, the goal is to capture reality and communicate a story through pictures. Instead of attempting to produce a polished, flawless image, documentary photography will capture the real spirit of the scene.

12. Blurry motion photography

Blurry motion photography

The purpose of blurred picture photography is to intentionally make the subject or other aspects of the image out of focus or fuzzy in order to produce a particular visual impression. This method can be applied to highlight a certain area of the image, give a sense of motion, or evoke a particular feeling. Selective focus or a slower shutter speed is frequently needed in blurred image photography to produce the desired outcome. When the background is in a windy area, rushing water, or other movement, couples are the subject of this long exposure photograph. 

Wrapping Up

wedding trends in 2023 - new

2023 promises to bring a new era of creativity and innovative ideas to wedding photography. As technology continues to evolve, photographers are exploring new ways to capture the essence of the big day and preserve the memories for generations to come. From drone photography to aerial photography and the bold use of colours, the trends of 2023 are all about adding a personal touch to each wedding story.

Riss Photography is a well-known wedding photographer in Australia. No matter if you like a classic, romantic, or quirky style, they will understand your vision and give you beautiful, timeless photos that you will love forever.


The Significance of Wedding Photography to Your Big Day


Weddings are one of the greatest and most cherished events in one’s life. Immortalising those priceless moments of genuine emotions, love, and happiness is so essential to relive your entire day. That is why wedding photography should be at the top of the priority list while you start planning for your special day. Professional wedding photographers who have a keen eye for creativity can capture all the gorgeousness of your big day along with the tiniest of details. They will weave all the precious moments with utmost perfection to reminisce your wedding day memories for a lifetime and treasure them for generations to come. Wedding photography will capture all your extraordinary moments and emotions with warmth and turn them into long-lasting memories.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why wedding photography should be a priority.

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Documents your beautiful love story



Wedding is an emotional and blissful occasion with a lot of soul-stirring moments. A wedding album will be a perfect keepsake of all those special moments, wedding rituals, tears of joy, hearty giggles, and fantastic decorations. The vibrant and soulful imagery that captivated the magic of your big day allows you to relive the most beloved event of your life. While reminiscing the whimsically romantic moments and intense emotions later through your beautiful wedding photos, you can enjoy the mixed feelings again. Wedding photography entraps the smiles of pure joy, captures all the sentimental ceremonies and documents the ephemeral moments to create everlasting memories.

Clicks every detail with magnificence



During your wedding day, you’ll be so busy going from one thing to the next without even realising the beauty of the moment that happened. That is why you need professional wedding photography. Having a keen eye for details is the quintessential quality of the best wedding photographers. They are committed to catching every detail so that you can experience all the emotions of those pretty moments over and over again. Each photo will help keep your memories of the day alive for years to come. Through wedding photography, you will get to see a lot of fascinating things that you couldn’t have noticed otherwise. Photographers’ eyes will dart to and fro across the venue to capture the spontaneous intimate moments, exquisite decor, ceremony details, shoes and accessories, and even the tiny details.

Understands the schedule and the timings



Wedding photographers capture the spontaneity of your most-treasured event the best because they have a calm eye to anticipate what happens next. They encapsulate the fleeting moments and unique expressions coming up during the wedding. The best photographers can even presume the beautiful moments of smiles, joy and tears before they actually happen. Also, they know the event schedule by heart, and they will be ready beforehand at the right place at the right time to capture all the peak moments. Before devoting time to photographing your wedding day, they will scout the locations, understand your wedding rituals, and get a clear idea of your expectations. Thereby, you will get a memoir of your happiest day from the beginning until the end. With excellent wedding photography, you can preserve the beautiful day of your life forever in its truest essence. 

Captures the moments you missed



A wedding has always been a rare get-together for families and friends. It is a special occasion to have the most fun and make the most memories with your loved ones. But due to the hectic wedding schedule, the bride and groom would most likely miss many significant moments and cherished events happening around them. While you are so busy greeting the guests, getting ready for the wedding, or attending to other chores, you’re going to miss some of the special moments. So you may want to look back on the little things and everything in between in your celebration of love. The purpose of wedding photography is to encapsulate every part of your wedding day, along with the nuances of all the little moments that mean so much. Wedding photography won’t let you miss the magical moments that happened on the most important day of your life.

Creates a story you can treasure forever


wedding photographer in sydney


Every wedding tells an adorable story. With aesthetical compositions and gorgeous imagery, wedding photographers depict the story through their soulful photography. They have a flair for story-telling to turn your wedding tale into everlasting memories to treasure forever. The narrative touch in the wedding photography delivers your exceptionally stunning wedding story through their lenses with a beginning, middle, tears of joy, some cheers, romantic moments and a “happily ever after” ending. The perfect shots of happy and cheerful moments tell the story of your splendid wedding in a little more surreal way than you ever imagined. Photographers know when to blend in with the crowd to capture the narrative elements for weaving the tale in a highly creative style. Wedding photography allows you to look back and get mesmerised by your very own romantic fantasy.

Take the stress away from the big day



A perfect, stress-free wedding day is a dream of every couple. Everyone wants to enjoy the happiest day in their life to its fullest and endeavours to get a beautiful portrait of the feelings and emotions behind every mesmerising moment. The best wedding photographers will have experience and expertise in photographing different kinds of weddings and are proficient in capturing a moment’s beauty. They can take some stress out of your special day. They help you with the timeline of your wedding day and make sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible. The photography timeline is the simplest to follow on your wedding day because it includes the photography start time, location, ceremony start time, ceremony venue, post-ceremony photography time, wedding party timeline etc. You can plan every part of the wedding day with this timeline to ensure a stress-free wedding day. While capturing the great memories brimming with intense emotions, wedding photography allows you to relax and enjoy the day.

Things to consider while choosing the right wedding photographer



Wedding photography is unquestionably necessary. However, finding the right wedding photographer who not only fits your budget but also understands your vision for your wedding day is a daunting task. 

Here are some important points to remember when choosing the appropriate wedding photographer:

Never skimp on your budget for wedding photography



Weddings are always expensive. While planning the budget, couples will try to save money on different elements and get tempted to hire the lowest-priced photographer. Please don’t scrimp on the wedding photography budget because it will be the only thing left at the end of the day when everything else will be packed up and stored away. Great wedding photographers will bind all the lovely moments for you and turn them into wedding tales to cherish forever. Perfect wedding photos are a treasure to look back on and share with your families. So, don’t hesitate to spend a little extra for better style and quality of photography. Remember, it will be a part of your family history for generations to come.

Find a style of photography that harmonises with you



Each wedding photographer has a unique style of photography. Editorial, traditional, fine art, fashion, natural, documentary, storytelling, aerial, photojournalistic, vintage, or candid are only a few of those wedding photography styles. Meticulously review the potential wedding photographers’ website and browse as much of their work as possible to gain a solid understanding of their photography style. Then figure out what type of photography style you love the most.

Choose the perfect photographer with experience



There are a plethora of wedding photographers available in the industry. It is worth to spent some time, money and energy to find the perfect wedding photography amidst a gazillion experts. If you hire some inexperienced photographer, you will risk ending up with some low-quality or blurry photos or no photos at all. Invest in some experienced photographers whose style resonates with the vision in your head, which will be something you definitely won’t regret. Also, check if they have a good backup strategy if something goes wrong.

Never be late to book your wedding photographer


Amazing Turkish couple


Once you settle on the style and budget, do not delay booking your perfect wedding photographer because it is difficult to get an in-demand photographer on short notice. If you don’t want to be left disappointed, book your most preferred photographer in advance.

Wedding photography detains the special moments of your big day to cherish for years to come. While flipping through the wedding album, you will encounter a strong sense of togetherness even if you are staying miles apart from your loved ones. You will also get to experience the magical moments you missed due to the super busy wedding schedule. That is why wedding photography should be up there on your priority list. The best wedding photographers, like Riss Photography, will pay attention to every moment of your wedding day. They anticipate and capture every detail, including the venue, décor, accessories, ceremonies, and everything in-between that make the wedding day really special. Wedding photography will give you a chance to stare in and reminisce about beautiful memories again and again. So choose the best wedding photography for the most treasured wedding keepsake.

22 Must-have Wedding Photos To Include in Your Shortlist

Everything you’ve heard is right- Your big day will flash by so quickly. That’s why preparation beforehand is the key. After choosing a professional wedding photographer, it’s time to curate a wedding shot list. Even though the photographer whom you’ve nailed down can guide you through those moments that they plan to document, it’s essential that you have an idea of what you want too! You will want to keep your wedding memories intact with the perfect wedding album. So make your album picture-perfect with these wedding photos you might want to include:

Your Invitation Suite 

Certain wedding photographers capture the invitation suite on the big day, whereas others do so later on in their studio. Discuss with the photographer regarding what you need in that photo moment and also whether or not you want to include those extra details. Your photographer can clump some of the cards together and take a wonderful collage shot of it. 

Getting the Makeup Done

Ask your wedding photographer to show up in your bridal suite and snap those glamming up moments. Give your photographer a timeline prior to your big day and be sure to include the getting ready moments of your partner too!

wedding photos

The Accessories 

You’ve spent some time choosing the accessories for your big day and ensured that they are special. So let the photographer take a shot of that too! No matter if you are wearing something passed down from your mother, or something new, borrowed, capture everything together. 

Wedding Shoes 

Let the photographer capture the up close and personal details of not just your accessories, but also your wedding shoes and outfit. Even though they seem to be small details, all those lovely elements contribute to and complete your wedding look. So you will certainly want to take a shot of it as well. Request your photographer to snap some photographs of your shoes alone, or shoes beside your wedding attire so that you can always reminisce about those small details of what carried you down when you walked down the aisle. 

The Bridal Portrait 

Never miss out capturing some individual wedding snaps before the excitement of the special event. This is the time to truly flare in the spotlight and show off your attire. Never shy away from getting captured, and ensure your wedding photographer set aside some time to snap one of the must-have wedding photos- the bridal portrait. 

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The Veil

Be sure to have the photographer capture the veil from various angles as well. Even though it’s a small detail, the veil needs photo evidence that it was too beautiful and so you can remember its elegance as well.

The Bouquet

With a floral bouquet much prepossessing, you may want to hold on tight and pose clutching them. Let the photographer capture your wedding photos holding it, or opt for shots in various locations for that perfect shot. The charm of a floral bouquet is fleeting. So don’t miss out on the photo-op and make sure that it’s captured in all its glory. 

Bridal Party 

Go for candid wedding photos with your squad, and while you are at it ensure that you get a few laughing ones too! You’ll hold dear those shots with your best friends for years to come. 

wedding photos

The Boutonniere 

Snaps of name tags stacked up are yet another must-have wedding photo. They give an idea about who gets which flower and makes for yet another photo-op. Make sure that you include this small detail that may otherwise go unnoticed, in your wedding photos shot list. 

The Groom 

Now it’s turn for the groom to shine in the spotlight. Make sure that you let him know how dapper he looks before he shows up in front of the camera.

The First Look 

Perhaps nothing beats the moment when you see each other in wedding attire. But some brides and grooms are 100% sure that they need to have a first look shot, while others need it only when they walk down the aisle- and it’s all up to you! If you’ve made up your mind to see your partner before the ceremony, then capture it! You will cherish his reaction when he sees you for sure!

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Candid Moments 

Capturing the looks of pure bliss is an absolute necessity. Spare some minutes with your love for some joyful wedding photos. Be yourself, when the photographer captures both of you. Just let him know beforehand that you need some candid photos so that you can totally get lost in the moment. 

Portraits of Bride and Groom

Once you and your partner say I do, Sneak away with your partner and wedding photographer for some snaps. This is a nice moment to spend some time with your partner and a perfect moment to capture some marvellous photos. 

Portraits With Little Ones 

Every bride wishes for a photo with her adorable junior bridesmaids or flower girl. Take some snaps of whatever pose comes naturally- looking down at the girls or bending down for some candid shots. 

The Wedding Ceremony Venue 

Request your photographer to take a few shots- probably landscape shots, of the place where you tie the knot. You will want to reminisce about the exact place where you uttered ‘I do’. 

wedding photos

Walking Down the Aisle 

Whether you are walking down the aisle, hand in hand with your father, mother or both of them, you will reminisce about that moment forever. 

The Ring Exchange 

Then comes one of the most important moments! Ensure your photographer captures the ceremony in action. 

Exchanging Vows 

This is yet another important moment of the day. When you commit yourself to a lifetime together. You will want your photographer to get photos from every angle for your wedding. 

The Exit 

No matter if you’re choosing sparklers, flower petals, confetti or any creative kind of exit, make sure that your photographer captures it all. You can also consider staging the moment if the reception extends late into the night so that before everyone gathers, your photographer gets some perfect shots. 

Ring Shot 

Show off the glamour and sparkle of your wedding rings. Some of them just love to see their sparkling wedding rings in wedding photos, along with the floral arrangements or similar trinkets connected to their wedding. 


Wedding photography is incomplete without photos of your gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception decor. After all, it’s worth it since you’ve put in a lot of effort and time to plan and actualise the decor, so be sure to snap a lot of photos of it. Decorations are obviously a great part of what makes your big day uniquely yours. It will also be fun to look back on the way you’ve adorned the venue since styles change from year to year. 

The Wedding Cake 

The dessert for which you have days and weeks picking out will disappear within a matter of a few minutes. So take a shot of the wedding cake in picture-perfect condition before everyone digs in. And when you do so, be sure to get some wedding photos of you and your partner holding the knife and slicing the dessert. 

These are some of the must-have wedding photos that you must absolutely have to include in your wedding photoshoot. This way, you can sit back, relax and reminisce about the magic of one of the best and indelible days of your life, along with your partner.