Wedding photography is one of the most important events at a wedding. The photographs capture precious moments and turn them into priceless treasures, which will give you a mixture of feelings while reminiscing. Wedding photography locations in Sydney are many these days. We will help you choose the perfect location for your ideal wedding through this blog.  

Let’s take a look at the best wedding photography locations in Sydney.

Hyde Park


Hyde Park is a great wedding photography location for nature-loving couples. The lush greenery, overhanging trees, Anzac memorial, multiple statues, and other historical monuments in the park will add a lovely touch to your photos. The beautiful Archibald fountain is a popular spot to get your shots with the stunning fountain and Apollo’s ancient mythological statue. Hyde Park is one of Sydney’s best locations if you want the best of nature in your wedding photos.

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Campbells Cove

An excellent picturesque location, situated in the heart of Sydney, for capturing memories of your special day that will last a lifetime. Campbells Cove is a fantastic spot that offers unrivalled views of awe-inspiring Sydney Harbour, Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This spectacular location is perfect for the images with the pristine backdrop of Sydney’s iconic landmarks. Campbells Cove is also an excellent spot for some beautiful sunrise shots.

Harbour Bridge

The architecturally magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is the most comprehensive steel arch bridge in the world, is an ideal spot for wedding photography. The harbour bridge has fascinating architecture that looks spectacular from all angles. This is one of the most photographed locations in Sydney that offers a breathtaking panorama. A great photographer can capture the unique and unseen details of this iconic landmark. Walk along the harbour or climb to the top of this majestic beauty for some incredible baggage of wedding photos to treasure all your life. 

Sydney Opera House

The magnificent look of the iconic Sydney Opera House will be a spectacular backdrop to your wedding photos. With awe-inspiring architecture and the phenomenal views across the harbour catching the Sydney skyline, this is one of the most desirable wedding photography locations in the city. The royal botanical garden is located just a short walk away from the Sydney opera house, so your photographs can have the best of both worlds. Incorporate the textured walls and the grey concrete stairs of this photogenic marvel for some unique clicks. Get some epic shots with this classic work of art.

Cockatoo Island


Located in Sydney Harbour’s heart, Cockatoo Island is the perfect location for all those couples who would like vintage style wedding photography.  It is the largest island in Sydney Harbour, with an extensive history as a shipbuilding yard and a convict island. The old sandstone buildings, large workshops, and dry docks will provide fascinating backdrops that add an old-world charm to your photos. The Dog Leg Tunnel on the island is an excellent spot to capture some breathtaking shots. With the unparalleled views of Sydney Harbour and the buildings’ rustic tones, you will get some dreamy pictures of your special day.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is one of the most beautiful universities globally, quite a picturesque backdrop for your spectacular wedding photoshoot. The Quadrangle is a popular photo-worthy spot for some classic wedding shots with some old-world charm. The sandstone archways, remarkable architecture, gardens, and walkways offer some genuinely spectacular backdrops to turn out your photos splendidly. Choose this marvellous location with majestic architecture that creates artistic lines and frameworks in your lovely pictures.

Paddington Reservoir

Paddington Reservoir, a heritage-listed public park in Sydney, is one of the most preferred choices amongst couples for a fantastic photoshoot. This beautiful relaxed spot with exposed stone brick and archways will add a rustic touch to your wedding photos. The reflective pond, sandstone arches, magnificent gardens, scenic lawns and wide boardwalks are some of the favourite spots for couples and photographers. With the stunning sunken garden and the incredible reflections created on the pond, you will have some glistening shots of your beautiful moments.

Queen Victoria Building

A truly spectacular place for some unique shots of your big day. Queen Victoria building is a perfect spot if you prefer some beautiful indoor wedding photos. With remarkable stained-glass panels, winding staircases, marvellous domes, pillars and arches, the QVB is a splendid wedding photography location to create memories for a lifetime with the prettiest backdrops. This magnificent shopping plaza has an undeniable charm that adds timeless beauty to the photos.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park has all the trademarks of an incredible wedding photography location with a wide variety of landscapes. This fabulous picturesque spot in Sydney will undoubtedly give your photos a fairy tale touch. With beautiful ponds, weeping willow trees, white-painted bridges amongst whitebark gum trees, pine grove, gorgeous flower beds, paddocks, and lush lawns, the Centennial Park offers perfect backdrops for your dreamy wedding photoshoot. A fantastic location to get some remarkable shots for your wedding album.



Mosman is one of the best wedding photography locations right on Sydney Harbour. With stunning beaches and waterfront scenes of the Sydney Harbour, you will get a fabulous wedding portrait that you will cherish for years. This charming waterside suburb is an excellent blend of city and nature and has many attractive options like Balmoral Beach, Gunners’ Barracks, Clifton Gardens, etc., for your wedding photoshoot. There are some lovely relaxed spots in Mosman to capture your special moments without the city’s usual hustle and bustle.

Luna Park

luna park sydney

Luna Park is the best location to add your fun and quirky side to the wedding album. This heritage-listed amusement park’s fantasy architecture, along with beautiful carnival colours, renders the perfect backdrop for your lovely pictures. With the pops of vibrant colours, thrilling rides, incredible architecture structures, and a magnificent view of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park offers a beautiful spot for your wedding photography. Also, it is a fantastic spot to take some superb shots of cheerful laughter and fun while enjoying the rides.

Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney is a breathtaking wedding photography location as it holds many picturesque venues within itself. The terrace, the calyx and the botanic house are some among them. Each of the venues will give you numerous photography opportunities and amazing photos to remember and hold close and reminiscence for more than a lifetime. Whether hosting a peaceful and intimate wedding or a grand wedding, the Royal Botanical Garden can get your wedding photography scheduled at some fantastic locations.

Eden Gardens

Wish to get your wedding photos clicked amidst a heavenly garden? Eden Gardens is your perfect spot to set up your wedding photography shoot. With the exclusive garden wedding settings along with the wet weather backup options, Eden Gardens will make your wedding photography dreams come true the perfect way possible. The stunning display gardens will transform your wedding photographs into something unique and heavenly. ‘Photo Only’ package is also available at Eden Gardens if you have already chosen your wedding venues. 

Observatory Hills

Located in the heart of Sydney Central Business district, Observatory hills will steal your mind with perfect wedding photography backdrops. The astounding natural scenery and the divine natural light will give your wedding photos an international outlook. The panoramic view of Sydney Harbour in the background will give your photographs a fantastic touch of both city and nature all at once. 

Bradley’s Head

With a stunning view of the Sydney Opera House, Bradley’s head is your perfect spot to click some of those bucket list photos. With the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison, old stone jetty and the bush trails, Bradley’s head will be a much-awaited wedding photography venue for the couple and the photographer. Ashton Park on the Harbour foreshore will gift you some excellent entrance photographs to remember for more than a lifetime.

While choosing your wedding photography location, ensure that you select the location of your dreams as you are the prettiest and perfectly handsome, and weddings are a one-time affair. Make sure that you choose the best photographers in the area whose packages will come under your budget. Also, make sure that you and your partner sit together and have a discussion whole choosing the location so that both of your ideas and dreams have to be considered while finalising the venue. Book beforehand once you fix the site, as you might lose your spot. Remember, procrastination will leave you hanging when you least expect it.