Wedding bells tinkling in your days to come? If so, in all likelihood you have begun looking for a professional wedding photographer far and near, a person who clicks swoon-worthy photographs, with a couple of years experience and brings state-of-the-art equipment to the table.

Finding the best wedding photographer is not an easy feat- as they all possess various degrees of experience, personal style and creativity. And on top of it is the fact that they will cost you varying prices and offer various wedding photography packages and you will quickly realise that choosing one is hard, and at times maddeningly so.  Even so, it’s worth the effort to watch, question them, make a comparison, taking your time to talk with each of the professionals at length to question them regarding their experience, advice and thoughts.

The key reason behind why it’s said- it’s worth the efforts is the fact that once your wedding flashes by, one of the tangible things that lasts you long is your wedding photographs and over the years, brings you the most rewards. It’s sad, but a true fact that sooner or later memories will fade away and certain people will pass. Even your wedding cake won’t last long, but in due course when your child asks you to take a glance of them or in case if you merely wish to reminisce those timeless moments, your wedding album will be there as a tangible thing of the most precious moments of your life. It offers a time machine of your show-stopping photographs which takes you back to your wedding day and helps you share them as well.

wedding photographer cost

Wedding Photographer Cost is not Merely the Factor to Consider While Hiring 

Imagine if you’ve found a decent wedding photographer whom you think will do a great job and charge you $3120 inclusive of all the additional extras you require. Whereas you’ve found another photographer with profound experience as well and you may feel like he has a very keen and stylish eye after a glance of their portfolio and typically charges $3780.

Ask yourselves, is the work of the first one great enough for you both or is it worth the extra dollars to settle for the second one whose work you like best? The final decision is up to you and depends on what you can afford, what you need and most importantly, how personally vital your wedding shots are to you. 

While skimming through wedding photography sites you might have taken note of how a few photographers never revealed their pricing. In order to get a quote, you need to send an enquiry. But those who do include their wedding photographer costs may charge differently. Some of them are way too cheap whereas some photographers are way too expensive.

What are the Other Factors that Affect Wedding Photographer Cost?

If you need something extra, something out-of-the-ordinary, then expect additional wedding photographer costs. Mostly it will be included within the wedding package, so don’t forget to ask before you add it.

Other factors which affect Wedding Photographer Costs are:

  • A second photographer, in lieu of a single photographer
  • If you need to get your Professional wedding album printed
  • If you want your wedding photographer to stay longer or arrive earlier
  • When you request extra props, clothing or shooting location
  • When you want to shoot at another location or off-site
  • Most wedding photography packages offer varying hours of wedding coverage- 6 hours or full-day coverage. If the coverage is for long, then the more the pricing of the package.
  • Quality of Shots: Wedding photographers put in a great deal of effort and time to edit and enhance the shots, particularly those for wedding albums and enlargements. A package inclusive of enhanced and high-resolution photographs will be more pricey.

Each of these factors, besides others, will make a difference in the final wedding photography cost you’ll end up paying. So ensure that you know the costs for everything and ask your photographers questions so that you can precisely see what the total cost will be prior to hiring your wedding photographer.

wedding photographer cost
How to Save Wedding Photography Costs

The amount you spend for your wedding photography is contingent on what you need. You would be looking for a high-class wedding photography service that falls within your photography budget. Below you will find a few tips on how to save wedding photography costs:

Prefer a wedding photographer within your budget: Not all adept wedding photographers come with hefty price tags. You get what you pay for, but expertise won’t come from years of experience. Even newbies have the skillset for premium quality wedding shots. 

Hire a local wedding photographer 

Prefer a photographer servicing within your locale and venue as he may charge you extra if they are supposed to travel to a far location. 

Get a quote in lieu of a pre-made package 

A vast majority of photographers allow this. For instance, you can save a great deal of money if you prefer to have the digital files only and forgo wedding photo albums. You can also make a decision regarding the number of wedding photographers who will be involved( a minimum of 2 photographers is suggested). You can modify what’s included in your package within your budget favoured through getting a quote.

Avail a wedding photography timeline or make one all by yourself

A wedding photography timeline provides you with an idea of the total hours of coverage you actually require. It will also go a long way to avoid extra prices and ensure that everything runs on schedule.

A customized wedding photography and videography combination package 

This can be a great idea to maintain the favoured style and quality as well as control the budget. Certain studios of good repute offer combined photo and video package, and the perks of hiring the same wedding photographers and videographers are that the same team works on the big day, which means less coordination and distraction!

Book ahead of time

A few wedding photographers give discounts when you book ahead of time, so try to grab one once you have finalised your wedding date. Also, you can skip your photographer’s price hike, when you book one right after your engagement or many months prior to the date set. 

wedding photographer cost

Tips to Choose a Wedding Photographer Who Works For You

  • The more creative your wedding photographer is, the more riveting and fun your wedding photographs will be. So ensure that you take a close look at the photographer’s portfolio.
  • Go for someone with whom you feel the most comfortable, as they will take shots of you at those times in your wedding which are much intimate. 
  • Ask as many questions as possible, and never stop unless you get the answers you need. This saves you from the worry of getting to know later that something was not included. 
  • Prefer someone with great communication skills and promptly answer your queries.
  • If you can, get a price list of additional things your photographer provides so that you can make a comparison.

Prefer a photographer with a combination of cost, communication skills, experience, and friendly

wedding photographer cost

Wedding Photographer Cost- What is the Total Wedding Photographer Cost at RISS Productions

It’s important to note that even though the wedding photographer cost is beneficial as a guide, what throws things off a bit is that a vast majority of wedding photographers offer Packages, inclusive of the basic photography besides the extras such as multiple photographers.

While booking a wedding photographer, packages have been the standard and consist of-

  • Number of photographs or Unlimited photos
  • Storage -USB drive or CD
  • Hours of coverage
  • Wedding albums and prints in varying sizes

Here’s a brief to some wedding packages and their pricing offered by RISS Productions, which is quite affordable.

6 Hours Wedding: With this first package by RISS Productions, the wedding photographer will be around you and your near and dear ones for 6 hours. The 6 hours wedding coverage package goes for $1150, and you will get 400 to 500 edited photographs, an online gallery with a password, a photographer, and high-resolution digital files without watermark and unlimited photographs are taken. 

Full-Day Wedding photography package: Priced $1950, the full-day package will get you a wedding photographer for the entire day to take unlimited photos! The $1950 tag usually includes 500 to 800 edited photographs, online gallery with a password, high-resolution digital files in USB without watermark. The key takeaway of this package is that the pre-wedding photography cost is free-of-cost!

At the end of the day, you need a photographer who provides a good combination of price, communication, likeability and experience. Picking someone solely based on a single quality is indeed a mistake, particularly cost. And be mindful of the fact that just like everything else in this world, you get what you spend for.