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25 Central Coast Wedding Venues That Will Steal Your Heart

cute couples in central coast wedding

As your big day approaches, your hunt for the perfect venue gets stronger than ever, as it is everyone’s dream to have a picture-perfect wedding. And when it comes to hosting your Australian wedding, the country is no short of breathtaking and stunning locations. One of the most loved wedding destinations in Australia has to be the Central Coast, with all its beauty and stunning nature.

If you are in search of breathtaking locations, your quest ends here. We have compiled a list of exquisite wedding venues that can undoubtedly elevate your romantic wedding experience. Read on to discover more about these picturesque places and their splendid locations.

Why Central Coast Reigns as the Ideal Wedding Spot

Choosing a wedding location is one of the most important decisions the couples make during their wedding planning journey. It sets the tone for the entire celebration and plays a crucial role in creating everlasting memories. 

Central Coast Wedding Venues in Australia

What distinguishes Central Coast weddings as a delightful prospect is the sheer diversity of exquisite venues that span from enchanting beaches to sprawling vineyards and idyllic gardens. Over time, the Central Coast has emerged as one of the most loved wedding destinations. Several factors contribute to its status as the coveted wedding locale:

  • Natural Beauty – Central Coast is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes.
  • Perfect Weather – The Mediterranean climate is a major draw for planning Central Coast weddings. With mild, sunny days and cooler nights, the region has pleasant weather all year.  
  • Variety of Venues –  One of the most interesting things about Central Coast is that it offers a diverse range of venues. From rustic farmlands to tranquil beaches and intimate gardens, you will find every type of venue imaginable.
  • Top-notch Cusine – The central coast is also known for its fine wine and delectables.
  • Convenience – The ease of accessibility adds to the charm of the destination. The region is readily reachable from other major cities in Australia and has a  wide number of accommodation options.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime Experience – Weddings on the Central Coast are an unforgettable experience. Beyond the enchanting weddings, the guests can explore charming towns, set off for scenic mountain hikes, relax on the beach, or visit monumental places, making the entire wedding an adventure in itself.

When to get Married on the Central Coast

The Central Coast’s climate is delightful for any couple planning their wedding. The region has warm summers and mild, cosy winters. 

If you dream of having a beach wedding with a soft breeze, then summer might be the ideal choice. Autumn brings a vibrant array of colours, perfect for capturing dreamy wedding photos, while spring graces weddings with blooming flowers and pleasant temperatures. Winter provides a romantic backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding.

While traditionally, the spring and summer have been the favoured choices for tying the knots on the Central Coast, you can choose the season that complements your dream wedding the best.

Capturing Love at the golden time

Central Coast wedding venues

Getting married during the Golden Hour, which occurs during the hour just before sunset and right after sunrise on the Central Coast of Australia, promises to infuse your grand day with a touch of magic. 

As the sun softly caresses the horizon, it bathes the Central Coast’s stunning landscapes with a golden glow. The enchantment of beach weddings during the Golden Hour is truly captivating. The atmosphere turns into a dreamy one during the golden hour for your celebration, creating an otherworldly backdrop for your vows. Consider having your wedding reception after the sun sets.

Choosing the Golden Hour for your Central Coast wedding is a decision that adds a touch of enchantment and romance to your special day. It allows you to take advantage of the region’s stunning natural beauty, forging a truly magical and unforgettable atmosphere that will make your wedding a cherished memory.

25 Enchanting Sites for Central Coast Weddings

When it comes to the ideal location to get married, the Central Coast is full of beautiful and enchanting venues. From whimsical vineyard estates to calming beachfront properties, the region offers a diverse selection of wedding venues that can transform your special day into an unforgettable, romantic experience. You can find a number of wedding packages and venue hire services in Central Coast.

Let’s explore some of the most enchanting Central Coast wedding locations, perfect not only for tying the knot but also for capturing stunning wedding photography.

  • Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort - centra coast wedding venues

                                                                                                                                Pic Courtesy: Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Capacity: 220-400 seats

Venue type: Beach resort

Location: 1 Magenta Drive, magenta, NSW 2261

Pullman Magenta Shores Resorts, situated between Tuggerah Lake and the Pacific Ocean, is a luxurious 5-star resort that sprawls over 52 acres of land. The resort offers 1-3 bedroom apartment-style accommodations, three swimming pools, a spa, a golf course, and a country club for a luxurious Central Coast wedding experience. Preserve your lovey-dovey moments in enchanting settings with pre-wedding photography.

  • Linton Gardens

Linton Gardens - Central coast wedding venues

Capacity: up to 250 guests

Venue type: Garden, Historic

Location: 611 Wisemans Ferry Road, Somersby, NSW 2250

Linton Gardens in Somersby is one of the best venues for your Central Coast wedding. It features a private 100-year-old church on a 6-acre property surrounded by heritage-listed Camilla Gardens, making it the perfect location for your rustic wedding.

  • Somersby Garden Estate

Somersby Garden Estate - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                                             Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: up to 150

Venue type: Garden, bushland setting

Location: Somersby Falls Road, Somersby, NSW 2250

Secluded from the hustles and bustles of Sydney, the Somersby Gardens Estate provides a perfect location for your wedding. Situated on a 50-acre property, its native bushland setting offers different types of locations for your ceremony, including the Pavilion, the Estate Greens, the Wisteria Amphitheatre, the Horseshoe and Bridge. Amid this magical backdrop, immortalise your precious moments through candid photography.

  • Yarramalong Valley Farmstay

Yarramalong Valley Farmstay - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                                         Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: up to 100

Venue type: Farm, Garden

Location: 798 Yarramalong Road, Wyong Creek, NSW 2259

The Yarramalong Valley Farmstay, nestled in the picturesque hinterlands of the Central Coast, is a wonderful setting for a private country wedding. Here, you have the freedom to personalise your wedding venue fully. Additionally, the farm stay provides accommodation for up to 15 people, making it an all-inclusive option for your special day.

  • Glenworth Valley Weddings

Glenworth Valley Weddings - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                           Pic Courtesy: Lonely Hunter Weddings

Capacity: up to 300

Venue Type: Garden

Location: 69 Cooks Road, Glenworth Valley, NSW 2260

Situated in the heart of the Central Coast, this sprawling 3,000-acre property is known to be Australia’s best horse riding centre. Beyond its equestrian reputation, it is also a prominent multi-purpose event centre. The ‘running of the horses’ is a truly unique wedding experience, as it provides an opportunity to capture stunning wedding photos as the 200 horses gallop past the event centre. Moreover, the property offers dramatic cliff-top ceremony sites and five luxurious villas to glam up your wedding.

  • The Springs

The Springs - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                                 Pic Courtesy: Easy Weddings

Capacity: 300 – 350

Venue type: Golf course

Location: 1080 Peats Ridge Road, Peats Ridge, NSW 2250

The Springs, a sprawling 125-acre bushland wedding destination on the Central Coast, is a versatile choice for receptions that range from luxurious and rustic to industrial and chic. This unique venue also boasts an 18-hole golf course.

  • Fernbank Farm

Fernbank Farm - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                            Pic Courtesy: Hand Catering

Capacity: 120 – 150

Venue type: Farm, Garden

Location: 756 Yarramalong Road, Wyong Creek, NSW 2259

An exclusive, timeless, and unique wedding venue, the Fernbank Farm is a prestigious wedding venue located on the Central Coast. It stands out by hosting a limited number of just 28 weddings each year. The venue features picturesque lakeside ceremonies, a splendid permanent arbour, and an elegant marquee. For accommodations, there’s a 4-bedroom heritage house with a pool and a piano, as well as a 4-bedroom cottage.

  • Kantara house

Kantara House - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                        Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: 140 – 200

Venue type: Rainforest garden

Location: 431 Avoca Drive, Green Point, NSW 2251

The wedding chapel built in the 1960s, featuring a wedding chapel and an exquisite rainforest on 4.5 acres of land, is the ideal venue for your dream wedding. With accommodation for the bridal party and space for the celebration, it offers luxurious facilities. Ideal for gothic, elegant, or vintage-style weddings, Kantara House is sure to leave you delighted with its luxurious and elegant facilities. The chapel majestically presides over 4.5 acres of rainforest gardens. The Kantara House is perfect for gothic, elegant or vintage-style weddings.

  • Bidja Estate

Bidja Estate - central coast wedding venue                                                                                                                                                 Pic Courtesy: Bidja Estate

Capacity: 150

Venue type: Farm

Location: 130 Footts Road, Ourimbah, NSW 2258

The Bidja Estate is a serene countryside wedding venue, featuring a rustic red barn, an open-air dancefloor, and expansive rolling paddocks. With a stunning rainforest, a rustic ambiance, and picturesque garden settings, it is the perfect choice for a rustic, countryside, or DIY wedding.

  • Noonaweena

Noonaweena - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                               Pic Courtesy: Noonaweena

Capacity: 100

Venue Type: Garden

Location: 1442, George Downes Drive, Kulnura, NSW 2250

Noonaweena offers a tranquil setting, perfect for your breathtaking wedding. It offers accommodation for 12 people. Accommodating up to 12 guests, this 100-acre property offers a variety of spaces for both your ceremony and reception. You can opt for an elegant marquee celebration in the most enchanting corner of the property.

  • Norah Head Lighthouse

Norah Head Lighthouse - Central Coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                   Pic Courtesy: Norah Head Lighthouse

Capacity: up to 150

Venue type: Coastal

Location: 40 Bush Street, Norah Head, NSW 2263

For a coastal wedding, consider Norah Head Lighthouse as your ideal venue.  This exquisite beach-side wedding venue promises an enchanting atmosphere with its stunning coastal views, picturesque rock pools, a marquee adorned with twinkling fairy lights, and matchless natural surroundings.

  •  Killcare Beach Surf Club

Killcare Beach Surf Club - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                             Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: 120 – 150

Venue type: Beach

Location: 81 Beach Drive, Killcare, NSW 2257

Killcare Beach Surf Club is an ideal beach wedding spot. With a spacious balcony overlooking the beach, you can exchange vows barefoot in the sand. This budget-friendly venue also allows you to bring your own and take a do-it-yourself approach to your special day. Seize your joyful moments in the most dramatic way with our wedding cinematography services.

  •  Bells at Killcare

Bells at Killcare - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                               Pic Courtesy: Folk and Follow

Capacity: 120 – 200

Venue type: Resort

Location: 107 The Scenic Road, Killcare Heights, NSW 2257

Bells at Killcare is an exclusive coastal retreat, a Hamptons-style wedding venue that offers 25 coastal-inspired luxury suites, cottages, and villas. It’s an ideal choice for elegant and sophisticated weddings. Perched on the NSW Bouddi Peninsula, this boutique hotel has stunning surroundings.

  •  Caves Coastal Bar and Bungalows

Caves Coastal Bar and Bungalows - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                                   Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: 200 – 250

Venue Type: Restaurant

Location: 27 Mawson Close, Caves Beach, NSW 2281

Perched amidst the Caves Beach Dunes in the Lake Macquarie area and offering captivating views of the Pacific Ocean coastline, Caves Coastal Bar and Bungalows is the ideal destination to enjoy your picture-perfect, beachside wedding.

  •  Raffertys Resort

Raffertys Resort central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                           Pic Courtesy: Easy Weddings

Capacity: up to 150

Venue type: Resort

Location: 1 Wild Duck Drive, Cams Wharf, NSW 2281

From the intimate bushland setting of the Arboretum to the scenic waterfront of the resort, Raffertys, a pristine waterfront resort sprawling over 38 acres of land, is an ideal choice for both small, intimate weddings and grand banquet receptions. Consider having your engagement celebration here and mark the beginning of a new chapter with our engagement photography services.

  • Wamberal Ocean View Functions

Capacity: up to 200

Venue Type: Restaurant

Location: 1 Dover Road, Wamberal, NSW 2260

If you have envisioned an idyllic beachside wedding with dolphins and whales as your witnesses to your love story, Wamberal Ocean View Functions can be your perfect choice. With calming oceanfront views and cuisine that will delight your senses, this venue promises to create an unforgettable wedding experience.

  • Gracelands Forresters Beach

Gracelands Forresters Beach - Central Coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                      Pic Courtesy: Central Coast Weddings

Capacity: 80 – 90

Venue type: Beach Garden

Location: 25 Forresters Beach Road, Foresters Beach, NSW 2260

Gracelands, a charming boutique wedding venue on the beautiful Forresters Beach, is the ultimate choice for weddings imbued with a warm and relaxed ambiance. The vineyard villa-style setting of this venue creates a unique backdrop for your special day.

  • Paradise Botanical Gardens

Paradise Botanical Gardens - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                     Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: up to 230 

Venue type: Marque, Garden

Location: 147 Cherry Lane, Kulnura, NSW 2250

Spread across 230 acres of scenic countryside, the Paradise Botanical Garden is a private wedding venue in Kulnura. This unique property features heritage Roman columns, a variety of rare plants and animals, a well-landscaped ceremony lawn, a picturesque Monet Bridge, and an elegant garden marquee.

  •  Mercure Kooindah Waters

 Mercure Kooindah Waters - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                   Pic Courtesy: Mercure Kooindah Waters

Capacity: up to 300

Venue Type: Resort

Location: 40 Kooindah Blvd, Wyong NSW 2259

Located on the Central Coast between Newcastle and Sydney, the sophisticated Mercure Kooindah Waters is a resort venue to hold your wedding ceremony that will be remembered forever.  Whether your vision includes a breezy terrace or a scenic vista of a premium fairway, this stylish golf resort venue offers stunning backdrops to cater to a variety of wedding styles. Your special day will be etched in memory.

  • Stables of Somersby

Stables of Somersby - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                          Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: 150 – 250

Venue type: Barn, Farmland

Location: 50 Lutana Road, Somersby, NSW 2250

If you are searching for the ideal destination for your rustic-themed wedding, Stables of Somersby has everything you need. The Stables features a rustic barn, spacious North Lawns, and a charming rustic pavilion, offering a stunning venue for your grand day. Preserve the entire love-filled occasion, from the proposal to the farewell, with our specialised event photography packages.

  •  Bellbird Gardens Estate

Bellbird Gardens Estate - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                        Pic Courtesy: Love Central Coast

Capacity: 150

Venue Type: Garden

Location: 249 Scenic Highway, Terrigal, NSW 2260

If you are envisioning a wedding venue that harmoniously combines the charm of the countryside with the serenity of the beach, Bellbird Gardens Estate is the perfect choice. With its permanent marquee adorned with fairy lights, an outdoor dance floor illuminated with festoon lights, and enchanting garden settings for ceremonies, it offers the best of both worlds.

  • Mist in the Gum Trees

Mist in the Gum Trees - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                       Pic Courtesy: Wedlockers

Capacity: 120

Venue: Barn

Location: 234a, Mount Nellinda Road, Cooranbong, NSW 2265

Mist in the Gum Trees stands out as an eco-friendly wedding venue, featuring an industrial barn, an elegant sandstone ceremony space, an outdoor shed, and two luxurious eco-cabins capable of accommodating up to 15 guests. It’s the perfect choice for couples in search of a Central Coast bushland wedding venue.

  • Eaglereach Weddings

Eaglereach Weddings - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                  Pic Courtesy: Eaglereach Weddings

Capacity: 100 – 150

Venue type: Forest Retreat

Location: 610 Moonabung Road, Vacy, NSW 2421

Spread across 640 acres, the Eaglereach wilderness retreat has expansive and picturesque views of mountains and valleys. The retreat offers a secluded and tranquil place for weddings, immersed in a natural setting.

  • Our Secret Garden

Our Secret Garden - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                 Pic Courtesy: Our Secret Garden

Capacity: up to 250

Venue Type: Garden

Location: 120 Berekely Road, Fountaindale, NSW 2258

Spread over 58 acres of land, surrounded by bushlands, Our Secret Garden offers a stunning destination for outdoor wedding celebrations. It features enchanting ceremony sites, outdoor garden party spaces, serene gardens, a picturesque lakefront, and idyllic woodland settings.

  •  The Beachcomber Hotel

 The Beachcomber Hotel - central coast wedding venues                                                                                                                                           Pic Courtesy: Easy Weddings

Capacity: up to 200

Venue Type: Resort

Location: 200 Main Road, Toukley, NSW 2263

Situated in Toukley, the Beachcomber Hotel stands as an iconic waterfront wedding venue of unparalleled beauty. With a panoramic view of Lake Budewoi, boutique-style accommodations, Hamptons-inspired wedding settings, and an enchanting romantic atmosphere, it provides the perfect setting for your special day.

Other scenic locations for capturing picture-perfect wedding photographs include Southern Highland, Blue Mountain, Wollongong, and various urban wedding photography locations.

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central coast wedding venues

From laidback beaches to intimate resorts and spellbinding gardens, the Central Coast has every kind of destination you dream of. The temperate climate and naturally picturesque venues take your wedding beyond your wildest dreams.

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 Turkish Puzzle Ring : Exploring Traditions and Symbolism for Your Wedding Journey

  Weddings happen once in your lifetime – for most people. It’s a day of joy, bliss, and excitement. Wedding photography is very important as it helps to capture the best moments of your special day, and offers a way for the couple to relive those intimate, joyous moments all through their lives. It helps to tell the story of their love. It’s vital that you document your most important day, and everything that happened on that day. Years later, those photos and videos will continue to bring smiles to your faces. Riss Photography provides one of the best wedding photography services in NSW Australia! We make sure your wedding memories are forever.

Turkish wedding ring

A puzzle ring is made of several bands that are interconnected – like a mechanical puzzle. Legend has it that the husbands would give the ring to their wives as wedding gifts. If the wife removed the ring (to be adulterous) the bands would separate, and she wouldn’t be able to reassemble it in time! Puzzle rings are also called harem rings or Turkish Puzzle Rings or Turkish wedding rings. While intriguing, these rings can be frustrating if you’re unable to put them back together.

Importance of Ring Exchange Ceremony

Exchanging wedding rings is a way for two individuals to announce their commitment and love for each other, and serves as a bond between them. It reminds them of their vows to each other. In many cultures, the finger next to the little finger is associated with the heart, which is why it is chosen as the ring finger. Wedding rings are worn on those fingers always.

Wedding ring

Wedding rings are available in many different styles and materials to match varied preferences. Let’s have a look at some of the popular traditional types of wedding rings:

Turkish Wedding Puzzle ring

  •       Solitaires – these are rings with a single large diamond or other precious gemstone in the middle of the band, and are a classic.
  •       Eternity rings – these have gemstones or diamonds that are placed all around the band, as a symbol of eternal love.
  •       Halo rings – a central stone is surrounded by a circle of smaller stones to give it a more dazzling look.
  •       Gold is the traditional metal used for rings, and it comes in white, yellow, and rose shades.
  •       Platinum is more expensive, durable, and strong, though not as attractive as gold.
  •       Titanium is lightweight and durable, and suitable for those with sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic.

Here are some contemporary styles:

Turkish Puzzle Ring for your big day

  •       Gemstone rings of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc.
  •       Bands with engraving of names, dates, etc. inside or outside the ring
  •       Custom made rings which reflect the couple’s personalities or interests


Turkish Wedding

What does a Turkish wedding look like? We know that there are innumerable photo ops at Turkish weddings! Well, let’s have a look at the different interesting customs and rituals associated with Turkish weddings.

El İsteme (Asking for the Bride’s Hand)

 Bride's Hand request for ring

The groom, his parents, and some elders of the family go with gifts to the bride’s home, where the oldest male relative of the groom asks the bride’s father for the daughter’s hand in marriage to the boy. The bride’s father can agree immediately or ask for some time, and this is repeated on another day, and the marriage is fixed.

Söz Kesmek (Promise Ceremony )

Wedding Promise for turkish wedding with couple poses

If the bride’s father agrees, the söz kesmek ceremony is performed, where simple rings are tied together with a red ribbon and handed to the couple on a platter. After exchanging the rings, the ribbon is cut. This is the perfect time to capture the tender expressions of the bride and groom with  candid photography services from Riss Photography.

Salt & Pepper Coffee

turkish wedding foods

During the el isteme ceremony, the prospective bride offers coffee to the guests, and adds salt to the groom’s cup – sometimes even pepper. If the groom drinks without a fuss, its considered positive!

Nişan Bohcası (Engagement Gifts)

Turkish Engagement Photography

Practical guests that can be used on most occasions are exchanged by the families to show their mutual appreciation like perfumes, toiletries, clothes, etc. They are usually gift-wrapped in baskets or scarves.

Nişan (Engagement)

Tukish Engagement Photography ideas

The bride’s family traditionally pays for this party, and it’s held in her house or a small hall. Depending on their status, guests may be a handful or even up to 500. Ask about drone wedding photography services from Riss Photography for the engagement party! With so many guests involved, a drone will be able to capture everyone present, their smiles, their laughter, the merriment, and camaraderie.

Kına Gecesi (Henna Night)

Henna party for turkish wedding

This ritual is held at the bridal home or an outside location, and everyone is dressed to the nines. The bride wears a long red transparent veil to completely cover her face and head. Initially, sad songs are played as it’s the bride’s farewell to her parental home, and the bride sheds a few tears. Certain rituals are conducted, more upbeat music is played, and the groom’s mother gives the bride a gold coin. The henna painting begins, and the bride cheers up. All the guests then dance to happy music with the bride. These are some of the most beautiful moments that take place prior to the wedding. Riss Photography will help you treasure them forever with our outstanding pre wedding photography services.

Nikah (Legal Wedding)

Turkish wedding photography

The legal wedding happens in the registry office or the registrar is brought to the venue. Once the Turkish wedding vows are exchanged and the ceremony is over, the couple accepts gifts from their family and friends, usually gold or cash. An interesting ceremony follows next, with both trying to step on each other’s foot – the one who succeeds will be the dominant partner, so the belief goes.

The wedding itself is usually paid for by the groom’s family, renting a wedding hall, hotel banquet room, ship, etc. It depends on their budget and status. The Turkish wedding dress for the bride is bought by the groom’s family, while the groom’s Turkish wedding outfit is paid for by the bridal party

  An interesting tradition is that the couple goes to the salon with family and friends. The bride gets her hair and make-up done. The bride returns to her parental home for the last time to wear her Turkish traditional wedding dress which is usually red in colour, and the groom picks her up; they both go to the registrar’s office in a procession, often accompanied by musicians. They are called Davul Zurna, and they play on the street.

The bride’s father ties a red ribbon on her wrist to bring good fortune and prosperity and symbolize her purity.

Turkish wedding photography with cute couple poses

The car in which the wedding party goes to the wedding is decked out in flowers, honking loudly. All the cars accompanying them have white ribbons tied on their wing mirrors to bring good fortune to the couple. If someone blocks the car, they need to pay off the person to proceed.

 Another interesting tradition is for the bride to write the names of her unmarried friends on a paper which she sticks to her shoe sole. At the end of the ceremony, she checks whose name is nearly rubbed off and illegible. It is said that this girl will be the one to get married next!

 Every moment in every ceremony is precious and something to treasure all your life. At Riss Photography, we offer superlative wedding videography so that you can relive the beautiful rituals and moments whenever you want. We will help you ensure that even if you had missed attending any of the ceremonies, you will still be able to enjoy them with the wedding videos from Riss Photography.

 Turkish Wedding Night and Reception Traditions

turkish wedding photography services

At the wedding hall, the bride and groom sit separately at a lone table that can be seen from anywhere in the hall. They then go table hopping, welcoming guests and accepting gifts which are collected in a basket or bag. Both bride and groom wear wide red ribbons to which guests can pin cash.

The Turkish wedding dance is started by the bride and groom, who begin to dance to Turkish music. The guests follow suit.

Turkish wedding star war dance

A multi-story cake is then cut by the couple together; after they share a slice, the cake is served to the guests. The revelries usually last till midnight, following which the couple takes off in a car to begin their new life together.

Puzzle Ring

turkish cute couple poses shows ring

Puzzle rings can be worn with anything – often couples like to use them as engagement or wedding rings, so they can be used as everyday wear.

Turkish puzzle rings are often intricate in design, but as wedding rings, they match well with most outfits.

If you want to have a puzzle ring but are not looking forward to solving it repeatedly, have a post-style ring holder. This way, once you slip it off, you can simply slide it onto the post, and you can wear it again whenever you want without the bands coming apart so that you have to solve the puzzle. Of course, you can just skip this step if you love puzzles!

Buying Puzzle Rings

If you’re interested in buying a Turkish puzzle ring, keep in mind that you will find rings of all qualities. You can find rings of precious metals, and also of brass and copper. There are also puzzle rings made of contrasting metals like white and yellow gold, yellow and rose gold, gold and silver, gold and platinum, and so on. Check out the different varieties and make your decision. Remember that brass, copper, oxidized silver, and other cheaper metals may irritate your skin, so you may want to avoid those if your skin is sensitive.

You can find cheaper puzzle rings in department stores, and higher-end ones in jewellery stores, and even online.

Puzzle Perfect

Whether you want to purchase a Turkish puzzle ring for your engagement or wedding, or simply because you fancy it, it is definitely a unique piece of jewellery that will make you stand out. Remember to take care of it so that it does not bend or lose shape – solving the puzzle may become really difficult if so! A puzzle ring can continue to challenge and delight you for years on end if you take good care of it.

To Sum Up

Turkish wedding Couple Poses

Do you have the wedding of a loved one coming up? Are you planning to tie the knot shortly? Whatever the case, you are going to need a wedding photographer who is affordable and who will help you document your wedding to have unforgettable memories for the rest of your life. Riss Photography has years of experience in creating the most stunning wedding albums, whether indoor or outdoor and regardless of what culture you follow.

Call us now to book for more details on services and pricing – let’s plan!


Tying the knot is one of the life-changing decisions that you make in your lifetime. You need the wedding to be as special and unique as could be possible. Therefore it’s absolutely necessary that you prefer everything pertinent to your wedding with a strong interest. One of the most essential parts is hiring a professional wedding photographer. Ultimately, the one who helps memorialize your big day is the photographer. A professional photographer chiefly focuses on photography and captures every timeless moment with their cameras without giving anything a miss. Apart from this, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional.

Keep reading to learn about the ten compelling reasons why it’s worth it to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture your day. 


A professional wedding photographer has done it before- they’ve captured a variety of occasions and have been introduced to various conditions and subjects. They have a wealth of experience to draw from and typically capture alternative shots even if there’s a blink of an eye or anyone has a weird expression. They can make you look natural within any setting, and they’re well aware of the complex details of posturing. They have an idea of when the bride will pull that exalted grin on her face and how to get that emotional shot of newlywed’s mothers watching the bride and groom with their eyes brimming with tears. Also, they’ve got an idea of the way to get perfect shots even under difficult lighting scenarios.


A professional wedding photographer is ensured to show up on your wedding since they are bound by a legal contract. They can’t flake out on you before the wedding since they are obligated by the legal contract to be there except you say otherwise. If an emergency situation arises, then they’ll certainly have someone who will come as their replacement, who is also a professional photographer. 

Outstanding Results 

Professional wedding photographers capture big days as a profession, and therefore you can rest assured that they’ll strive to come up with the best that makes you content. This motivation is something that your friend or family member lacks(if you prefer friends or family members over a professional). 

professional wedding photographer


Professional wedding photographers have witnessed the worst and are ready to face it. They own things like a backup camera, batteries, and memory cards so even if something odd happens to the equipment that they use at present- camera malfunction, or if it’s misplaced, still there will be a copy of your precious photographs. They safely back up the photographs. Understanding this lets you feel certain and charged in the interim because you know you have stunning photos to await for. 

Quality Photographs

You’ll get unparalleled quality photographs when you leave your wedding photography to a professional. Professionals are well-aware of the ins and outs of their gear. They have both the knowledge and expertise to document your timeless moments in the perfect quality images possible. Moreover, they own all the equipment essential to flawlessly capture your event. They not just capture great photographs, but they also process the results, and in the end, you will be amazed by the flawless and perfect photos. 

Attention to Smallest Detail 

Professionals have an idea of how to capture the biggest and crucial moments of your big day, while also at the same time looks for those small and meaningful moments that may remain unnoticed. When you dream of your big day, most probably you’ll dream those big moments- walking down the aisle with your father or the reaction of the groom when he sees you for the first time. This is because these moments are much special. Your photographer will capture them all- those big moments, and being a professional, they are supposed to do so in a beautiful way. 

But professionals will also capture those in-between moments that you might have never taken notice of or one that occurred so rapidly that they may fade with time, from your memory. For instance, your mother and her mother holding hands as they watch together the exchange of wedding vows or even the flower-bearing girl holding your gown without your knowledge and watching you in awe!

Hiring a professional photographer to capture your big day not just lets you relieve those big moments, but the final photographs may capture moments that you and the others may never see or hear about otherwise. 

professional wedding photographer

They Make Your Work Easier

On your big day, you should remain happy, look great and pose for photos. But if you let an amateur capture your day, then from time to time, you might be forced to tell them what they should do. An amateur photographer means more work to you. Whereas, professionals have an idea of what to do at the right time. Moreover, they are creative, confident enough and are available every time whenever you need them. Professional wedding photographers are full of ideas and assuredly make your big day stress free.  

They Know What to Look For 

With a wealth of experience, they know how to pose couples, (and everyone), what shots they should look for, or how to get candid photographs. Even if you have certain shots in mind, when you let the professional know about it, they will be able to capture it in the way you want. Or you can believe that they will get you a broad range of photographs of your wedding, from the beginning until the end and everything in between. 

Feeling at Ease 

Weddings have both action shots and posed shots. You may have demanded some posed shots and some group photos, and so you want to feel at ease while the professional captures everything. A professional wedding photographer can make you feel comfortable and make you look natural in any setting and not weird and stiff. Those moments are a part of your big day and therefore, it must be enjoyable and fun. This skill of professionals is something which comes from years of experience, a lot of hours of shooting.

When you feel at ease, it will reflect in your wedding snaps. It also means you feel much more comfortable, you have more fun and won’t get stressed up or worried.

professional wedding photographer

Great Editing 

The most striking feature of professional wedding photographers nowadays is how much they’re advanced digitally. Thus, when it comes to photo editing, they’re adeptly skilled. By making the most of highly advanced digital technologies, a professional and world-class wedding photographer can provide the best post-processing for all captured snaps. A high-quality gear with up-to-the-minute features and post-photography software makes your wedding photos clearer, as well as enhance each feature. 

Great Package Deals 

Professionals every time offer great wedding photography packages, inclusive of photo editing, printing and also mounting. Most of these deals have rates which you can adjust and this is contingent on the number of photographers you need during your wedding and for how long you want to avail their services. Such professional wedding photographers capture hundreds and thousands of photographs on events such as weddings. 

Therefore if you wish to skimp as much as you can for your wedding, then you can do for other services that you need. Never leave out your wedding photographs to chance, since at the end of your big day, all the food and flowers will be gone, but what remains will be your wedding photographs. Your wedding snaps will be the lasting proof of one of the most exciting and important events that happened in your life so you want to get it right in the first place.

Imagine innumerable wedding photos stored in hard disks, enveloped in dust and those albums in your Facebook profile titled “Wedding photos” or simply those Instagram posts. 

Your wedding photos will be scattered all across various digital devices and properties and will be there every time, just a click away. But a printed wedding album that rests on your coffee table is always available and acts as a window to one of the most cherished and happiest moments in your life. 

If you’ve ever wondered- should I invest in a wedding album or not, then here are a few of the reasons why you should get a printed wedding album to showcase your wedding photoshoot

The Experience 

Everything has become digital in this image-saturated world where we live. All of a sudden when you wish to find your favourite wedding photos, you have no other choice, but dig through your Facebook or Instagram profile or swipe through the images on your phone. That being said, everyone craves physical objects having some meaning. Years from now, when you wish to go through those timeless moments, what sounds like a much more pleasant experience- is it just probing through your drawers to find that USB drive, or gathering around the computer, or instead, taking out that hidden object down from your shelf, cosying up in the sofa with your better half, enjoying your favourite beverages and reliving good old memories together?

Wedding albums are something which is more convenient to take out in at any moment. Perhaps you just glanced over and saw it resting on the shelf. Most likely you may pull it down from the shelf when they are hiding in plain sight. 

When your friends come over, you can also bring it out and share the memories with those who skipped attending your wedding. Why not commemorate one of the greatest and happiest moments in your life and show off the results of days and months of planning?

It Tells a Story 

A wedding album is nothing but a curated narrative of your big day, where you’re compelled to choose the best photos, instead of every single photo, and that too in the chronological order. Even though the online gallery can be a great place to store all your wedding images well organised in one place, a wedding album is the most appealing and best way to showcase just your favourites. 

When telling a story, everything like size, layout and pacing are taken into account. Every single spread has a different emotional implication that gives you much time to stop and reflect that moment. Taken as an example, you can choose to have one portrait that you absolutely love really large on a page. Also, a page from the reception, when it was much zestful and a lot of things were going on at the same time, can have a lot of images scattered over the page. 

wedding album


Wedding albums are an investment. You can order one for gifting even years after your wedding. Wedding albums can be a meaningful gift for your loved ones that they will treasure forever. They make wonderful birthday or anniversary gifts also. One such example is the parent album. Perhaps your parents helped chip in for your nuptials and you want to show them how grateful you are to them. The wedding photos on our smartphone or computers could have never brought a smile on their face when they glance at the wedding album. Grandparents will also just love printed albums over the challenge of wondering how to access and download all the wedding images. 

Back up Plan 

There exists a chance that you may lose the data from your memory cards or hard drive or may get locked out of your Facebook or Instagram account. And most of them won’t keep a backup for their data. If that’s the case, then the memories which are captured and stored will be lost, to never return. 

Or what if you lose your USB? Or imagine the situation when the hard drive crashes, even if you have backed it up? Or even if you’ve uploaded the images to the cloud, but you deleted it accidentally? Technology is ever-evolving and what seemed to be an image of good-quality may look either pixelated or low-resolution when viewed in holograms and screens in future. Just think about that first camera phone that you ever had, and you’ve now understood the change. Wedding albums can be a great backup of your most favourite snaps and it’s less likely to get misplaced or recreated. 

In short, you end up making a compilation of images that reflect the ones who really mattered and the moments that you won’t get back. Albums also reduce the hassle of going through hundreds and thousands of wedding photos on a digital screen. 

It Makes a Timeless Keepsake 

A printed wedding album makes a wonderful family heirloom. Down the road, you’ll be able to relive those wonderful moments for years to come with your husband and children. Just imagine how it will be when you have a wedding album with the photos in succession to show your kids and grandkids one day. 

It will be such an exciting moment to show your kids the day when their father and mother got married, and all the love that ensued. Nowadays, kids have forgotten for long how a book can be special, and being able to show them all the fond memories is something that they’ll never forget. 

But it’s extremely important to invest in a professional wedding photography and videography that can stand the test of time as well as elements. 


Quality is an additional reason why you should get hold of an album from your professional wedding photographer. You have spent a fortune of your wedding budget for photography, and then why not print the pictures at a place that won’t match the professional images that you have paid for? When you choose to print the images, you’re actually ensuring that those images will be printed on a paper having the highest quality and colour match. The quality is such that the album lasts at least for 100 years!

All the pages are thick enough and neither bend nor stick together. Since the quality of printing is time-tested and top-notch, the images won’t fade away. 

Each Album Can be Designed Uniquely and Customized to Fit Your Style

If it is to showcase the details of your big day or make it a centrepiece over your coffee table, the album can look and feel exactly how you want it to be. With leather bindings, custom engraving, linen fabrics, and suede finishings, and more, the album can be customised to fit your style and home. Every single spread can be designed so as to display just your favourite snaps. 

The design of a wedding album matters a lot. It can be something light, with no more than 20 sheets, or can be a heavy one in a traditional style which can take up your entire dining table. 

As a married couple, a wedding album is a very first thing that you will own together. Your most special day can be shown off in the best, sentimental and most beautiful way possible. And it doesn’t matter how many times you look at the album and cherish each moment, it will always be priceless. 

Choosing a wedding photographer

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

It’s important when searching for a photographer to ask the right questions which is why I have collated 10 questions to ask your photographer. It’s especially important so you find the perfect person to capture your vision. Whether you are searching for a photographer to capture your wedding day, pregnancy, birthday, or any other special moment, you will want to find someone you connect with. Someone that gets you and can capture your occasion and moments as naturally as possible. Make sure however that you love their work before reaching out to them. Their recent work should definitely speak to you, so you know what to expect when they deliver your gallery!

Finding the right photographer can be a daunting task, especially with the many options available today. So to help you out, here’s a list of questions you can ask a photographer before you hire them. 

 1. Are you available on my date? 

This is probably the most important question. If you like their work but they are not available on your date then you will need to keep searching. If they aren’t available, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations either. A lot of the time us photographers have a great network of like-minded photographer pals that we can recommend, probably with a similar style!

 2. How much do you charge?

Many photographers have different packages that hold a different value and price. Make sure you are aware of their pricing up front so you can determine if they are within your budget. And if their packages don’t cover everything you need, don’t be afraid to ask if they are flexible or willing to custom quote you. Most of the time, photographers understand that everyone’s needs will be different and are happy to quote you on exactly what you are after.

3. How many hours of coverage will I get and overtime charges?

When booking a photographer for an event, ask how many hours of coverage is included in the price so you can plan the photographer’s time accordingly and also find out how much overtime would cost. At a wedding for example, it is especially important in case your schedule runs over time. If it’s coming up to the time you booked your photographer for and you still haven’t cut the cake, you may want them to stick around for another hour to capture those last final moments. Knowing what they charge for extra time up front will mean there are no surprises on the day.


Knowing the full inclusions and costs can also help you decide whether to just get a longer coverage package when you initially book or deal with a huge hourly rate later.

4. How long have you been doing this?

Experience is a key factor in choosing your photographer. For big events such as your wedding, corporate, or any event that requires a quick response from a photographer, a special moment can pass by in just a second. This can be very overwhelming for an inexperienced photographer and this can result in missed opportunities. Additionally, experience means your photographer knows the ins and outs of your event, having captured them previously. This means they will be reliable in capturing all the important moments. If you are hiring a portrait photographer, experience with photographing families, babies, expecting mums, or couples is a must for capturing the essence of your family. And if they have lots of experience, with that will come recommendations from others. Most photographers who have been in the industry for a long time have a reputation to uphold. So you can expect high-quality work and results. Be sure to check out their website, google and socials to see if they have reviews and recommendations from past clients!


5. What is your working style and process?

This is an important question to ask as it will help you find someone you are comfortable with and someone who can work around what you are looking for in your photos. If you have never booked a photographer before or had professional photos taken, you may feel awkward and uneasy posing in front of the camera. Therefore, you will need to find someone who can feed off your energy, put you at ease and direct you for the best possible photos. Whoever you decide to book, they should be able to tell you how they like to work and shoot plus the process for delivering your images.

6. What is included in your package?

It’s important to know what you are paying for. This will make it easier for you to compare prices and inclusions later on when deciding on which photographer to book. Make sure to ask about prints or albums, add-ons, and other inclusions. For instance, Renee Joanne Photography offers free use of beautiful dresses and accessories for her maternity photoshoots. And with Riss Photography, you receive all of your images on a USB drive. Most photographers will also have a tonne of extras you can add on to your package when booking or even after you receive your photos. Ask to see a list of these too so you can decide what you want to purchase.

7. Do you charge a travel fee?

For most photographers, they will only charge a travel fee when an event or shoot falls outside a certain area or drive time. For example, if you love a particular Sydney Wedding Photographer but your wedding is being held on the Central Coast, they may charge a travel fee. You may even need to pay for their accommodation, if necessary. So make sure to ask what distance they start charging and how much their travel fee is.

8. Do you have a backup plan when you can’t make it to my event?

It can be a nightmare if a photographer gets sick or suddenly finds themself unable to attend your event. This has happened a lot recently due to the pains of COVID and borders closing, so being prepared and ensuring your photographer has a solid back up plan for this is important. Ask the photographer if they have an alternate photographer or can source a backup in the event that something like this happens. Be sure to check they can provide the same quality and style as well.

9. How long will it take until I get my images?

After an event or photo session, it’s understandable that you’d want to see your amazing photos right away. However, a photographer does have to sort through and edit your pictures. So to know what to expect, ask how long it takes your photographer to deliver your images and exactly how they do that. Some photographers only offer a USB, some provide you with an online gallery, others both. So it pays to ask an approximate timeline and how you receive them so you are fully informed and aren;t chasing them after a week.

It’s important to know that most photographers have copyright over their images so you should ask what rights you have when they deliver your images. Do you have full rights or just printing rights, for example.

10. Do you bring backup equipment?

At events and photoshoots, there’s always potential that something that can go wrong – and one of those instances is the camera getting damaged or malfunctioning. So you want to hire a photographer who always has backup equipment on-hand and can keep shooting even when a mishap occurs. This sets the professionals apart from the new, less experienced photographers. 

Now, there you have it! A comprehensive list of questions you can take along to meet your photographer and hopefully help you find the perfect person to capture your next event or milestone.


Pre wedding photography is best at nature with natural lights. We sometimes have to find alternative option when weather is not favourable. Here is some poses and ideas for engagement photography in a studio. Some props and creative ideas can make studio photos lively.

Some ideas:
– Use different backdrops
– Use props like umbrallas
– Use different decor