Ultimate Guide to Splendid Wedding Ring Photography

A wedding is an art. And those people in the seat of responsibility are artists who are in the pursuit of creating masterpieces. Every aspect of a marriage is only memorable when it is captured through the lens. So, wedding photographers play a significant part in making a wedding beautiful and cherishable. Even though there are a lot of wedding photography themes and ideas that they can beautifully portray, wedding ring photography always stands out as special. Those pictures depict two people uniting in the presence of their loved ones and exchanging promises to be the perfect partners for each other.

These entities of love, which are the wedding rings, are to be captured in their most refined form. We are talking about crisp, clear, sharp masterpieces created through wedding photography. If you think that you don’t have enough knowledge about how this could be done and the plethora of tips and ideas you can implement in your wedding ring photography, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go through the most possible and elegant ways to capture your wedding ring pictures and the tips that could enhance the beauty of these images a bar high. This could be your ultimate guide to the world of wedding ring photography. 

The Right Types of Equipment

Even though it is said that “the best camera is the one you have with you,” as the time and situation demand, a macro lens is an inevitable addition to your camera in the case of wedding ring photography. The ring’s simplicity can only be captured with a deep sense of eye. That is where the macro lens comes in. The best wedding ring picture consists of every cut and refined shape of the ring and its texture. It is hard to get that kind of clarity and sharpness with an ordinary camera and a standard lens. So, while planning a wedding ring photography session that is included in the wedding photoshoot, make sure you have a macro lens with good specifications.

Another reason for using a macro lens for wedding ring photography is the object’s size. The smaller the size, the closer the photo shot should be. Since we know a wedding ring is too small in size, we specifically need close-up shots to emphasize the wedding ring and the stones. This can only be done through a macro lens. In any circumstance, if a macro lens is not available at that moment, then your next best option is reversing rings. These are adapters that are set to your regular lens, converting it into a macro lens. Even though this is a cost-effective option, it has its limitations. You cannot benefit from an autofocus feature as you have to do it manually, and also, once you have put on the adapter, portraits or any other shots cannot be taken. So if you are using reverse rings, make sure you can afford a slot just to do the wedding ring photography, then a clash can be avoided. 

Click a Great Number of Pictures

Like anything in life, no matter how perfectly skilled someone is, almost everyone does not succeed on the first try itself. This applies to photography too. Especially in wedding ring photography, the focusing part can be really tricky. As a result, it is advised that you take a large number of photos at once and then select the best ones according to your preferences. There are a lot of reasons for this. Because there is a lot of moving around involved in a wedding, it is likely for the pictures to turn out blurry and jittery, which doesn’t give any crispiness or sharpness. So if you have ten images instead of two pictures, the probability of you getting the best shot automatically goes higher.

To avoid having blurry or shaky pictures, it is always wise to use a tripod or even a monopod to do the job. It gives you freedom and flexibility. So if you need to change the camera positions without a lot of movements involved, or if you need to adjust the position of the ring placement, it would be a piece of cake with a tripod involved. For better accuracy, manually adjust the angles and focus settings to know which kind of focus works best and brings out the maximum bling.

The Perfect Reflections

wedding rings photo by riss productions

Wedding rings can be beautifully portrayed on glass surfaces. There is a reason for it. The object is made of a shining substance, so the reflections it can produce will be mesmerizing. So, mirrors and reflective bases can serve as a beautiful background for wedding ring photography. If there are no glossy surfaces or materials available, the best prop you can have is a mirror; they are readily available and provide the best output for reflection. With proper lens positioning, you can also obtain a reflection of the wedding band and not just the stone part of the ring. Make sure that you try different angles to find that perfect shot. Because it is a mirror, you are very likely to obtain your reflection on the mirror as well as the ring. This could ruin the aesthetics and mood of the picture. Experimenting with top and down angles rather than straight and horizontal angles can help to avoid this problem.

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Colour, Background, and Light Choices

Besides the rings, what makes wedding ring photography interesting is the background and foreground colour and lighting choices. This serves as a significant aspect because even if the rings are beautiful, if they are not kept in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement or do not have good enough lighting to obtain quality pictures, all efforts go in vain. There are many ways you can bring this sense of sophistication into your wedding ring photos. Textured backdrops work magic in wedding ring photography. The best part is that you can choose the kind of texture or mood you want to set for the pictures according to the wedding photography theme. It could be anything from vintage to a modern, sophisticated theme. You just have to pick the right background and the best lighting. Adding a bit of bokeh effect to your photos can do wonders. The bokeh mode in wedding ring photography makes the whole process very dreamy and ecstatic. It brings out the real essence of the wedding rings, which symbolize two people falling in love. 

Another aspect is the contrast and exposure you are using in the photos. This has a lot to do with the lighting available for the ring photoshoot. To get an edgy yet classy look for your wedding ring photography, higher contrast and crisp exposure can help you.  However, bokeh mode with natural lighting can do justice to the wedding rings if you want something less in your face while still bringing out all the dreamy and fairy tale vibes. If the wedding rings are of different colours, you can experiment with the background ideas to bring out the colour quotient. For example, if you are changing the background colour using interesting reflecting techniques, that will cause drastic differences in the output. It all depends on the creative thoughts that come to your mind spontaneously.


Even if we have all the props and the necessary items to do a wedding ring photo shoot, without proper lighting, there is a chance it could look a bit bland and dull. Whereas natural lighting is always a good option, having external lighting can definitely emphasize the whole process. Compact lights are definitely a winner in these cases. Because wedding rings are small in size, they need extra detailing to bring out the shine and fine cuts of the stones. If this photo detailing is done in natural lighting, the chances of you getting a good enough wedding ring picture are slim. Compact lights can be used here as a remedy. Keep the lights close to the wedding ring while you are preparing to take photos. This could also be implemented if the photoshoot occurs in a dim room where there are no other light sources other than external lighting.

For people who are not big fans of flashlights in wedding ring photography, you should make an effort to have tiny LED lights that can be used in the photoshoot. This way, the camera flashes won’t overwhelm the shine of the stones, but still, the LED lights will highlight the needed parts to produce a better result.

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