Top 5 Stunning Wollongong Wedding Venues

A wedding is one of the most auspicious events in someone’s life, and it is no less a celebration. A wedding is many things. It’s not just the union of two individuals; it’s the  union of two families, two cultures. While you are planning the big day of your life, the process can be filled with many challenging tasks, like finding the perfect dress, the perfect caterer, or the best event decorator. Everybody wants what’s best in the market to be present in their wedding preparations. But out of all this, the most important aspect you shouldn’t miss is finding the perfect wedding photography service.

It can be a daunting task since there are a lot of scams, and it could get tricky if you do not do your proper research. After thorough research and proper review, when you select a wedding photographer, the next task on the list is to find the perfect wedding venue for the wedding to take place. As we all know, weddings are supposed to be eye-pleasing and aesthetic. To achieve your wedding aesthetic to its maximum, choosing the right wedding venue is crucial.

We are here to help you choose the best wedding venues in Wollongong and explain why they are considered the perfect match for your  day. Make sure you use this as a referral guide while you are choosing your Wollongong wedding photographer.

The Woods Farm

An outdoor wedding is not just about having the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. It is about adventure and having the most fun at your own wedding. And it doesn’t get any better than holding the ceremony in the woods. Yes, you heard that right. The Woods Farm allows you to have a unique experience on your wedding day as they offer you a wedding celebration in the outskirts of the forest. Couples who have always dreamed of having a destination wedding but could not fit that into their budgets will find that The Woods Farm is low-key, which fulfils their dream on an affordable budget. 

As exciting as the name sounds, this place offers you exclusive features that are included in their curated wedding packages. There is no doubt the Wollongong wedding photographer you hired will be impressed with your choice of location. Let’s talk about why it is the appropriate choice for your wedding photography. Without any argument, we know that forests are always the best aesthetic you can capture on camera, and for wedding photography, it cannot get more colourful than that.

But to make this option even more appealing, The Woods Farm has included numerous beautifully built wooden cottages, which can serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. Since the place stands so close to nature, it will allow your Wollongong wedding photographer the creative freedom to decorate and use the earthy features of the location to make the clicks more candid and raw.

A major advantage of choosing this place as your wedding venue is its accessibility to the white sand beaches of Jervis Bay. If you think a vintage farm outlook is still not enough to be in your wedding album, you can always request your Wollongong wedding photographer to do a beach photoshoot on the white sand beaches as you laugh and have fun with your partner. If you are an animal lover and want to involve some cute little guests in the photoshoot, The Woods Farm serves as the right place for you. They are habitats for non-harmful animals like alpacas, ponies, and much more. So without further ado, book a tour of this beautiful wedding venue if you are a vintage lover and want to have the same spark in your wedding photoshoots at Wollongong. 

The Pavilion Kiama

Wollongong is famous for its oceanfront venues. So how can The Pavilion Kiama not be on the list of the best wedding venues in Wollongong? This place is a hidden gem on the south coast of Wollongong and will be a perfect choice for your Wollongong wedding photographer to capture amazing wedding pictures as the ocean itself will be the backdrop. The best part about this destination is that it is a white canvas where you can work your creative magic and turn it into a beautiful wedding ceremony venue.

This picturesque backdrop is surrounded by beautiful pine forests and sand beaches, which makes it look more like a getaway vacation wedding than an ordinary one. The alfresco deck is a major highlight of this place, which adds that extra spark to the camera of your Wollongong wedding photographer. If you want a carefree, free-spirited wedding theme, then this place is the best fit for your expectations. 

This location allows you to have a pre-wedding photography shoot too if you desire, and it won’t be a bad idea to do a save the date photoshoot in an open and naturally lighted wedding venue spot.

The place is highly flexible to decorate according to the idea you have in mind so that the wedding pictures turn out to be exactly what you imagined. The breathtaking ocean views from The Pavilion Kiama are to die for. You can also have a peek at the amazing vintage lighthouse near the deck, which can be the perfect addition to all of your wedding images. This stunning ocean-front wedding venue will make it to the top of your location list while you are hunting for the perfect backdrop for your dream day. 

Centennial Vineyards

Most people want their big day to be as relaxed and happy as possible. Some even prefer holding a cozy ceremony with just friends and family, away from the hurry-burry of the city noises and skyscrapers. For these people who crave a dash of unconventional touch on their wedding, Centennial Vineyards serve the best. These vineyards, located in the outskirts of Wollongong, definitely satisfy the idea of a perfect backdrop in the sights of your Wollongong wedding photographer.

You might ask what is so attractive about doing a wedding in a vineyard. Well, we have got more than one reason for it. The rustic beauty of this place would be more than enough for someone who is a lover of countryside aesthetics. Photos are basically stories that are seized by a camera. When you are looking into these in the future, you might remember stories about each and every snap, which will spread a smile on your face. What better choice than a countryside vineyard to be the perfect location for your fairytale vintage wedding story?

What makes the Centennial Vineyards different from the other venues in Wollongong is the vividness of it all. If you are someone who wants an indoor wedding ceremony and wants to do a cozy indoor wedding photoshoot with delicate lighting, then they have the countryside vibe restaurant in the vineyard. If you come under the category of go-getters and want an amazing outdoor wedding in the natural light with the family gathered around to make it a huge celebration, the vineyards’ Tuscan courtyard and garden are the place for you.

The inclusivity of all kinds of wedding themes makes this place stand out in the plethora of wedding venue options available in Wollongong. It gives you a surreal, intimate wedding feel that can be totally replicated in the wedding pictures taken at your wedding. The possibilities of executing different ideas for wedding photoshoots at this picturesque location are unending. The restaurant and the courtyard are completely antique and will definitely add beauty to your wedding with their medieval charisma.

Wildwood – Kangaroo Valley

There is another addition in the countryside into the wild aesthetics. That would be the Wildwood in Kangaroo Valley. This hidden gem is nestled deep within the hundred acres of Australian rainforest and is ideal for a countryside wedding venue as well as the best photoshoot backdrop. This earthy destination is the perfect balance of elegance and innovation and will leave you stunned at first glance itself. The best part about Wildwood in the Kangaroo Valley is that it is highly customizable according to your taste so that it can match the bride’s and groom’s personalities and make them feel homely and intimate.

Having a homely destination for your wedding ceremonies has its own perks. You will look extremely candid and carefree and won’t even have a hint of stress on your face because of the comfort the place offers you. The Wildwood is such a spot. The green bushes and creeks are a beautiful place to explore a lot of photo ideas, and it won’t be bad to say that it is one of the most naturally looking wedding venues in Wollongong.

If you prefer some adventurous pictures for the wedding photo album, then there are a few cliff points near the Wildwood where you can pose for some unique yet classy pictures. Most of the venues might have a limited list of options to choose from as to where you want to have the ceremony. That is not the case with Wildwood. There is a gorgeous old shed at the place if you want a unique yet vintage style of ceremony. If you prefer a proper experience, then you can choose the charming summer house chapel and go full in for a traditional wedding vow exchange.

And if you want to do something unique and out of the ordinary, opt for a rock wedding, which is the venue’s specialty, and take home some never-before-seen wedding photos to include in your wedding album. Whatever your choice is, your big day at Wildwood, Kangaroo Valley, cannot be anything less than spectacular.  Last but not least, they allow you to have complete and exclusive access to all of these places and facilities on the dates that you have secured your booking so that your Wollongong wedding photographer can peak at his creativity in weaving the perfect wedding story.


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The Grange

The Grange wollongong

The amazing reason why you should hold your wedding in Wollongong is that it has it all. From the countryside to a modern, sophisticated, stylish wedding. The Grange is the most prominent of them all. If you are planning a wedding that is completely sophisticated and should do well in the style department, you should definitely choose The Grange as your wedding day location.

This place provides you with a New York State Hampton wedding experience while you are in Australia. If that is not an amazing factor, I don’t know what is. Many of the couples choose to exchange their vows under the luscious trees surrounded by nothing but  nature. The place is located away from all the city noises and pollution to give the couple and their loved ones a good time at The Grange. The highlight of this place is the peace and serenity it offers. 

There are three options for you to choose from in order to hold your wedding ceremony. The elegant and stylish creation of the Hamptons in Australia is something. Also, there is a golf court in the wedding venue surrounded by green lush, which makes the location really stand out from other destinations. Your family and loved ones can blow some steam off by playing a game of golf while they are on the spot.

The most chosen spot for a couple to hold their wedding and also strike magnificent photos for the is the neutral-toned grange room. You can accommodate a large number of guests, and it can also be converted into a huge dance floor where you can share your first dance with your partner. If you are going for that uptown high-end marriage tale and cannot find any good places in Wollongong, then The Grange is the place to come.